The eyes of wisdom – Chapter 1: The once useless man

A man was standing in a rain.

A man with sadness in his eyes.

A man that gave up on life.

The forest around his was as green as a forest can be. The only thing that he could hear were rain drops dropping on a wet, mossy floor.
Before him was a tree. The largest tree in the whole forest.

Beside a tree was a ladder. A ladder leading to man's future. The ladder that connected his life and the other side.

The man started climbing the ladder.

He took something out of his grey backpack - a long, thick rope.

He had this rope in his hands, binding the end of the rope to the tree, while putting his head threw the other end.

He felt like a dog on a leash. A dog that could do nothing. A dog so useless that nobody wanted near him.

He looked up in the sky for the last time. While tree leaves covered most of the sky with him only seeing some spots of moonlight coming threw.

Rain drops were dropping on his head.

He dropped his head down.

The ladder that was once standing on the ground was now laying on the ground.

A body, so soaked by rain swayed left to right. A body so cold.

His eyes empty, like an empty shell.

A man, a body more happier then it was when he was alive.


[The man who lost everything. The man who lost everyone. The man who choose to only watch while cruel things were done in the world. You were once a weakling. You were a stepping stone for other people. You were abused by everyone around you. You poor being. The man, who was once a weakling. I am giving you the power. Giving you a grace. Be the man everyone in the world needs. Become a ruler of the world.

Become the God of World.]


I saw it. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The light that lead me to.....

I am in a room. A pretty big room to say at least. It had two windows on one side, while the door was on other.

A shining light was entering the room. The light that I never expected to see again.

I looked down, only to see a small body. A body so smooth that he could see the bright sun light bouncing away from it.

'Oh shit!' I thought.

'What the fuck am I doing in a body of a baby. What kind of sick joke is this!?!'

I looked directly upwards only to see someone blocking my sight.

There was a woman. Quite beautiful as well.

She had a bright smile. A smile so big that it couldn't compare to any other.

'Wait, was I reborn?'

The woman got her hands in front of me and grabbed me around my hips. She lifted me up and looked me.

I looked back at her beautiful face, while she carefully hugged me.

She had beautiful blonde hair with blue eyes. She was very slim and was about 1,5 meters tall.

"Oh, my beautiful boy. My beautiful baby. I love you so much." she said while a tear dropped from her eyes.

"I love you so, so much."

'I guess she is my mother now. Let's hope she's better than the previous one' I thought to myself.

She than handed me to an elder woman. She carefully grabbed me and put her finger on my forehead.

"Oh, dear God. Let this child, Ronan, into your holy land. Give him grace, give him spirit, so that he will be a powerful man."

Only now did I see what the elderly woman was wearing. A completely white dress, with golden stripes.

'Priests dress up cringe in this world too, huh' I thought.

'And my name is Ronan. What kind of name is that?'

Woman than handed me to a man. He was very tall and muscular. He had white hair, almost as white as elderly woman's dress.

"Ronan, my son. I know that you will become a great man, when you grow up."

'I guess my dad?'

Some time went by and when the elder woman was leaving, my mother gave her a big pouch of what seams to be money in this world - gold coins.

"Thank you so much for your visit priest Maria. Be careful on your way home. I hear there are a lot of wolfs running wild in the forest this days.

"Don't worry Kath. I live close enough."

'So, my mothers name is Kath. Nice to know.'

"Take care Pavel" the women yelled right before she closed the door.

"You too Maria" my dad - Pavel, yelled back, although too late, because the door was already closed.

I was currently on  a bed, while my parents were at the door.

For the first time since I came to this world I tried to crawl.

My muscles were very weak, so I had to be careful.

I started crawling, although very slowly, I was crawling.

I crawled to the end of the bed. I looked down, only to see, what seemed a very high fall.

But before I knew it, I was falling down the bed. Just as I was about to hit the floor something caught me.

I looked below me, only to see that I am floating. I was floating right above the ground.

It was like an invisible force was keeping me in the air.

'Who caught me?' I asked myself.

I looked around the room only to see my mother pointing to the ground below me.

'Don't tell me. I " I said.

'am in a magical world.'