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Tech Society Prologue [Official]

Part 1

"Haa. Today was another tiring day."

I contemplated on the events that happened this afternoon as I made my way towards my bed.

"That annoying club prez. Telling us to do those ridiculous things every time."

In my exhaustion, I jumped on my bed without bothering to change from my uniform.

As I lay on my bed and looked into the night sky, gazing under the stars, I wondered to myself...

"... Where the fuck is the ceiling?"

A weird question to ask when without a doubt you just walk into your room and laid down and realized something a missing that would have been impossible to not notice when you arrive home.

Speaking of which. When did I walk home?

Why can't I remember passing by my parents when I entered the house?

I don't even remember entering my house?

More importantly, I'm home... right?

Wait. I'm 100% sure that these are the stuff from my room but am I really home?

A cool evening breeze blew and I immediately decided to look out the window.


There was no window. Not even a wall.

All I could see was a wide track field from my school.

And I'm leaning off a railing.


I'm on the school's rooftop, aren't I?

"Ooh. Haru-kun, you've finally realized!"

"Eh? Shino?"

My classmate, Shino Haruyama, was standing right behind me with a dumbfounded expression.

"Mou~ I thought you were gonna slack off without me!"

This elegantly mature looking girl with waist length silver white hair and slender build is actually one of the most clumsiest and idiotic people in class... no, the whole school.

Eh? Eh?!! What's going on?!!!

"Oi! You two! If you're just gonna goof off, I'm throwing you over the railing."

Another girl entered carrying a carton box of... Wait. Isn't that my 18+ book collection?! What's it doing in here?!

"What's with that look Haru?"

"Don't 'What's wrong' me, what are you guys doing with my stuff?!"

"What are you talking about? You're room is the last one. We already finished moving the rooms of the other members to their places, so we could take a break once we finished with yours."

What now?

I remember doing something ridiculous for the club prez today. I mean we do those everyday...

Don't tell me... this was it?!

"Do you have a loose screw in your head or something?"

"Ha-haha... Haha..."

I suddenly started laughing at my pathetic self.

I remember now. The thing we had to do today was... Move into school.

Tags: comedy, school

Discussion (5)

  1. Ayumi Megumi Post author

    This work was started along with my friend in the 8th grade when he first introduced me to light novels. It was just all random stuff at first until I grew fond of it and had a deep storyline and changed its name from Club Wars to its current name Tech Society for appropriate reasons. I’d like you guys to give your input in this one.

  2. Javon Sankoh

    I like it. It’s definitely funny and depending on how you do it, it could be even funnier. I like how the main character was unaware of what’s happening around him. I personally think it would have been funny to see the girl get rid of his 18+ book collection since it’s perverted. But, this has potential to be a great comedy if that’s what you are going for. This could be one of those light novels you read to get a good laugh out of it like Baka and Test, B Gata H Kei, and MM. I hope you continue writing this. I can’t wait to see what kind of characters you make them like.

  3. The A.C.

    This definitely is a teaser, it got me interested, but I just do not know what I am interested in. The humor is there and enjoyable; it just gave no clue, from reading only this much at least, of what the story is going to be about. How it is written so far though, does keep me drawn in.

    *Only a side note since this is only a teaser, just in case you use this chuck verbatim (or close to it) if you do choose to expand the story. There are several typos and grammar errors, which are not important at this stage of writing, but just something to always keep an eye out for as a growth for writing.

  4. Ice Fairy

    It’s interesting. Today I found this lost author. ?? It’s written with details. And chapter 1 is also getting good. Its short but interesting. I think I am years late. But look forward to your work. ??

  5. Mohamed Shafiek

    Okay, I’m not gonna lie… that “Where the fuck is my ceiling…” bit made me laugh more than it should have. One thing I gotta say though was that the back and forth between dialogue and first-person thought is a little jarring when you do it consecutively. Maybe have parts that are just dialogue between characters and then move to 1st person thought to reflect and clarify. Also, just a personal gripe, those words like “Mou~” and suffixes “-kun” are really not my cup of tea, especially since most of this stuff is in English and not voice acted.