Romance system Chapter-4

“How far away is this fucking town,” I say panting heavily.

“I feel like I have been walking in this field for like hours where the hell is this village????

After countless hours of walking he sees a giant gate.

“Finally!” I say

“Halt, please state your name and give your papers!” He says with a stern voice.

“Uhhhhh, I’m not really from here and don’t really have a papers,”

“There’s no entry without papers,unless you have 5 bronze coins”

A woman sprints to the guard door.

“I will pay for this man”

*Quest* Touch this woman’s breast!

……Are you serious right neow? They want me to literally sexually harass this woman. The woman had silver long hair with green eyes. She was wearing tight set of armor like a European warrior.

*Succession to complete this quest will give the skill Attraction details will be provided after completion*

Being able to acquire this skill is really important but touching this women’s tatas even know I’ve never met her. How and the hell am I going to be able to do that.

“That will be 5 silver coins then ma’am,”

“Here you are,” she replied

“Most people don’t do kind things out of their hearts like that,”

“Do you need something from me,”

“All I need from your is to accompany me on a quick guild request”

Hmmm, this woman I have never met is randomly inviting me to a guild request seems suspicious. Who am I kidding I have to complete this request some how before they take away my eggplant.

“Umm, okay but I have never even been to the guild before,”

“Oh, applying to guild is as simple as breathing it just costs 5 copper pieces but that’s pocket change from me,”

Well here suit seemed to be pretty expensive maybe she was from some noble family or something.

“Okay, let’s head to guild then,” I say because is probably going to be bothersome.

The guild looked like your stereotypical bar/tavern kind of old looking. If anything it kind of made you feel at home.

The receptionist kind of reminded me of the one lady from Monster inc.

“How… Can…. I…. Help…. You… Today” she said after 2 minutes.

“Yes… can I just get my guild card, here’s the five bronze coins.”

The lady who was with me was named Diane. She gave me the money beforehand because she may have thought it hurt my masculinity. In reality having a sugar mommy isn’t really a problem with me.

After like 10 minutes I finally got my fucking guild card.

“See….. you…. soon…..” she states slowly

“You as well” I reply

I hope I never see her again.

“The job we are going to complete shouldn’t be too hard,” she states

“The job doesn’t really bother me let’s just get it done,” I reply with haste

Getting money in this fictional world is really important and doing it with a hot chick is even better.

We finally reached this large looking cave, honestly I thought I saw a scary smile on Diane’s face but I just ignored her.

“We are almost there, but maybe we should take a moment to take a break,”

“That’s fine I could use a good rest,” I state

I haven’t had something to eat in what feels like hours, so I would eat anything at this point. She brings out some pastries and water. Now I might be a horny degenerate, but even I would be stupid to fall for this garbage, so I use my analysis skill to check this food.

Loaf of bread- normal white bread baked with love.

Glass of water- water with sleeping powder.

Holy shit this whore was gonna Bill Cosby me. Honestly I kind of considered it in the moment, but then I realized how I took my life for granted in my past life.

“Honestly, I’m not really that thirsty right now, but I will eat this good looking bread,”

She proceeds to smile, but as fast as I could take a bite of the bread she smacks me with the hilt of her sword.