Romance system Chapter-6

After finally realizing what just happend I had to get the hell out of there. Diane is still there on the floor passed out. Her face tired yet full of pleasure.

“Well I need to get the fuck out of here,” I state

After running out of the cave leaving the bimbo hoping to never see her again, I return to the village. I took the money bag she had so I could pay for food and drinks.

It was around 9pm ish when I returned to the village, so I decided to go into an inn.

“Welcome, baby” she replied

“Hello I’m looking for a place to stay and some food to eat,” I say

“10 coppers apply to both a room and for food,”

She was a beautiful milf type. She had the average brown hair and brown eyes. But by god that rack, it was atleast the size of two huge bowling balls.

“Go ahead and find your self a seat,” she says


*Attraction skill cooldown off*

Oh maybe I can use this skill on this milf, but I should probably eat first haha.

*Quest- have relations with the women*

Reward - 1 romance skill point

How amazing I was already planning on doing that anyway lol.

But I had never seen a romance skill point before, from the games I had seen before maybe I can unlock a special skill.

After I finished eating I headed to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and noticed my face was more chiseled and handsome. So being able to get more charm points for the system will make me more handsome how useful. After I finished my business, most were already asleep, but the lady at the counter was washing tables until I used my skill.

*Attraction skill used on Rebecca*

So that’s her name this is going to be amazing. She turned and looked over at me.

“Kind sir would you like to go up to your room real quick,” Rebecca says in heat

“Absolutely lol,” I say

She unlocks the door to the room and pushes me down on the bed. She takes off her work clothes and reveals her beautiful light pink nipples. She even goes further and takes off her skirt and reveals that tight pussy.

“Holy shit you look amazing,” I say mesmerized

“Just you wait,” she says

She begins to take off my bottom layer and reveals my long tool. It bulges and squeals while it’s in her hand.

“I’m going to start sucking on it now.”

She sucks it like a god damn vacuum and I feel her tongue all over my warm cock. I push her off and began sucking on her hard nipples.

“No, you young boy I should be taking care of you, this old lady doesn’t need anything,” she states after moaning

I don’t listen to her, I just continue to suck and ending up putting my finger inside her pussy.

“AAAHAHHAH,” she moans

God this is just amazing, I keep sucking until her pussy is finally ready to go. I want to treat Rebecca with more respect than bill cosby. So I gently put my my stick inside of her. She continues to moan, but it doesn’t even matter , I just continue to thrust in the doggy style position, and it just feels so great.

“Let me on top please,” she cry’s

“Alright, but if your not my tempo then your getting kicked off,”

She hops on me like a bunny and begins to ride me like a motorcycle,”

“Ughhh,” I moan with pleasure

“You know you love this hot pussy,” she says with a smile just like Diane

That smile just turned me on even more as my penis gets even harder.

“I feel your thing getting harder just keep let me do all the work,”

After a couple of minutes I get bored and pick her up.

“What are you doing, let me do it,” she cry’s

I put her in the reverse cow girl and thrust as hard as possible. I even breathe hard in her ear just to add to the moan.

“I can’t take this anymore I’m going to cummmmm,” she cums while saying this

After this I throw her down and spray my load all over her face.

*Romance skill point unlocked*

Just reminding you this is a stupid bullshit novel don’t take this seriously and don’t think it’s suppose to be good lol.