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Mahou Academia: Find Your Glory

In the world of Chronexia there exists a legend of a powerful mage that gave life to the barren lands of this world. The mage gave rise to what is known as magic as well creating magnificent creatures and beautiful landscapes. The world became angered that something was creating life outside of its self, the darkness within grew and became an utterly evil entity that wished to destroy what the Mage had created. Ruin and devastation fell upon the world as lakes would dry up, mountains would become desserts, and the creatures of the mage would start dying to the harsh conditions of the ever-changing world with its disasters. Faced with this evil the mage fought this evil for a fortnight. Day in and day out the mage and the evil entity would send waves of enormous power out creating mountains, destroying forests, forever changing the landscape and weather of some areas, while the mage attempted adamantly to talk things out with the enraged corrupted spirit of the world, until he finally defeated the evil but paid his life to protect all remaining life on the world.

The world spirit arose to ask the mage in his final moments


Spirit: “Why do you hate me so, as to create life upon me in your image? Do you think I cannot provide for the creatures here? Do you think yourself above me and life itself to do these things?”


In these final moments light began to rise from both the mage and the spirit of the world, the mage created a new mineral to live off of for the creatures of the world so they would not know hunger nor try to destroy each other with the help of the lingering magic in the air created from their great battle. The mineral was made with good intentions for the creatures of the world and for the spirit of world as well, then the mage replied in his dying breath


Mage: “I don’t hate you, I just wanted to help relieve the burden of such a task such as bringing life to the world. Making a world where you would not know worry for the planet, nor die out to the strains of supplying such life. I wanted to take that burden onto myself to keep you beautiful for those here now and those in the future.”.


The mage died but the spirit of the world was left amazed at the mage words began to spread this new mineral around the world as a sort of atonement for the evil it had committed against all things on the world as they were also technically her children as they were born of her soil her minerals. She collected a bit of the magic left by the mage to keep him by her side for all time and created a creature through some of this power and her own in Humanity as she fell into a slumber to let the creatures rise and grow on their own. However, the malice of the world spirit only stayed and borrowed into the depths to become something else that could destroy the world forever ridding it of all life and magic, only to cause strife. The mage would later come to be known in the modern time as the Magic Emperor, the one responsible for all magic and the nutrients and minerals that benefit magic and magic items.

There is a lost prophecy to the times that says the evil waits to bring the world to ruin that mage created and the world cultivated by embodying a creature made from the mage but an ancestor of the Magic Emperor or mage of similarly great power will rise to meet this evil and destroy it once and for all. In the modern time, peace for the people is held together by groups of mages called an “Organization” that protect and maintain the peace. Any person in the world can use magic but only a few have the fortitude and ability to fight and protect people from the creatures that wish to harm humanity and the evil within Chronexia that corrupts the foundations of the world. Organizations sometimes specialize in areas of protection like sea warfare, covert, head on brawls or are balanced. The countries of the world use these mages to fight evil creatures and to wage war but not in the usual way.

Before peace came countries went to war, humans began to slaughter their selves and the creatures of the mage around them to near extinction. In the chaos only bloodshed stood as a testament to the time humans spent killing all life around them until a group of humans stood up to swear off the senseless war. To find a balance within battle for the sake of peace and compromise. These few brave people would go on to create the boarders and political standings of their world. While also proposing a reasonable way to maintain the peace.

To maintain peace the countries wage war by participating in tournaments they call Blossom Festivals, due to the hope that peace may continue to blossom from these. Organizations. Are allowed to fight other organizations but must fight based on the tournament model, individual team and all out organization fight. Within the organizations there are three classes to each organization the highest being Z class, the class below it is the S class mages, name mages that have the potential to be Z class mages but aren’t quiet there, the next class are B class mages, the next class and the lowest being D class. Z class mages are the strongest name mages of their organizations and are some of the only mages capable of being named Magic Emperor along with Organization leaders based on power and strength, becoming the strongest mage with the title. While B class are name mages they do not have the same strength as the Z class nor S class but are respected name mages that are highly regarded within their towns.  D class mages are the grunts of the organizations. Organizations have barrack like places called “Academia’s” where their mages live in a quasi-community to protect people from potential attacks meant for someone from the organization. People who do not enlist in organizations have various jobs depending on their magic, while any person can learn magic, people can’t learn any magic they want, there is a link, an aptitude for magic. People who can specialize in healing magic become doctors, people with non-lethal magic become cops, some can become builders or land scapers, alchemists have it easy with creating technology or creating medicines for the doctors.