Romance system Chapter-2

“We never fully got to introduce ourselves, my name is Ginny, you already met Uphraite, and the brawny looking one is Anna.

Ginny continues,

“As you have already seen we are the Gods of beauty, sin, and strength. You and some others have died in an unplanned and unfortunate accident, furthermore you will be reincarnated with three abilities of your choice,” she explains thoroughly.

Holy shit, I genuinely thought this was a joke until I woke up. I looked around searching for hidden cameras but didn’t even find a single spec. I was literally standing on a god damned cloud.


“My apologies sir, give me a second to choose.” I said in a sarcastic way

Honestly, I had read multiple Light Novels and mostly understood the premise of this genre. I think I wanted a power that helped me with women. Honestly I wasn’t most ugly human on the planet, but I wasn’t the most attractive either, maybe a something like a romance system that helped me and gave me quests. This honestly makes me sound like such a loser, but it’s a fantasy word so who gives a shit. My next power would probably be intelligence, I wasn’t stupid either I was in all honors classes throughout highschool, but in my opinion being strong really didn’t give me any extra points, it just made me big and brawn, so I decided superior intellect would be sufficient. Maybe I could form a party or something to help with fire power.(Harem question mark???). For my third power I would like an analysis just to help me identify if foods were edible or if people would be strong. You never know what kind of situations you can get into with these isekais. You never wanna end up like suburau LMAO.

“Honestly with that I think this will help me the most,” I stated aloud

“With the power vested in all three of the major gods we present you in another world,” they all say in succession

The Goddess Ginny has one final remark,

“We hope you live a wonderful life!,”

As I fell into a gaping hole that came from no where, I saw the Goddess smiling as I was falling. Maybe this mistake was a good thing, who am I kidding “FUCK YEAH I JUST GOT ISEAKIED!!!!!” I shout.

Authors note, Yes i know this is very cringe and cliche but for all of you degenerates out there yes he will get more handsome and shit will grow lol. It’s weird that that my first novel is 18+ but who cares, don’t take this seriously and just laugh and enjoy lol.