Take on Another World with My Best Friend Vol. I Ch. 7

"Akira. Akira. Wake up"


Akira turns over to his shoulder side to see Mina tapping on his shoulder

"What's wrong, Mina?"

"The guard asked me to wake you up. There's something sketchy inside the forest"

"What about Hugo and Talos?"

"They are currently on guard."

"What about the rest?"

"They're still asleep"

"Thanks for the heads up"

Akira dress up and went out of the RV

"What's the situation?"

"We are surrounded"

"By what?"


Said Talos while he is raising his enlarged fist, ready to fight

"Do you have a weapon, Talos?"

"No. But I have my metal fist"

"Can you fight?"


"Good. Let's fight them"

"Hang on, Boss. I think you need to sit this one out. Hugo and I will fight them"

"What? Aren't we surrounded?"

"Yeah, but I'm literally you in a different body"

"So you know about it, right?"

"Of course. I'll try to keep it to a minimum"

"Thanks, Talos. Hugo. What do you think we should do to lure them here?"

"You're rich, right Sir? In my experience, they will always come when they see the money. You'll be the bait and count money while we guard
you. If you can, disguise Talos as a guard too"

"What if there's an archer?"

"Sir, you are a hero. I believe arrow won't be a concern for you"

"Nice idea, Hugo. Alright. Let's do this. Talos. Let me put my electricity in you"

Akira grabs Talos's shoulder. Not only empowers Talos, but he also uses illusion on Talos's appearance. Talos winces a bit but could feel the power of his creator flowing within him

"We're set"

"Alright. Let's go to the open"

Akira, Hugo and Talos walk into the middle of the grassland. They stand guard while Akira is counting his money.

"Boss, I think you should know. Even if we beat these guys, we can't let them roam free. What will you do?"

"Teleport and hand them to the guards"

"But what if there's a reinforcement?"

"What do you think, Hugo?"

"They will run when we have beaten all of them. Reinforcement will not arrive in time. We will use that to gain distances between their forces and us"

"Sounds like a plan"

Akira started counting his small chest of gold coins. As expected, they are attacked by a barrage of arrows. Akira incinerates them instantly. One arrow that passes through bounces off Talos


Akira shouts and all the bandits that are in the forest revealed themselves. There are a lot of men and women with a lot of weapons.
Greatsword, Iron club, Short sword and shield, and even magic staff

"So, who's the dead man that got the recruits arrested?"

"That one"

The slim archer woman points at Akira. Based on what she told them, she was watching the robbery in Wilhelmshire. Talos counted the bandit
surrounding them. 30 people. 30 people vs 2 guard

"You a noble, or a merchant? Weird clothing, but I can tell they're expensive"


"Hand us everything you have and we might let you live"

"Hah. No, you won't"

"So be it. Then DIE"

Talos steps in his way and punches the bandit. The bandit flew a few meters backward. The bandits are astounded, and Akira is smiling.

"Come on, big sissies"

All of the bandits are attacking the trio. hugo masterfully stabs and slices the bandits, while Talos moves lightning fast and punches hard. Some bandits are targeting Akira, but he just teleports around, tiring the assailant. The team-up between Hugo and Talos is incredible. The
more the duo is pushed to the corner, they pushed harder. When Hugo is about to be attacked, Talos would shield him with his hand. They fought for a few minutes until the bandits are defeated. Akira creates a rope and tosses them to Talos. When Talos is trying to tie up the big bandit,
he breaks free of Talos and the ropes. He went straight to Akira with his fist.

"I got this. Keep tying them up and back up a little bit"

The big bandit punches Akira but Akira catches his hand. The force was considerably strong, but it was easily stopped.

"A big guy, strong enough to farm or to be a guard, decided to be a bandit"


"No can do, big guy. I'm afraid you need to stop with the banditry"


Akira uses his lightning to propel the big bandit several meters. The morning sky is suddenly dark. The sunny turn to a downpour.

"You don't get it, do you? I'm holding my anger as strongly as I can. I am trying not to kill you. But if you keep pushing me..."

Akira starts levitating with his lightning power focused on his feet. His eyes are starting to glow blue until they are sparks coming out of his eyes. Thunders and lightning are raining down with the rainwater. Then a bolt of huge lightning, so violent that it would disintegrate the ground it touches, hits Akira until he glows blue with a lightning spark. The bandits are terrified, some pass out.

"...I'll disintegrate you so bad, you're family won't have anything to bury"

The big bandit's eyes turn white with fear. Akira held his hand upward to absorb more lightning from the cloud. After a few seconds, the cloud dissipates and the morning sun returns. He picks up the big guy and put him down slowly and Talos tied him up with the rest of the bandits. The
conscious bandits are terrified. Akira just smile innocently, but to them, it was a terrifying message.

"Alright. I'll hand them to the guard at Wilhelmshire."

Akira teleports to Wilhelmshire gates guard and hands the bandits to the guards.

"We were ambushed by this bandit on the road"

"This many?"

"I had help"

"I don't know if we have enough room in the jailhouse for this many"

"Alright, time for me to go"

Akira teleports back to the RV. Akira is unharmed, and so were Talos and Hugo

"That was a good exercise, right?"

"That was...Fun"

Hugo says with huffing and puffing.

"The sun is already ahead. Let's have breakfast and continue our travel"

"Boss. I'm going back to the ground. Summon me again"

"Thanks, Talos"

Then Talos melt into liquid bronze. Seeping through the ground. Akira smiles and went back inside the RV, but the people inside the RV is
scared of him

"What's wrong?"

"Mister, You're scary"

Emyline is speaking at a low volume. Even Julian, the brave brother of Emyline is scared.

"Are you awake from the lightning?"


"Ah. I'm sorry kids. I wanted those bad guys to be good. It needs some convincing, but they promise to be good"


Emyline is looking at Akira with her puppy eye. Akira can't resist her cuteness and hugs her

"Honest. Would you like some hamburger?"

"Can we?"

"Hey everyone. Today's menu is Hamburger. Does anybody want other food?"

Everyone shakes her head. Then Akira prepares the ingredient for hamburgers and fries, but this time, he adds pickles and several condiments. Black pepper, Cheese sauce, and ketchup. He plates the food for everybody and they serve them. Emyline and Julian grab their portion but
everyone else is stunned at how alien the food is to them.

"Guys. The one with meat and bun is a hamburger. The thin sticks of solanus are French Fries. It tastes better with salt. Go ahead and eat.
I'll drive"

Akira went to the driver's seat and starts the car. He looks at the passenger and sees they are enjoying their meals. He drives the car and

"Hugo. You did great today. Go eat, take a bath, and rest"

"Yes sir"

Akira keeps driving and Mina sits beside him

"You're not hungry?"

"Of course I'm hungry. I'll eat when we arrive in Kingsport"

"You need to eat, here."

Mina takes a bite of Mina's burger and chews while he drives

"Thanks. Hey, listen. About the thing we talked about yesterday, is it okay to tell you?"

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

"Let me call Shin first"

Akira dials Shin from his phone and put it on a speakerphone


"Wake the fuck up samurai"

"I'm already up. What's up"

"About the store. Mina is beside me. Would you mind telling Mina about what we discussed?"
"Ah yes. Good morning Mina. We are thinking of opening a general store. We have the backing of the Merchant Guild. We are going to ask you if you would like to manage that store. You would be paid monthly, the store have rooms for you and your siblings to stay in. It would be our
store, but you will be managing it. How about it?"

"I'm sorry Mina. I love you, but I can't put you in danger. I need you to take care of your siblings and those kids. It would mean a lot to me.

Mina's eyes start tearing up. And nod in confirmation

"I'm sorry Mina"

"No, don't be. I accept. I can't believe you think of me so much. I love you. I'm the one who forced you to make me follow you. I didn't think this through. I just want to be with you"

"Don't worry Mina. I'll keep him in line"

"Thank you, Master Shin, I'll be counting on you"

"No problem. Now Akira. I have something to talk about"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Did you hear thunder there?"


"Don't take too long. Who knows it will rain again"

"Right. Bye"


Shin hangs up. Akira keep driving in the direction of Kingsport
A few hours later, they could see the sea with the town beside it. It's Kingsport! The kids are asleep after eating, and Montoya and Hugo are lounging and seeing the scenery from the RV windows. He calls Shin.

"Shin. We're near Kingsport"

"Good. I think I can see a weird vehicle from here. Is that you?"

"Yes. How should we proceed?"

"Ditch the RV and walk here"

"Alright. See you"

Akira hangs up. He went offroad for a moment to hide his vehicle.

"Mina. Help me wake the kids"


"Montoya, Hugo. We're ditching the vehicle and will be going on foot"

"Are we okay?"

"Yeah. We don't want to attract too much attention"

"Alright. We'll wait for you outside"

Mina is waking the kids by piggybacking Emyline.

"Can you give Julian a piggyback?"


Akira picks up Julian on his back
Akira and the company went outside and store the RV in his item box. He and the others are walking toward the city. A few moments later, they
arrive at the front gate and are greeted by the guards.

"Good morning. Identification, please"

Akira shows his Adventurer's ID, Mina shows her Guild Staff ID and Montoya gives his Merchant guild ID and permits from Grandmaster Hull

"Oh, Guild Business, eh? What's with the kids?"

"Oh. These are my fiancee's siblings and these are my kids"

"Your kids? Aren't you too young to be a father?"


"Ah okay. I was about to be worried there. Please form a line and put your hand on the ball"

Akira and the others put their hand on the crystal ball. All of the gang is clear to enter

"Alright. If you are traveling, We would suggest visiting Josiah's Lodging. Other inns might be inappropriate for kids"

"Thank you. Let's go"

Akira and the others went inside the city. The sea breeze is reaching them. The salty aroma of the seas touches their noses.

"Ah... It has been too long since I went and visits the seas"

Then, Akira sees Shin, still in his suit. He greets Shin with a hug

"Ah. Good to see you, buddy"

"Likewise. Now, are we going straight to Hapsburg, or are we staying here for a few days?"

"We're staying until noon. You could go ahead and do some R&R while you're here. I'll call you when it's time. Now, where's the Guild representative?"

"Here, Sir"

"Hey. Here's the list I haven't got. Sorry to spring this on you now"

"No problem. I will get right to it"

"Here's the leftover money from the guild master"

"Thank you. Hugo. Let's go"

Hugo and Montoya are getting ready for the list, but before saying goodbye to Akira and Co. Shin went to greet Mina.

"Hi. You must be Mina. Nice to meet you. Thank you for taking care of this idiot"

"Hello, Master Shin. Are you sure it's okay to talk like that while he's here?"

"Ah. Don't worry. This idiot and I are best friends. We know that there's no bad intention behind it, Have you guys had breakfast?"

"Yes. I made them a hamburger"


"Mr. Akira made us Hamburgur"

"It's Hamburger, Julian"

Emyline corrects her brother

"Right. When we're getting the RV back, you're making me a hamburger"

"As long as you don't eat lunch today"

"We could leave right now"

"Heh, no. Let the kids have some fun first"

"Alright alright"

"Let me introduce you to Julian. This kid wants to be a strong adventurer"

"Hi. I'm Julian. I'm going to be strong as Mr. Akira here"

"Hey boy. I'm not scared of you"

"Oh yeah? Let's fight right now"

Shin can't help teasing the young boy

"Alright. you're plenty strong for me to fight"

"Heh. I thought so"

"And this is Emyline. You'll like her. She wanted to be a merchant"

"Oh, a fellow merchant? I have a question for you Emyline. It might be hard for you. But if you can answer it, I'll give you a gold coin. Sounds fair?"

"Umm... Okay"

"There are 6 pouches on the table and a scale. 5 of them contain real gold. And there is one pouch with fake gold. Each gold weighs 1 unit and
the fake weighs 1.1 unit. You could only use the scale once. How would you find the fake gold?"

"Shin. This is too difficult for a kid"

"You shut up. Let the kid solve them"

Emyline this for a moment, while the other that hears them also tries to solve them too.

"Um...May I answer, Mister Shin?"

"Go ahead"

"How about you number the pouch respectively and take a coin based on the pouch's number? For example, you take 1 coin from pouch number one, 2 coins from pouch number 2, and so on..."

"Go on"

"Therefore, you have 1 coin from pouch 1. 2 coins from pouch 2. 3 coins from pouch 3. 4 coins from pouch 4, 5 coins from pouch 5, and 6 coins from pouch 6. In total, we have 21 coins. Therefore, you could measure them all together and find the fake coins based on the total
measurement. For instance. If the total weight is 21.6, the fake coins are from pouch number 6."

Shin smiles. She answers a question that even he couldn't answer in college

"Akira. Are we sure that we need to take them to school?"

"Yes. They need proper education"

"Aww. I wanna take her as my apprentice so bad"

Shin search through his pocket and give her a gold coin and a hug

"You'll be the greatest merchant of this world. I know it"

Emyline smiles and hugs him back.

"Do you guys want to see the sea?"


"Come on. I'll take you to the port"

Shin grabs Emyline hand and Emyline grabs Julian's hand.

"It's a sight I thought I would never seen"


"A family"

"We can be a family too, you know?"

"Of course we can. But I don't want to take it too fast"

"Me too. Don't worry. We'll have our moment"

Mina offer her hand and Akira takes them. They follow to the direction of the kids and Shin.

"Nee-san. I want to see the sea too"

"Go ahead, but don't go too far from the group, okay?"

"Okay. Garland. Keep an eye on Yuma, Okay? Here's some money for shopping"

"Okay Mina-Nee. Maybe I'll follow Mister Shin with the kids"

Yuma and Garland follows Shin and the kids.

"Good. Now that We're alone, what should we do?"

"Do you have something in mind?"



"Okay. How about the bazaar? There are a lot of fish this season"

"Do they have seaweed?"

"What do you want to do with that worthless weed?"

"Little did you know, they can be used for soup, they taste great. Dried it, you could use them with riceball"

"Okay. Now I have to change how I think about seaweed"

Akira hold her hand and walks into the bazaar. They went shopping for a few moment after spending 10 silver before returning to Shin. The sea breeze is feeling fresh, the warmth of the sun is reaching them like a warm hug from a mother. They spend some times on the beach playing and

The sun has already reach its peak. They knew it's time to leave.

"Guys. It's noon. Let's go"


They gather together.

"So where should we go to get to the capital?"

"It should be on eastern gate"

They went to the eastern gate and walk further until they're out of sight.

"Alright. Get it out"


Akira takes the RV from the item box.

"This is a nice RV. Back home, this must cost a lot"

"Sure it is. Thank god we don't have to pay anything for it"

"Let's get in"

Everyone gets inside, Akira puts the ingredients he buys in the fridge.

"Hey, don't forget your promise. I skipped lunch for this"

"I know"

Akira drives a little bit out of the area, then park the RV near the forest.

"Lunch time, everyone"

"What will you make, Big lug?"

"For Shin here, hamburger. For the rest of you, pizza"


"What? You requested hamburger"

"That's unfair"

"Papa. What's a pizza?"


"Uh. I kinda got attached to her and adopted her for my own"


"Pizza is a circle shaped food that is made from bread, cheese and any toppings you want. By the way. What's the topping is going to be?"

"Mushroom, meat, and Fish"

"Fish is a weird topping"

"We'll see."

Akira prepares the pizza. He made the tomato sauce from the canned tomato in his cabinet. Grated the cheese and made the dough. He understand that he would need to wait for the dough to rise. So he puts the dough in the microwave with a glass of water. Meanwhile, he made a burger for the guest of honor, Shin. After a few while, The dough rises and he kneads the dough into a circle. He sauced the dough, sprinkle the cheese generously, and put the toppings evenly. Since Akira made multiple pizza, he would need to be able to cook multiple at a time, so he puts all
of the pizzas inside the oven and cast fire magic in order for the fire to spread evenly. He continues to make the hamburger and serve them to Shin

"What about the pizza?"

"Still baking. you ordered that, so eat it"


"Shut up"

"Papa. You should not talk harshly to Mr. Akira"

"I'm sorry kiddo. But papa and Uncle Akira goes way back"

"Are you friend with Uncle AKira?"

"Bestest friend"

Emyline hugs her "papa" and turns to hug Akira

"Uncle Akira. I'm sorry for my papa"

"Heh. Don't worry kiddo"

Shin clench onto his chest, cannot contain his heart for this display of cuteness.


The pizza's is done. He slices the pizza equally into 12 slices for all 4 pizzas and plate it on the pizza rack stand

"Careful. It's still hot. Here's a ketchup and chili sauce"

Everyone grabs a slice. The pizza is still steaming hot but the occupant cannot resist the delicious smell.


"Still hot. Blow it first."

Akira made batch 2 of the pizzas but he summon the dough instead since rising with microwave took too long. He repeats the process for the pizza and wrap it in a paper box

"Shin. Can I leave you guys for a moment?"

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to give this to Frederick and dad"

"Alright. Be careful, man"

"Thanks brother"

Akira steps out of the RV and teleports to the Wilhelm's Mansion. He is greeted by Olivia. Frederick's wife

"Greeting. You must be Akira. Frederick's brother"

"Hello. I'm sorry. We have not met. May I ask what is your name?"

"Olivia Theovan. Frederick's wife"

"May I ask if Frederick is home?"

"Why yes. Do please come in"

Olivia guides Akira to Frederick's office.

"Love, your brother's here"

"Brother. How are you?"

"I'm feeling great"

"Did you...tan a bit?"

"Did I? Kingsport is hot but I don't expect to get a tan after a short while. Is dad here?"

"Yes. He's taking a day off"

"Have you had lunch yet? both of you?"

"I have not. I have been busy and Olivia has just got home"

"Great. I brought you lunch. If you're busy, you can eat it here with your hand"

"Eat with...our hand? I'm afraid that is out of the question. There are etiquettes for nobles"

Akira opens the pizza packaging. The smell is intoxicatingly delicious for Frederick and Olivia. Then, Haruki cames in.

"What is this smell?"

"Hey dad. I brought you your favorite food?"

"Don't tell me...?"

"Yup. Pizza"

Haruki rushes to the pizza and grabs the pizza with his hand

"Father. Eating with your hand? Have you no shame?"

"This food is meant to be eaten by hand. If you eat it with fork and knife, it'll diminish the taste"

"What condiment do you want, dad?"

"Thousand Island, Please"

Akira creates a thousand island dressing bottles and places them on the table.


"Yeah. Be careful dad. fresh from the oven. You two, go ahead and eat"

Frederick hesitates but the smell of the fresh pizza made him curious. He grabs a slice of the pizza and takes a bite


Frederick is surprised that the food that is made with bread could be this delicious. His eyes are gleaming with happiness. For him, what he just ate is a happiness in a form of food

"Sweetheart. Call Melissa and the cooks. They need to taste this"

Olivia bows and calls the maid to call the cooks and Melissa. She grabs a slice of the pizza and take a small bites. Her reaction is the same
as Frederick.

"Do you guys want chili sauce?"

"Not me, brother"

"I do."

Akira creates a bottle of chili sauce. He spreads the sauce on Olivia's slice of pizza

"Kid. Do you have something to drink?"



Akira also creates a cold beer. The brand is recognizable from Haruki's eyes. It's Golden Rye!


"Dad! Don't you need a glass first?"

"Glass be damn. I'm downing it straight from the bottle"

"Would you like some, Fred?"

"That would be lovely. Thank you"

Akira creates a glass stein and pours another bottle to his stein

"What beautiful craftmanship. This ale is cold and beautifully colored"

Frederick takes a sip. Gulp, gulp, then AHHH.

"This is bliss. Thank you brother"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. For Olivia, I have a perfect wine to complement the pizza"

Akira creates a wine glass and a Dry Rosé wine for her. She takes a whiff and sips the wine.

"Oh my. This is amazing"

"Ahaha. This is the food we have from the other side. I'm glad I got to taste it again"

Then, Melissa and the cooks enters the office.

"Mother. you called for me?"

"Ah yes. Your uncle has brought us lunch"

"Hello Uncle"


"So what is this lunch you are talking about?"

"This is called Pizza"

"Is this bread?"

"A kind of bread. Go ahead and eat it with your hand"

"Are you out of our mind?"

"Melissa. Just do it"


"It taste better if you eat it with your hand. You guys too"

They eat a slice of a pizza and the same reaction was shown by Melissa and the cooks


Melissa cannot stop eating her slice. The cooks tried to analyze what is the recipe for this food

"Cooks. You know why you're here, right?"

"Yes sir!"

"Good. Analyze the pizza and try to recreate them"

"I'll give you the recipe. Fred. Can I have a paper?"

"Sure. Here"

Akira writes the ingredient and steps to make pizza and give them to the cooks.

"Here you go. For the toppings, be creative"

"Thank you sir"

"Now. You guys enjoys the pizza. I'm going back to the RV"

"Whoa. hold on a minute, Kid"

What's wrong dad?"

"Frederick's here does not have any experience with our world. Mind giving him some samples?"

"You're talking to me like I'm some a drug dealer from another world, dad. What do you mean 'Samples'?"


"Are you sure that's for Fred and not for you?"

Haruki is flustered. His lies has been exposed

"I can read you like a book, dad"

"Fine. It's for me. But Fred and Olivia deserve a taste too"

"I'll give you the Golden Rye, I know you're an alcoholic since it runs in the family. Well, maybe except for Fred"

"He's not an exception"

"Alright, fine."

Akira moves to a wider are of the room and creates all kind of Alcohol, from A to Z.

"It's a miracle that you get a job done being this drunk, dad. And you, Fred"

"Quit shaming me, brother. I'm only drinking after work"

"See. You guys acts more like brothers now"

Haruki laughs, Melissa is put in an awkward position.

"Well. Olivia. I know you have more refined palate than these drunks. What can I get you?"

"If I may, Wine. Dry rose you gave me is tasty. Might as well to give them to my father"

"Your father?"

"The king, Leopold Theovan"

"He's...not an alcoholic right?"

"Oh god, no. He only drinks before sleep or after his work is done"

"I'll give you 2 crates of my personal favorite wine, then"

Akira then creates bottles after bottles of wine. Chianti, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc etc.

"Thank you, Master Akira"

"Please. Akira just fine"

"So be it"

"Dad. I'll take my leave then"

"Alright. Safe travel, kiddo"

"Don't drink too much, Fred"

"I won't"

Akira went to Melissa and pinch her cheeks


"Goodbye Mel"

Akira teleports back to the RV and get inside

"Hey guys. The pizza done?"

"We save a slice for you"


Akira eats a slice of pizza. He finishes the pizza and gets into the driver's seat. He is joined by Shin.

"Right. Now we have time to talk"

"What do you have in mind?"

"What the hell happened back there?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Many things. Let's talk about the mine extermination first"

"What do you mean?"

"You know I was watching you with the Worldly Eyes. Why are you smiling when fighting them, and not when we fought the wolves?"

"I don't want to talk about it?"

"Why not? It's unlike you to keep things hidden. Was it because you have pent-up anger, suicidal tendency, or what?"

"Fine. It's bloodlust"


"Yes. It's hereditary?"

"You mean your father is also bloodthirsty?"

"Yeah. He told me he chokeslammed your father"

"Hehehe. AHAHAHAHA. Serves him right, that dick"

"You're awfully chipper when your father got hurt"

"Nobody in our family likes him. Not even his father"

While driving, Mina sits in between Shin and Akira.

"Hey guys. What are you talking about?"

"Oh we're just catching up. Anything we could help you?"

"No, don't mind me. I just wanted to be near you guys"

"Be careful, Mina. This guy have bloodthirsty"

"Did you drink blood, Akira?"

"No. Not that bloodthirsty"

"Oh that one"

"So Akira. What's this I hear about you being dead?"

"You were DEAD?!"

"Shh... Not so loud"

Mina covers her mouth. But she demanded an explanation for this

"Alright. When I was conscious. I went to Huber's to rest. Huber stops me. He said he have a letter from Shin. When I read it, he said something about evolving. So I do what he told me. In an instant, my body feels like it's on fire. Hotter than magic fire. I was in agony. You
probably hear me screaming from the guild, yes?"

"I did hear a scream"

"That was me. So I ran to a lake, and throw myself into the lake. After that, everything went black. Then I see St. Alexander"

"St. Alexander?"

"This world's God"

"You met GOD?!"


"What was he like?"

"Sorry, Mina. This is one I won't tell you"


"I'm forbidden to talk about it"

He lied. He intends to keep the afterlife details from anyone

"After that, I was told that my body to reduced to bones. But when I was up there, he told me I'd evolved. To Omnipotent"

"You are omnipotent?"

"Does that mean you're a god?"

"I'm not a god, nor do I want to be one. The omnipotence I have is only the human limit of Omnipotence. I can't bring back the dead, can't use
space-time magic, nor becomes immortal. I gained a new skill. Lightning personification. I can manipulate lightning however I like."

"The thunder this morning. Was it your doing?"


"But I evolved too. Shouldn't I become omnipotent too?"

"You did evolve. But Alexander said that merchant evolution is not a physical one. It was more of a mental one. You evolved to a Legendary
Merchant. I don't know what that means, but whatever it is, I believe it would increase the value of things you sold multiple times"

"Useless then?"

"I honestly don't know. But If you allow me, I could ask Alexander. But you need to drive instead of me"

"Yeah. Please do"

Akira stops the RV and switches places with Shin.

"Okay. Here I go"

Akira closes his eyes and his body went from sitting straight, to limp in a matter of second

"Mina. Please hold his body"

"Got it"

Akira's consciousness drift and He appears spectral in the Heavenly Bureaucratic Order. He stood in the interrogation room and went looking for
St. Alexander. He found him at the Aptitude Bestowal Room.

"Akira. You're here. How may I help you?"

"Hello, Alexander. I have some questions if you have the time?"

"Sure. What do you have in mind?"

"It's about Shin. Does Legendary Merchant do anything?"

"It does. Legendary Merchants have a top-ranked appraisal and great charm and stamina"


"Useless? That is correct. But he could use the money to level up or change class and donate them at the church to change class, but retain his
Merchant status"

"Meaning that he could change to another class?"

"That is correct. Merchant is a sub-class, like a blacksmith. But since he evolved, he cannot use the XP multiplier anymore"

"That is fair. But, how do you use the money to level up? Where did it end up?"

"To me. I often visit Terra, and I can use the money"

"Why do you need the money?"

"To spread them again. Eat, drink, donate, and whatnot"

"So, your vacation fund?"


"Won't they be suspicious?"


"The people in Terra"

"I disguised myself, of course"

"About me... I'm Omnipotent. Can I change or evolve too?"

"No. You are already at the peak of humanity. Any further, you'll become a god"

"Yikes. So what would leveling up do?"


"So it was pointless for me to level up?"

"Yes. But not for the people you partied with"

"How so?"

"Since you are no longer able to level up further than level 10, your EXP will be distributed to the people you are partied with. Being a
member of the party as an omnipotent will doubles the exp"

"How about your people?"

"What about them?"

"Can they level up as we did?"


"But I have never seen anyone use the menu before, besides Shin and I"

"They don't know about 'Menu'. They feel it with their body. You should show them how to do it"

"Alright. I think that's all the questions I have"

"Akira. I know you are strong, but try to hold your bloodlust a little bit, okay? Too much killing would ruin your reputation. Those kids look
up to you, you know?"

"I understand. But I would do what must be done if it's necessary. Is that fair?"

"Yes. That's fair"

"Thank you for this opportunity, Alexander. Bye, now"

Akira's spectral body disappears and his physical body started to move again

"You're back. Well, what did he say?"

"He said that Merchant is a subclass. You could use the money to level up or change classes. Even if you change class, you would retain your
legendary merchant status class"

"Does that mean I could level up without fighting?"


"If so, give me 5 platinum plates"

"You have platinum plates?"

"Yes. 60 of them"

Akira reaches his bag for the platinum plate. He hands them to Shin

"What do you intend to do with it?"

"Change level first, then level up. How much is it to change class?"

"Dunno. But check your menu if there is any information about it"

Shin opens his menu and taps the status tabs. He taps the change class and sees that the cost is 1000 gold

"1000 gold is 1 platinum plate, right?"

"Uh... yes"

Shin holds one coin in his right hand.



"What will you change into?"

"Oh right. I have not thought about it"

"Mina. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Sorry. I don't"

Shin, while driving thinks for a moment until he came with an idea.

"Do you remember that game we used to play?"

"What game?"

"You know, the one with a mailman that is tasked to deliver a chip and ended up getting shot in the head?"

"That game. First of all, it's not a mailman. It's a courier"

"Courier, schmourier"

"Second of all, Why do you want that?"

"I thought it looks cool"

"Right. Next, you're asking me to make you riot gear"


"Unbelievable. So what? You're changing your class to a courier?"

"Nope. Gunslinger"

"If this is a light novel, I would stop reading this shit story you make"

"Alexander said have fun. So this is me having fun. Why are you so upset about it? Also, it was you to tell me to change clothes"

"To this world clothing, you dense motherfucker"

"You haven't changed your clothes, so stop patronizing me"

"I give up. you win. Once we arrive in Hapsburg, I'll teleport back to the workshop. But I'll only give you a handgun"

"Thank you. What gun will you make?"

"M1911 or Browning Hi-Power. Your choice"

"M1911. There's a video with this guy named Zach. He says that Hi power tends to bite your hand webbing. So 1911 is the safe bet"

"Alright. But we need you to prepare the gunpowder ingredients"

"What? Your Omnipotence doesn't work?"

"It's not like that. I'll give 50 of the first batch of bullets, but the rest will be provided by natural resources"

"Yeah okay. While I change class, take the wheel"

Akira and Shin switch places and Shin is holding one platinum plate in his right hand. He clicks the change class button and chooses gunslinger as his class. The platinum plate on his hand disappears and his status changes from Legendary merchant to Gunslinger in an instant. His stats
changed but his skills from being a merchant remain. He is back to level 1

"Do you feel different?"

"Not really. Now I will level up with these plates"

"Hey hold on a minute. Don't you think you could party up with Mina so she could level up too?"

"Mina. What's your occupation?"


"Not that occupation. The other one"

"I don't know what you are talking about"

"Mina. Close your eye. Imagine there's a transparent board in front of you, and then say 'Menu'"

Mina follows Akira's instructions. She imagines the guild quest board and then she says...


"Good. Now slowly open your eyes"

Mina slowly opens her eyes and sees a transparent board. Her status, skill, and notification board

"What is this?"

"This is a Character Menu. It shows your skills, level, et cetera"

"Wait. but only the character crystal can show a person's status"

"That was not the case, at all. Everyone can use them. They just don't know it yet"

"Go ahead and taps on your Status"

Mina taps on her status tab and sees her level is at level 10

"Good. Akira. Send her the party invite"

Akira nods and sends her the party invite.

"Now, Mina. Press that envelop looking button"

Mina looks at the envelop button and taps it. She sees a party invitation

"Good. Now press accept"

She accepts the invitation, and from her screen, she can see Shin and Akira's status. Primarily, their health bar.

"Shin. There's something I have to tell you"

"What is it?"

"I gained nothing for leveling up. Not anymore"

"So what will happen then?"

"Once I reached level 10, the XP won't be given to me. But distributed to you and her"

"What level are you on right now?"


"So no level up for you then"

"No EXP multiplier for you too"


"Since you have evolved, the EXP multiplier will be gone. But max level omnipotent will double the party member EXP"

"That so? Well. Not all is lost then. Mina. You're about to level up. You will need to make yourself comfortable. Go ahead sleep on the sofa"

Mina nods and lies down on the sofa. Shin puts the remaining platinum plate in his hand and clicks the level-up button. Then the screen shows "Insert Coin" like in the arcade machine. He inserts the coin one by one. After all the platinum plate is inserted, he pressed "next" on the
screen and the screen counts the EXP for the platinum plate. The level rise, again and again, and again. The level-up fatigue starts settling
in. Mina and Shin wince. The experience points stop after 5 minutes of leveling up. Shin looks at his level.

"How did it go?"

"Level 86"

"Given no EXP multiplier, we used to have, that is not bad"

"It's really good. how about you, Mina?"

"Let me see..."

Mina opens her status screen.

"Level 91?!"

"Not bad"

"It's amazing. Never have I seen an easier method of getting stronger"

"I envy you guys. Leveling up that easy"

Both of them are huffing and puffing. their whole body feels sore.

"I'm going to sleep"

"Yeah. Me too"

"Okay. I'll wake you up when we're here"


Mina went to the master bedroom, while Shin fall asleep on the seat beside Akira.

Hours passed, The sun is no longer at the top, but Akira's phone's clock is showing 3:54. Everyone is asleep except Akira.

"I need to install autopilot on this thing"

A few moments later, in a distance, he saw the capital city of Hapsburg.

"Hey. Wake up. We're here"


A vast city, a metropolis in the medieval age, gleaming like a golden city in the story of El Dorado. The capital city of the richest kingdom in the world. And now, they are here to make a great living.

"Hapsburg, here we come"