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The Five Stages of Renewal, Chapter 1, Part 2

Nothing happened. Nothing has happened. Nothing will happen.

It sounds more like a chant, the more I think about it. A chant that usually strikes two out of the three correct, but will at the very least, promote the chances of the third becoming the truth as well. Not that I dislike it; I am one that wouldn’t mind a quiet and peaceful life. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I would always prefer it over the other, nor would I go out my way to achieve it. A life filled with excitement and thrill, of drama and romance, a life that I would probably never get tired of if I were to get my hands on it. We all get the taste of said excitement, at least once during our childhood. A drug which you just can’t forget no matter how many years passes by… not that I can speak for all the people out there in the world, but let’s just say it’s common. But in all this thirst or hunger for said life; this yearning remains nothing more but an unfulfilled desire; A desire which I don’t necessarily need to be satisfied.

Today marks my first day of my second year at high school. Yet it feels like my first day of high school itself. Things sure have changed since the last time I’ve been in this part of town, not that I would know, since I probably have never been in this part of town anyway. But somehow, during the time I was gone, it’s just safe to assume that a lot of things have changed…

“Is it that one over there?” I’d point if I my hands weren’t so busy steering.

“Yes. Turn right over there.”

“Eh, but it’s right there though.”

“That road is clearer. Too many cars up ahead.”

“Since when did you become a road expert?”

“Just trust. 8:20 right now. Might make it if we go right.”

“Hey, you’re the one who decided to slack off and watch TV for an hour before waking me up.”

“Yuko Nii. It is your responsibility to wake up.”

Tsch, she’s got a point. But…

“Isn’t that a bit demanding for someone who just got back home from a 12 hour flight?”

Yui’s eyes went up in thought, probably.

“Hm.” She paused. “Fair point. I will wake you up earlier now from now on, until you recover from jetlag.” Jesus, she makes it sound like a disease.

Talk about an unlucky first day of school. I’m glad I took a shower last night, else I would be smelling pretty awful right now. Though, in saying that, something else might be smelly and slushy at the back of my uniform. Since Yui directly wiped her nose near my shoulder so she could still rest on the clean part of my back. I guess she thought this one through.

“Woah, you’re right, there’s no cars in this road. We might make it!”

“See? Told you.”

Oh yes I see. I suppose she cares about tardiness after all.

“Oh, I forgot to mention” Yui added. “This is a one way road that goes against us.”

“Are you trying to get us killed?”

“Don’t worry. No cars here at this hour.”

“You fucking fuck-nugget, who wouldn’t worry about that!?” Yui went silent.

While it is true that I see no cars from my field of vision, it’s pretty nerve wracking to have to think about both of us getting killed on such a peaceful day.

“Yui.” Not expecting a response back, I continued. “I’m never following any of your road advices ever again.”

I say that, but in truth, I’m glad she pointed this out. We arrived at school before we even knew it.

It’s a pretty standard school. As generic as it could get, not that it’s a bad thing, they’re designed that way for a purpose. A purpose I don’t know anyway. We, well. I, followed the instructions of the school traffic officer. Though I’m sure he’s just a teacher getting paid to do this for overtime. Everything is simplified enough, even without a big giant motor vehicle painting on one of the parking slots, it sure already looks like one. There’s still a few students coming to school; mostly walking and taking their time, while a select few would be running as if they were catching a bullet train.

Now that we’re slowed down, I had the chance to take a look at my wrist watch.

8:25 AM

“Barely in time.” I said with a relieved sigh, as I parked the scooter and turned its engine off.

I’m already sensing some odd looks from students and staff alike. Is it that unusual to ride a scooter to school? I wonder what they think of it.

If I’m not mistaken, my sister’s email two nights ago, when I was still on the plane, said that my class would be at 2-B. She probably didn’t make a mistake… but, just in case. After we got off our ride, I felt compelled to insure that my high school life wouldn’t be a complete disaster. Yet.

“I’ll be at 2-B right?”


“And you?”

“I was 1-A last semester. And I will always be 1-A… doesn’t really matter.”

Okay then missus all high and mighty.

“Oh.” She quickly added. “I forgot. You need to go to the staff room since you’re a transferee.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes. You aren’t technically a real student of this school yet. So you’ll be going through all kinds of orientation since you transferred at such a weird time… that’s what mom told me to tell you anyway…” Pinning the responsibility on mom just in case something goes wrong huh? As expected from this devil.

Well, I guess she has more brain in there than she puts up.

“I see… thanks, see you after school then.”

“No. Go home without me. I have club practice.”

“Hoh, Track?”

She replied with two small nods. God damn, that was cute. I almost felt my eyes water there for a second.

“Do you need directions to the faculty.” Again, that didn’t even sound like question, as if she just assumed that my answer would be ‘yes’ I mean, she’s not wrong but…


“It’s at the first floor. Turn right by the entrance. And you’ll eventually see a sign. It’s hard to miss.” … “Oh, and look for ‘Kurumi-sensei’ she’s that woman mom talked about.”

‘That woman’ I couldn’t help but mentally chuckle at that statement. Sure, her importance isn’t that much appreciated from my sister’s perspective, but I’m sure she’s arranged a lot for my transfer.

“Alright, thanks, go on ahead.”

Without a response, she turned her back on me and started to walk away. I suppose that’s a response in its own right.

Without the violent winds going against my face and hair, I had more time and space to feel the other senses bothering my body. But the one bothering me the most was…

“Guh, disgusting.” I murmured as I wiped the back of my shoulder as thorough as I could with a handkerchief. And just when I thought I was done, a voice came from behind.

“—Wops, you missed a spot!”

I wish I had eyes at the back of my head.

“Oh, where?” I said as I hurriedly wiped the back of my shoulder randomly; I was tapping and dragging it with my handkerchief as if I was checking a watermelon’s value.

“A little to the left… oh— no, you went too— no, a bit higher— no not that h—“ I’m sorry! I’m sorry I can’t see it!

“Here, let me get that for you.”

“Eh? But it’s—“ “—It’s fine, it’s fine!”

Random person, I commend you for your bravery!

“There.” She said, followed by a brief chuckle.

“Thanks. That damn girl.”

“Hehe~ Girlfriends are a hassle aren’t they?”

…I think I gagged a little.

Young lady, if you’re joking, please be better at it. I’d really like to lash at your for that, but I suppose that’d be rude. I guess I’ll just stare at you in disdain for what you’ve said.  Not that I hate you, I really just don’t know what to say to that.



“…She wasn’t your girlfriend?”

I’m pretty sure me and Yui look similar… probably… perhaps it’s the height gap? No… we still look similar, wouldn’t it make more sense for us to be viewed as siblings?

Welp. Not that I can expect everyone to know everything about me anyway. It’s not her fault she didn’t know either, no harm in clearing it up.

“No. She’s my little sister.”

“Sister… little sister…”  Her brows furrowed, as her eyes stared at mine so intently that I got confused where to look. I could feel my heart beat speed up, is this what they call being flustered? I hope my face isn’t turning red— No, no, she’s just an awkward broad that doesn’t know what she’s doi—

“—AH!” She screamed in realization. Damn it, there goes my peaceful life option. “Yuko-chan!?”

Why chan!? Wait…


“What. No.”

I felt an arrow striking my chest. I can’t believe I got that wrong. But, I still have a bunch of names in my disposal!





“Asai…” Her eyes started to gleam, but “Nooope!”

“A…” It’s definitely an ‘A’ I just know it! “A…”

A? Who am I kidding? I have no clue who the hell this girl is. Before I could think any further, the bell rang. I guess I’ll have to figure out whether that saved me or not. It’ll depend in which light I see it from, but for now.

“Ah, I gotta go. Bye.” Cold, awkward, but quick. Thank you automated tardy bell!

“—Hey, wait!”

To hell with waiting! This isn’t fleeing. It’s a tactical retreat, that’s right, a tactical retreat!

Discussion (2)

  1. Justice

    Hey, where is part two? I’m missing a whole section of good reading here.

    Anyway, there is still a lack of description regarding visual character details. Here especially this stands out because the main character has a physical reaction to interacting with an oncoming girl in this scene. I gather she is pretty by Yuko’s flustered state (or he’s just really shy), but because she has a ‘to be determined’ appearance, the moment is dulled. I strongly recommend character descriptions for these characters.

    What is Yui’s deal with using her older brother as living tissue paper? Funny, but unsanitary. What a horribly accurate trait of a little sister.