Take on Another World with My Best Friend Vol. I Ch. 6

The sun is setting down. The RV stops in the meadow of grassland. They are about halfway to the capital city. They decided to rest for a moment. He parked his RV and turns off the engine.

"Ow, my body aches all over. I have never drive this far before"

"Want some massage?"

"Maybe later. Let's eat first"

Akira went to the others and asked if they wanted to eat.

"I want meat"

"That's nice, Yuma. How about the rest of you?"

"Meat is fine. But if you have fish, that would be great"

"How about you, Mina?"

"I think you needed rest"

"Eh, I'll rest later. I'll cook first"

"If so, Can I have something mildly spicy?"

"You got it"

Akira went to the kitchen part of the RV. He grabs the ingredient he took from the workshop. Meat, vegetables, fish and seasoning. He turns on the stove which caught the attention from everyone.

"Whoa. Did you use magic for that?"

"Kinda, but not really. Do you know what I'm saying?"


"Nevermind, then"

Akira prepares the ingredients for all the guest inside the RV. But he remember something important

"Aw fuck. I forgot I do not have rice. I have a pot, the faucet and a stove."

But then, he remember something more important.

"Wait a fucking minute..."

He prepares a medium size bowl and create grains of rice. He fills the pot with water, puts it on the stovetop, boils it and puts the rice inside. He puts the lid on and continue to prepare the dishes. He finishes cooking and plates the side dishes and puts the rice pot on the table.

"Food's ready!"

Everyone flocks on the dining table on the RV.

"Smells good, Big bro"

"Thanks Yuma"

"It's like a feast, big guy. What are you making?"

"We have Black Pepper Beef stir fry with Paprika and broccoli, Fish Balado and Fried Chicken Bites. Accompanied by hot rice"

"Wait, Pepper?"

Montoya and the guard recoils when he said pepper.

"Yes. Are you allergic to Pepper?"

"Pepper are expensive, Lord Kira. Are you sure we can eat this?"

"Yeah. Besides, What's the point of buying spices if you can't use it, right? It's mild and tasty"

Akira scoops a bit of the black pepper sauce from a spoon

"Here. Taste it"

"Sir, Are you sure?"

"Shut up and taste it"

Montoya hesitate to taste the pepper, but since he's being forced to taste them, he had no choice. He opens his mouth and taste the sauce. His tongue is blissed. Never in his life tasted something spicy and slightly acidic and never thought that his would taste perfect

"Lord Akira. This is the most delicious thing I have tasted. How are this able to taste to great?"

"Thanks. I lived alone for almost all my life. So I had to cook and perfect it"

"Is your occupation a chef? But that does not makes sense. You can fight, right?"

"Not really. I just used my experience to cook. It has nothing to do with occupation. Now let's eat while it's still hot"

The crowds started to sit down. Since the dining table only have 4 chairs, the other occupant sits on the couch. They grab a plate, plate the rice and the side dish and starts to eat. The rest of them are astonished how juicy the blackpepper beef, how spicy yet flavorful the fish Balado is and how tender the chicken bites. Akira eats with them, but his particular favorite is definitely the beef and the chicken

"After you finished, placed the plate on the dishwasher. The drinks are on the fridge. We will spend the night here. There are bunk beds and bath and shower. If you are peckish late at night, I have snacks in this cupboard. Take whatever you like. Also, guardsman, come here"

The guards approaches Akira.

"Yes, Sir?"

"Can you please take off your iron armor? It's hot and it's damaging the floor. And the bed would break if you sleep in those"

"But I'm supposed to take guard of the vehicle, Sir"

"Your mission starts when you have retrieved the wagon"

"With all due respect sir, I would need to refuse. I have been trusted to guard you all"

"I don't need guarding"

"I know. But these people need them. I can sleep on daytime"

"Fine. Need anything while you stand on guard?"

"If you can, I will be guarding outside. May I ask for a spell to keep me awake?"

"Ah. You don't need a spell. I could make you a Coffee"


"You could drink them if you are feeling sleepy. Let me brew some"

Akira opens the cupboard and grabs the prepackaged coffee. He puts them on the coffee maker sieve, and pours hot water and wait for the coffee to drips down the coffee jug. He pours the coffee into a thermos

"Here. It's bitter. I could add some sugar if you would like"

The guard takes a sip of the coffee. One sips and his body feels awakened, just like magic

"It's good this way"

"Alright. But don't drink more than necessary. It'll make you jittery. Anything else?"

"I'm all set"

"Great. Please wake us up when the sun's rise"

"Yes sir"

The guard walk out of the RV and started standing guard.

"Right. Let's wash those dishes"

Akira presses the buttons on his dishwasher and it started washing. While he sits down on the sofa, Mina sits beside him and started massaging his shoulder.

"Are you still tired?"

"Yes. But thank you for the massage"

"No problem. Hey. Can I ask something?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"First, why are you so kind for people you just met?"

"Are you talking about the tavern or the kids?"

"Well, both I guess"

"I guess it is both my parents teaching. Back home, I was taught that good deed have a way to return to you. They call it investing. You provide a good thing, no matter how small it is, they will repaid you several times"

"Do you expect them to return their debt to you?"

"Just being nice to me and Shin is enough for me. Genuine niceness is a scarce commodity where I'm from"

"Sound's like a rough place to live"

"It's not all bad. Food is okay, Economy took a hit several time, but it is good."

"Tell me about your homeland, Akira"

"Japan. In the past, we are an isolated country full of warriors. There were some magic user. Onmyodo. They mostly focuses on divination. Nowadays, we just work on our office from morning to night. There are a lots of building so high, it touched the clouds. A lot of shop, information could be accessed anytime. This RV car is a product from my world with everything you see here. We have a vehicle that could takes us to the sky and vehicle that is bigger than Wilhelmshire"

"Sounds like heaven"

"Eh, not really. We are not free. Not unlike here"

"Were you a slave?"

"Corporate slave. It's different from slavery here. We're paid, but the work hours are lousy"

"For my second question, are you really okay with me being here?"

"To be honest, I'm kinda worried for you and your siblings. We are going for an adventure and adventure tends to be dangerous. I also have Julian and Emyline. They wanted to become an adventurer so I need to prepare them"

"I understand what you mean. If you mean to say I'm a hindrance to your adventuring, just say so, Akira"

"I don't think that is the correct terms for it. I'm just simply worried about your siblings. And now since you don't work, how are you going to send money to your parents?"

"They could handle it. They have a farm"

"If you're okay with it. I have an idea"

"Let's hear it"

"I'll stay at the capital. Looking after those kids"

"They have a dorm in the academy"

"Dammit. I knew it was a bad idea"

"Don't mind it much, Mina. Let's figure out while we're on the road. Now let's get some sleep. I'm going to need you to navigate our way to the capital city"

"Alright. Will you be joining me?"

"Maybe later"

"Good night Akira"

"Good night"

Mina went to the bedroom and tuck in for the night. Akira pulls out his phone and calls Shin. The tone is ringing for a few second until Shin picks up.


"Hey Shin. I'm camping on a grassland. Might be arriving at Kingsport tomorrow"

"That's great. Do you have something to talk about?"

"Yeah. I need your opinion on something"

"Shoot me with it"

"This is supposed to be our travel. But I feel bad about bringing Mina with us. Adventuring is a dangerous thing to do and I'm afraid it would endangered her and her siblings"

"Then why the hell you brought her, then?"

"She wanted to be with me. I already told her no"

"Well, we can't just throw her out, now can we?"

"Do you have any idea for her?"

"Hmm... How about... No, no. That's ridiculous"

"What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking about opening a general store when we got to the Capital. But we do not have enough money"

"Ah, about money. I recently acquired 8000 gold from Frederick de Wilhelm"

"Wha-... Ho-... Whe-... Huh?!"

"Yeah. Andre kidnapped Melissa and demanded 10000 gold for ransom. I dispatched him and given 8000 gold as a reward. I have used 1500 gold for Julian and Emyline education. Plus 50 gold from Antarte Wolf Alpha quest"

"Julian and Emyline. Those are the kids you picked up, right?"

"Yeah. I also found out that Hull is my dad"

"Stop. You mean Hull is your father from Japan?"

"Yes. His real name is Haruki Takahashi. He didn't ran away. He died when saving his friend"

"This is too much plot twist for the first month in this new world, Akira. I can't handle it. What's next? Melissa is your niece?"


"What the fuck, Akira"

"How about I call dad and ask if it is possible to open a general store in capital city under Merchant's Guild?"

"Sure. Go ahead. Call me again for the result."

"Alright. Talk to you later"

Akira hangs up the phone with Shin and dials Haruki cellphone

"Hello Akira"

"Hey dad. Sorry to bother you. I have something to ask"


"Is it possible to opens a store in the capital city under the Merchant's Guild?"

"Well, for store to be registered under Merchant Guild will not be a problem. You will need to pay for the registration and a letter of administration to the Finance Minister"

"How much?"

"50 gold for the registration"


"Teleport back to my office in 5 minute"

"Oh and dad, do you have Platinum coins?"

"We do. Do you want to trade your gold for platinums?"

"Yes, please."

"Okay. Oh, I forgot to tell you, You would still need to buy the shop building"

"How much?"

"Small one around 1 platinum. Medium sized on is around 2 platinum. The big one is 3 platinum 5 gold"

"Do they have a room for employees?"

"Small one have one family size room"

"I'll need to talk to Shin first, dad. I'll see you later"

"See you, kid"

Akira hangs up the call and dial Shin again

"Shin. I called dad"

"Yeah? What did he says?"

"For the guild-backed store, we need to pay for registration and buy a store building"

"How much?"

"Small one around 1 platinum. Medium sized on is around 2 platinum. The big one is 3 platinum 5 gold"

"And for registration?"

"50 Gold"

"Alright. Get the small one. You handle the registration, I will handle everything once it was set up"

"What are we going to sell, anyway?"

"Anything. We're a general store"

"Alright. I'm going back to Wilhelmshire See you tomorrow, buddy"

"See ya"

Akira hangs up on the call and heads outside of the RV. He sees that the guard is standing guard by the RV

"Hey there"

"Sir. What are you doing this time of the night?"

"What's your name?"

"Hugo, Sir"

"Hugo, I will be going for a little while. Don't tell anyone okay?"

"Yes Sir"

"Oh, I'll create a companion for you to guard the RV"

Akira directs his palm to the ground and from the ground, he creates a bronze human-like golem. He reshapes the golem to look like him. Hugo, understandably cautious, directs his swords to the bronze golem

"Whoa, calm down. This is my creation"

"What kind of creation is that?"

Akira thinks for a second.

"This is my guardian, Talos. A bronze clone"

The bronze statue opens his mouth to speak

"Hello, Hugo"

"How does it know my name?"

"I put my knowledge inside him"

"He's... not hostile, is he?"

In unison, Akira and Talos responds to Hugo's question


"I hope you are right"

"I am. I will take my leave. If anyone is asking, I'm going hunting for a while"

Akira walks a bit farther from the RV and his body started enveloped in an electrical sparks until he vanishes into thin air. after a while, Hugo composes himself again, glancing at Talos.

"Don't be wary, Hugo. I'm here to help. Just think of me as Akira's little brother"

"It will take getting used to. But Alright"

Akira appears in front of the guild building. He opens the door and greeted by Melissa

"Kira. I thought you went to the capital city. How are you?"

"Great. How about you after that whole stuff?"

"I'm feeling a little bit shocked, but I'm recovering"

"I hope you are not too traumatized there"

"I'll manage"

"Is the grandmaster around?"

"Yes. He's at his office"

"Alright. If you excuse me, I'll go see the grandmaster"

"Kira, wait a moment"


"About what my father said when you make us breakfast, I...wouldn't mind bethroted to you. He is right. You are strong, rich and dependable. Would you please reconsider?"

"Ah, about that, sorry Melissa"

Melissa shows a hint of sadness in her eyes

"If I may, is it because I was rude to you before? Or is it because I'm useless?"

"Oh no. Not like that"

"May I ask why?"

"Because I'm your uncle"

Melissa eyes stops in his eyes. She froze. Thinking she didn't hear that right

"I'm sorry. Did you say you're my uncle?"

"Half-uncle. I'm Grandmaster Hull son"

She heard that right


"Yeah, Sorry Melissa. Your father could explain the detail further."

"You mean to tell me that i have been crushing on my uncle?"

"If that what you called it, yes"

"But, We are about the same age"

"I'm actually older than your father, Mel. I was born 25 years ago"

"Aren't you 17?"

"Reincarnated as 17 years old"

Melissa covers her face in embarassment. But Akira comforts her

"How did you not tell me earlier?"

"I just found out this morning"

"I feel so embarassed"

Akira hugs Melissa to comfort her further

"Hey, don't feel bad about it. We just recently found out about it. Call me Akira. My name is Akira Takahashi"

"Okay, Uncle Akira"

"Oh hey. I forget to give you a parting give"

Akira creates a pair of leather glove and give it to Melissa

"I created those gloves to amplify your magic power. Barrier, Fireball, lightning, and all. As long as you can cast it, it will amplify your magic power by 5 times. With this, you could protect yourself when I'm not around"

"Thank you, Uncle"


"Thank you, Akira"

"Good. Now for the second gift"

Akira creates a bicycle for her.

"This is a bicycle. It's a vehicle from where I'm from. Press the pedal forward in a circular motion and balance the handlebar to ride it"

"I think I understand"

"I'll see you later, Mel"

"Thank you, Akira"

Akira went up the stairs. When he is in front of the door, he is stopped by the guard.


"Master Hull is expecting me"

"Please wait here"

The guard enters the office. A few second later, the guard comes out of the room

"Please enter"

"Thank you"

Akira went inside the office to greet grandmaster

"Hey dad. Thank you for helping me with this"

"No worries, Kiddo"

"Hey dad. Did none of you tell Melissa that I'm her uncle?"

"No. I haven't had the time"

"Well, I told her and she's crying downstairs"


"Dad. She told me she has a crush on me. It is weird for a niece to fell in love with her uncle. So I told her and gave her a gift"

"What did you gave her?"

"A bicycle and a glove"

"A glove?"

"To protect her"

"How a glove is supposed to protect her?"

"I enchanted the glove with magic amplification"

"Well, She's going to be alright, I think"

"Hey dad, can you explain how guild-backed store works? Do you mind if I record it?"

Akira pulls out his phone and starts voice recording

"Well, Guild-backed store will be under the guidance of Merchant's Guild. If there is any items you required, just contact the guild and we will deliver. The profit between the store will be divided to the guild 75-25. That's 75 for you and 25 for the guild. If you asked for stuff to be send in to your store, we will add that expense from the end-of-month revenue. If the guild request an item and you have them, you can send them to the HQ and we will deduct them from the profit sharing at the end of the month. If the store went bankrupt, the guild are able to refund 80% of your registration deposit"

"What about pricing?"

"That's up to you?"

"Okay. So what do you think we should do at our store?"

"General store would be nice"

"Okay. So if there any breach of contract between the guild and the store, what would be the penalty?"

"If the fault lies from the guild, you could send an appeal to the guild, and we will investigate the issue. If the fault lies from the store, like falsification of revenue, the certification of the store will be revoked, the products will be confiscated and the person with the certification will no longer allowed to register with the guild ever again"

"That's seem harsh, isn't it dad?"

"It's actually to keep the store owner in line. So they would think twice before breaking the rules so the punishment outweigh the benefits"

"That's... just like a normal office"

"It is inspired, yes"

Akira stops the recording. Haruki hands Akira the certificate, stamped in yellow wax of Wilhelm family crest.

"Thanks dad. Here's the money. Oh, and how about the other thing?"

"Well, you never said how many do you need"

"600 platinum coins for 6000 gold coins"

"600 platinum coin is still a lot to carry around. I'll trade it for Platinum plate. How about it?"

"What's the exchange rate?"

"A platinum plate is worth platinum 10 coins. So, 60 Platinum plate"

"I'll do that. Thank you, dad"

Haruki collects 60 platinum plates from the guild vault and puts them in the bag.

"Can I take a look at the Platinum plate?"

"Sure. Here"

Akira looks at the platinum plate Haruki mentions, it is polished and stamped by Theovanian Royal Treasury. It looks more like a bar than a plate. It is exactly looks like a one-ounce silver bar.

"Dad, doesn't this looks like a gold bar we used to have back home?"

"Yes. Those are my 'invention' in this world. The king likes it"

"This... Theovanian... is that the name of this country?"

"Yes. Theovania kingdom and its capital Hapsburg"

"Since you are summoned, does the king demands you to do anything?"

"Yes. Back then, he asked me to be a hero. Like hell I could"

"Then what did you do?"

"I offer them a better terms. Back then, Theovania was a poor small kingdom. The king is bad-tempered, but he's not a bad person and very reasonable. So I offer him to have me in charge of finance, and I promise him to make this country is the richest country in 5 years. The king agrees and I started to work"

"Did you deliver?"

"I did it in 3. I worked for him for 20 years and the kingdom is richer than all of the countries combined The expenses was enormous, but the revenue is even bigger. It even covered the expenses 3 times as much."

"How rich is this country?"

"A baronet should at least have 400.000 gold. The king would have around 100 million gold"

"Hot damn. Dad. So Is it possible to sell things from back home?"

"From Japan?"

"Not just Japan. Earth stuff"

"If you do, don't sell stuff that last long for starters. Sell wine glasses or porcelain plate first. Glass are a rarity in this world"

"For the pricing?"

"Leave that for Shin."

"Okay then. Anything else I should know?"

"Don't flaunt your wealth like you did"

"Alright, alright. Sorry"

Akira minds return to Mina. He wanted to ask Haruki his opinion

"Dad. One more question, before I left?"

"Of course"

"How do you feel when you meet mom?"

"Oh. Well... We used to hated each other in middle school. She's the smart new kid and I was less-than-average. Ichika would insult me for my intellect, so I dared her to a challenge. If by the end of the test, I scored higher than her, she stopped harassing me. She doubled down. She said if I ranked first on the test, not only she will stopped harrasing me, she said that she will go on a date with me"

"So, what happened?"

"I was tired of her bullying. I started studying seriously. Going in and out the library, taking class seriously, study until my eyes are baggy. I took the test, and i gave my best effort to do it"

"How did you do?"

"I didn't rank 1st, but my score is higher than her. So she stopped annoying me. In a way, I felt relieved. But she looks really lonely. So I talked to her. Years passed, we went into the same High school. By this time, we were friends. This time, It's my turn to make a bet with her. If I ranked 1st, she'll take me out on a date. She accepts the challenge. So I studied hard again and ranked 1st. I took her on a date. taking a date on a movie for the first date is a bad idea. There are not a lot of talking. But it went progressively better dates after dates. At the end of the school year, I applied for Business Management scholarship. But the one who replied is not in Japan. The letter is from a university in Paris. I was ecstatic, but that means I would need to leave her"

"Did you leave her?"

"Unfortunately, yes. I love Ichika, but I'm not an idiot. I told Ichika, she understands and we broke up. I graduated after 4 years. Continue to Master Degree and graduated faster than other. Went back to Japan and immediately recruited by Shimazu Group."

"The Shimazu Group?"

"Yeah. Probably the father of your friend. Anyway. I met Ichika again there. She was the Shimazu CEO Secretary. I greeted her. Catch up on old times. I was only an employee this time, but I rose through the rank until I reached CFO. The company was thriving under my management and the CEO, Daisuke Shimazu, treat me like a son. Apparently, The CEO son, Toshizo, had his eyes on Ichika and does not like me getting close to Ichika. When Daisuke died and Toshizo takes over, he undermines my efforts, blaming me when the company financial loss, and eventually, blame me for embezzlement"

"You didn't do it, Right?"

"No. God no."

"Then, who did?"

"No one knew, at first. But all of C-suite except Toshizo suspects Toshizo. He recently buys a new car, my friend saw him went into an expensive store with women, Renting VIP room in nightclubs so on and so forth. When he was questioned, he kept blaming me. One day, I couldn't stand him anymore. I stood up, grab his throat and slam him onto the table"

"Holy shit dad"

"I know. I resigned, used the money to build my own company, ask your mother to marry me and we buys a house"

"How did it go?"

"First year was rough. But it was thriving after that. At this time, you were already born"

"Hold on, so why are we in debt, if you were the CFO?"

"Shimazu group sends numerous of harassment to our company. Setting our office on fire, hiring a thug to attack the employees, all sorts of harassment"

"What did you do, then?"

"I filed a lawsuit againts him. We won. Shimazu group shares plummeted, Toshizo under fire for his criminal affiliation and he was due to paid us 50 million yen. In retaliation, he was ordered to attacked Ichika. She was in a coma. I spent all my money on her hospital bill. She got better, but the harassment keeps going. The Yakuza told us to pay 50 million yen to stop the harassment. Then, you know te rest"

Akira started crying. He cannot overcome the guilt of blaming his father

"After all this time, I blamed you for what happened to mom, to us. The debt, Mom's death. I thought you were gambling your money away and ran out on us. I thought of punching you when we would meet again"

Haruki face is also looking sad. He understands his pain and anguish.

"I am really sorry, Akira. Had I just resigned quietly. All of these would never happens"

"No, dad. I would have done the same thing. I guess that explains my bloodthirst. It runs in the family"

Both father and son chuckles.

"So, what all of the sudden you ask me this question?"

"There's this girl from the Adventurer's Guild, Mina"

"Ah, I see. You fell in love with her"

"I guess. I keep telling myself that I don't need love. At least not now. She's in the RV, sleeping. She keeps telling me she wanted to come but I'm afraid I will put her in danger in my adventuring journey"

"That's a good feeling to have. Hold on to it. The man who has everything to lose will endure no matter what hardship thrown at them in order to protect what they have"

"Do you think I should fell in love with her?"

"Why not? Live your life."

"Thanks dad"

"No problem. Now go back to the RV. You need rest"

"You too, dad. Goodbye"

Akira steps outside of the office and heads downstairs. Melissa is inspecting a bicycle she received.

"Still wondering how to ride it?"

"Yes, but I'll learn soon enough"

"Alright. I'll be going then"

Akira hugs Melissa goodbye

"See you later, Mel"

"Goodbye, Uncle"

He does not correct her this time. He went outside and his body is surrounded by electrical spark and vanishes. He appears on the grassland near the RV. He saw Talos and Hugo chatting about anything they could talk about.

"...so that's how I got this scar"

"That is dangerous! You could have been killed"

"I know, that's why I'm thankful to be alive"

Akira approaches them.

"Becoming fast friend, I see"

Hugo stands up and speaks in loud voice


"Shh. Not so loud. You'll wake everybody up"

Hugo covers his mouth in realization

"Anything safe?"

"Safe as it can be"

"Good. I'm going inside, then. Goodnight, you too"

"Goodnight, sir"

Akira went inside of the RV and pulls out his phone and calls Shin

"So, how did it go?"

"We have the certificate. I traded most of our gold coin to a Platinum plate"

"What's a platinum plate?"

"A higher denomination of Platinum coin. one platinum plate is equal to 10 platinum coins"

"How much we have?"

"60 Platinum coin"

The line went silent for a moment.


"You're lucky I don't have a heart attack like you, dipshit. Tell me at least we still have gold coin"

"We do. 600 of them"

"Thank god"

"Why are you so upset?"

"Not everyone carry a change for gold coin, let alone platinum plate"

"Relax. I know what I'm doing. I'll send you the recording for the guild-backed store via Chat"

"Alright. Send them to me. I'll call you back when I have heard them"


Akira hangs up, open his chat messenger and send the recording to Shin under the name "Public Enemy #1". He hit send and gets up from the couch and grabs a cold cola then pours it in the glass. He grabs a beef jerky snack from the cabinets and snacks on them. After a few minutes, the phone rings again.


"We could do that. We should think what would be the best product to sell"

"Dad said something that doesn't last long"

"Such as?"

"Wine glass, Beer stein, Porcelain plate of sorts"

"And here I thought I was the legendary Merchant"

"I agree with that idea, but I'm also thinking about clothing. What do you think?"

"No, don't. They last for a while. We should stock on food and foodstuff. For now."

"Alright. I will leave the pricing and day to day operation to you. Is that good?"

"Yeah. No problem"

Akira pauses for a moment

"Do you have a moment to talk, Shin?"

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

"Is your dad named Toshizo Shimazu?"

"Yes. Why?"

"I think I hate your father"

"The feeling's mutuals, pal"

"What? He hates me?"

"No. I hate him too. What is this all of a sudden?"

"All that debt and my family suffering, it was from your father"

Shin pauses for a moment

"I'm sorry man"

"No, please don't apologize. You did nothing wrong"

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"I think I need to tell you what dad told me"

Akira went on and talk about what Haruki told him about the past. Leaving no detail behind about Haruki's job, Daisuke's death, Toshizo's embezzlement and the harassment. He slightly raises his voice at times.

"This is some heavy stuff, man. I'm really sorry for what my dad puts your family through"

"Shin. It was never your fault. None of it was"

"But I can't help be ashamed of my family. I'm glad I punched the fucker"

"Why did you punch him, anyway?"

"He forced me to go to Stanford and get masters on Business degree. I know it's to cover up his series of fuck-ups. But now I can add "justice" to that"

"Thank for being mad for my sake"

"It's no sweat. Hey. Get some rest, you want to be here as soon as possible"

"Alright. talk to you later"

Shin hangs up and Akira gets up from the couch and went to the bedroom. He takes off his clothes and only clothed in a short and a T-shirt. He charged his phone first and puts the phone on the bedside table. He climbed the master bedroom and kisses Mina on his cheek before going to bed.

"Goodnight, Mina"

Mina, who is already asleep, unconsciously smiles from the comfort. Akira went to sleep and tuck in the blanket