Soul Blade Volume 1 Chapter: 2 The adventure Begins

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Soul Blade Volume 1 Chapter: 2 The adventure Begins
A few months have passed since then. That terrible night in the dojo. The Blade Hunter's Cult. It’s an old cult started ever since the soul blade was created. Their goal is to revive Hanyo’s brother and destroy this world. It’s my job to stop the cult and make it so this world is safe. Then I have to wish for Hanyo to be my partner forever. But when I die, what will happen to her? My eyes shoot open and I look around. I shake Hanyo and she wakes up. “What happens when I die, where do you go?” She tilts her head, “well if you’re talking about your wish for me to be your partner forever, I would go with you.” I look confused, “how would you come with?” She smiles, “when master dies, my demon soul goes with him and I in turn die as well.” I gasp, “Hanyo..are you sure you want to do that?” She nods at me, “I’m ok with dying if it’s with you Hiroko.” I look at her and put my hand on her head. “I’m still young, I’ve hopefully got a while left to live.” She nods, “and don’t worry, I’ll protect you until that day comes.” I get up and stretch. “Well, we better get ready for school.” Hanyo tilts her head, “what’s school?” I sigh, “a boring place we go to learn new information.” She laughs, “I’m a demon, I already know everything, school would be a waste of my time.” I shake my head, “not so fast, you have to come with me remember?” I point to the bracelet. She pouts, “fine I’ll go with you but I’m not going to learn anything.” I laugh and pat her head. “Alright well get dressed and ready, I picked up a uniform for you it’s on the dresser over there. I go into the bathroom and change and brush my teeth and hair. I come out and Hanyo is in her uniform. I blush a lot. Wow she looks great in that uniform. She looks at me, “is this not good?” I shake my head, “no it’s good, you look great.” She smiles, “well I guess we should get going then.” I nod and we head out of my dorm and walk to school. As we walk Ayuka comes next to me, “hey there, haven't seen you for a while.” I look over to my left and see her walking with us. “Oh, hey Ayuka.” She smiles at me. “Want to go to the dojo today and practice some of our moves?” I nod, “yeah we probably should, I need to work on my defences.” I look down, those guys easily blocked my straightforward attacks. I need to get stronger or else someone will get hurt.. “Hiroko?” I come back to reality and look over at Ayuka poking my cheek. “What is it Ayuka?” “What’s going on in that mind of yours?” She pokes at my head. As she goes to poke me again Hanyo slaps her hand away. “Do not touch him like that.” She glares over at Ayuka. Ayuka stops us and goes in front of Hanyo, “what’s your problem with me anyway? He doesn’t belong to you. He was my friend first.” Hanyo glares at her, “Hiroko is my priority, I will protect him at all costs. Even If it isn’t hurting him, I can’t risk anything.” Ayuka looks at me then back at Hanyo, “I’m not going to hurt him, why would I do that?” Hanyo looks at her, “because you aren’t the one, you're not the one chosen to protect him so you must want to hurt him.” I put my hand up and look at Hanyo, “look, I don’t know much about all this chosen one stuff, but I know Ayuka wouldn’t ever purposely hurt me unless we’re practicing but she never does any damage.” Ayuka smiles at me. Hanyo sighs, “fine, If you trust her that much, I guess she’s alright with me then. But know this, I am watching you.” Ayuka smiles, “well that’s fine with me.” I start to walk again, “well glad that’s settled.” We keep walking and eventually reach school. Well another day of fun. I go into class and sit down by Mari and Ayuka. I look down at Hanyo as a sword. I hope nobody sees that I have a sword in class. This is the only way Hanyo can be in class with me, there’s nowhere for her to sit. I sweat all class then the teacher walks in. “Hello class. Welcome back.” We all groan. Man school sucks, It’s so boring. I feel something poking at me. I look to my left to see Mari poking my shoulder. She sees me look at her and she smiles and gives me a small wave. I smile back and wave to her. She goes back to drawing. I look at the teacher then something catches my eye. I stare closer at his jacket. My eyes open wide. No it can’t be, the symbol of the cult...I must be seeing things. I slap myself a little and look again. No, it’s definitely the cult symbol. I poke at Hanyo in my lap and whisper, “Hanyo, my teacher has the cult mark on his jacket.” Her blade shakes a little in confirmation to what I said. I grip her handle tightly. Flashbacks come back to those two nights with the encounters with the cult. I can’t kill him in the middle of class. That would get me arrested. I’ll do it after school today. The bell rings for the end of class. I get up and Hanyo walks out of class. I walk out of class following her, but I hear my teacher call to me, “Hiroko could you please stay back a minute.” I walk over to him, after everyone leaves he looks at me. “Your attention in class doesn’t seem to be there. Is something bothering you? A dangerous situation perhaps?” I look at him and smile, “no I’m just tired is all.” He nods, “well please be more attentive tomorrow. Or your grade will slip more and you could be expelled.” I nod, “I understand sir.” I leave his room and am sweating. Does he know what I am? No, there’s no way...but if he knows..I better watch out. I walk out of school to see Hanyo waiting alone. As I walk up to her she waves at me. I wave back. “Hello master.” She says with a smile. I nod at her, “so, is there any chance that my teacher is a part of this cult thing?” She thinks a little, “I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, the cult recruits average people in order to keep their numbers large, but I’m sure if he was, he would have attacked you in the classroom.” I think to myself. “Well, I didn’t have you with me after class, killing me without you there wouldn’t help him at all.” She nods, “yeah I suppose that’s true. That does explain why he was looking at me as I walked out.” I nod. We start to walk home and as we’re walking Hanyo grabs my arm. I look at her and she’s smiling and looking at her feet. Well, not much I can do, I don’t want to let her down. I keep walking with her but then stop. “Here, instead of grabbing my arm, do this instead.” I take her hand in mine blushing. She looks over at me and she pokes my cheek with her other hand. “Master why are you all red?” I look over at her, “it’s called blushing, people do it when they’re embarrassed, shy, or excited.” She tilts her head towards me, “what are you master?” I think, “well I’ve never had anyone who wanted to hold my hand before.” She smiles, “well I am your sword after all, you can do whatever you want with me.” I blush more, anything I want to her? That’s not a normal thing to say. Well she is a demon so she isn’t exactly a normal person. “Hey! Blademaster!” I hear someone shout behind me. I jump and turn around to see Akio behind me. He comes up to me, “so you are the legendary soul blade.” He smiles at Hanyo. I look at him, “what are you talking about dude? This is just my friend.” She nods but Akio laughs. “I’m not stupid”, he points to my bracelet. “That right there, that’s the soul blade bracelet.” I start to get nervous and I squeeze Hanyo’s hand. She looks over at me. “So what If I am, what do you want with me?” She says to Akio. He smiles creepily. I back up a little and then he laughs. “I want what we all want. To resurrect the supreme one.” She looks at me, “he must mean my brother.” “Hanyo transform.” I say to her and she nods and transforms. “Oh my, such a beautiful blade, it’s a shame I’m going to have to break you little girl.” Akio pulls out a black sword and runs into an alleyway. I follow him running after him and then he stops. “This is where you die chosen hero.” I widen my eyes and yell at him, “It’s you who’s going to die!” I rush at him thrusting Hanyo towards his chest. He backs up just out of reach of my sword. Damn he’s fast, but I’m faster! I rush at him multiple times, he dodges each attack. “You see Hiroko, I am not just some grunt.” He takes off his shirt and reveals a huge symbol on his chest.”No, I’m much better than them, I am an admin.” That catches me off guard and he runs at me and punches me in my chest. I feel a burst of energy go through me and I spit up blood as I fall backwards. “Ah, what the hell was that?!” I wipe my face off and he laughs. “Oh that, that’s just a skill we pick up during initiation.” That’s it, this needs to end now. This can’t continue, if I let this go on any longer, he might beat me. I close my eyes and focus and I hear Hanyo’s voice. “Master, listen to my voice and focus on beating him. You can do it.” I feel a connection between me and Hanyo. All of a sudden her blade bursts white and then it explodes with a flash of color then starts to glow purple. My God, she just gained like fifty pounds. No, I can do this..I use all my effort to swing her over my head at Akio as I scream. “DIE YOU CULTIST DOUCHE!” A huge beam of purple energy emits from my sword and goes into Akio and through his sword as he tries to block it. After everything clears out, Akio is gone, no trace of him. I look around, “he must have disappeared.” Hanyo transforms into her demon form, “I don’t sense any presence of him.” I nod to her, “let’s go home and rest. I’m sure you could use it.” She nods at me and then turns into her human form. We walk home with her holding my hand. When we get home we walk inside. She flops herself on the couch and motions for me to sit by her. I go over and sit next to her. She rests her head on my shoulder and puts her arms around my one arm. I blush and pet her hair which is very soft. I start to drift off and then later I wake up to see Hanyo’s face. My eyes shoot open, “H-Hanyo what are you doing?” She looks at me, “I’m not doing anything master.” I look at where she is, she’s on top of me, sitting on my lap facing me. “This isn’t exactly something normal people do.” She smiles, “well we aren’t exactly normal now are we?” “I guess you’re right, but what are you trying to do in this position?” She looks at me, “well, I thought maybe you and I could, bond together.” I blush all over and look at her, “w-what do you mean by bond..?” She puts her hand under my shirt and gets closer to me. She puts her lips right by mine. “Is it okay master?” I look into her eyes, “s-sure.” She leans against me and kisses me and closes her eyes. I kiss her back and she leans more into me with her body. She looks at me with innocent eyes. After a while she stops and gets up. “The seed has planted master.” I jump up and point at her, “now hold on a second! That isn’t how that works you crazy demon lady. Don’t be telling people that.” She laughs, “we connected, that means that the seed was planted right?” I shake my head, “no, that’s not how that works. You need to do a bit more that kissing Hanyo.” She looks at me confused, “well then how does it work?” I scratch my head, “well let’s just save that for a later day, that’s a little too much to talk about now.” She nods, “alright I’ll ask about later.” “You know you could always use the internet if you really want to know.” I say to her as I pat her head. She looks at me and tilts her head, “internet..?” I point over to my computer, “you use that to research or look things up. It gives you answers, but if you want to know about that you wouldn’t look up a seed being planted.” She goes over to the computer and looks back at me, “what would I look up then?” I go over and type it in for her, “there, read this and you’ll understand how this works.” She starts to read it and she starts to blush a lot. A few minutes later she turns the computer off. “I never knew it involved so much effort.” I laugh, “yeah well you only do that if you love someone, so it works out.” She goes over to the kitchen, “well, anyway master, what would you like to eat?” I look over at her and nod, “well you could make some pasta, doesn’t really matter what kind.” She nods and starts to cook. About ten minutes later there’s a knock at my door. I go over and open and see Ayuka standing outside in a skirt and a tank top. “H-hey, can I come in?” She says with her hands behind her back and feet together. “Sure come on in.” She comes in and I shut the door behind her. Ayuka looks over at Hanyo and then back at me. “So you two are fully living together then?” I nod and show her my bracelet, “she can’t usually go too far from me, it’s part of our contract.” Ayuka nods. “Well, I got kicked out of my dorm today..” She says looking sad. “What, why would they do that?” She shrugs, “I don’t really know, but I was hoping I could stay here with you two for the time being.” I nod at her, “sure you can stay here with us but you do know I only have one bedroom.” After I say that Hanyo glares at me. “That’s fine, I don’t mind sharing a bed, we did before remember?” Hanyo comes over to me and picks me up by my shirt, “what do you mean you two did that before?” “She stayed the night once, before you and me ever met.” She puts me down and looks over at Ayuka and points at her. “You leave him alone got that? He’s mine.” Ayuka laughs, “as far as I’m concerned I’ve been his friend for much longer than you have, plus you guys are just in a contract.” Hanyo scoffs at her and goes back to cooking. “Jeez, you two really don’t like each other. There’s enough of me to go around.” “I don’t share though.” Hanyo calls over from the kitchen to us. I laugh, “you’re way too greedy Hanyo.” She glares at me and continues to cook. A half an hour later dinner is ready. We all sit down around a table and eat. Man this is awkward. I can see the tension between the two. “How was your day Ayuka?” She smiles at me, “well it was pretty good besides being thrown out, but it worked out because I’m closer to my best friend.” Hanyo slams her fork down into the table and I jump. “How about you shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you girly.” Ayuka smiles at her, “I’m not trying to fight anyone but if its Hiroko we’re talking about I’ll fight.” Hanyo sighs, “no use fighting, it’ll upset master.” Ayuka looks confused, “master?” Hanyo points to me, “that’s master Hiroko, he is my owner since I am his weapon.” Ayuka nods, “makes sense, by the way Hiroko, can I see what she looks like as a sword?” I get up and hold my hand out. “Transform Hanyo.” She transforms and I hold her out. Ayuka goes over and looks at her. “Wow she’s a really cool sword.” I look at her, “thanks, she’s very strong too.” Hanyo transforms back into her demon form. Ayuka jumps, “um, what’s that?” I look over at Hanyo, “oh that’s Hanyo’s demon form.” Ayuka nods, “very cool, she looks very different like this.” Hanyo nods at her. “Of course I look like different. I can’t go out like this in public.” Ayuka nods, “that makes sense, but you’re much cuter like this.” I look confused, “cuter? How so?” Ayuka points to her, “well for one her hair is shorter which is cute, she’s much shorter than human form.” I nod, “I guess you’re right, she is a bit cuter like this.” “I’m sorry master but I can’t go out in public but I’ll stay like this at home for you.” I look over at the clock, “hey guys it’s getting late let’s head to bed.” We all go into my room and I get into my pajamas in the bathroom and I lay down. When Ayuka comes out later my eyes widen. She’s in very short pajama shorts, and a loose tank top. She lays next to me and Hanyo comes in and lays on my other side. Two girls, one on each side, It’s like a dream come true. A minute later Ayuka turns to me and snuggles up to me. I blush and Hanyo notices and she does the same. “Hiroko, please comfort me.” Ayuka says. I put my arm around her but Hanyo pulls my other arm around her. Well now I’m just a pillow for two girls, still alright with me. I drift off to sleep and wake up the next morning. I open my eyes to see Ayuka on top of me. “Ayuka, you’re on top of me.” She smiles a little at me, “yes I know, I put myself here.” Hanyo wakes up and looks at her. “You better get off of him.” Ayuka looks back at her, “I got here first, I get my turn, wait yours.” Hanyo pouts but waits. A few minutes later Ayuka gets off me and lays next to me. Hanyo then gets on top of me and closes her eyes. I pull blankets over Ayuka and myself. This is weird, I have a demon on top of me and my best friend next to me. I look over at the calendar, oh good, it’s spring break today. I lay there staring at the ceiling and watching my fan go around. I poke Ayuka beside me and she starts to move. “Hey are you up?” I whisper to her. She looks over at me. “Yeah I’m up, do you need something?” I shake my head, “no just seeing if you were up. I can’t really move right now.” Ayuka blinks a few times, “why can’t you move?” I point to Hanyo, “she kinda has me wrapped up.” Ayuka nods and snuggles closer to me. About an hour later Hanyo wakes up and gets up and goes into the kitchen. I lay there and Ayuka turns to me and then sits up. She grabs me and puts my head on her lap. “What are you doing?” I say to her. “Don’t worry, my legs are comfortable.” I look up at her, “well yeah they’re sorta comfortable, they could be a good pillow.” She smiles down at me and starts to play with my hair. “So, why did you pick to stay with me? Couldn’t you have moved in with one of your friends?” She shakes her head. “No, they all told me to ask you.” I look at her, “huh, they told you to ask to stay here?” She nods back at me. Huh, didn’t know that. What great friends they are, not helping their friend in need. I stretch in Ayuka’s lap and accidentally touch something soft. “Huh, what’s this, it’s very soft but not too big.” Ayuka blushes dark red and then looks at me. “W-what are you doing? Hanyo’s in the next room over.” I look at her, “huh, what are you talking about?” I see she’s blushing, “is something wrong?” I look to my hand and see where it is. I jump up off my bed and bow to her. “I’m so sorry! Please forgive me.” She laughs, “it’s fine, you probably didn’t mean to.” I nod to her, “no I didn’t mean to do that.” Hanyo walks in and looks at us, “breakfast is ready, if you would come in the kitchen master.” I put my slippers on and motion for Ayuka to follow me and I walk to the kitchen. When I walk in I smell fresh eggs and bacon on the stove. I look over at the table to see our spots. I sit down and then Hanyo comes over and sets down a plate with eggs with a heart made of bacon on it. I look up to her, “thank you for the food Hanyo.” She smiles and gives Ayuka some eggs and then she sits down. “So how did you sleep master?” I look over at her, “I slept pretty good how about you?” She smiles, “I slept good since I was next to my favorite person.” I blush after she says that. “Hey guys, let’s go to the beach later today.” They both look at me. Ayuka says to me, “I don’t have a swimsuit for the beach, but we could go shopping today.” I nod, “how about you Hanyo?” She shakes her head, “I would need to go shopping as well.” I sigh, “well let’s go then, I already have a suit so I will help you guys pick out one.” After breakfast we head out. We go to the clothing store and find swimsuits. Hanyo comes over to me with a swimsuit. “I’m going to go try this one on.” She goes into a dressing room. “Hey Hiroko, how does this look?” I look over to see Ayuka in a cute, greek styled two piece suit. I blush dark red, “that one looks amazing.” She nods, “then I’ll get this one.” I nod back to her. “Master I’m ready and I’m coming out now.” Hanyo comes out in a purple, but normal suit. “Looks pretty good, spin around for me.” She turns around and then back to me. “Yep, that’s the one.” She nods then goes back in to change into her normal clothes. Ayuka comes back with her clothes on and the suit in a bag. “I’m all set, just waiting on your pet thing.” I look at her, “she isn’t a pet, she’s my sword and friend.” She nods, “I know, I was joking. Lighten up.” She nudges me a little. Hanyo comes out and has her suit in her hand. “Alright master, this one.” I point up to the front desk, “go pay up there.” She tilts her head, “with what money, I'm broke.” I look down, of course she doesn’t have money she’s a demon, I hand her some money, “here take this and go pay for your suit.” She takes it and buys her suit. “Alright crew we’re all good to go to the beach!” Ayuka says and she happily jogs to the door. We both follow her and we start to walk to the beach. As we walk a taller man bumps into Hanyo, “I’m sorry miss.” He says to her. I shake my head and laugh and we keep walking. If only he knew what Hanyo was. We reach the beach about twenty minutes later. We all change in separate bathrooms and then grab towels. I stand with my hands crossed and I walk along the beach with them. As we walk people are staring at Ayuka and Hanyo and then at me. I hear people saying that I’m a lucky person. “Hey Hiroko, come in with me.” Ayuka says as she grabs my arm and drags me into the water. Hanyo follows us and eventually we’re all swimming around in the clear blue water. The sun feels so good on me, but we forgot to put on sunscreen. “Hey you two, we forgot sunscreen. Let’s put some on.” They both get out of the water and they lay down on towels. “Alright master me first.” Hanyo says as she looks up at me. “Wait here, who said I was putting it on you two? I’m a guy, it’s weird if I put in on you.” She smiles, “it’s okay, just do it.” I sigh and put some lotion on my hand and start to rub her back with it. Hanyo makes small noises as I rub her back. “Lower master, I need it all over.” I blush and go lower on her back and then do her legs. After I finish with her I go over to Ayuka, “do you want me to do lotion for you?” She nods, “of course, it wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t.” I get more lotion and start to put it on Ayuka too. After I finish I sigh again. Man this is hard, it’s like I’m taking care of two grown ups who only want attention. Hm, let me try something. I walk off across the beach and ignore them. Hanyo and Ayuka follow me but I ignore them. “Hiroko.” They both say a few times. I smile and ignore them. Let’s see if they’re as needy as I think they are. Ayuka catches up to me and grabs my arm, “what’s up, pay attention to us.” I look over at them and smile and keep walking. Got them right where I want them. All of a sudden I trip over something and fall into a hole that seems to go on forever but then I splash into water. I regain consciousness and see Ayuka and Hanyo in front of me. “Huh, where are we?” I look around and we seem to be in some underground cave. They both shrug but get closer. I blush and look at Ayuka, “what are you doing Ayuka?” She looks at me and takes off her top and presses against me. I blush super deep red, “w-what are you doing?” She looks at me blushing, “well you were ignoring us and I want your attention, and plus, nobody else is here.” Hanyo takes off her top and presses against me too, “no fair she gets to do it too, I want master to look at me also.” She says as she looks up at me. Oh boy, two smokin hot girls nude on top of me. This is the best thing ever. “Master what’s this?” I look to see Hanyo pointing at my shorts. I blush and cover it up, “th-thats nothing! Don’t worry about that.” I say and blush more. Ayuka smirks at me, “that’s not nothing Hanyo, it means he likes us.” She smiles, “that happens a lot for you doesn’t it master?” I wave my hands around frantically. “Don’t be saying that, you’re making me sound like a pervert!” They both laugh and then put on their tops. “It’s perfectly normal. I’m a man, things just happen but don’t be saying it happens a lot.” I sigh and look up at the ceiling. I get up, “We should probably try to find a way out of this place, I don’t like it down here.” I start walking and feeling the walls to try to find a way out. Hanyo and Ayuka are both right next to me feeling the walls too. As I feel around my hand presses something and I hear a rumbling. A big door starts to slide open and I step back. “Hey guys look at this.” I point to the now opened door. The hallway has torches lit up and I start to walk towards it. “Hiroko, what are you doing?” Ayuka asks me as she follows me. I keep walking and then the hallway opens up to a big room with stairs and torches scattered all across the wall. I look up and see a big mural with some ancient writing on it. As I walk up the stairs I see a pedestal with a hole in it. Hanyo comes up to me in her demon form. “Master I should tell you something.” I look over to her, “what is it?” She looks at the pedestal. “This is my birthplace, the place where I became the soulblade. There is something we must do..” She transforms into a sword and I grab her. I look at the pedestal and it starts to glow along with Hanyo. I look at the hole then walk up to it, as I get closer to it, she starts to glow more intensely. I point her down to the hole and thrust the sword into the pedestal. A bright light emits from the place where she is. After a few minutes the room goes back to normal and Hanyo comes back to her demon form. I look at her and she’s changed. Her arms have a dark purple like armor on them. “Hanyo what is this?” She looks at her arms then smiles at me. “This is my armor. It will make my blade purple and must stronger.” I look at her, “so how do we get out of here, and what was the point of the armor?” She points to the place we came in, “It’s my true form, I was a weaker version of myself, and we can get out after we kill that.” I look at it then start to hear heavy footsteps. All of a sudden a bigger half bull, half person comes into view. It’s carrying a big axe-like thing. It lets out a roar and Hanyo turns into the now purple sword. “Alright master we need to kill that beast and we can leave.” I grip her tight and yell out, “alright here we go!” I run at the beast with great speed and I try to slash at its legs. As I run at it, the beast moves its legs quickly and hits me with it’s massive hoof. Damn it, that hurt. I cough up some blood and kick off the ground and catch a burst of speed and this time I get a hit off on its leg. It lets out a small roar and then swings its axe at me. I jump over the axe and climb on its arm and run up it to his neck. It tries to catch me with his other hand and almost gets me a few times. “Hanyo now!” I yell out and she starts to glow a deep purple and I smile and lift the sword above my head. Right before I try to stab the beast he jumps up in the air which flings me off. I fall down and catch myself as I hit the ground. “You okay master?” Hanyo says to me. “Yeah, I’m fine, but I can’t get a shot in, I need a distraction.” I look over to Ayuka. “Ayuka, I need 10 seconds!” She nods and runs at the beast distracting it. I close my eyes and concentrate all of my energy into Hanyo. My eyes shoot open and I give out a big scream and Hanyo’s blade explodes with a white essence. I run at the beast and jump at its head and thrust my blade into the back of its head. I fall down and hit the ground and the beast starts to glow then disappears. I did it, I can’t believe I did that. I look over at Hanyo who’s lying on the ground in demon form and looks beat up. “Hanyo are you ok?” She nods and then points to where the beast was standing. I go over to it and see a small crystal. I bring it over to her. She takes it and presses it into her chest and absorbs it. Her eyes shine and then she stands up. “Alright master we can leave, I have successfully absorbed the beast’s essence.” I look over at her confused. “Um, what did you do?” She laughs, “as we fight I run out of energy for those special attacks. So you need to give me these in order for me to recover. Every mythical beast has one.” I look around. “You only absorbed one, how much does that one even do?” She thinks, “well considering it was a weaker monster, not that much.” My eyes open wider. “That was a weaker monster? That thing was like impossible.” She laughs, “that’s because you suck at everything.” I put a hand to my heart and close my eyes. “That was hurtful, well I guess I’ll just train then.” She nods to me and points to the exit. “I suppose you want to leave?” I look at the two of them and they both nod. I start to walk out of the place and they follow closely behind me. As we walk down the hallway we start to see light. “That must be the way out.” I run towards the light and they run after me. “No master don’t go over there!” Hanyo calls out to me. I look back, “huh?” As I turn back around I step on something and feel myself hoisted into the air. I look around me and I’m in some kind of cage. “What is this?!” I look down and see Hanyo and Ayuka standing below me. “Hanyo, what is this?” She looks around, “I think it’s a trap made by the people from the village I’m from.” I look at her, “well get me out.” She laughs, “don’t worry, we will get you out.” She transforms into a demon and then looks at Ayuka. “You know how to use a sword right?” She nods and holds out her hand. Ayuka grabs her hand and Hanyo transforms. As she turns into a sword Ayuka struggles to lift her. “Come on Ayuka, you can do it I know you can.” She looks up at me, “I don’t think I can. She’s way too heavy for me.” I grab onto the bars. “Believe in yourself and you can do it, Hanyo responds to emotions.” Ayuka closes her eyes and then suddenly jumps up to where the cage is. She swings her body around and slams Hanyo into the cage and it breaks. I fall to the ground. Luckily I catch myself on my feet. I run over to Ayuka and hug her, “see you can do it.” She smiles and then Hanyo transforms back into her demon form. “Huh, Mrs. Bland can actually fight.” She smiles over at Ayuka. I pat Hanyo on her head, “you two both did great, thanks for saving me.” They both bow and smile. Hanyo points to a door. “That’s the exit over there.” I go and open the door and we are then outside. I look back at the door and it’s gone. “Huh, where’d the door go?” Hanyo looks at me, “it’s an old village secret, only certain people can see it, and it vanishes.” I nod at her, “that makes sense.” We start to walk back to our houses. “So what are you two thinking of doing after school.” Hanyo asks us. I look over at Ayuka, “I don’t know what she’s doing yet, but I’m thinking of becoming a voice actor or writer.” Hanyo looks over at Ayuka, “and you?” She thinks a little. “I’m planning on going wherever Hiroko goes.” I blush a lot and look at her, “why would you want to do that?” She looks over at me. “Well I need to be there for you, you couldn’t do much without me.” I nod, “that’s true.” I see that Hanyo is shivering so I take my towel and wrap it around her. “There you go, it’s warmer than your towel.” She smiles, grabs it, wraps herself in it.. Ayuka goes over to her and hugs her, “that will help warm you up, you join in to Hiroko.” I go over and hug her. I feel something drop on my hand and I look up. It’s not raining is it? I look at Hanyo and there’s tears in her eyes. I look at her, “what’s wrong Hanyo?” She looks up at us. “I’ve never had friends like this before. Usually the master just solves the problem and then wishes me to stay as the soul blade and go back home. Ayuka looks at me, “wish?” I nod. After I kill the cult off, or whatever I have to do. I get a single wish for anything I want and then I become the next soul blade, but I’m wishing for her to stay the blade but we will stay partners.” Ayuka looks at me, “that’s really nice but is that what Hanyo wants?” I look down at Hanyo. Huh, what she wants…I never thought of that before... I poke Hanyo, “Is that what you want?” She nods, “yes, I want to stay with you.” I look at her again, “alright then we can have that, but do you want to stay a sword? I could wish for someone else to be the sword.” She shakes her head, “if I stay your sword, we keep the bracelets and that means I can also protect you easier.” I nod to her, “well if it’s what you want.” I open the door and let them two in. “Alright then what now, you guys should shower, the lake water isn’t very clean.” Ayuka nods and she heads into the bathroom. Hanyo comes up to me, “what’s a shower master?” I look at her, “well it’s an area people can go to wash themselves off with water.” She tilts her head. “I don’t know how to do that, will you help me?” I wave my arms in front of her and then sigh, “a guy and a girl can’t shower together, that’s wrong. “ She grabs my arm, “I don’t think it’s wrong. It was okay on those videos I saw online.” I blush red, “Hanyo, why don’t you ask Ayuka to help you shower if you need it.” She shakes her head. “I don’t want to shower with her. I want to shower with you master.” I shake my head, “guys and girls can only shower together if they are in a relationship or married.” She smiles, “but aren’t we in a relationship with our contract?” I shake my head, “no Hanyo that isn’t the same type of relationship, to shower together you have to be boyfriend and girlfriend.” She points to the door, “so like you and her?” I shake my head, “Ayuka and I are not in that type of relationship, we are just best friends, boyfriend and girlfriend means you are closer, go on dates, and love each other.” She smiles, “but I already love you, so why can’t we have that?” I look at her and sigh, “I never said we couldn’t have that relationship but I’m not sure how I feel about you yet.” She nods, “I understand, I’ll ask Ayuka for help.” I nod to her. She walks over to the door and knocks and then goes in. About ten minutes they both come out in one of my shirts that are way too big for either of them. I point to them, “why’d you steal my shirts?” They laugh and Ayuka looks at me. “Well there was nothing left in there and it smells good.” I blush and look around. “Hey we have school tomorrow, you two need to get some sleep, Hanyo you need to go as a student this time, I can’t risk the teacher seeing you as a sword.” Ayuka looks confused, “what do you mean?” I look seriously at her, “our teacher is a part of the cult that wants me dead.” Her eyes flare open. “Really!? He’s one of them?” I nod to her, “unfortunately, he is.” I go into my room and they both follow me. “Alright how should we sleep? We can’t always sleep together.” I point to a futon in my room, “one of you will have to use this.” Hanyo and Ayuka look at each other as if they’re going to fight. “I think Hanyo should sleep on the futon, she lived with you for a little before me, it’s only fair.” Hanyo flicks her, “I think you’ve been with him longer so it’s fair for me to sleep with him.” I hold up a hand but I can’t stop them from arguing. I sit on my bed and pull out my phone waiting for them to stop. Huh? A text pops up from Mari. M: Hey are you up? Me: Yeah I’m up, whats up? M: I was wondering if you wanted to hang out after school tomorrow? Me: Sure thing, I’ll find you after school. I look up at the two girls in my room fighting over the futon then back at my phone. Me: It would be a nice break. I’ll see you tomorrow :) I turn my phone off then lay down. “Have you two idiots figured out where you’re sleeping?” I say to them. They look at me and smile. “Yes I think we did”, they say and they both approach me. “Hey guys what are you doing?” They grab me and put me on the futon, “Ayuka and I have decided that master stays on futon and we share the bed.” I grab a pillow and blanket, “whatever you say ma'am.” I do a small little salute and then lay down on the futon. At least they aren’t arguing anymore. I drift off to sleep and then I see a purple light. “Hiroko, come and release me. Help me Hiroko!” In my dream I go towards the noise and light. I see a chain, key, and lock. I grab the key and put it in the lock but stop before turning it. “Hiroko save me, I need to be free.” I look around then turn the key and a bright light shines and then it clears. I stand and see a demon standing there but it isn’t Hanyo. “Who are you?” He looks at me and smiles. I am Hanyo’s brother, thank you for freeing me. He starts to laugh and then he faces me and points to me. “You the chosen hero, are now going to die.” He plunges at me and then everything goes black. My eyes shoot open and I sit up really fast. It was only a dream..It felt so real. I put my hand to my head, why did I have that dream and why was it so realistic. I look at the two girls and they’re still sleeping. I get up and go into the bathroom to shower. I turn the water on and look at myself in the mirror. I look down at my arm and touch my bracelet. It feels colder than ice. I wonder If Hanyo is having a nightmare or something. I get into the shower and stand there letting the water run over me. I stand looking at the wall and thinking. What if I get killed, will she truly come with me? I hope I don’t die soon. I need to tell her how I feel. I would tell her now but Ayuka would get upset. I need to make things easier between us. I strike a power pose, “alright I’m going to be a harem king! Enough of this being even, I’ll have both of them, I’m the luckiest guy!” I cover my mouth and look outside the shower. I hope they didn't hear that.

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