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[Prologue] School Reliant on IQ That I Hated.

[Made this in a rush just for the F of it. Leave Some Feedback. -Simar]       

      Prologue: Reunion

I had just gotten off the train station, I could feel the cold winds lightly hit my rough, dry face. The time was 5:56, Wednesday, January 4th. The year had just passed making it 2018, my retirement from the hospital. “New Year New Me” is what I thought about during my time in the hospital after they gave me the estimated discharge date. The thought of the timing made me chuckle to myself when it would randomly come to my mind whenever I started to think of something else when the biased left media news would be on during while I was watching Tv on the small hospital screen next to my bed. Occasionally, I would even glance at my War medals that always made me angry at first, but then my cousin who was the last of my relatives to still be alive. The reason we’re alive is partly due to these medals, which always led me to mixed emotions to these medals, one of them being the medal honor.

  Past - March 7th 2009

         Stem’s POV

Growing up me and my cousin were always known for having an exceptionally high IQ, but the only problem was that we didn’t know why. One day, my mom and my aunt decided to have checked to see how high our IQ really was. They merely thought that it would be fun excuse to go outside since the ongoing war had meant for us to be boarded inside unless needed. There would always be a parade of armored tanks outside that drove down the broken down we lived in. Most of us living there were poor or siphoning their money since most jobs except the military were open due to the military blocking every job available. The only way we managed to even live as long as we did was through my dad’s will when he died in the military. We couldn’t even afford a proper burial since we were too poor (Buried in the backyard). The benefit was that at least we could always remember him.

Nevertheless, we went out of the house to find a doctor to only be only find nothing but black smoke in lungs from the tanks and other miscellaneous weaponry from the nearby military encampment ahead of us. When we finally decided to go home, my mother had asked us if we can try to see if the doctors were at the military base; this question led our curiosity to the encampment nearby and to see a doctor ironically smoking a cigarette on his break. We approached him casually and my aunt politely asked:

“Hey, doc. What’s the cost of an IQ Test?”

“50 Bucks per person.” The Doctor replied.

“50? Ah. Shit man We can’t spare that much.”

“Not my fucking problem, now is it? I Got too many people to treat to just waste some time on you broke folk.”

“Sorry then.”

With that we were ready to retreat back to our homes with a feeling of disappointment until the doc yelled out: “Okay fine! I’ll do it for 25 bucks each and meal.”

“Really?!” I said out of excitement since this meant were weren’t walking around this shitty town for naught.

“Yeah I hate eating this repetitive food that military supplies me with.”

“Haha! That’s what husband said when he was in the military!” Said my mother.

“Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass sometimes.”

“Then it’s a deal!”

Present - January 4th, 2018

Stem’s POV

Ever since I got out of the military I was hospitalized, so it’s definitely a relief to be out. I can finally meet my cousin after a whole year of absence. Last time I saw her was when she was bleeding out from a bomb that blew up her leg leaving her crying in agony as she was limp-jumping to cover. After that all hell broke loose. However, now that I can finally see her; I’m hoping I can meet up and live with her since she’s the only person I can trust. Everyone else I look at seems to be so damn selfish. In fact, just looking at them makes me angry. They all decided that 12 year olds were allowed to be drafted based on high intellect alone. Saying stupid shit like, “If they’re that smart then they’re like adults!” Fucking cunts like that who don’t know shit decided to vote for appeal on IQ allowing people to join the military regardless of age. Now that I’m a retired drafted military soldier all I have to do is go to the high school they assigned me to with my cousin and they’ll pay me $40,000 a year. That was the deal to keep me and my cousin's mouths shut about The Tragedy of 2017. The day the town had fallen. I was too far gone that I nearly forgot to cry. Thankfully my cousin reminded me about the family I once had. Without her I would be an emotionless prick. Just like the desperate fucks who voted for us to be in the military. They called the law “The Maturity Act of 2012.” The law that states “If a Minor of the age of 10 has an IQ of 150 or above as well as a logic score of 80 and above; the Minor is permitted to join the military through draft and will forcibly applied under military reserves.” The law itself doesn’t even make sense; How is it possible to be apart of the draft if you are already a reserve? It’s redundant and desperate. Scared that the “Scary smart kiddies” will find a fucking loophole. How fucking Deranged was the fucking Supreme Court when they misinterpreted the meaning of IQ and logic. It’s fucking Stupid.

Nonetheless, I’m just glad I can talk to Violet. All I have to do is find the Officer who’s going to escort me to her house.

5 Minutes Later…

Third-Person POV

As Stem Scanned the area he eventually found an officer with a green badge holding a sign: “Stem ----” in Calligraphy. It was as if Stem was being mocked by the military for his IQ that costed his own eye. However, Stem swallowed his pride for efficiency and walked up to the officer.

“Yo. I’m Stem.”


“Yeah, here.”

Stem flashed his medal of honor causing the Officer to stiffen up.

“Right away Sir!” The Officer gave Stem a quick Salute to show his respect and marched forward to lead him to the car.

“Aye, yo slow down dude. I Just got out the hospital. I haven’t walked for this long in a while.

“Sorry, Sir!”

At this point people were starting to notice a 17 year old being escorted by a tall officer calling him “Sir!” One of the men run up to them with a camera and says:    

“Are you THE Legendary Soldier?! Where’s The other one?!”

“Bro I’m tryna go home after a long day. What do you want. Also I’m not “The legendary Soldier.” I was known as “The Efficiency Soldier.” So speaking of efficiency let me get going.”

“Wait! Can I Take a picture?!”

“Sure, whatever; but I’m not gonna stop for you.”

“That’s fine!”

The two manage to leave the station without anymore run-ins and make it to the car.

“Man what the fuck was that?”


“That guy trying to take a picture of me. I mean why the hell did he have to go out of his way for that shit?”

“You and your cousins are the only ones in the military that were affected by the law enacted in 2012.”

“Yeah, but why irritate someone like that?”

“Tch! That was rhetorical. I’m just mad that I got forced to war and disabled for a country that only gives a shit for themselves.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

“It’s fine. However, I’d like silence for the rest of the car ride so I can relax.”


The car ride lasted for another 40 minutes. During this time Alex thought about his past and the butterfly effect. If he had only thought of extremes like these, none of it would have happened. Thinking about things he should have thought about before the town fell.


I Should have Died.

If I did, they'd be fine.




Prologue of A School Reliant on IQ That I Hated.          

Discussion (2)

  1. The A.C.

    Your writing style fits this type of story well. I would not necessarily say this is a prologue the way it is written; it kind of reads like its own miniature story. Also saying which POV it is in, you think would usually help when it changes, but it is a distraction from the story. I see no reason why it could not have just stayed in Stem’s POV. Another thing, even though I do like the style of writing, your sentences got very long at times and jumbled, so just watch out for that.