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Guys, I wrote a short story but it’s kind of a fan fiction since I used anime characters to portray. I don’t know how I can write my own characters yet so I kind of just used them… would it be okay if I were to upload it here? Some people I know said that the characters were out of character but that was because I changed the original character’s personality so it’s kind of AU-ish. Would it be okay if you guys were to check it out? I’ll wait for your response before I post it here.


Discussion (2)

  1. Cheyenne J Austria

    I’m not entirely sure what the rules are when it comes to fan fiction. But if your characters are behaving in such a different way that they’d be unrecognizable with a different name, then they may as well be different characters entirely. At that point, you might want to try out these new characters in a different world/story, one of your own creation.

  2. Justice

    I would contact admins of this website for clarification on what is and what isn’t allowed to be posted. I’ve read almost every story on this website and I don’t recall any fanfiction postings. Most writers here post short stories or parts of their own novel projects to get feedback from other writers. So mostly, its original content here, with some tropes added in because…anime! Personally, I wouldn’t mind reading the posting (depending on the genre you intend to use). One of the early stages of a writer is mimicking what you see/read, tweaking it to what you envision for those characters, and ultimately giving a whole new story to tell.
    Though I have not seen or read any of her material, if you look up the story of Erika Leonard, she wrote a fanfiction for a movie that she liked so much that it morphed into an original piece. Her vision of someone else’s characters took on a life of their own and has since sold millions of copies and spawned several movies. If that is your aim, cool. If you just want to tell a fanfiction piece there is a site called where you can post those kinds of stories.

    Either way, welcome. Post something for me to read and good luck.