The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 — Chapter 1.7

Before progressing back to the main story, allow me to tell you the origins about the tournament which Persia mentioned, and which I was going to participate.

With that, things will start from the history of ‘World War 4’ that happened a few hundred years ago. Needless to say, ‘world war’ is a world-scaled military conflict, and the word ‘4’ means such a large scale conflict happened for the fourth time.

So… World War 4, was the deadliest military conflict that has ever been recorded in history.

The participants are as so…

Humans, elves, fairies, spirits, vampires, dwarves, beast-mans, dragons, giants, angels, demons, dragons, magical beasts, and even the celestial gods. An estimated total of 1.048 billion people perished, which was about 14% of the world population (estimated 7.7 billion).

It lasted for 23 years.

Or rather, in a mere 23 years… World War 4 pushed the world to the verge of destruction.

That`s when on the 23rd year, July 1st. One of the legendary twelve apostles of the God of Creation suddenly appeared, and ‘it’ decided to put an end to everything. ‘It’ destroyed several of the strongest and main cause countries of World War 4 in just three days by itself, alone.

Even with full preparation to meet against his attacks, not a single one of them is able to take down the apostle— even if it`s the powerful celestial gods who are just one rank below them.

After another three days— July 6th, the whole world surrendered to it. Those of the remaining countries which still exists were compromised to sign a peace treaty.

The conditions for the peace treaty:

  1. Cease war for 300 years.
  2. No attempts or provocations to start a war for 300 years.
  3. Compensations from war will be covered by respective government.
  4. All conflicts will be settled by duels between the strongest teams of each respective country, the duel location will be decided by the apostle once every 50 years.
  5. All countries who signed this peace treaty must participate every year.
  6. All countries must and choose only one representative to be the judge of the duel.
  7. A reward will be granted to the winning team by the apostle.
  8. Those who signed and do not obey the peace treaty will be erased by the apostle.

Such a condition was like the era of the knights. Battle with pride, fame and honour.

Thus, this duel created by the apostle was then named as the <Knight`s Tournament>.

Of course, everyone obeyed the conditions at first. But in a mere 15 restricted years, one country broke the treaty by attacking his neighbouring country who signed the peace treaty and was weaker.

No one knew what was the reason that country attacked. Whether is it for fortune, resources, or perhaps they`ve never seen the wrath of the apostle. The consequences were pretty obvious. It`s exactly as what was written in the peace treaty. That very country was wiped out— completely erased from the map. Not a single trace of its existence was left behind. Ever since then, not a single one of the rest dare to make another attempt.

And so, peace was able to last for another 285 years, at least. Though military conflicts still occur nowadays, but there hasn`t been any world-scaled military conflicts ever since.

By the way, the <Knight`s Tournament> was quite successful during the 300 restricted years. Even after the restricted years, the <Knight`s Tournament> somehow became a friendly battle entertainment after a few tweaks on the rules and regulations. Even if time passes for several hundred years and era have changed— the <Knight`s Tournament> still goes on and now boasted as the world`s largest fan population battle entertainment. Of course, the rules and regulation was reformed over and over throughout the eras.

Despite the change in rules and regulations, one tradition from the old rules was passed down. That is, the location is still decided by the apostle once every 50 years.

However, there was one exception he made 17 years ago. He changed the location to Central Imperial Island, where it was located at the centre of many nations. Central Imperial Island was founded by a human 22 years ago, and he is now the king of the Central Imperial Island. It was said that this very island is favoured by the apostle, and even received his blessing— this island now rose to become one of the strongest countries nowadays.

Anyways, allow me to explain the current rules and regulation of the <Knight`s Tournament>.

The rules and regulation to participate:

  1. This tournament is open to every student with their school and nationality acknowledged by the chairman of the <Knight`s Tournament>.
  2. Registration must be submitted to the tournament`s official website.
  3. Only one registration per person is permitted.
  4. Upon registration, the image of student id must be submitted and confirmed that it is you and does not infringe on any other right of third party.
  5. Only students aged 16-18 in terms of human age is allowed to participate, parent`s permission are required except for Imperial Knights Academy.
  6. The maximum number of times in which a student can participate in the tournament is 3 times.
  7. The maximum number of participants in one school of each country other than Central Imperial Island is 100.
  8. The maximum number of participants for Imperial Knights Academy is 300.
  9. Each participant is required to battle individually, as pairs, and as a team.
  10. The number of participants in each team must range between 2-100.
  11. The tournament will accept participants until June 16th XX93, 2.59 pm, time zone (UTC – 4 hours).

As for the newest rules of the battle, it will be announced after 3 days.

Well, some old rules from last year probably will still be kept the same. Such as to win the battle, you are required to knock down all of your opponents first or make them surrender. Not being able to make to the match in time will be considered a forfeit. Breaking the rules— or foul, in short, will immediately be disqualified.

...As confusing as it may be, perhaps I`m able to understand once I had the actual duel.

Because my opponent is Kuroyuki Shiroha.

She`s an <Ice Elemental User>;

A tactician;

A swordswoman with a god-like reaction speed;

With superhuman strength.

I may have engaged myself in a fight against her because of some circumstances and learnt about her abilities, but I still need to be cautious— I know she still had tons of skills hiding inside her sleeves. I can learn a lot from her since she`s strong.

For what hidden skills she has, I have no idea. And it`s not like I`d reveal my cards to her or anybody too.

The only thing she knew about my ability— is my superhuman strength. I only showed her that much that`s why she wants to fight me.

If possible, I`d like to avoid this— but I guess it`d be useless.

If possible, I`d like to win— but I know it`s greedy to even think so.

I know I can`t win— not in my current state.

That`s why—

[Ding dong dang dong]

Crap, the digital school bell rang.

Our class for today have ended— without a teacher for the whole day.

Where the hell are they…?

“…it`s time.” Kuroyuki murmurs as she stood up from her chair.

It`s as if she`s murmuring to herself, but she`s actually talking to me. Although I`ve already expect this, but dang, this is bad.

Time to play dumb.

“Time? For what?”


Eek! She completely saw through my intentions! Such a cold, terrifying glare!

“C-Can we do it tomorrow—”



Seeming to have no choice, I stood up from my chair sluggishly and stretched my back.

“…Follow me.”

Kuroyuki made a ‘come’ gesture with her hand without looking at me.

Though there was an urge to grab her hand for a moment, but I stopped myself and followed behind unwillingly to the lift. I was forced to comply with her.

The lift is going down.

“Where will you be going?” I asked.

“…You will know soon.”

Not a single hint.

The lift opens. We reached the ground floor.

Kuroyuki calmly exits the lift and heads to the right, where the main entrance is.

With me still standing inside the lift, I am thinking to use this chance to sneak back.

But just right before I was going to press the close button, Kuroyuki realizes and quickly took a step backward to the door and jerked my necktie with her right hand— pulling my body forth. I could struggle all I want against her, but the tie is right on where the lift door is going to close. If it closes and moves up, I would get dragged downwards, then the lift will be in great trouble— that guy will definitely tell me to pay for the reparations. He`s even aiming on my funds lately.

Thinking that, I immediately give up and exited the lift.

“…I`m afraid you can`t avoid it for today.” Kuroyuki said with a smirk.

She continues to walk without giving me another ounce of concern, and this time— she`s still pulling my tie. It`s as if she knew I would`ve escape whenever I had the chance to.

Click, click, click, clack.

Her footsteps proceeded and I was pulled along.

Today or tomorrow— I don`t think there will be any difference whenever I think about it. If it`s a fight, that is. Her persistence made me felt it`s entirely something else. But what was that ‘something else’? I just can`t think up of an answer.

In that case, based from what I remembered… especially code #73284 from her fan-club, I predict she`s going outside. A place where she could grab the attention which she hates…

It`s quite an irony, so I`m quite certain this is more than just a simple duel.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked.

Kuroyuki seemed to have paused for a moment when she heard my remark. She took a quick glance on me as she said…

“…You will know soon.”

…with a pleased look.

From that, this means she knew what I meant and she`s not telling me… no, maybe she`s postponing the answer on purpose.

I had no idea on what she`s trying to do. She`s full of mystery.

My lack of sleep is causing disturbance in my thoughts. I decided to stop thinking for now.


We passed the main entrance.


Afterwards, the force field.

“Erm, Kuroyuki? Can you let go already?” I murmured.

“…You will run away.”

“I won`t, okay? I merely don`t want you to pull my tie like you are walking a dog. Why did you choose to grab my tie in the first place?”

“…The lift won`t close if I grab your sleeve.”

Because if she grabs my sleeve, my hand will be in the way for the door to close.

“As expected, you are evil!”

“…Evil, huh?”

For some reason, Kuroyuki grinned.


She pulled even harder. I don`t want my tie to tear off so I leaned forward and let her drag me like a dog this time.

At any rate…

Kuroyuki pulled me further away from the force field of the White Mansion. I guess I had been keeping in this ‘leaning forward’ pose and walked for another several hundred meters. How embarrassing, I hope no one else sees me.

On my left, is a forest that I was slightly familiar with, or rather, acquainted with. For some reason, I got lost in there this morning, and still can`t figure the reason.

On my right, there`s nothing but grass. But the grass was dyed to gold colour due to the sunset rays, it looks fascinating.

If Kuroyuki took my hand instead of pulling my neck tie— things would`ve felt completely different. It will be more like a date instead of torture…

“…I will warn just in case.” Kuroyuki suddenly murmurs. “If you surrender, I will just have to force the forced duel system on you to make you submit.”

Such confidence she possesses.

Personally, I think she went a little too far.

“Okay, okay.” I replied vaguely. “If you are willing to go so far then I will just fight properly.”

“…Good. I`m glad you understand.”

Saying that, Kuroyuki loosen her fingers from my neck tie and activated her screen.

Phew… finally! My lower back feels a little sprained and exhausted.

Suddenly, a warning sign window with a radius of 15 cm circulated around my waist.


A warning alarm rang afterwards.

It`s coming from my device…! What happened?!


“What…………?” I was stunned for a moment. “Is this really necessary…!?”

“…Of course.”

What`s with that smug?

“…If you don`t mind, please wait for a minute.” She added.

“I don`t really mind already.” I replied vaguely.

I don`t think I could actually do anything even if I mind or not. So let`s just go along with the flow.

“…You look quite disheartened.” Kuroyuki suddenly murmured.

It seems she merely wants to kill time. I was bored too, so having a little chat with her wouldn`t hurt.

“I think anyone except a psychopath and a battle freak would`ve become disheartened if they were forced to fight the strongest student out of the blue. And besides, I haven`t slept since 3am.”

“…I know you can deal with it somehow.”

The way she says is almost as if she knew me well enough to make such a claim.

“Aren`t you trusting on me a little too much?”

“…I never said I trusted you.”

The way her tone gives… it`s as if she trusts and distrust me at the same time.

“Then… is it something similar to Persia`s ability to read people?”

“…More advanced. Persia`s understanding about the world is still a little naive.”

More advanced, she said. How far can it actually go…? Like the ability of the all-seeing eye of the fairy race? That can`t be.

“…You don`t need to know too much yet, Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare.” She sighed. “Take things at a pace you like, one step at a time.”

“I would love to, but I can`t.”

Somehow, hearing that, Kuroyuki stares at me with her eyes widens as if she`s surprised.

…Crap. I answered without thinking.


“Well… you don`t need to know too much yet, Kuroyuki. It`s just like you told me, take things at a pace you like, one step at a time.”

I interjected before she could question me.

“…My words were backfired.”

She`s sulking.


On the right of my view, I saw dozens of schoolmates hopped down from the floating buggies. There are three of them. Those buggies are like those meant to fetch and ride for a small, reasonable distance.

They stood there and watch us afterwards, keeping their distance.

And as every second passes, more and more random bystanders appeared in their buggy ride.

Come to think of it, why did they know it was here?

“…Whenever a duel is acknowledged by the system, it will be announced through the duel`s directory board. With our location are displayed on the school map.” Kuroyuki said.

“Huh… Aren`t you quite the sly one…”

I looked around.

I was expecting all members of Kuroyuki`s fan-club to come here, but… there`s only a few hundreds of them. It doesn`t seem to be increasing any further.

Since a large crowd formed, mutters starts to get louder. And curious on what they are talking about, I concentrated my ears to differentiate their conversations.

“Shit…! The rumours are true!”

“So this is the new guy… He`s in the same class with our princess…!”

“Look how close they are standing to each other… I`m so jealous!”

“Is he at the top of the ranking system?”

“I scanned his face and searched. No, he`s still not registered yet. This is his first duel.”

“Really, now? Aren`t he courageous to be challenging our <Winter Princess> on his first try?”

“How long will he last? Even if our princess is going easy on him and even if he is a special student, I guess he won`t last long.”

“Perhaps…… five minutes?”

“No, no, no. One minute.”

“Who cares!? Our princess will never lose!”



I was totally disgusted from their behaviour. So is the young lady next to me, she`s extremely annoyed. Her ears are good enough to hear them clearly.

Kuroyuki then faced the crowd with her cold, chilling glare.

“…all of you done yet?” She uttered.


It took less than a second for things to turn completely silent.

It was amazing how just the sound of her voice made everyone shut up and pay attention to her. Her transparently cold voice was extremely quiet and subdued. And yet the message got across, loud and clear. It was like listening to the sound of fresh snow piling on the ground.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that — rather than merely shutting up — they were in an awe of her. Everyone opened their eyes wide and stand rooted to their spots. As if they were spell bounded for a moment by Kuroyuki.

“…Shall we begin, then?” Kuroyuki said to me.

“Umm… Excuse me!”

A guy`s voice suddenly struck out from the sea of crowds.

Everyone`s attention was caught by it. Of course, including me as well as Kuroyuki.

“Sorry, coming through!”

A human male, with a blue tie and a black uniform make his way out from the crowds. Judging from his clothes, he`s a first year, S ranked class. He had a pretty white-silver hair, which the colour at the tail of his hair is transparent, and his eyes are emerald green. He had a cool looking silver sheathed sword carried on his waist.

I was surprised. I never imagined someone would still be using swords at this era.

Kuroyuki is different. Instead of guns and bullets— her spears are almost as fast as a bullet and powerful like a bazooka, so it`s not a problem.

“…What do you want?” Kuroyuki uttered with a glare.

That poor guy flinched for a moment, and stood at his place.

“U-Uh, I… Ehem! Mind letting me talk to him for a moment?” He shouted.

“Huh? Me?” I pointed at myself with a confused look.

Kuroyuki gave it a thought.

“……Fine.” She said.

“Thank you.”

He ran straight to me and stopped after out distance were closed to around seven steps.

Since he`s closer, I can get a good look on him. On first glance, he had quite the friendly look and aura. But for some reason, I can`t shake off the weird vibe I got from him.

“You are not an <Elemental User>, aren`t you? It seems you don`t use magic either, I think you need a weapon.” He said.

With those words, I just realize I don`t have a weapon with me. If it`s isn`t for him, I might have a hard time enduring the pain on my fist from the coldness of Kuroyuki`s attacks.

“…You could take mine if you want.” Kuroyuki suddenly interrupted.

Your weapons? No way. It`s definitely a trap.

“Nah, your weapons are too cold for me.” I replied.

At first I thought Kuroyuki was going to force her weapons on me, but she`d agree to my reason. I guess she`s not as unreasonable as I thought she was.

Anyways, did this guy approached to me just to remind me I don`t have a weapon? That can`t be, right?

“So… Do you mean you are going to lend me your sword?” I said to him.

“Yup.” He nodded. “Just take it.”

He took the sheathed sword from his waist.

Just when he was about to hand his sword over—

“Whoa— hey! Calm down, princess!”

He deflected Kuroyuki`s spear easily with his sword.

Witnessing his movements made me doubted myself for a moment. Because his skills… seems too good to be true to be a mere S class student.

“…I never gave you permission, <Sword Saint>.”

For some reason, Kuroyuki seems to be pretty aware of him.

“Come on, don`t be stingy. He will definitely lose if he doesn`t have a weapon.” He said to Kuroyuki.

The way he runs his mouth somehow provoked Kuroyuki.

I was thinking ‘Uh-Oh’.

“…You merely wanted to steal his sword technique.” Kuroyuki muttered impatiently.

“O-Of course not!” He replied as he quickly handed over his sword on my hand.

The way he hands me his sword is almost as if he desperately wants me to use his sword.

At any rate, I find it hard to keep up with their conversation.

From the way they talk, it seems this guy— the <Sword Saint> is purposely lending me his sword so he could steal my sword techniques.

The question is, how is he going to steal it? To begin with, I don`t have a sword technique. Not me.

“Is this really okay? Your sword looks expensive. I think I might break it.” I said to him.

“Nah, this sword is indestructible. Give it a swing if you like.”

Hearing those confident words, I turned and faced to an empty area as I remove the sword out from its sheath.

It`s a single edged sword— a falchion sword, I think.

Wait a second. Why does this sword feel so familiar…? Where have I seen it before?

I can`t remember. Oh well, let`s give it a swing—

“Ah, hold on a second. Before you swing, visualize the type of ideal sword you want in your head, and this sword will transform to it.” He said.

“Oh? Like the practical fight test?”

“Huh…? Oh… right, I forgot you just enrolled today. Yeah it`s something like that.”


When I visualized the ideal sword inside my head, the sword on my hand immediately glows with a silver colour and changed to a double edged sword. The size of this sword on my hand now is smaller than an Excalibur but larger than a rapier. Total length was about 1.2m.

I adjusted my grip on the hilt, and grabbed firmly on my right hand.

Then… I simply swing it downwards.


The ground below my feet immediately crumbles in a radius around 10 metres. I was sunk at the middle about half of my body height.

Except for Kuroyuki who fought me once and backed off far away, everyone else who was present here are completely stunned in shock, especially the guy who lent me his sword— he was blown off far away back to the crowds and he fainted.

“Whoops.” I let out an innocent look.

I will call the infirmary later.

I stepped out from the crater, at least— a few steps away from the cracks nearby.

Seeing that I`m ready, Kuroyuki who was now at my opposite… lets out a confident grin and declared:

“…I, Kuroyuki Shiroha hereby challenge you, Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare, to a forced duel.”

A screen suddenly appeared in front of me. Instructing me to declare the following context.

Ugh… I guess once the forced duel system activates, there`s no turning back.

Here goes…

“I, Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare, accept the duel of Kuroyuki Shiroha.”

As proof of acceptance (even though it was by force), the sleeves ends and collar of our blazer shone red. A transparent layer of danger area with a shape of hemispheres had expanded, with both of us at the centre of it. As we move, the hemisphere moves too. This transparent layer was meant to keep off any bystanders to getting dragged into the fight.

Huh… Kuroyuki`s danger area is four times larger than mine. Err… if I calculate our distance, we are almost 100m away. I`m in a total disadvantage.

A timer then appeared between us on the middle. Counting down from ‘THREE’.

Suddenly, a thought came to my mind.

“Hold it!” I shouted. “If I need to win, this means I would`ve need to knock you out!?”

Though I said that, but the timer continues to proceed— counting down to ‘TWO’.

“…I don`t think you could.”

“Huh? But isn`t getting knocked out by you hurts even more!?”


“…I will be gentle.”

Her grin turns evil.

Though it`s cute, but it doesn`t looks good at all…!

I don`t think I have what it takes to win.

Ignoring the gazes of the crowd, I took a deep breath. Taking both the sword on my right hand and sheath on the left hand in a dual wielding style.

Left to defend, right to attack.


With an outburst on my right foot— I sprinted forward, closing our distance at least 40m in less than a second.

However, I know this speed is still not enough. She`s faster. There`s more than enough time for Kuroyuki to summon her spears and attack— like now.


Although she summoned thirty spears, but she shot three first.

Before the first spear hits, I took a side step to move away from its trajectory. After taking another two steps, I parried the second spear to the left with the sheath on my left and deflected the third spear upwards with the sword.

I continued to run forth.

Huh, it`s getting easier than I thought. I suppose I`m getting used to this. Now then, perhaps I should prepare to block the rest of her spears…

As I was expecting her to shoot her spears, but Kuroyuki gently tapped her right foot on the ground.

A huge wall of snow suddenly rises up— nearly seven meters tall, hurling forward.

What!? This is nearly double the size of the first time…!

It completely blocked my sight on Kuroyuki, of course— her as well.

Damn, I don`t think I could use the same move like the first time. Perhaps she was expecting me to destroy it. If I did, she could just shoot her spear knowing I couldn`t react in time after I swung too hard.

Let`s escape from the sides.

As I approach to the right side of the incoming snow—


I quickly kicked myself backwards from the barrages of spears that forced me back to the effective area of her snow tsunami.

Shit…! How many were there!? A hundred!? How could I even escape!?

The left side… is probably the same as well. The centre is a no go and jumping over it would`ve give her a good opportunity to freeze me.

Curse it, she trapped me just like that…! Isn`t this is just a mock battle!? She`s taking it so seriously!

Shit…! I need to stop thinking! I will let my battle instincts to guide me…!

“One Handed Sword Arts— Swing!”

Clenching on the sword on my right, I swung it downwards— slicing off the right quarter of the snow, forcing an opening to let me pass through.

I leaped through the opening, and as what I predicted— her countless spears are already on their way and it`s about to hit me.

Instinctively, I threw the sheath as hard as I could— aiming for Kuroyuki, just as if her spears were aiming me.


The shockwave from the sheath knocks off many of her spears from their trajectory, and was more than enough to hit Kuroyuki.

It seems she wasn`t expecting this. But she looks calm enough to deal with this.

Before the sheath is going to hit— she took one of her floating spears around her and managed to guide the sword`s trajectory upwards.

Her body was left unbalanced.

I already reached her.

“One Handed Sword Arts— Swing!”

I swung my sword horizontally. Of course, I held off most of my strength— but yet...


She blocked my swing with another spear easily.

I then realize her unbalanced posture is just a feint.

I was half expecting her to kick my body afterwards so I instinctively contracted my abs. But Kuroyuki did not.

“…Don`t hold back.” She said with a smirk.

Am I underestimating her a little too much…? She`s giving me a chance on purpose.

She leaps backwards, for 10m or so.

I caught back the scabbard that she directed upwards too.



The moment I heard her fingers snapped, I instinctively closed my eyes and raised both of my hands in a defensive posture to protect my body.


All of her spears before exploded— forming a scene akin to a snow storm.

“Hah… Hah…”

I panted from the sudden surprise as I open my eyes. Some of her ice and snow are on my hair and clothes.

As expected, I was surrounded by white mists. It`s blurry, but I can still tell Kuroyuki is still in front of me.

I need to get rid of this stupid mist.

“One Handed Sword Arts— Swing!”

I swung the sheath upwards as hard as I could. The power from it blew off the mists in an instant.

As soon as the mists uncloaked, I was stunned by the view in front of me.

Kuroyuki, with her right hand extended with her special three-finger gesture— and nearly a thousand of her spear are shooting towards me.

There`s so much of it that it completely disrupted my field of vision.

Shit…! How could I even win against her…!?

I immediately adjust myself and stood in a defensive posture as I wielded the sword and sheath on my hands, letting my instincts to take over as I took a deep breath.

For the first four spears, I deflected them aside. For the next seven spears, I guided them away from their trajectory. For the next twelve spears, I parried them away. For the next thirty-two spears, I blocked them. As for the rest—

“Dual Wielding Sword Arts— Double Swing!”


I forcefully swung my weapons horizontally. It`s strong enough to create a force to blast away the spears.

Her spears scattered and flew everywhere. When I looked around— Kuroyuki is nowhere to be found.

Instinctively, I turned backwards as I diagonally swung my scabbard backhandedly around the height of my shoulder— it pinned a spear down stabbing to the ground. Her attack felt extremely light.

“…Not bad.”

Kuroyuki, who was holding onto the spear looks amused.

That said, the sword on her left followed and came slicing from my right.



I was expecting it to be a weightless attack. But it`s not. Even though I blocked her attack with the sword— the impact from her sword transferred from my sword to my arm to my shoulder and to my body, pushing and sending my body flying to the left.

Her superhuman strength— it was so powerful. It was so powerful enough to send me flying.

I quickly adjusted my mid-air posture and landed with both of my feet sliding on her snow.

“Hah… hah…”

I was totally and completely surprised and freaked out— catching my breath as hard as I could.

What`s with this ridiculous strength…!? She`s not even using any body strengthening magic nor strengthening devices…!

Did she go through the same training as I am…!?


I don`t know how did she do it, but she closed our distance in an instant. It was close enough for even her blade to reach me.

“…Like I said, don`t hold back.” Kuroyuki reminded once more.

With that, she swung her blade downwards.


Although I blocked her blade with my sword, but the ground crumbles and sunken downward— creating a crater.

But instead of getting myself crushed…

“…Oh…? You look fine now.” Kuroyuki murmured.

“Sorry. I hesitated a little just now.”

Her normal swing should be around one tonne. If she`d go all out, it`d be around three tonnes. I adjusted my arm strength to her level now.

Kuroyuki, now glares at me as she raises the spear on her right.



I pinned her piercing attack down to the ground with my scabbard— the power of both of our forces are now directed downwards— it sunken the ground even deeper.

However, the shockwave blew us away— I was sent flying, now outside the area of the crater. I balanced myself for a landing posture and landed safely.

As I looked up, Kuroyuki was in front of me— it seems our landing time is just about the same.

I was the first to pick up on my feet first and ran to her. However, judging from her look and posture— she intends to take on my sword attack directly.

Is she trying to test my strength!? No, don`t do it…!

“A-Ah, ah! Be careful…!” I shouted.

It`s too late, I can`t stop my scabbard now.

Though Kuroyuki heard my serious warning, but she still decided to accept my blow nevertheless with a half-bent knees.

Fine then, I will just let you have a taste of my ‘normal’ swing…!

“One Handed Sword Arts – Swing!!!”


Kuroyuki blocked my backhanded horizontal upwards swing with her ice sword and spear as she softens the impact by skilfully transferring it to the ground, making another crater below us.

However, that`s not the extend of my strength.

CRK— CRAK!!!!!

The after impact that came afterwards broke her ice sword and her spear.

I landed a hit on her body.

It sends her flying and spinning for a few times.

However, she managed to adjust herself and land safely on the ground. She looks completely fine, without even a need to catch her breath.

“Geez…! Don`t just take it head on that recklessly…!” I yelled to her.

A part of me is thinking that her body is insanely tough, though.

For some reason, the impact I feel from that hit through my scabbard isn`t that of a body. It`s rather hard.


Kuroyuki made an innocent look as she lowered her head…


…and looks up with a bloodcurdling gaze.

What a gaze… it`s so terrifying.

“…I will take you on seriously.” She uttered.



She appeared in front of me all of the sudden. I don`t know how she`s able to move that fast, but reluctantly— I managed to parry her spear thrust upwards with my scabbard.

She was pushed back unbalanced.

It`s my chance...!

“One Handed—”

“…pierce.” She whispered.

Three spears almost grazing the blazer at the sides of her waist, thrusts straight to me.

“—the same thing won`t work twice on me!”

I was expecting this. I rammed two spears at the left into the ground with the scabbard, and deflected one at the right to the side with the blade.

By the time I wanted to press my attacks on her, Kuroyuki already had her sword coming from above, as she swings downwards.

In that moment, I was going to block. But— I felt a cold chill on my spine that made me shivered.

My instincts are telling me to move…!


I reluctantly stepped aside to avoid her blade.


The edge of Kuroyuki`s sword cuts out a cold air in a shape of a crescent moon— it freezes anything along it`s trajectory, in this case, the grass— and gouged out a block of dirt as it hits the ground.

Damn. If this hits me, I would probably be dead…! Luckily my instincts kicked in just in time…! What is she even trying to do!? To kill me!?

Of course, Kuroyuki herself was surprised that I avoided her attack. Her movements are frozen.

Using this chance, I immediately countered by ramming a thrust on Kuroyuki`s abdomen with the scabbard. Yet—


My scabbard stopped when it came in contact to Kuroyuki`s clothes. I could feel the shockwaves from the scabbard are being spread to the sides. I know it was just a light thrust, but I was quite certain that it would`ve made her flew backwards. But she did not. And…

It`s so hard and heavy…! What on earth did I hit!?


I poured more strength into it.


…I heard something cracking.



I sent Kuroyuki flying backwards.

Kuroyuki immediately adjusted herself and lands safely with her feet sliding backwards on the snow.

She was about 20m far.

But as my eyes blinked— it was a big shock when she`s suddenly in front of me, with her sword swinging down.

Not good…! My instincts are telling me to defend…!

How on earth is she moving so fast…!?

“One Handed Sword Arts— Swing!”




Her attack this time is so heavy that even a three tonne arm strength is not enough to take it head on. I quickly added my sword on it to prevent her from pressuring me down.

The ground sunken even larger and deeper than last time.

What on earth happened…!? Her attacks are getting faster and stronger…! Is she even human…!?

Large waves of shock spreads out, it`s so powerful that it`s even blowing off those bystanders that was watching from the sides.

“L-Let`s get out of here…! This is not a fight anymore…!”

With that, everyone else except for the <Sword Saint> who fainted flee from us.

Regardless of how, Kuroyuki made no motion that she was bothered by it. She then made a spear on her right hand and thrusts straight at me with full throttle.

Instinctively, I draw out another portion of my strength and reluctantly deflected it to the left with my scabbard.

A cold air of wind bursts out from her spear— towards the direction I deflected to. It leaves traces of icicles behind as it hurls— hitting a tree on it`s trunk. The tree then froze up like an ice sculpture.


So scary…!

“…Don`t look away…”

Being too distracted as I am, by the time I look back at her— her sword is nearly cutting my body.

At that time… that moment…

It`s as if my body was taken over for a moment.

“One Handed Sword Arts— Full Swing!”


When I realize it, Kuroyuki was sent blasting away like a cannon ball. Both of her weapons broke, but her body was hard— like a diamond.

I was expecting her to be taking some damage, and I was expecting her to be losing conscious by now. But the duel did not end. This means— she`s still conscious.

Could she land safely…!?

I quickly ran after her.

But then, several large piles of snow suddenly appeared around on where she is going to land. Kuroyuki then flew to the centre of one of the pile of snow and blasted a hole on it, spreading the snow all over. She then made the snow disappears, with her standing perfectly without a single scratch on her— not even on her clothes.

“…You are still holding back.” Kuroyuki glared at me again.

“Holding back!? You were sent flying and you were still able to tell I`m holding back!? Such nonsense!” I protested.

Obviously, I was lying. Just how serious do you want me to go!?

“…Reflexive Nerve Sensitivity.” She murmured.

Reflexive nerve sensitivity is something very different from the reflex speed of ordinary people. It`s the process of perception to comprehension to response. The total time of this for a human is 0.3 seconds on average. If the human was a top-class sprinter, it`s common sense that crossing the barrier from 0.15 seconds to 0.1 seconds is impossible no matter the training.


I was dumbfounded.

I understood what that is, but I have no idea why did she say that.

Wait… Could it be… she realized…?

Seeing my expression, Kuroyuki heaved a sigh.

“…See for yourself.”

With that, Kuroyuki pointed her forefinger upwards.


Instinctively, I look up…

…and was stunned for a moment because I nearly couldn`t believe on what I saw.

Countless of her ice spears is raining down on me. More than thousands. It`s amount is probably like the droplets of raining.

I didn`t think much in that moment. My body moved on it`s on. I only knew how fast the spears are falling, as the weapons on my hands knock them away with random swings on my weapons.

…I don`t know how many of it had I already knocked away. At this rate, the spears that are falling would`ve hit me eventually. I stomped my foot on the ground, transferring the power and force from my leg to my arm and to the scabbard.

“One Handed Sword Art– Full thrust!”

Like a rocket launching upwards, the power itself blew a hole— scattering the falling spears all over.


I finally am able to catch my breath after dealing with her series of attacks.

“…you defended against my attack, and escape completely unscathed.” Kuroyuki said to me.

“I`m merely fighting with my instinct. Reflexive nerve sensitivity or whatever, I don`t have such a thing.”


She murmured with a gaze full of doubt.

Sensing something, I quickly raised the scabbard on my left hand above my head while maintaining as much strength in my arm as hard as I could…


…and blocked an ice Excalibur that slashes downwards from behind of my blind-spot.

“…I see.” Kuroyuki murmured.

She seemed convinced.

This girl… so she could`ve controlled her ice even without a need to move her hands.


Hearing that snapping sound, I quickly put up on my defences.

Up until now, Kuroyuki`s spears have been scattered all over. With so many of them loitering around, this would end up…!

By the time I open my eyes, the mists are so thick that I couldn`t even see my own five fingers. I can barely even keep my eyes open because of the cold. My hair, clothes, even the moisture on my skin were ‘iced’. If it`s not for the clothes` warming function, I would`ve been freezing to death from the cold.



The moment I heard Kuroyuki`s voice, I quickly took up my guard as I endure the cold pain on my body. That said, I instinctively deflected her spear sideways.

This attack is different. It`s five times more powerful and faster than her normal spear attack, but there`s only one. The only possibility of this power I could come up with is that she threw it herself. I was nearly unable to deflect it.

But how could she even locate me…? This stupid mist is so freakishly thick…! Could it be, she could tell where am I from her snow…?

I felt another cold chill.


Shit…! Another one…!

I blocked it. But it isn`t falling down to the ground, and instead— it keeps on pushing me backwards because of the snow.

Is she controlling her spear to push me backwards…!?

Damnit. At this rate, I would definitely lose my footing.


I mustered my strength and managed to parry her spear upwards.

Yet at the same time— I slipped because of her snow.



Without revealing what`s underneath her skirt— Kuroyuki landed a strong right-crossing kick onto my abdomen. Though I blocked it with the scabbard, but because I`m slipping, her kick is able to push my body back.


I flew out from the pool of mists and landed with my butt sliding on the snow, eventually crashing on the frozen tree.


I quickly looked up as I reach for my sword nearby.

With perfect timing, Kuroyuki caught the dropping spear that I parried upwards and knocks my sword away when I tried to pick it up.

“…That was fun.” She said with a smile.

She then placed her spear on my throat.

“…surrender? I could knock you out painlessly.” She asks.

Her expression… are those that can only be used when one has confidence in victory.

Somehow seeing her expression, I decided to look around. And when I realized, the sun had already set— and after not long, it will be night time, where the sky is completely black.

The reason why I`m able to see it`s because of my clothes. They are glowing like a flashlight.

Somehow, I remembered that I hated to lose.

Perhaps she might already think that the stage is in order…

“Hehe… hahaha…” I inadvertently laughed.

“………why are you laughing?”

Seeing my expression, obviously, Kuroyuki was surprised.

“…round two is about to start.”

But in life, there are always something unexpected that was bound to happen. And who knows what will happen in the end?