The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 — Chapter 1.6

This is perhaps, a prologue about the secret of my partner who haven`t acknowledged me yet— Kuroyuki Shiroha.

Also a very slight reveal of my mysterious background.

‘Once registered, your ID will be set as ‘Anonymous #2207’. Is that okay?’



Kuroyuki Shiroha (黒雪 白羽)

Race: Human

Age: 16

Birthday: 12th December

Class: First Year Special Class

Rank: 1st

Marriage status: Single

Hobby: Unknown

Favourite things: Unknown

Battle history: 103 wins. Remains undefeated.

Personal description:

The best student of the Imperial Knights Academy.

Extremely gifted and beautiful.

A perfectionist and a super genius.

Limitless talents.


Fan-club members: 2207 members.


#1 – Kuroyuki is the best…!

#2 – I like Kuroyuki so much…!


#651 – Kuroyuki Shiroha will be my future wife!

#652 – No! She`s mine!

#653 – Shut up! She`s mine!

#654 – No! I`m the only one suitable for her!




#73284 – It seems the new guy transferred today was arranged to the same class with Kuroyuki…

#73285 – What!? Who is he!? We can`t let him steal Kuroyuki!






After reading across the 70000+ comments, I closed my screen— resting my eyes for a moment.

Now this is seriously bad. I`m quite certain the guy they are talking about is obviously me. There`s no room to doubt it. After all, I`m the only guy in this room.

Have I done something wrong……?

“…What is it…?”

It seems Kuroyuki noticed my fatigued look.

I immediately open my eyes and heaved a sigh, then faced her with my blank-looking eyes.

“Tell me… Why did you show me your own fan-club that you created…?” I asked.

Kuroyuki clamps her book shut naturally, and glared at me as she put on a defensive stance.

“…In order to protect myself.” She said, with a cold look.

It seems she still had her doubts on me. I guess I might as well take my time for her to get used to it.

Anyways, allow me to clear your doubts.

You are right. Your thoughts aren`t deceiving you at all. Kuroyuki is the person who created her own fan-club page and shared it out using the student`s network. The reason she made this fan-club is for self-protection— just like how she told me. Since she`s the admin, she`s able to check the real identity behind the anonymous ID and know who they are.

At any rate… if someone post a photo of her— she`d be able to check who post it. Then she hacks into that suspect`s main drive and format everything. Not leaving a single speck of data behind— or so she told me.

Apparently, the pictures appeared on her fan-club were mostly sneak shots of her face by chance, it`s slightly blurry though. She also designed the system to block any screenshots and cameras snapshots on her picture just in case someone wants the picture inside her fan-club.

…Scarily smart.

…and here`s the most important part.

“Are you the person who wrote code #73284…?” I asked.

“…who knows?”

Though she says that, but yet she smirked.

“It`s obviously you! How could you do this to me!? Now I`m the most wanted person in this academy!!!”

“…Congratulations. I hereby pass the ‘most wanted’ title to you.” She said with a smug.

Her eyes are telling me ‘surely you are able to handle two thousand people’.

…She`s using it to sway the crowds!

“It had a complete different meaning! Yours are ‘followers’, and mine are ‘enemies’! Aren`t you overestimating me a little too much?” I protested.

“……calm down. Your language is turning bad.”

“And who`s the one responsible for this!?”


Damn. There`s no room for me to quip her statement. She`s completely right. If those people did not bother her, I wouldn`t have to suffer from this useless crap.

“Gargh……!” Due to overwhelming stress, I scratched my head like a madman.

“…Hey…” Kuroyuki suddenly mutters. “…aren`t they creepy?”

When I saw her disgusted expression, I gave a thought from her perspective.

“…They are.” I replied.

I calmed down.

If some random stranger suddenly grabs your hand and say ‘where are you going, my sweetheart?’ Obviously you would`ve felt disgusted— or even terrified. Though I had seen some peoples claiming a fictional character to be their ‘wife’, but Kuroyuki is a real life person.

…I involuntarily felt some sympathy towards her just like my sympathy to my little sis. She must`ve had it hard. Perhaps she wanted to go anywhere freely without being bothered instead of trapping here in this room.

They aren`t considering her feelings. Not at all.

They are just some selfish bunch.

“…Ever since the first day of January, I wonder how many times have it been?” Kuroyuki sighed.

Her eyes looked extremely scornful— full of disgust.

Exactly the same eyes that Restia made when she told me after she rejected it for 400 times or so. Kuroyuki must have rejected them properly at first, but…

“…when did you stop to reject properly?”

“…after 2000 times or so.”

“Urk…!? That number is insane…!”

My cute little sis... Someone broke your record by at least five times.

“…I`ve had enough of rejecting people. Even my heart has its limit. Moreover, they always tell me the same thing, you know?”

My little sis probably understood her feelings.

“They`d told you… ‘you`re cute’, or ‘you`re beautiful’… something like that.” I murmured.

For some reason, Kuroyuki looks surprised.

But she looks away afterwards— with her eyes looking distant.

“…yes. Because I`m cute, they come to like me. And because they like me, they started to think they want to ‘own me’.”

She deliberately forces out a scornful laugh. A chilling laugh.

“…What a joke. So simple-minded… Every single one of them lusted for my body… for their own reputation to have a cute girlfriend…” She uttered.

Though I don`t really understand society… but I know such words shouldn`t be coming out from the mouth of a high school girl.


And so, I said nothing.

Because I know I`m not supposed to say anything now.

But Kuroyuki… I`m sure you know there`s someone out there that appreciates more to your talent rather than your looks— just like I do.


Kuroyuki suddenly widens her eyes and looks towards my direction. The way she looks at me were like as if she sensed something.

“…If you were in their position, what will you say…?”


Hold on. Did she questioned me based on her sixth sense?

Anyways, I was asked with a similar question before— by my little sister. And I`m sure they`d judge my answer with their ‘girl`s intuition’.

This is a situation which if you give an answer— you`d die. If you don`t give an answer— you`d die too.

Though, there`s a slight chance to survive. The odds are as so…

If I gave them a wrong answer, it would`ve cost my life.

If I gave them a fake answer, it would`ve cost my life.

If I gave them an insincere answer, it would`ve cost my life.

If I gave them an internet-based answer, it would`ve cost my life.

…An extremely hard task.

Then… there`s only one choice.

I need to tell her my true feelings, regardless of what am I going to say— even if my answer might be the same as theirs. She`d even allowed me to.

If I were given a perfect chance to confess to a girl like her, who possess a high and almighty standard till it was extremely terrifying, what would I say to her…?

I took a deep breath, as I sit properly still on my chair— with her at my opposite.

“Kuroyuki, love knows no boundaries…”

“…and here I`d expect more from you.” She interrupted.

And lets out a scornful sigh afterwards.

“I`m not done yet! Just let me continue…!” I refuted.

“…Go on.”

I will just say whatever`s on my mind.

“A pair of couple are born, as they acknowledged each other as equals— when love is bonded between them. The me now might not be worthy enough for you and your talent, but— please…”

“…Don`t waste your time.” Kuroyuki interjected uncomfortably.

“That`s not it! Stop breaking my sentence…! Just let me finish!” I instantly retorted.

“…I will not interrupt this time. J-Just finish it…”

I was surprised. Kuroyuki seems to be embarrassed.

It`s such a rare sight— and it`s cute too.

Putting those feelings aside first, I continued my final words.

“…please, give me time to polish myself. I promise— in two years. By that time— I will definitely be a man more than enough for you, so before that time— please… don`t belong to anyone else.”


Kuroyuki`s face was completely red.

She held both of her hands on her chest, griping on her blazer.

So freaking cute!

If I were to give some special effects to her right now… probably a ‘Pssh’ sound and some steam bursting out from her head would be appropriate.

“…I-It will be hard to reject…” She murmured softly with her redden cheeks.

She had been avoiding to look at me too.

There`s nothing else but to say she`s super cute right now.


There`s something bothering my mind.

I know Kuroyuki favours on what I`ve said to her, but yet she`s still rejecting it without a second thought.

Could it be…?

I hope I was wrong. Or else this could lead me to become the one and only person to know Kuroyuki`s biggest reason of her rejection to anyone.

“Who on earth is so capable enough to steal your heart…?”


Kuroyuki immediately stared at me with an unexpected, surprised look.


Though she opens her mouth, but yet she paused and not saying anything.

It would seem she wanted to tell me ‘it`s none of your business’. But for some reason, she can`t.

Then, I might as well go all the way.

“…You know, it`s easy to tell when a maiden fell in love.” I said.

“…Humph…! …It`s a secret.” She said with a displease look as she furrowed her brows, breaking her eye contact.

By the way, whenever she made those girl-like sounds, it made my heart thump for a moment.

Looks to me she had no intentions to tell me— and I have no idea who this mysterious person is…

…Wait. Perhaps I do.

With our conversations up until now, Kuroyuki only mentioned three persons in their names.

Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare;



“Lucifer……” I paused, as I tried to remember the name. “…Vermillion…?”

The moment she hears this, Kuroyuki stunned for a moment— to be precise, exactly one second.

After that second, she instantly closed our distance by pouncing from her chair— with her right hand reaching out to my face.

With that speed, anyone wouldn`t have the time to react.

…Not me.

I`d managed to grab her smooth hand reflexively.

But even if I caught it, the threat did not lessen. Because when I came to realize it— Kuroyuki welded an ice sword on her left hand, and it was just placed right in front of my neck.

Of course, I caught her sword reflexively by pinching between my fingers too.

The real threat is her spears that are floating around her— their tips are pointing at me.

…I was even more in shock when compared to the last time she shot me with a spear.

“…How…?” Kuroyuki uttered.

Her cold, glaring eyes chillingly made my spine shivered and paused my breath.


‘Stay calm.’ I told myself.

Stay calm and look at her.

Look at her in the eye and ask her why.

“I… W…” The shock and fear gave me trouble in sorting out my words. “…What are you saying…?”

“…WHY DID YOU KNOW THAT NAME?” She utters aggressively.

Kuroyuki is already enduring herself. From my hands— I can tell that her trembling sword and hand are actually trying to stop herself from harming me.

“Y— You said it yourself…” I struggle to cough out my words. “You said it yourself when you demanded a duel…!”

Kuroyuki`s eyes rolled around afterwards— as if she`s trying to remember the scene.

When she stares back at me— her right arm relaxed and her swords and spears disappears.


She apologizes quietly.

She`d look extremely apologetic and regretful.


Confirming she`d actually cooled down, I`d slowly let go of her hand. And the moment she sat back on her seat, I deliberately took a deep breath and heaved a huge sigh of relieve.

…Good grace.

Even if it`s me, I already find it extremely difficult to be dealing with her.

So… who is he? Who is Lucifer Vermillion? Why did Kuroyuki had such a big reaction till she was on the verge to cut me with her sword? What is he to her?

“…He— is my childhood friend.” Kuroyuki suddenly mutters.

“…………What?” I inadvertently said.

I did not expect such an answer.

I know we are talking about her crush earlier. But with that reaction, I thought Lucifer Vermillion was her enemy.

“…I thought you were a high level stalker who even knew about my crush…” She added.


Her reason made me speechless.


You would`ve killed me because of that?!

“…You are too attentive, Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare.”

Judging from her tone, it seems she meant it as a warning.

“…At this rate, you would`ve meddle yourself in someone else`s business before you knew it.”

In someone else`s matter…

She`s telling me to stay out of it— her own matter, her own business.

No— that`s not it. I`ve already stepped on it. It`s already too late to pull back.

She`s actually worrying about me. It might possible because she knew this isn`t something to be make light of. She was afraid that I`d probably get myself involved into something dangerous. That`s why she apologized, that`s why she warned.


“Don`t worry about me.” I muttered.

That`s all I could say.

I know it myself. I couldn`t actually care less about danger because I know I don`t have much time left.

“…Don`t think too highly of yourself.”

“I`m not. I know how dangerous it is when you involve yourself in something unknown.”

“…You even know nothing good will come out of it. Then why?”

“…Because…” I paused. “…you are my precious classmate?” I said unsurely.

I was too embarrassed to use the word ‘friend’— plus, I think it was unnecessary too.

“…No one would go so far for a classmate.”

I know.

“You are my one and only classmate.” I said. “I`d help you rather than relying on you.”


Kuroyuki knew how far and how much my determination was.

She`d made a pained and troubled look afterwards as she gazes downwards— placing her hand on her temple.

After a moment of struggle within herself— Kuroyuki eventually raises her head and stared at me with a firm expression.

She… actually opens up to me.

It seems… I can talk freely now.

But I need to be considerate of her feelings. I need an approach that`s less severe.

What is less severe, then? I had no clue at all.

Less severe… Like—

“Why did you fall in love with him?” I asked.

“…It was something that happened 8 years ago.”

“This means… both of you made a promise…?”

With how she reacted ever since the first time I met her, that`s the only thing I could come up with.

…A simple promise that happened eight years ago.

At eight years old, that is the only thing that could give her a reason to keep moving forward.

Just like how Restia and I made our promise to each other six years ago.

“…Yes. But it was more or less like a one-sided promise.”

“…One sided?”

“If there is one single thing I`m better than him— One.” She enhances the word. “I get to marry him.”

“So he is the reason you strive yourself to such an extend?”

“…N.” She nodded.

Such confidence.

Her childhood friend had such confidence.

A confidence to challenge Kuroyuki— the high and almighty.

He might be a character that`s even more extreme than Kuroyuki.

And I can tell, Kuroyuki really loves him. To keep her one-sided promise— she improvised herself in nearly every possible way…

…or maybe, did he made such a promise on purpose so that he could marry Kuroyuki without losing his pride?

Nah… it actually solidifies her childhood friend`s character. If I were to describe him… he might be an even better genius than Kuroyuki.

A true genius among genius.

Unlike me.

Come to think of it… why did she…?

“Do I look like him?” I asked. “It seems you mistook me as him…”

“…………” She said nothing and adverted her eyes, looking annoyed as she pouted her cheeks.

Huh. She really hates it when she made a mistake.

“So… is this the reason you came here…?”

“…No. I`ve lost contact with him eight years ago…”  Kuroyuki murmured.

I realize that her hands are trembling.

It`s serious.

Shit… I hope it`s not similar to my situation.

“…I… will wait for him… no matter how long it takes…”

…Her voice is shaking.

Tears gathered on the corner of her eyes. Almost as if any more stimulation would`ve made her burst into tears.

The exact pained expression— just like the first time we met.

My heart… felt like it was being squeezed once again.

Ah… I see— So that`s it.

Lucifer Vermillion, her childhood friend was the one who saved her. That`s why she had such a desperation, such a stubbornness.

Just what exactly happened? Did he disappear? Did your parents know about it? What about his parents? Did they disappear? Do you have any neighbours who knows about this? Did anyone know of it?

These bombarding questions were about to escape from my lips.

Shit. I`ve lost my cool.

That`s it. This is the limit.

I need to stop asking any further— for her sake and for my sake.

But I know… there`s one possible conclusion I can think up of.

…He disappeared.

Kuroyuki must`ve searched for him— but, for how long? Did she search all the way till here…?

Any more of this and I will become unable to hold back.

Thus, in the spur of moment… I made an offer.

“I don`t know how am I able to help… but let me know when you need it.”

I made a vow by placing my fist on my heart.


Kuroyuki stared at me with a dumbfounded look as a tear falls from the corner of her right eye.

She made a tender smile afterwards as she took both of my hands.

“…thank you…” She said gratefully.

Even if it`s the tiniest bit of help… she`d want it wholeheartedly. Just like the time I needed it— that`s why I can`t bear to watch. That`s why I`d wanted to help out, even if I know I can`t do anything.

“…Ah. That`s the least I can do.”

With that, I took a handkerchief from my left pocket, and reach out to Kuroyuki.

Obviously, Kuroyuki understood. She said nothing and took the handkerchief from my hand to wipe off her tears, then returns back to me.

Afterwards, we`d stop talking because of the awkwardness, and we spent the rest of our day on our own matters.

I was messing with the administrative system, while Kuroyuki continued to read her book.

Just in case you`d forget, let me remind you of something.

Despite all of the flip-flop of emotions, I was unable to escape from my fate…

…of my first official duel— the duel against the best student, the first place, the strongest student, the <Winter Princess>…

…Kuroyuki Shiroha.