Romance system Chapter-5

I feel like this trope has happened at least like 30 times already , but yet again I’m waking up in another unfamiliar place.

“Good morning sleepy head,” she smiled deviously

“Holy shit you actually knocked me out, I mean I expected it but god damn,” I shout

I was tied up to like a wood plank or some shit, with metal chains maybe she likes bdsm or something.

“Did you know that the water was poisoned?” She questions

“Nope just wasn’t thirsty” I say with a straight face

“Well it doesn’t matter because I’m going to do some dirty things to you,”

She touches my crouch area, honestly I never expected a hot girl to ever touch me there but I felt like I was about to burst.

*Quest update*

Touch this girl’s breast and sleep with her.

Well honestly this quest is pretty much impossible because my hands are completely tied. I decided to actually use some of my brain power and think, but before I could think the system popped up again.

*Award - Attraction skill/ charm increase*

That award would be great if I could get out of this alive. She decides to start licking my body like I’m a fucking lollipop like what the fuck. She licks my hands,feet,chest, and everything else. She decides to take off my underwear and my thing was rock hard. Honestly I mean what man would not be hard in this situation. She starts licking it with a creepy smile.

“I love this virgin little smile, I take virgins like you all the time,”

“I’m gonna take that as a compliment,” I state while squirming

She continues to lick that area which has never been done before. Before I remember that her saliva was all over my hand. I struggle out of the chain and use it to touch her breast.

*Quest complete*

You have received the attraction skill.

Attraction- Makes the target completely attracted and turned on for you. Lasts for 30 minutes.

Bless the goddesses for the first time ever. I instantly use the skill.

Attraction was used on the Target Diane.

She stopped licking my area and got up.

“I didn’t know you were so attractive before,” she states

“Hey can you take me out of chains I’m kind of uncomfortable,”

“Of course as long as I can continue to touch you,” she says in a seducing way

Well my manly instincts took over and I pushed her to the ground.

“I didn’t know you were going to be so assertive,”

I didn’t even reply to her. This bitch was probably going to eat me or some shit. I don’t fuck with yanderes and there’s a time limit here.

I instantly just thrust it straight into her precious spot, and continued to just go ham.

She moaned constantly, I couldn’t tell if it was for pain or pleasure. Turns out she was a virgin so I thought that was kind of hypocritical. I thrusted and continued.

I decided to change positions and kept at it for a while. That +5 strength actually helped me more that I thought. I most likely couldn’t pick up 130 pounds before.(Diane is 130 pounds) but I was lifting her with relative ease. Piercing her with a relatively constant speed.

“Keep going please don’t stop if you stop I’ll kill you,” she threatened

Honestly it was too late to stop, so I just kept going, until I had to let it all out.

“I’m cumming,” she screamed in pleasure

“Me too,” I screamed

I really just lost my virginity to a yandere Bill Cosby, in another world. What am I even doing any more.

+5 charm points added quest complete