Take on Another World with My Best Friend Vol. I Ch. 4

Akira's body is steaming. Still feeling hot after that whole ordeal. He woke up in a familiar room. Then he hears a familiar voice outside of the door.

"Oh, You're back. It has been 9 years. Wait, you died after 9 years"

Akira stands up and sits on the chair. He sees a beautiful blonde man in a black suit. It's St. Alexander

Wait. 9 Years? Did he says 9 years

"What are you talking about? It has been 9 days since you sent me down to Terra?"

St Alexander palms his face.

"Oh, sorry. I forgot times flow differently here. Wait. So you died after 9 days. Let me check your file. Please wait for a moment"

St. Alexander went out of the room and went to archive room. He grabs Akira folder and went back to the interrogation room

"Alright. Let me check once again. Akira Takahashi 25 Years old, yadda yadda yadda... Oh"

"What? what does it says?"

"It says here that you didn't die. You transcended"

"Impossible. I was burning to death. My body is still on that lake"

"That was a holy fire. You are basically being baptized. To shed your mortal limitation"

"Does that mean I'm immortal?"

"Not really, The holy fire is restructuring your body molecules."

Before continuing further, St. Alexander gets up his chair

"Ooh. Wait here. I got something for you"

St. Alexander went out of the room and went to his office. He grabs 2 bottles of beer and opened the bottle caps, and return to the interrogation room. He hands Akira one bottle.

"Here you go. Let's celebrate"

Akira is surprised. How are they able to get this beer here? Do they have a bar in here? Akira and St. Alexander gulp down the beer

"Now. Where were we? Oh yes. Your body structure is reassembling. It does say you are omnipotent, but it's only human limit omnipotent. You are unable to use your omnipotence for godly purposes, like space-time magic except for your item box. Since you have transcended, we have a special skill that you could pick."

"What kind of special skill?"

"Oh. Like you grew wings to fly, but that is boring. Have you seen ghost rider? Starring Johnny Cage? You could have that either, minus the cursed angel spirit. That would be cool, for the bike, you could build your own."

"How about Lightning?"


"You know, like Thor or Zeus. Especially Zeus"

"Ah, I remember Zeus. Technically, Zeus is not a god. But a time traveler that is doctored in Electrical Engineering"

"He what?!"

"Yeah. And Poseidon was a Ship Captain. Anyway, we're getting sidetracked here. So you want to have a lightning special skill?"

"Yeah. But what can it do?"

"Let see. Lightning...can move you super fast, shoots lightning, teleport, electromagnetic and anything related to lightning."

"So, Blue lightning or Yellow Lightning?"



"Technically, lightning magic does exist without special skills. You experienced them firsthand when you had your series of heart attacks. But what makes it special is that Lightning will be part of your body. In other words, you are lightning. You could manipulate lightning as you like."

"So. Would you like to make changes to your body?"

"I think I'm good"

"Great. That saves me from the paperwork.

"Wait. If I evolve, what about Shin?"

"He does evolve. Just not like you. He evolves into a Legendary Merchant. Anyway, finish that beer. You're going back"

Both finish their beer. Akira and St. Alexander went to the red room he was summoned to the first time.

"I'll handle the paperwork. You go back to Terra. Remember, you were at the bottom of the lake when you died. Currently, it is raining heavily there so the lake has been filled up. When you got back, transform to electricity and go up to the cloud. Then teleport back to the front gate with your lighting."

"Thank you for your advice, St. Alexander."

"Alexander's fine."

"Thanks, Alexander.

"No worries. Now move along. Wouldn't want your partner to worry"

The magic circle started to glow once St. Alexander started to chant. A short while, Akira is a the bottom of the lake. Remembering St. Alexander words, he started to change his body into sparks that spread across the lake, and then lightning hit the lake. Akira's body is materializing above the cloud, he sees that the city is raining heavily.

"What happened when I died back there? Did I really vaporize a whole lake?"

Akira started to collect thunders around the cloud until he started glowing with electricity sparks. He teleported down to the gate, striking lightning in front of the front gate, with a thunderous sound. Startling the citizens of the Wilhelmswhire

"No one is here."

The front gate is unmanned and empty. Then he walks in the direction of the Merchant's Guild.

"This is quite a long walk. Let's try my new power."

Akira is moving to the Merchant's Guild with his lightning power. He moves as fast as lightning and stops at the front door. He opens the door, only to be greeted by surprised looks from the employees and the visitors. He went upstairs to Hull's office. But a guard stops him before entering.

"Halt. State your business"

"I am looking for the guildmaster. Is he in?"

"Do you have an appointment?"

"No, but I reckon the guildmaster wanted to see me after the incident earlier"

"You mean, savior's death?"

"Well, I wouldn't say 'dead'. Could you please send a message to him that I would like to meet him?"

"No can do. If you don't have an appointment, you can't meet him.

"Then, can you tell him to meet me at the workshop?"

"Which workshop?"


"I'll tell him. Now move along"

"Thank you"

Akira walks back outside and teleports to his workshop. Upon arriving at the workshop, he is greeted by a dwarf he knows

"Aye laddie. You've come about, eh?"

"Hey, Grimgunn. Yeah. it has been rough. How's the workshop running?"

"Eh, it's about alright. Up 'n running since the mine is opened. Thanks for ta' loot, by the way."

"No worries. Is the money from the guild here yet?"

"I haven't seena piece a copper. Must be still at the guild."

"No worries. But, I cannot pay you for keeping this place running"

"All's paid by the guild. No worries. Which makes me wonder, why is he so kind withcha?"

"No idea."

"Ah well, no matter. Wanna see this baby of yours?"

"Yes please."

The workshop is small but spacious enough for a blacksmith to work. The basement is where all the ore and stuff are for crafting.

"Grimgunn, I'm still a novice when it comes to blacksmithing. Would you mind telling me what kind of ores are there?"

"Well, it's great that you ask me. We have Iron, common for smithing. Silver, Gold, but it's wasteful to use gold as a weapon. We have orichalcum, And lastly, Mythril. But those are hard to come by."

"Is there a metal called tungsten?"

"I have never heard of that metal. You messin' with me, boy?"

"No, no. Tungsten is like this"

Akira concentrates for a second, and tungsten rod appears on his hand.

"What is this magic?"

"That does not matter. please take a look at this metal"

He hands Grimgunn the rod but he drops it to the ground.

"Oof. That's heavy. What are you going to do with this Tung's Tann?"

"I'm going to make a sword with it."

"Lad's this metal is heavy. Anyone who wields a sword won't be able to use this"

"What about greatsword? That whole rod to make a greatsword. In that case, we won't waste a lot of iron"

"It might work. Let me try working on it"

Grimgunn brings the tungsten with both his hand and heats them up in the forge. Minutes pass, it seems that the bar will not melt.

"Lad, bad news. This rod won't melt"

Akira realizes what he's forgotten to inform Grimgunn

"I forget we need a really hot fire to melt them"

"How hot?"

"About three times the lava"


"No, of course not."

"Then this rod is not worth jack."

"Wait a minute. I have an idea."

"Forget it, lad. That's too hot for us to handle"

"I'll cast a barrier for us not to feel the heat"

"That won't make the fire hotter"

"I'll cast Hellfire as the forge fire"

"Forget it"

"C'mon. Don't you want to see what it could be once it is finished"

Grimgunn hesitates. His pride as a natural blacksmith do want to see what he could make with this.

"Fine. Cast the barrier first."

Akira nods and casts a barrier. But the barrier doesn't make a familiar circular dome. It envelopes the two according to their body outlines

"Alright. Then do the fire."

Akira cast a fiery dark blue fire into the forge. Grimgunn heats up the metal and started molding the metal. He tempers the metal, drenches it with oil, heats it up again, and tempers it again, repeating the same process over and over until the greatsword is shaped.

"Could you make it curved?"

"What dya mean?"

Akira grabs his phone but realizes that the battery is low. He charges it with electricity and it reaches back to 100%. He opened his gallery and tapped on the photo. Showing Grimgunn's the picture

"What's this?"

"This is my phone. Here is the picture. Can you make it?"

"Hmm. Curving the sword, means I have to heat up the sword again and bend it around the horn. This is a good device. Can you show me more?"

"I'll show you the picture of my favorite sword after we finished with this one"


"But I have 2 conditions. If you are meaning to sell them, you will make a smaller version of the sword. Second. Do not ask me how got this design, nor inquire any further. Deal?"

"You got yaself a deal"

Grimgunn, ever eager, hastily but perfectly work on the greatsword. He sharpens the sword, builds a handle for the sword, and adds polishing to the sword. He tested the sword by swinging it around outside of the workhouse. He tried to slice a tree. It cuts cleanly.

"Amazing. As expected of Master Blacksmith"

"Ah sod off, Kid. This is my first time making this. I can improve this later."

Grimgunn ponders a bit about the greatsword

"Hmm. The blade is thin but it weighs the same as my greatswords. It's durable. A bit front-heavy, but it will not matter. So, what will you do with this sword?"

"I was thinking of selling it and give you the money?"

"What? Why?"

"You did most of the work. Besides, I get to watch you work. Now I could try making my own."

"Last time you were smithing, it was only okay."

"Yeah, but I watched you work. Let's get back inside. I'll make my own sword now"

Grimgunn and Akira went back inside. Grimgunn puts the sword leaning against the wall, while Akira went downstairs to pick some silver ore.

"Lads. Silver is for accessories and currency. Why would you want to create a silver sword?"

"I specialize on Lightning magic. Silver will conduct electricity better."

"It's a soft metal, Lad. You hit something, it will bend or break. I suggest you mix it with an iron"

"What about tungsten?"

"Too heavy, lad."

"Let me try something"

He pulls out his phone and started enchanting his phone until he can use the Internet in this strange world.

"Let's see. I think carbon steel is better to be mixed as an alloy"

"A what? Now you're making a word up"

"Grimgunn. If you melt an iron, can it be mixed with Silver?"

"I have never done that before."

"Well. Let's experiment."

Still cloaked in the barrier, Akira brings several silvers and irons to the forge. The fire of the forge is still blazing dark blue. He puts the irons into one crucible and the silver in the other.

Once they melted, they mixed the iron with the silver. They mix the melted alloy, pour it into the shape of an ingot, and quench the ingot in water. The water barrel starts bubbling and the workhouse temporarily turns into a sauna. Once the metal is solid, they heat up the metal, temper it, and flatten it until it turns into a thin, long curvy blade.

He asked Grimgunn to make 2 equally short blocks for the handle while he enchant the file to make the file easier to sharpen the blade. Grimgunn came back with the wooden piece. Akira shapes the handle until it fit the sword. He realizes that the handle cannot conduct electricity, so he conjures a metal part of the handle.

"If you can do that? Why are you not using it to create a sword?"

"I wanted to do blacksmithing. At least once. This kind of sword is special to me"

"What kind of sword is this anyway? I have never seen anything like this"

"This is the sword I'm talking about earlier"

After a few hours, the sword is done.

"What do you call this sword, laddie?"

"This sword is called Katana."

Akira hands Grimgunn the sword for him to appraise

"I know why you wanted to try smithing. This is beautifully done, lad. You watched me once, and now you're a better smith than me. Look at this edge. It's sharp, durable, and light."

"That's not all."

Akira steps outside and tried to slice the tree beside the one Grimgunn sliced. The blade was so sharp, 4 other trees were also cut down. He tried to channel his electricity to the sword, and the sword started generating electricity.


Akira points the sword upward and channels his electricity into the tip until a ball of static electricity shoots out of the sword as fast as it could.

"What in the goddamn..."

Akira looks at Grimgunn and bows.

"Thank you for letting me study under you"

"Me? You only watched me work and you improve this much? Lad, if you are a dwarf, they would be calling you a God of Smithing by now"

"You flatter me too much. About the greatsword, how much will it sell?"

"The greatsword? It would be a shame to sell it, but it would be around 10 gold, give or take"

"Uhh. That would be too low for me to pay you. Take my katana."

"Lad, I cannot do that. 10 gold is already enough."

"If that's how it is, please keep it. As a memento"

"Lad, you are generous. Let me buy ya a drink"

"I'll take you on that offer"

Then, footsteps could be heard. Someone is running toward the workshop.

"You...You're alive!"

"Hey, Hull. How's it going?"

"I thought you died at the lake"

Grimgunn eyes widen. Surely he didn't hear that right.

"You're dead?"

Hull glanced at the back of Akira.

"Yes. He died this morning"

He heard that right.

"Who are you? If the young lad's dead, then you are a mockery of him."

"I'm still the same young man, Grimgunn. I just got baptized by Holy Fire."

"But, your skeleton is laying on the bottom of the lake. I saw it myself"

Hull interjects. If the man is dead, how is he standing right in front of him?

"I was evolving."

Akira opens his menu and sees his level to confirm. The name is still Akira. But the level has been reset to 1 and his occupation changed to Omnipotent

"Here. take a look"

Both Grimgunn and Hull see his status. His name is still unchanged, but as soon as he saw omnipotent as his occupation, they immediately bow to Akira

"My apologies, your holiness. I didn't know you were a god"

"Grimgunn, I'm no god. Nor do I want to be one. I'm still the same me. The one who makes a mediocre pickaxe."

Akira glance at Hull.

"It's nice to see you, Old Man"

"Likewise. I thought I lost you. After..."

"After what?"


"Oh yes. Hull, do you have my money?"

"Yes. Here"

Hull hands Akira a small chest containing all the gold he was owed

"Thank you. Also, Grimgunn here made a sword from my design. May I ask you to appraise this?"

Akira picks up the greatsword, and hand it to Hull

"Be careful. It's heavy."

Hull tries to pick up the sword, but for an old man, it is too heavy. He ask Akira to pick up the sword while he appraises this.

"Hmm. this sword would probably sell around 10-15 gold."

"Ok great. May I sell this to you and give the money to Grimgunn?

"Your Holi- I mean, lad. Are you sure?"

"Yes. you crafted this sword"

"But it is your design"

"It is yours now"

"You give me the gold and the right to make it?"

"Sure. I can't see why not"

"Lad. You're too gracious. Thank you"

Other footsteps are heard towards the trio. It's an employee from the Merchant's Guild. He shouted to Hull

"Guildmaster. We have a problem."

"What is it, Montoya?"

"There's a letter for you"

Montoya hands Hull the letter. He is shocked to see the letter's content. Akira takes a peek at the letter. The letter reads as such:

Dear Guildmaster Hull. It is with joy to inform you that we have your granddaughter Melissa. Since the bitch has become a nuisance, we will not hesitate to kill her. However, if you do not wish to be sent a package containing her head, we will take 10000 gold for her. Bring the gold to the abandoned warehouse west of the plaza tonight at Moon's Peak. Come alone, and DO NOT bring anyone with you.

Hull is trembling with fear and anger. He broke down almost immediately

"Hull. Don't worry about it. I will definitely save her."

"How.?! They said to come alone."

Akira uses his omnipotence power to mimic Hull's appearance and voice

"You don't need to go. I will."

"It would be dangerous, Kira"

"I know. That is why I am going alone. You stay at the guild. I will go in your place."


"Please have faith in me, Hull. After everything you have done for us, This is the least we can do"

"We don't have that much gold"

"I'll create an illusion of the chest"

"Please, Akira. Please save her!"

"Hull. Go to sleep"

Akira cast a sleep spell on Hull, his body went limp. Akira asks Montoya to carry Hull back to the guild.

"Lad. What did you do?"

"He needs to rest. After everything that went down today, he deserves a break"

"Golly. At least take the Katana with you"

"Okay. I'm sorry. It is supposed to be your souvenir. But I will be dirtying it with blood"

"The way I see it, it is your sword. It is your design, and you made them yourself."

"Heh, cheeky old bastard. I'll still be taking that drink you offer me"

"Heh. I'll buy you a damn tavern if necessary"

Akira waits inside his workshop until midnight. He disguises himself as Hull carrying gold in his wagon. He arrives at the abandoned warehouse west of the city and carries the gold chest inside.

"I'm here. Show yourself."

There's a clap behind the crates. He walks toward the illuminated part of the warehouse. It's Andre!

"Brave. very brave, Guild master. Now hand over the gold"

"My granddaughter first"

"Your negotiation skills assume you're bargaining from a position of strength, Guildmaster"

Then Akira, disguised as Hull, is surrounded by Andre's thugs

"Don't you realize it, idiot?! We have you surrounded"

"Hull" acts startled.

"Ah ah ah. One sudden move, I'll blow her head off"

"You have the gold. Let me see my granddaughter."

"Not until I see the gold"

"Hull" opens the chest.

"Bring the girl"

Andre commands. A thug brings Melissa to the center of the warehouse, tied and gagged. He shoves Melissa so she tripped and fall

"You lot will answer for this"

"Not really. Since we have the gold and you have the bitch, now it's time to kill you. Boys."

"Hull" release the bind and ungag her. He whispers to her ears.

"Hold on to me, now"

Melissa grabs "Hull" tightly. The gold illusion disappears. Leaving an empty crate.

"What the-What is the meaning of this?"

Hull's illusion disappear and reveals Akira's true self. They teleport to the entrance of the warehouse. Akira casts Maximum barrier on Melissa. She glanced at Akira. His face is smiling, so wide, it's borderline nightmarish. It is the same smile he wore during the mine extermination

"Stay there"

Akira unsheathed his sword. Channeling his lightning power to his sword until it glows blue with spark. He moves instantly to cut all 10 of the thugs' heads. His black suit is splattered with blood, but in quickly disappears.

"Well, well. Hello again, Andre."

"Y-y-you?! But you're dead!"

"My death? My death was... Overly exaggerated"

"You're dead, the guild master confirms it. You're dead! YOU'RE DEAD! THERE'S NO WA-"

Akira teleports behind Andre and grabs the back of his head.

"Don't you think it's impolite to turn your back on someone you're talking to?"

Andre's eyes are filled with fear. For the first time, he is shaking uncontrollably, fearing what will he do to him since Akira is enjoying this.

"Tell me, Andre. What do you think happens after death? Heaven? Hell? Nothingness? I know what happened after death. I have died once. Do you want to find out?"

Andre is struggling to break free from Akira's grasp. But it's no use. Melissa takes a peak inside the warehouse but is only able to see the silhouettes of the two.



Akira channels his lightning to Andre's head. Andre's shouting in pain, louder and louder and louder, until the scream stops when his head exploded. Akira's face is splattered with blood and brain. His smile fades and starts to walk to the entrance. He approaches Melissa, who's on the floor, unable to stand or move. He sees the face of the man she tried to scam days ago, bloodied.

"Let's go"

"W-w-what are you?"

Akira glanced at Melissa. But his face is showing a little bit of disgust, and anger. Which scares Melissa more.

"You remember me, don't you? Now let's go"


"Your grandfather sent me. Now get up."

She still cannot stand

"Oh for fucks sake"

Akira carries Melissa in her arms. Akira cleans his face with his magic. Under the moonlight, Melissa is able to see clearly his face without the blood. A mix of fear, shame, and admiration filled Melissa's heart.

"I-i'm sorry how I treated you back then"

"Damn right you are"

She feels that he is still angry about what happened. But can't blame anyone else but her.

"I'll make sure you are rewarded"

"Look here princess, not everything is about money. That may be right for my partner, but not me"

She was feeling heavier and heavier inside, she started to cry. She slaps him.

"Don't you see I'm trying to apologize?! Why do you make me feel more and more guilty?! Why are you keep doing this to me?"

"Don't blame others. You did this to yourself."

Melissa grabs Akira's by his jacket and started to cry loudly. If this was daytime, they would be the center of attention.

"Ah what the hell Alright, pipe down will you? I forgive you. But you will need to apologize to my partner"

Melissa is sobbing. He felt like a burden inside getting lighter. She's still laying his head on his chest, but she's smiling

After a while, they reached the guild. She's asleep in his arms. Seeing that the guild is closed and no one is inside, he thinks that it will be better to take her manor instead. He doesn't know which way Wilhelm's Manor is. So he went to the nearest guard and ask for directions. The guard is slightly suspicious that a man is carrying a woman in his arms unconscious, but he recognizes that the hero is carrying her and he assured him that nothing will happen. The guards is pointing to the biggest mansion on the city. He thanks the guards and be on his way.

Akira arrived at the front gate but was stopped by the guards.

"Halt! state your business"

"Guildmaster Hull is asking to rescue Lady Melissa. May I enter or should I leave her to you guys?"

The guard approaches and sees the lady in his arms

"This. Lady Melissa's here. Please go right inside"

Akira could use his teleport to go inside the mansion, but he thought it would be rude and would wake Melissa. Akira walks inside the mansion's front gate and the guard is escorting him. The guards opened the foyer to be greeted by a maid.

"Joanna, please inform Lord Wilhelm that Lady Melissa is back"

Joanna, the maid, bows, and rushes to the Lord's room. Lord Wilhelm runs toward the front door. A Gallant, tall brunette male a head taller from Akira

"Melissa. Thank god. Joanna, take her to her room and tend to her"

Joanna bowed and carries her to her room. Lord Wilhelm is bowing to Akira.

"Thank you very much for saving her. This city owes you a lot"

"Please raise your head, Lord Wilhelm, you are a Lord of this city."

"I will not bow if it concerns me as a Lord. But as a father, I'm only a man."

"Thank you, Lord Wilhelm"

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Frederick von Wilhelm, the second lord of Wilhelmshire"

"Honored to meet you, Lord Frederick. If you'll excuse me, I will take my leave"

"Please wait a moment, Master Kira"

"You knew my name?"

"Yes, from my father. You are this city's savior. I also heard that you're dead"

"Well, that's... probably an overstatement"

"Would you please come to my office? Tell me everything happened"

"If your lordship allows it."

"Please, follow me"

Akira follows Frederick to his office, unaware that he is talking to his half-brother. both sit down on the opposite side of the couch

"Thank you once again. Now, may I ask who's behind it?"

"The perpetrator is a guild Employee by the name of Andre"


"You knew him?"

"Yes. He was my father's protegee. I never liked him. What happened to him"


"How did he die?"

"I killed him. Along with his thugs. If you want to know, they are at the abandoned warehouse west of the plaza"

"We'll send men to clean up the bodies. Once again, you have my thanks. Please, if there is anything you want, say it"

"Oh no, no need"

"Please. not giving a reward would be a sign of weakness for us nobles. House Wilhelm is of Marquess rank."

"I have received plenty from Guildmaster Hull. I'm just repaying my debt"

"If that's what you want. So be it. You are overly kind like my father. You know, you look a bit like my father when he was young."

"Did I?"


"Well, I shouldn't take more of your time, Lord Frederick. Thank you for your kindness"

"You know, why don't you stay here for the night? You don't have a place to live, right?"

"I'm staying at my workshop near the mine"

"Why don't I give you the manor on the east side?"

"I prefer not. I'm traveling."

"Can't give you anything, huh?"

"I received plenty here"

"Alright. Good night, Kira"

"Thank you, Lord"

Akira leaves the mansion. He teleports from the front garden to his workshop. He does not have a bed in the workshop, so create an extension to the workshop for him to sleep, and create a bed, pillow, and blanket. He sleeps for the night.

Morning came, and the sound of clanking metal woke him up. It's Grimgunn working on a new weapon.

"Morning, lad"

"Morning, Grimgunn. what are you making at this time?"

"That smaller katana blade. I wanted to try it."

"Smaller katana is not called Katana anymore. It's either Wakizashi or a Tanto"

"What's the difference?"

"Tanto is more of a dagger, while wakizashi is an indoor variation of the katana. Smaller but just as sharp"

"Hmm. that's quite helpful."

"Have you had breakfast, Grimgunn?"

"Nah, I haven't"

"Okay. I'll buy the ingredients first"

"You're omnipotent, lad. can't you summon the ingredient?"

"I prefer to buy ingredients. Buying ingredients also helps the economy"

"You're weird, lad"

"I'm human, Grimgunn"

Akira heads outside the warehouse and went to the market. He buys the ingredients for the food. Meat, Lamb. Onion, animal fat, Salt, frying pan, Bread, and kitchen knives. On his way back, he met 2 homeless orphan kids, sibling a girl and a boy. He looks at Akira's groceries and approaches him.

"Can you spare us some money?"

Akira notices that both kids are skinny. They look like they haven't eaten for days.

"You kids hungry?"

Both kids nods

"Let's come to my place and let me make some for you"

The kids' eyes, although seems exhausted, they look expectant to eat.

"Can we really eat?"

"Yeah. I brought a lot of ingredients. So why not?"

"Thank you, mister"

"I think I forgot something. Will you guys follow me?"

The kids nod. Akira went back to the market to buy potatoes, or in this world, Solanus. the Solanus seller, looking at the kids, is talking to Akira

"Hello, Mr. Hero. I didn't know you have kids"

"Oh, they are not mine. I invited them to eat at my workshop"

"Is that so?"

The kids look at Akira, confused.

"Are you a hero, mister?"

"Not really. The people here like to exaggerate"

The vendor interjects

"He saved this city from 2 disaster-class monsters"

The kids look surprised

"Whoa. you are amazing mister."

"Thanks, kids, but I only did what needs to be done"

Once he bought several potatoes, he walks away from the vendor. he turns to the kids.

"I never got your names. My name is Kira. What's yours?"

"My name is Julian. My sister here is Emyline."

"Well. Julian, Emyline. Do you guys want to know how it feels to teleport?"

"Yes. I want to teleport"

"Hold on to me"

Both kids are holding into Akira's leg. In an instant, he teleported back into his workshop.


He enters the workshop with both kids.

"Welcome back, lad. Who's the runts?"

Emyline hides behind Akira's leg.

"Hey. My sister and I are not runts"

"Well, sorry for scaring you, Princess. What's with the kids, Kira?"

"They are homeless kids near the market. I invited them to eat with us"

"I see. Welcome kids. Please wait here until Uncle Kira's finished cooking"

"Thank you old man."

"Who're ya callin' old man, shorty?"

"You, who else?"

While they are bickering, Akira takes off his Suit Jacket, Rolled up his Sleeves, and realizes there is no kitchen or dining room. So he created an extension of the workshop with his magic. He create Fridge, stove, counter, dining tables, and chairs. He chops the meat, lambs, and onions to create a patty. He prepares his stove and cooks the patty first with the bread. he also prepares the solanus to make fries. After cooking for a few minutes, he calls the kids and Grimgunn to the dining table. They all sat down and Akira serves the dish to them on a wooden plate. The kids' eyes are shining. They have never sees foods like this before.

"This looks delicious lad"

"Thanks. Salt the solanus to make it taste better. Also, What would you like to drink?"

The kids asked for something cold. Akira creates 2 glasses and pours them with cola. They drink the cola, the bursting sensation of the cold cola went down their throat.

"Do you want an alcoholic beverage, Grimgunn?"

"What do you have?"

"Cold Ale, Red Wine, Scotch, and Vodka"

"Not much for a red wine man, The last two I never heard of them, I'll take Cold Ale."

He creates a stein with a golden, cold Ale and serves it to Grimgunn

"What magnificent glass"

"It's your glass"

Akira creates a pitcher of Lemonade and his glass. He sits down at the table. Clasp his hands and says 'ittadakimasu' before eating. The kids follow what Akira was doing.

"Mr. Akira. what is this food called?"

"Back where I'm from, it's called Hamburger"



Julian started to chow down on the hamburger, while Emyline is trying a bite of the fries. Their eyes started to water, never they have eaten anything so good. Grimgunn takes a sip of his ale. It was cold and delicious. He ends up drinking the whole stein.

"Ahh... That was the best ale I have ever drank"

"Give me your stein"

Grimgunn hands Akira his stein and he refills it with magic. He looks at the kids, they ate it as fast as they could.

"Hey, don't rush. It'll be bad for your stomach. no one is going to take your burger. We have seconds"

The kids started to slow down and savor the hamburger. Once they are finished, they put the plate back in the kitchen and grab their second plate of Hamburger.

"Lad, you always came up with a new idea. Where are you from?"


"Not in the talking mood, eh? alright. Let's just eat"

The rest of the breakfast is enjoyed in silence.

"Hey, this brat just ate my portion"

"Shut it, old man. I'm hungry"

"Take mine, Grimgunn"

"But, this is yours"

"I am full."

Julian sees that Akira is giving his second to Grimgunn, and he felt ashamed that he took Grimgunn's second portion.

"Here, you could have it back"

"You changing your mind?"

"It was so delicious. We have not eaten for days. I wanted to savor this flavor while I can"

Julian is starting to get teary-eyed, he felt really guilty for taking another person's second helping. Akira tussles his hair.

"No worries. You guys need it more than I do."

"I'm sorry, old man. I'm really sorry"

He takes his hand off Julian, only to be replaced by Grimgunn's hand

"Don't sweat it champ. If you're feeling guilty, how about sharing half with your sister?"

Julian looks at Grimgunn as if he went out of character, or this is his real character. Grimgunn smile. Reassuring Julian that it is okay. Akira cuts the Hamburger in half and Julian shares the other half with Emyline.

The kids take a bathroom and took a nap in Akira's room. Akira washes the dishes with the sink he creates and Grimgunn hands him his dirty plate.

"Thanks, Grimgunn"

"Lad. Why are you so kind to those kids?"

"You wouldn't believe it if I tell you"

"Try me"

"Alright. I know how it feels to be an orphan, hungry, and homeless. I see myself in those kids. I lost myself. I could become a robber, a thief, or worse. I don't want that to those kids. All they need is a hero, a savior"

"Who's your savior, lad?"

"My partner, Nosk"

"Pretty heavy backstory there, lad. What happened?"

"I was 15. My father left me with a huge debt. He owes money to a criminal organization. My mother died shortly after he left, and our house was taken by the thugs from said organization. And it was not enough. I had to pickpocket, rob, break into houses, and all sorts of other things to get money. Then I met Nosk. He offered me a job, lend me money, and gave me a place to live."

"Shit, lad. I'm sorry"

"Don't worry about it. Hey, take a day off. Here's for you"

He hands Grimgunn a bottle of whiskey.

"It's a whiskey. You'll like it"

"Lad. You have done much for me. Give it a rest, will ya?"

"Please just take it, man."

"Alright then. Uhh. how do I open it?"

"Twist the cap"

Grimgunn twists the cap and takes a swig off the bottle.

"Holy damn. This is great stuff lad."

"Glad you liked it"

Grimgunn, curious, asks if there's any other alcoholic beverage

"Oh, I know plenty. Hold on"

He creates several bottles of alcoholic beverages. Sake, Soju, Gin, Bourbon, Vodka, and Moonshine

"Be careful with moonshine. Expose it to fire, and it will explode."

Grimgunn takes a swig of moonshine and coughs loudly

"This stuff is strong. Too strong"

"That's why I'm warning you. I'm done here. Don't drink all of them at once. You'll damage your health"

"Don't worry lad. We Dwarves have strong stomach"

Akira left the kitchen to build another room function. 3 more bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a hot spring, ice storage, and a wine cellar. Basically his own mansion in a workshop. He furnishes all the rooms and retires to his room.

"Well, that's that. I think I'll stock up"

Akira went back to the market vendors and buys a ton of food and clothing for himself and the kids. His total purchase for today is 15 gold, including the breakfast shopping. He puts his luggage in his item box. He teleports back and stocks up the food in his magic-powered fridge, wine in his wine cellar, and whole cow in his ice storage. After finishing stocking, there is a knock on his front door. Akira opens the front door, to be greeted by Frederick and Melissa, and several guards and servants carrying a big chest

"Hello, Kira."

"Lord Frederick, Lady Melissa. Good morning. How may I help you? Oh, where are my manners? Please come in"

"Thank you. Nice place you got here."

"Thank you. I just build it this morning"

"We will not belong. Since you have rescued Melissa and brought down Andre, we have decided to give you a reward instead"

"No need for reward-"

"I know, since I would know that you would refuse, I would just come here personally. Please accept this 8000 gold."


"It's less of what Andre demanded, so just take it"

"How much money do you lord have?"

"We're a merchant city and father is a former minister of finance. We have at least 5 million gold"

Akira is going to have a heart attack, but his evolved body won't let him

"Thank you very much. While you're here, please let me make you all Breakfast"

"That would be lovely. We have not had breakfast"

"Would you be fine for a simple breakfast?"

"As long it's a breakfast"

Akira prepares hamburgers. Lots of them. For Frederick, Melissa, and his posse. They are enticed by the smell of the meat patty. Delicious enough for them to surround Akira and sees what he's cooking.

"Your steak smells delicious sir"

Joanna, the Maid, comments.

"Thanks, Joanna. I'll give you the recipe so you could make it at the mansion"

"Thank you, Mr. Hero"

Akira continues cooking and plates the hamburger. He served the Hamburger to all the guests.

"May I ask what would you like to drink?"

Melissa asks.

"Do you have anything refreshing?"

"What is your preference?"


"No worries, Lord Frederick."

"Something fruity. Cold."


"No. It's still morning"

"Great. How about you, Lord Frederick?"

"If you have some wine, please let me have it"

"Got it. What about the rest of you guys?"

Akira listed what beverage they would like, but most are requesting cold water. Akira creates a wine glass and 12-year-old red wine for Frederick, Lemon Soda for Melissa, and Cold water for the others. They savor the flavor. It seems that this is the first time they taste a Hamburger. Frederick tasted the wine and was surprised that this wine he drank is one of a kind.

"May I have another glass, please?"

"Of course. Please take some bottles with you"

Frederick is delighted. they all finished the food

"That was an amazing dish, Kira"

"Thank you, Lord Frederick"

"Ahh. Rich, strong, dependable, and great at cooking. Wouldn't you say he's a suitable marriage candidate, Melissa?"

Melissa is surprised by her father's remarks

"Eh, uh, I don't... I would..."

Melissa's face turns red. She covers her face in embarrassment. The servants and the guards are giggling silently

"I mean... I wouldn't mind... to be betrothed... to him"

"You hear that, Kira? Would you like to marry my daughter?"

Akira smiles, and replies politely

"I'm honored, Lord Frederick. But it's too early for me to get married"

"Well, Why not?"

"I still would like to travel. Lady Melissa is better suited for a dignified person"

Melissa's face turns to disappointment

"Well, why don't you wait for a few years? After you travel the world, settle down here?"

"I'll think about it"

Frederick gets up from the chair.

"Thank you for the amazing Breakfast, Kira."

"It would be my honor"

Frederick posse leave and Akira cleans up the plates.

"What an eventful day today"

He spends the rest of the day creating all kinds of new weapons. Spears, Halberds, Swords, Bow, and everything he can think of. Akira is thinking to create a weapon for Shin. He thinks about what weapons would be suitable for him. So he tried to recreate a serrated knife. He looks at the knife's edge to see if it's held. For safe measure, Akira enchants the knife with durability and sharp edge enchantment.

"That's it for him."

The sun is at its peak. Grimgunn is awake but slightly disoriented.

"Aw shit. Those are great stuff but the hangover is worse than the normal ale"

"Hi, Grimgunn. If you are worried about a hangover. Drink water after you are done. I'll go visit the Adventurer's Guild. Please take care of the kids while I'm gone"

"You're registering?"


"Just be careful 'right? They're a rowdy bunch"

"Thanks for the tip. I left the lunch at the dining table."

"Thanks, lad"

"See you, Grimgunn"

Grimgunn goes back to sleep. Tending to his hangover.