The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 — Chapter 3.1 — The Forest of Black & White

“Ah… Morning, myaster.”

“Morning, Ruby.”

Friday, July 15th.

As I run down the stairs from the second floor, ready for an outdoor jogging— ahead of me I saw a little girl with pink messy hair and tail in her pyjama, namely Ruby, so I hit my brakes, came to a stop to her left, and called out to her, at which she blinked and yawned and mispronounced her words with a cat voice like always.

“Wanna join me and dad for a jog?”

“Nyaa…” With her hands and feet on the ground, she stretches her back like a cat. “Nyo.”

“Hmph, so lazy.”

I stroke her head.

In respond, Ruby rubs her head back on my palm.

We always exchange our mornings this way.

During that time, Ruby is only four years old, and even though she`s four, but she could match my jogging speed— if not, outrun me.

“Myaster, is Restia awake nyet…?”

“Restia? I think she`s still asleep.”

Restia`s room is at the opposite of my room. Though there`s a door with a lock but she never uses it, it`s always open. Every time I woke up earlier than her, I would take a peek from the corridor to check on her.


Ruby slowly closes her eyes and drifted into a light doze.

“Still tired? Do you still wanna sleep?”

“I`m fine… Ruby will go to shower now…”

Saying that, Ruby makes her way to the bath room with her staggering footsteps.

Usually dad would be waiting at the living room at the ground floor, so I head straight to there through the stairs.


When I entered the living room, I saw no one.

Weird. Dad`s not here?

Come to think of it, where`s mom? She`s usually at the kitchen by this hour.

Were they at the front yard by chance…? If not, the back yard.

Thinking that, I head towards the front door.

The door`s not locked.

Phew. Don`t scare yourself.


When I looked from the door, there`s no one at the front yard.

In that moment, I doubted myself so much that I blinked my eyes for a few times, so I hurriedly wear my shoes and walked at the front yard, looking around.

…They really aren`t here.

The back yard. They must be at the back yard.

I quickly took a detour around the house from the front yard and head to the back yard.

“Mom— Dad—?”

Dad`s favourite willow tree.

Mom`s favourite bamboo grove.

My favourite cherry blossom.

Restia`s favourite wisteria.

Ruby`s favourite glory maple.

But my parents were nowhere to be found.

Perhaps one of them are sick…? My dad nor my mom never gets sick. Maybe it`s a rare occasion that`s why they aren`t here?

Their bedroom— I need to check their bedroom.

Removing my shoes, I entered the house from the back yard.

Feeling worried, I started to run at some certain point as I walk across the corridor.

I head to the stairs, up to second floor, open the door to their bedroom and peeked.

No one.

Where could they be…?

Ruby is still bathing and Restia is still asleep. I shouldn`t worry them.

At this point, I stopped thinking and started my search.

Dad`s study room;

Mom`s study room;

Ruby`s room;

First Floor.

Music room;

Video game room;

Arts room;

Study room;

Ground floor.

Dining room;


Living room;

Sports room;

Interior Swimming Pool;



Training Chamber;

Wine cellar;

Weapon`s garage;

Storage room;


I looked everywhere, and they couldn`t be found.

Where could they possibly be…?


I forgot breakfast.

Stay calm… perhaps I should eat first.

Food`s supposed to be ready by now. However, mom`s nowhere to be found. Looks like there`s no choice but to cook myself.

I open the fridge.


There`s not much ingredients left.

I check the cupboard and cabinets too. There`s also nothing much left.

With this amount, the food left is probably enough to last only for three days.

So… were they out hunting at the forest?

Or did dad went fishing…?

Or maybe they teleported out to the supermarkets at the nearby countries?

Maybe I don`t need to worry so much. I`m sure they will be back soon.

With the ingredients I had, I prepared some sandwich for everyone— and as soon as I`m done, I turn my head to find Ruby, where she got herself a set of clothes and was peeking from the door.

“Where is papa and mama…?”

When she asks, Ruby looks around, and seems to be curious that they weren`t around.

“Maybe they were out to hunt? I don`t know.”

“Ruby is hungry.”

Ruby makes a hungry face and rubs her empty stomach with both of her hands to emphasize more on her hunger.



As I pass by Ruby on her right, I took one of the sandwich from the plate and shoved it to her mouth, and head to the dining room.

After I placed the plate on the dining table, the built-in system of the table covers the plate with an anti-pest barrier.

“It`s almost ten. Is Restia still sleeping?”

“Mmguh.” (Maybe.)

“I know what you are saying. But still, don`t talk with your mouth full.”

Ruby gave a nod, then continues to nibble on her sandwich.

Leaving Ruby behind, I went upstairs to the second floor, to Restia`s room.


I stood by the door to Restia`s room and knocked.

“Nngh… Big brother… Five more minutes…” Restia mumbled.

I stepped in to her room, and squat down so I can look at her face.

“How could you tell it`s me?”

Restia then rolls from the left to right so she could face me with her half-awake look, then she peeked at me with her left eye.

“…Because it`s the smell of big brother…?”

Restia slowly closes her eyes and drifted into a light doze afterwards.

“Wake up, sleepyhead.”

Saying that, I rub her head.

“Mmgh……” She`s extremely unwilling to wake up. “…good morning kiss…”

With one hand preventing her bangs from falling down, I kissed Restia on her forehead.



After a simple reply, Restia wiggled her right leg out from her blanket, then after she wiggles more— it dangles on the side of her bed. She then pushes her blanket aside and gets up sluggishly using the weight of her legs, her upper body is barely able to hold upwards. It`s as if a little push could make her fall back to her pillow and fall asleep at any moment.

Restia then rubs her eyes.


I gave a short sigh as I smiled.

“Ah. Mom and dad might be out for hunting. I`m not sure when will they be back.”

Before I leave her room, I stood by the door and told her.

“…Hunting…?” Restia mumbled. “Why didn`t they bring you along…?”

“I don`t know…? Maybe they went out shopping?”

“They didn`t left a note…?”

“No, they didn`t.”

“That`s weird… Papa has never been that careless.”

“It`s the first time, actually. But… the front door is unlocked though, and their shoes are gone.”

“I see.”

“After you are done, come down and eat the sandwich I`ve made.”


Leaving Restia`s room, I head down the stairs, to the dining room.

Ruby is still seating on the chair, eating her sandwich—

“H-Hey!? There`s only two left!?” I inadvertently yelled at Ruby.

“But Ruby is hungry.” She told me, still nibbling on the sandwich she`s eating.

I made ten.

Two sandwich per person.

She ate eight of them.

“That`s more than just hungry, Ruby. You are a glutton.”


I got close to her and light-chopped her head as a punishment.

“Stop eating.” I told her. “We don`t have enough ingredients to make any more sandwich.”

“Sorry…” Ruby`s ear drooped.

Since whenever her ears drooped it means she really felt apologetic— I forgiven her.

“It`s okay.”

I took one sandwich and ate it afterwards, leaving only one behind. There`s no choice but to starve for a while— mom and dad might be late than I thought, I might as well be prepared to cook lunch.


After finishing the last of her sandwich, Ruby calls out to me.

Hearing that, I quickly swallowed the piece that was on my mouth.

“Hmm? What is it, Ruby?”

“Aside from papa and mama, Ruby smells something else at the front door.”

When Ruby told me so, I immediately pounced to her from my seat that was next to her— grabbing her shoulders.

It can`t be, could mom and dad be kidnapped!? That`s impossible…!

“What…!? What did you smell!?”

Ruby obviously was surprised when I pounced and grabbed her shoulders, but then she realizes this is a serious matter— she then looks me in the eye, and said…

“Smelly shoes.”

“Huh……?” I inadvertently murmured. “Smelly shoes? Whose?”

“Ruby don`t know. It`s so smelly that my nose itches.” She said, rubbing her nose with her fingers.

“…Guess I will check on it.” I told her. “Restia while be coming down soon, don`t you dare eat the last sandwich.”

“Okay…” Ruby replies unwillingly.

Once again, I head to the front door— where the shoe rack is placed.

I gave a good look— searching for the smelly shoes. Ruby`s nose isn`t good with smelly stuffs so I tend to clean them.

Smelly…? I don`t smell anything.

It`s not my shoes;

Not Restia`s;

Not Ruby`s—

“Eh—?” Surprised, my voice inadvertently leaks out.

My parent`s shoes were gone— all of it. They have a total of six pairs, yet all six of them were gone.

…I don`t understand.

Why were their shoes gone?

Could it be that they abandoned— no, mom and dad would never do so. I don`t want to jump into conclusions yet.

Stay calm. I need to think. Dad told me how to use my head and think. I need to stay calm.

If they… abandoned us— what will they take with them?

Their belongings……!

I hurriedly ran upstairs to their bedroom, searching anything that was within that room.

When I opened the closet— it`s empty.

The cabinet— it`s empty.

Their important belongings— and even not a single piece of clothing has been left behind.

No, no, no, no— this can`t be— this can`t be—!


When my confused thoughts were submerged deep inside— Ruby`s voice pulled me back.

“Y-Yes, Ruby?”

I acted calm and faced her, where she was peeking at me by the door.

“Myaster, is something wrong…?”

Is something wrong— things were too wrong, in fact.

Should I tell Ruby…? But… how should I tell her…? I don`t even know is my assumption correct.

…I shouldn`t make her worry. Until I get more clues— I shouldn`t tell her anything yet.

“…It`s nothing, Ruby.” I told her. “You could wait for Restia at the dining room.”

Though Ruby was worried because of my behaviour, but she eventually nods her head and went back downstairs, waiting for Restia at the dining room.

After confirming that Ruby is gone, I kept my head cool, continue and calmly searching for my parent`s stuffs.



My parent`s room is too oddly clean.

Even their bed was nicely tidied— which is impossible because mom and dad would never tidy their bed. They would always tell me that it would be the same after sleep.

There`s not even a single strand of hair or dead skin on the pillow nor the floor.

How is this possible?

Pushing my thoughts further, I took my phone and activated the fingerprint scanner, scanning across the room.

Since my fingerprints was recognised by the phone, it was able to detect my fingerprints.

…Yet, only my fingerprints that was freshly left behind just now.

Hold it.

Why didn`t I call them right from the start—


After trying for another three times, I gave up.

…Wouldn`t hurt to try.

“Big brother…?”

As Restia`s shaky voice came from behind me, I turn to face her calmly— where she is standing by the door, freshly out from the bathroom with her hair wet.

She made a terrified, worn out look.

Just as I was about to cough out my words to calm her, Restia interjected before I could do so.

“What happened to papa and mama?” She asked.

The tears on her eyes is about to fall off anytime, yet she bit her lips— trying to hold them in.

This is Restia, my little sister. Though she would normally behave childishly and acts like a brat, but at crucial moments— she`s quick to pick up the situation.

“Say something…!” She yelled.

…Too quick, in fact.

Judging from the amount of water droplets around her, it seems that she had been standing there and peeked for quite a while, now.

…It`s no use trying to deceive her.

As I look at Restia`s expression—

The load on my chest felt heavier all of the sudden. It weighed so heavy on me that I need to lift my chin to look up, trying to breath properly.

I clenched my fist, and with bravery I looked at my little sister.

Now then, how should I answer her…?

I don`t have an answer.

The disappearance of mom and dad is just so sudden— way too sudden for even me to digest the situation.


The moment I call her name— no, before I even call my little sister`s name, she already came pouncing to me with a tight hug.

A hug so tight— it`s as if I would disappear if she lets go.

“Did… papa and mama……”

Her voice eventually gone silent. But, after a deep breath—

“…abandoned us…?”

With that, her tears start to flow.

Abandon……… us…? No, I refuse to believe it.

I gently pat my little sister`s head, calming her.

“………………” Though I opened my mouth, but no words came out.

What should I say…? I can`t give Restia false hope. Judging this situation, my parents really might not return— but, mom and dad would never abandon us. I will never believe it.

“M… Myaster? Restia…?”

Hearing Ruby`s voice, Restia jolted in surprise and quickly let go of me, facing Ruby as she tries to hide her tear by wiping it with the towel on her neck.

Looks like Restia is trying to hide the truth from Ruby.

“What`s wrong, Ruby?” Restia asked nicely.

She then approaches Ruby and lean her waist forward, stroking Ruby on her head.

“Why are you crying…?”

It seems Ruby heard Restia`s cry, that`s why she came here.

Facing Ruby`s innocent look, Restia could only look at Ruby with a frozen smile.

“It`s nothing. I accidentally kicked my little toe.” She then told her.

“…Ngh. Ruby is here.”

Though Ruby did not know that Restia`s pain is actually on the interior, not the exterior— but she still tries her best to comfort Restia, which she gently hugs her.

In return, Restia hugs her back.


Restia`s body is trembling. I better distract her.

“Ah, right. Restia, your sandwich is at the dining room.”

Hearing that, Restia faced me with a surprised look.

“Big brother`s cooking……?”

“What, you got a problem?”

“…I just remember diarrhoea and heaven.”

With that, she hurriedly ran downstairs together with Ruby before I could react.

“Why, you little……!” I yelled at her from the 2nd floor.