Players Unite

Players Unite - Volume 01


A 16 years old veteran gamer who uses science to complete challenges of the game he is also known for the best players for world games. Entering the world of Virtual Reality the new kind of game came through him, the VRMOBA known as "Players Unite" in Japanese "ブレや団結する"/Pureyaa Danketsusuru". A 5v5 action roleplaying game that is made by the company "Vgames".



Inside a school gym there's an event coming along. Its a VRMOBA tournament one of them is Kuraido one of the talented players that moved to top with his Teammates.

The whole crowd is cheering, everyone is shouting. This game of Players Unite is one big heck of a game that gives chills to the spine. Kuraido and his team is now being watched by the whole school for their championship. They are fighting against other schools.

"Lets go, before they notice us"


The both sides have still 4 towers left Kuraido and his team carefully executed their plan to take the "Warlord" it is a Monster that can be an Ally when killed, it has 5 seconds time to be respawned and can buff the Lane minions to push the Turrets. The Warlord is located at the Top Jungle Area. Kuraido makes a distraction from different location. He makes a racket on the bottom lane and lured the enemy 3 of them cat beat Kuraido that easily so 5 of them will approach him. Thats when the two member of his team the Marksman and the Tank takes the Warlord's life to acquire its strength.

Their enemy carelessly took the bait and 4 of them got eliminated by Kuraido, the mistake they made was thay scattered and try to backdoor Kuraido to eliminate him. But Kuraido refused to die he cant afford to wait a 2mins resurrection time. So he killed them one by one by luring every last one inside the bush. The other one backed out he seems saw through their plan. But its too late Kuraido's team already broke the 3 turrets protecting their base. And the winner is already been decided.

"Well... That was easy enough, hey guys let's keep going!"

Kuraido had never imagined things would turn out like this. He then remembered that day when everything happened here is the start of all this.

"I guess we won again?... Haha"

"Hey kuraido remember the times when we're still newbies?"

"It's's kinda embarrassing huh?"

"Haha yeah..."


Chapter 1

Players Unite is a Virtual Reality Massive Online Battle Arena (VRMOBA). The device they use to play in Full Dive VR is what they call it, the Neurolink.

Electromagnetic Waves are being emitted by the Neurolink to the brain cells to calm the mind and pictures images. Just like, when you're dreaming you cant move your body but your mind works, scientists took advantage of this and some researches of a Japanese Researchers that monitors the image of their Dream. Until other researchers from Philippines and some parts of Japan formed their thoughts to create the Neurolink.

A light is coming out from a pitch black area of Kuraido's room. That light wakes him up and he wanted to check this out. On the moment he used his hands to check the light it vibrated once and Kuraido was surprised that his phone is down there.

"Oh HAHA it's just my phone. I...should take it before i step on it."

Kuraido picked up his phone and received a notification for a new game for the VR Neurolink. He got excited and with a simple smile he took his savings to buy the game. After coming into the front of the marketplace, the excitement of crowded game stores took his attention. And thinking that he should hurry up because this is the newest genre of VR Games players wanting to have a "VRMOBA"

"Wow... now this is some line we have here"

"Ughhh it could take ages to buy the game with this line!"