Super – Chapter 1 – Beginnings

Super - Chapter 1 - Beginnings

Comic dreams... Those Comic dreams we have as kids. You remember them right? Where you grow up to be a hero, like super man or the hulk. I mean it’s fantastic isn’t it? I remember reading those 99c grabs from the local store. Man, looking back they were awful works, like super heroes no one cares about. But I still read them and loved them. I mean no matter how unpopular of a hero you may be, you are still a hero. You are still better than the businessman, or the politician, or the boring clerk job at the local grocery store...

I remember turning to games at a certain point. Didn’t we all? RPGs and MMOs to scratch that itch of longing, to fill the void that is this seemingly normal existence of ours. Of just being human, nothing special. Aah but don’t mind me, just ravings of a man too high to get off the couch right now.  No, I’m too excited right now about the state of games! I mean I remember when WOW was big, and when it changed to Black Desert, and when people still played even DCUO. But now? No... Now people play in a different reality. Now we finally have virtual reality games. True virtual reality games...

Yes true virtual reality games. You name it from fantasy, to realistic, to even playing as a pirate captain on the open seas. Think the hollow deck on Star Trek, but instead they figured out brainwaves and essentially “upload you” to the net for a while to play. It’s pretty complicated shit, I don’t know how it works. The games use all of your senses and you can move and look freely, taste and touch. Your brain interprets it as real... If you are wondering why I’m raving it’s because there is a new release. And this goes back to what I said to you listeners earlier, to super heroes...

The newest, most expansive VRMMO comes out tonight at 10 sharp. You guessed it, it is “SUPER” the super hero/villain VRMMO set in a fictional 21st century. The hype around this game is real. They promise a real first person experience into being a superhero from flying to eye lasers, they’ve got it all. And I’ve got a copy downloaded on my headset, ready to play...

Anyway, I’ll update you all my listeners and viewers tomorrow about the game and how it is. My first impressions and I expect you all to comment and let me know if you are playing and to let us know how it goes!

This is Adam,

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Making videos is hard. But it does bring in the money. Adam sat back in his gaming chair, comfortable and modern, puffing the last bit of a joint he had left and snuffing the but out in an ashtray on the computer desk in front of him. He took the headphones from around his ears and waved his hand, as the virtual monitor in front of him vanished. He stood up, slowly, he had no trouble as even though he is a gamer and video broadcaster for a living, he has a high metabolism so he is rather skinny for his age of 28. Though his disheveled hair and sunken eyes tell the story of his isolation. 

He sauntered over to the fridge a couple rooms over in his small apartment, passing some furniture and things that is not worth mentioning before settling in front of a large steel ice-box, “open up” he said in the general direction of the fridge.. the fridge responded by opening and he reached in, grabbed a bottle of water and drank deeply.

“Man... this life”. Adam sat in his living room, looking at a landscape painting that made him happy across the wall. This was the room he didn’t like having any technology in. No T.V. , computers.. he just liked to sit and think here, to get away. “I can’t wait..” he thought about SUPER, about the upcoming 10 o clock release. 

All his life he dreamed of super heroes, of what it would be like to zip about like spider man or be fast and strong and save people like Captain America . He leaned forward, hands trembling around his water bottle, Glancing at the clock now and then.. only 8:45.. still an hour and 15. He decided to take a nap, to rest his eyes before 10.. it would be an all nighter for sure.. He had been following this game for 6 years through its development but still didn’t know what to expect. The developers hadn’t released any real footage other than teasers or any inside scoop on the content.. He laid his head back on the sofa, propping his feet up and set an alarm on his smart watch. 

Drifting off into sleep...

Sounds, loud sounds. Screaming? Waking up, seeing mom, mom in pain. Why? What’s wrong? Are you okay?? I panic, reaching out. The bleeding won’t stop. Why won’t it stop. Who’s that? Someone behind her. Holding something. Who’s that? Dad? Is that you dad? Why? What’s that you have? A bat? Why? Why is mom in pain? Why did you hurt her? What? Is mom going to be okay? Panicking. Scared. Trying to help. Trying to run...


“Aah” Adam woke up, the sound of his breathing matching the ringing of his watch. “Damn.. I haven’t thought about that in a while.. shit” he wiped some sweat from his face before slowly remembering the watch and silencing the alarm. He sat back for a minute, waking up.. “oh shit! The SUPER release!” He remembered the game, jumping up and dashing to his computer, throwing on the headset and sitting down at the same time. He got comfortable, adjusting the headset and leaned back his chair before hitting the start button on the headset. His mind whirled and felt like he was taken out of his body, into the net, almost like astral projection, an out of body experience but instead you are aware of the whole thing. In a few seconds the game loaded and from a white flash of light he was standing in an endless white scape, like a scene out of the matrix with a woman behind a white desk in front of him.

 “Uh.. hello” he said. “Hello” the woman replied, beckoning him over. He came over and saw a pen and a form on the desk between him and the woman. “Fill out the aspiring hero/villain application, give your details and fill it out completely.”

Adam glanced down looking at the form.. “odd... I’ve never seen this in a game before. Filling out paperwork???”. But he picked up the pen and the clipboard nonetheless, starting at the top with name.. “hmm... name... well this is a super hero game after all. Might as well make it super...” he wrote down a name and moved on:

Age, height, species? “Weird.. there is no selection here just blank boxes for everything. What like I can put down whatever I want?” Working down he reached the biggest empty box “abilities”. This was the only box with any introductory text which read “only allowed to put 1 ability here. Be creative. This cannot change and will heavily effect your character. Also, don’t try and put anything like ‘omnipotence’... you will just have to do this sheet over again. These abilities will go with your backstory which is on the next page.” 

“What the hell...” “What kind of AI does this game have?”...

Adam thought about it for a long time, deciding to come back to it after the backstory...  


He thought for a long while before deciding, he moved on to the next page which was a box with a thumbprint? He saw “put your thumb here to consent to a personality scan. All information remains private only for gameplay sake.” 

“What the hell... again what kind of A.I.?” He thought about it a minute, and thought he had nothing to hide or lose and went for it.” 

“Here you go” he said, handing it over to the woman. She looked it over 

Name: Shroud

Age: 28

Species: human


Super perception 



The woman finished looking it over saying “hmm. Are you sure you don’t want a backstory?” 

“Yes” Adam replied. 

“Alright then” she shrugged, typing on a computer that Adam didn’t notice was there, seeming to put in the information he gave here. Soon she finished typing and looked up at Adam, “okay, last question. Hero or villain?”


She nodded her head, typing into the computer that disappeared when she finished. “Alright Shroud, aspiring hero. Welcome to SUPER. She stood, widened her arms, and again a blinding flash of white light disoriented Adam as he slowly got his vision back. Not just his vision though, all at once sounds and smells of a bustling city block entered his senses. The sounds of cars and people passing by, the musty smell of hot concrete and old buildings nearby. The sights of a normal city anywhere in the world. Roads and sidewalks, stop lights and a crowd of people. Old and new buildings shoved together, sky scrapers hanging overhead in the distance all around. Nothing strange.. except.. he saw it, didn’t he? Yes, he just saw someone in red, with a cape, zoom by overhead. They were maybe 60 feet overhead, dark skinned, the red jump suit and the cape being the only discernible features. The people around Shroud started to stir too. “Look! It’s power!” . “Yeah, it’s the city’s greatest hero, power!”. Shroud listened and looked in wonder, “wow... so that is a real superhero”. It was unreal, seeing him fly off into the distance. The whole city was so real, much more real than any other VRMMO he had played before. Even the people, the NPCs were so real, they all seemed to have personality and life. 

He recovered from the sensory overload and started to take a look at himself and his surroundings more closely. He saw his hands and his clothes were the same he was wearing in real life. Same pale, skinny hands. Same grey hoodie and blue jeans, black vans. He turned to see a shop window on the street and saw his reflection. “Yep.. that’s me..” it was him. Nothing special just the same face he had seen in the mirror for years. Grey, sharp eyes, and a strong jaw, all on pale skin set behind shoulder length curly brown hair. All of this odd on his skinny frame, though not too lanky. Almost to say he could be buff if he tried, but he doesn’t. 

*beep beep* *beep beep* 

A menu popped up in front of him:

Press the button here —> () <— to read it! 

Adam reeled as the grayish translucent screen popped up in front of him, but pushed the button.

As he did the window disappeared and in a puff of grey smoke a small robot humanoid appeared in its place. It hovered in the air, two arms and no legs with a sharp, somewhat human looking head. Though it’s whole body was completely made of metal.

It hovered before waving its arms and saying ecstatically 

“Welcome to SUPER aspiring hero!!”

“ you must be wondering where you are, what to do, and why there seem to be no menus of any kind!! Well, this isn’t any normal game! And we will cover it all! So listen tight, sit well and pay attention because I’ll only be saying this all once!”

Adam listened silently

“This world is huge!” The robot went on “the whole continent here is called The Republic of Denven, and it is roughly 2000 miles from coast to coast, east to west(, and a 1000 miles to the borders north to south!” “There are no real wars here, though the villains and the armed groups run rampant, which is where you and the other heroes come into play! You will fight evil, save people, and generally be a force of good for this country and the world!” 

“Aah, as to where you are now, you are smack dab in the residential area of Grantropolis, the biggest city in all of the Republic! We dropped you here since you chose not to write a backstory whatsoever or ask the nice receptionist any questions so here I am to waste my time and give you an introduction!”

“Man.. what a rude robot” Shroud (Adam) thought.

“It’s an open world!” The robot continued “no one can tell You what to do, but I am telling you a good place to start for the aspiring hero is the hero training academy of Grantropolis, from which you can get your interim license to start beatin Up bad guys!” “There, also, you can meet and team up with other heroes and find new missions and even special agencies to join if you so wish!”

“To get there ask one of the locals if you need the help, but it’s in that general direction!” The robot pointed easterly, his metallic high pitched voice ringing in the momentary silence. Shroud looked in the direction the robot pointed, seeing throngs of people pass by and wondering why no one seemed to notice the robot.

 “But before I send you on your way! You need to know some basic commands after all!” The robot started again, “To leave the game simply say “quit” but make sure you are out of combat and in a safe place, otherwise you can’t leave. But “force quit” can get you out in the worst circumstances but you face penalties! .. next is “status”. This will show you your name, status as a hero, your affiliations and your abilities! Try it now! Simply think or say “status” 

Shroud thought “status” and a familiar grayish see through window popped up:

Aspiring not yet Hero Shroud No affiliation
Reputation Fame  Abilities
N/A N/A Super perception - Weakest
Warping - Weakest

Shroud glanced through the window stopping last at the abilities section.“Warping?....” Shroud thought, glancing at the ability he didn’t choose nor pick. He decided to ask the robot, cutting him off before he could continue his ramble “What is this ability? Warping? I thought you only choose 1? I chose super perception because I thought it would be an all around useful power. Why do I have warping as well?” 

The robot seemed upset at the disruption but answered “I don’t have all the answers myself! Do I look like a computer to you?” 

Shroud resisted the urge to say yes to this question as the robot continued 

“All I know is that you choose your ability and you can possibly get others, through events, through training, through dumping toxic waste on your head (which I don’t advise). This is an open world, I don’t know why it is there. If you want to know more about it click on the ability in your menu to get a description. Oh and the weakest part of it there is your skill level in the ability, it ranks weakest - weak- poor- fair- good - great - exceptional - super - otherworldly - God.

“I doubt you will make it past exceptional, let alone reach God. Only 1 hero has reached god and that is Power, the #1 hero. He has god level recorded super strength and ended the #1 super villain Greed with a single punch!

“But enough rambling! Head on over to the super hero training academy if you want your license and more info. Again it’s that way! Bye bye!” 

The robot pointed again before disappearing in a puff of grey smoke. Shroud stood there taking in all the info “damn... this world is huge! And the amount of freedom and information...hmm...” he pulled up his character menu again, touching the warping ability icon and another menu popped up:

Warping - weakest
Warping gives the user the ability to “warp” objects, people, and themselves to another place. “To warp” being to create a field of special distortion that sends the object, person etc. to another defined space. 

Scenario: villain punches warp user. Warp user “warps” the villains fist so that he instead punches the ground.

“Holy shit”... Shroud thought... “This is an amazing power. But wait... how do I use it? Shit, I forgot to ask that robot thing how to use my powers.”

Shroud thought about attempting to use his abilities but was too concerned with the throng of people hustling around him that he thought it better to wait till he got to the hero training academy, they would know the answer. He started walking in the direction the robot pointed, crossing streets and working his way down the usual sidewalk pavement. The buildings ordinary, everything seeming so ordinary... “weirdest game I’ve played” he thought. “The people are like people, the buildings like any real building. Only weird thing I’ve seen is a guy flying overhead and a talking robot.” He was wondering when things would start to get more heated, when the super part of the game would begin. 

He kept moving, but soon found himself lost. “Christ, where am I?” He decided to stop a businessman walking by, brief case in hand. “Excuse me, where is the hero training academy” . “Ha, new to the City? Tourist visiting? It’s 6 blocks ahead, turn left and continue six more blocks and you can’t miss it.” The man replied.

“Thanks” Shroud said, continuing on his way. “Was that really an npc?” He thought... “this is too freaky”. The game itself was too real, too much life real life. The expressions of the people, the personality, the sounds and smells and everything. He took it all in as he walked on. He even found himself getting hungry after a few blocks when he smelled a hot dog stand and the dogs slow roasting over an electric flame, the owner an old guy in his 50s. He almost stopped to buy one but realized he had no money, no wallet. “Shit... no starting cash? Really?” 

He pressed on until he finally thought he could see it in the distance, the academy. The city changed, almost like out of a sci fi movie. The old musty brick buildings gave way to sleek, metal, vibrantly colored buildings that seemed to shout “super heroes”. The sidewalk even changed from old busted concrete to sleek white tile. There was no road anymore either, just this tiled walkway leading off well into the distance. The people changed too. “These... these... are heroes!” He thought. Ahead of him, he saw them, the masked, cape wearing, super heroes of his dreams. There were a bunch of them. They were all unique and different, some floating,  some standing on buildings or chatting with other heroes. The shopkeepers here were outside their vibrant buildings, selling equipment and support gear, rope, climbing gear, outfits, trying to sell their goods to the heroes passing by. 

All of this congregated around one giant building Shroud saw as he moved on, a truly monstrous citadel that stated “Grantropolis Super Hero training academy” in large comic font on the arch that overshadowed the two gigantic doors below. 

Heroes in various outfits and non heroes alike were coming and going, bustling in and out of the building. Shroud couldn’t tell who was a player and who wasn’t. He occasionally heard some people talking that he thought had to be players, speaking out of character about their abilities in passing like “I chose super speed!” Or “I have flight! See!”. Shroud stood outside for a minute, listening and taking it all in before moving towards the doors himself, as a giant green lizard looking hero in a yellow costume held the door open for him “oh.. um thank you” Shroud said nervously 

“Your welcome!” The lizard man boomed with a smile, turning back to whatever he was doing. Shroud looked around the lobby of the building, again it was massive, apparently built to be able to house the mutant, large super heroes and accommodate anyone. There were marble pillars pushing ceiling of marble 60 feet above and resting on a marble floor below. There were some 10 or 15 reception desks 50 feet ahead and shroud thought it looked a lot like an airport, the size and the openness. He walked up to one of the receptionists that wasn’t busy, he was a middle aged man who smiled and seemed cheerful saying “welcome! Are you here for a tour? On visit? Business? How may I help you?”

Shroud was glad he wasn’t a crabby old man and responded back “I am looking to train to be a hero and was told this was the place to get a license. I also need to know about using my abilities.” 

The old man blinked twice, looking shroud up and down “hmmmmm. I see. Well kid you don’t look like a hero to me, but there’s nothing stopping anyone from taking the exam I guess. You asked about abilities? You can’t use yours?”

“I haven’t tried” Shroud replied.

“Haven’t tried?” The old man said. “Well if you really want to try and see if you have what it takes there is a practice hall open to those with abilities, especially dangerous ones, to openly use them. We don’t want the aspiring to use there fire beam eyes in a small loft apartment downtown, if you know what I mean. Hahaha. Anyway it’s that way” he pointed to the left, down a long hallway off the side that said “practice hall” in the same font as the entrance arch outside.

“Thank you” Shroud said

“You are welcome!” The man said “and good luck. You will need it” he chuckled and said as shroud was walking away.

“What does that mean?” Shroud thought. But shrugged it off as he walked towards the practice hall, his black shoes echoing softly on the marble floor. He exchanged glances with a hero that looked almost like a villain as he passed him in the hall. He was a hero decked out all in black with red hair and a nasty expression on his face. They caught eyes for just a second but the hero snatched his gaze away. 

“Hmm.” Shroud said, his thoughts turning back to his abilities. Warping and super perception. He had no idea how to use either, but like the application said it was what he had and he was excited to learn and find out. He finally reached the practice hall, its doors were open and he walked in. Again it was a huge, open room made all of marble with the exception being training dummies and various objects and terrain set around the room. There were people and heroes utilizing the room as they blasted training dummies with fire or smashed rocks with their fists. There was a single man, with a grand stature and arms crossed, that approached shroud as he entered. He was tall, muscular, and had  green and yellow tights on with a large M on his chest. He was obviously a hero. “How can I help you citizen” he said to Shroud, his voice low and loud. 

“I would like to learn how to use my abilities.” Shroud said.

“Oh?” The man questioned, “and what abilities are these?”

“Super perception and warping” Shroud replied, avoiding eye contact as he was slightly intimidated by the hero. 

“Hoho, what odd abilities. I don’t think I’ve heard of warping before. Is that like teleportation or spatial manipulation?” 

“Kind of” Shroud said, as he explained the meaning of his ability, what he understood of it anyway. The hero nodded at his explanation then said “alright, alright follow me and let me show you a spot I got in mind.” He led shroud through the training room, past heroes and aspiring heroes alike practicing their skills. He was in awe by their abilities, one guy was shooting lightning, another was moving so quick he could barely see his outline as he battered a training dummy that resembled a man in full metal armor, holding a shield. “Look here” the hero with the M on his chest said, “this is the best spot to practice your abilities.”

The hero led shroud to a spot near the end of the room that resembled a shooting range, some 300 yards in the distance was a target he could barely see and in front of him was a small black table with various random metal and wooden objects, wrenches, screws, bits of wood. 

“Now, you asked about using abilities can you use them at all?” The hero asked

“No I don’t know how.” Shroud said 

“Alright, well it’s common knowledge in the hero world that abilities are used by concentrating and willing yourself to use them. We have innate knowledge at a certain point of our abilities and others acquire them through training, happenstance, or  through time. I am Mountainman and I can control and shape stone.” He said, holding out his hand a small rock appeared floating above his palm. He closed his fist, crushing the stone, opening it to reveal nothing. 

“I simply concentrate and will myself to do so and I can do it. If you truly have these abilities that is all you have to do. It takes practice, however, and is necessary before you can even think of becoming a hero. Oh, there is another newcomer there I need to help. Good luck, and come find me if you need anything.” He nodded to shroud and jumped in the air, a stone block appearing under his feet which speedily flew him towards the entrance of the practice room.

“Concentrate, will myself.. let’s start with this perception skill then. It’s all about seeing, hearing, smelling, using all my senses to sharpen my perception. I chose this skill so I could adapt to any situation.”

Shroud concentrated on the ability, on the concept of it and willed himself to use it. He stared at the almost imperceivable target in the distance and concentrated on it. He willed himself to perceive it clearer and it suddenly seemed like the target grew bigger and closer, he could see it clearly! But as he got excited he lost concentration and it went away. “Okay okay, I got it now, I can do this.” And so he stared at this target for an hour or so, concentrating, pushing himself to try and see more and more, the nuances of it. He even tried to listen to the sounds in the room and listen closely, picking them out, trying to differentiate, almost feel the vibrations in the air. 

After a few hours he sat down and rested, he realized he had been concentrating on the skill for so long that it didn’t seem to go away even as he rested *ding!* 

A menu popped up:

New sub-ability learned!
Passive Perception

“Sweet!” Shroud thought, as he opened up his character menu:

Aspiring not yet Hero Shroud No affiliation
Reputation Fame  Abilities
N/A N/A Super perception - Weak
- sub ability - passive perception - weakest 
Warping - Weakest

His super perception skill went from weakest to weak! He had leveled up. “I guess weakest to weak doesn’t take all that long. Only a few hours? Is it because I leveled up that I got passive perception?” He thought, as he opened up the passive perception menu:

Sub Ability Passive Perception - weakest
This sub ability of Super Perception gives the user heightened awareness at all times! You can see a little further, hear a little better, no matter if you are concentrating on the super perception ability or not! Is not as powerful as actually concentrating on the ability, but more convenient. Scales with the Super Perception skill. 

“Awesome! If I just level up my super perception enough this will become more powerful too. Wait let me see.” He glanced over at the training dummy in the distance from where he was sitting. He could make out more than without using the skill but he judged it to be about half as effective as concentrating on the ability, same with all the other senses. “It’s not as strong but it’s still useful, frees me up from having to concentrate and strain my willpower for sure”

Shroud sat back, thinking about the game so far, and thinking about what he was going to say tomorrow on his channel. He has 500,000 subscribers. Not as many as a lot of other gamers or personalities but it was enough to get him a small apartment and living expenses. He lives comfortably. He had always been on his own, playing games. He was an orphan and bounced around, never really had friends, never really settled down or had a family. 

“I should get a move on.. warping” he remembered, his thoughts drifting back to his abilities and the game. He stood up from where he was sitting, and sauntered over to the black table with the objects. He had decided to concentrate on warping after Perception because he knew it would be more difficult. As descriptive as the ability explanation was, it’s still very hard to comprehend and wrap your head around. But nothing comes without trying and shroud started to try and understand the ability.

He concentrated in the same way that he did with perception, this time trying to imagine “warping” the small wooden block on the table he was looking at. But no matter what he tried he couldn’t get a clear picture of it, and didn’t really understand the ability all that well. He decided to leave it for later, maybe search the web. Shroud decided to spend more time on Super Perception, leveling it up more before he logged out of the game. He turned his attention away from the stable target downrange to the other people in the room. He focused in on the fast hero . When he first came in he could barely see his movements but now that he concentrated on him he could make out his movements just so. As in he saw him like a quick boxer in the ring, beating up some poor underdog that is the training dummy. He concentrated on this for quite some time, admiring the speed and precision of the hero, his yellow tracksuit smug on his built frame. He was buff and maybe even a little heavy built, but none of this seemed to slow him down. After a few hours he could make out every movement, every punch, every dash and step of his feet and legs. He kept watching until Shroud felt a bead of sweat drip down into his eye. He wiped his forehead and realized he had not moved from the same spot for hours now. 

“Weird...” he thought. “Weird I don’t feel any fatigue, is it the game? Or was I just too concentrated on my ability?” Either way, Shroud decided that it was about time he logged out. He went back over to the table and sat down next to it, wanting to log out near his training spot so he could try his warp ability when he logged back in. He sat down, thought “quit” and felt his consciousness being pulled, stripped away from the game, back through the white light all in a flash as he took off the headset, opening his eyes to see his familiar computer desk and the posters of some bands he likes on the wall behind it. He looked around, hazily, remembering all he had done in the game. He leaned forward slowly, looking at his hands “the same hands... the same hands at the game”. He shivered momentarily, thinking about just how real the game was, so much so that at times he nearly forgot it was a game, it was so real. 

He looked at his smart watch, a small holographic screen popping up as he looked at it. 2 notifications, one from some health app, the other from his only friend, Olivia. She sent him a message: “hey! What’s up? I bet you are playing SUPER, me too! Call me when you get the chance I’ve got to tell you about it!” 

Olivia had been his friend for 5 years. They lived in the same neighborhood at that time and stumbled across each other in a cafe. Olivia is very outgoing and bright. She loves to meet new people and boldly walked up to Adam at that time, he was on a laptop listening to music and working on video editing. She sat next to him and just started talking. She is the only person he feels he can connect to “that girl.. I wonder what abilities she chose. Probably super loud voice if I know her” he laughed to himself. He was grateful for her message, for her friendship. He had always been a loner and didn’t get out much, but Olivia forced him out of his comfort zone. Just last week she dragged him to some new cat cafe with virtual cats, the new trend. She brought along her other friend John also, Adam didn’t know their relationship and didn’t really know John but he went nonetheless and actually had a good time. 

“That girl... hah. Maybe I’ll call her” he thought, but got a glimpse of the time “4:45.. shit no I can’t call her, she works in the morning.” He sat back, a little sad. He said “Computer, play some swing jazz.” 

“Playing swing jazz playlist” the computer responded in a female monotone voice. His computer screen flashed on and a tab on the net of a swing jazz playlist popped up. Adam likes swing jazz and all types of music. Swing jazz specifically makes him feel less alone, and in general just makes him feel comfortable and happy. He stood up, stretched, walking to the restroom nearby. He then went to get a bite to eat before returning to his computer, he opened a new tab and looked up “warping” in the search engine. He got the basic definition, which meant nothing in regard to the superpower, he then scrolled through the superpower Wikipedia, and even looked at some videos of anime characters and comic cartoon heroes using “warping” 

“Aaah.. I see I see. It’s like a portal almost, like creating two separate holes that connect to each other that you can walk through and put wherever” he got the instinct to jump back in the game and try it out now but remembered that he had to get up and work on some video editing before he put out his next video and podcast. He runs both because he gets separate income from both. 

Adam sauntered over to his couch in his living room, plopping down, yawning deeply before falling into a deep sleep...