The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 — Chapter 3.2

…It's been the third time I have searched around the house.

By the time I took out my phone and checked, three hours had passed— no… it's only been three hours!?

It…… felt so long.

I never knew, time could move this slow.

I tried my best to look for the slightest clue, but yet there's not a single trace of them or their whereabouts that was left behind.

It was so clean that I doubted myself.

How is that even possible…? I don`t understand.

My brain keeps telling me there's surely a clue or something, yet reality is telling me there aren't.

Not a single clue.

I can't file a report to the police because we don't belong to any government or country. Even if I placed their picture on the net to search for lost people, no one knows who they are.

It's like they were never here.

What else can I do……?

Frustration and exasperation is stopping me to think further.

I`m tired. My head feels cloudy and heavy.

I want to give up.

But those are my parents— I can't give up.

Mom and dad…. Where are you……?



When the floor shook like an earthquake with a terrible sound— like an explosion, I immediately came back to reality and headed out from my parent's room.

It happened downstairs.

What happened…!? Did an unexpected guest arrive…!? Did the protective barrier wear off…!?

Not giving another thought, I hurriedly sprint downstairs, shouting as loud as I could.


Please, be safe…!



It's as if the sound of something was being torn off, I carefully slowed down my pace and stopped by the stairs, taking a quick glance.


Shit! It's huge…!

A giant paw.

It stepped and crushed into the kitchen, which then tore off the wall.



It`s Restia. Her voice came from the basement.

Leaving that thing aside, I hurried down to the basement. But seeing no one, I call out to Restia.


“Big brother— the garage!”

Following Restia`s voice, I quickly ran to the weapon garage, like a baseball player aiming for the base. The moment I opened the door to it, Restia and Ruby quickly came to me— hugging as hard as they could.

“Big brother……!” “Master…!”

“Thank goodness both of you are safe…!” I told them.

“When the barrier was breached, I immediately took Ruby here…!” Restia said to me.

“You did well, Restia! You did well bringing Ruby here…!”

I`m proud of my little sister. She made the right choice hiding in this armoury-like garage.

“Big brother, is that beast a lion…?” Restia said to me with a terrified look.

“A lion…?” I inadvertently murmured.

Judging from the size of its paw, it's around 1.5 meters wide— it's too big to be a normal lion. From the look of it, it crushed the barrier with ease. Then it is obvious that we aren't safe here.

But… escaping from here isn't an option either.

I need to take down that thing, despite what it is.

“……………………” I took a deep breath.

Stay calm.

Remember dad`s training.

Wearing the hunting suit, gloves and boots, which has high tear resistance— I took a katana, a hunting rifle, two grenades, a M7290 flash bang grenade, a dagger, and two magazines with a total of 135 rounds with me.

“Big brother… Please return safely…” Restia murmured.

Hearing that, I inadvertently bit my lips.

Deep down, I know Restia wants to go with me. But she knows she can`t because she would only be a deadweight to me, and she needs to protect Ruby.

All she could do is to pray for my safety, and all she could do is just to wait here.


“Restia… I can't promise you that.”


With one harmless fist slamming on my chest, Restia looks at me angrily with teary eyes.

“Promise me you will come back…!!!” She yelled, hitting my chest over and over with her harmless fists.

Then, she hugs me like it was the last time.

“If… you won`t come back… Who will look after us……”

“Where is papa and mama?”


When we heard Ruby`s voice, we inadvertently turned our head to face her.

“Ruby…” Restia said to her. “Papa and mama…”

When Restia`s wants to take Ruby's hand, Ruby angrily refuses and slaps away Restia`s hand, and looks at me with teary eyes.

“MYASTER...! WHERE IS PAPA AND MAMA……?” Ruby asks again.

“Ruby!!!” I immediately yelled to catch her attention. “Listen to Restia.”


Ruby refuses to listen, then she runs to me and hugs me on my waist, closing her eyes tight. It's like she doesn't want to accept the truth.

“Ruby, let go.”

The moment I told her, she raised her head and looked at me with her teary eyes.



I stroke Ruby`s head, yet I didn't say a word to her.

“Hold her!” I ordered Restia.

My little sister, Restia then slips her hands in between me and Ruby, hugging Ruby from behind as I peel her off from my waist.

“N-NYA—!!! M— MYASTER……!!!!!!”

Eventually losing strength in her fingers, Ruby`s finger slips off from my clothes. But even so, Ruby struggled as hard as she could, trying to break free from Restia. And in return, Restia holds her as hard as she could so she could stay here.

…I might not be coming back.

Clenching my fist and enduring the pain, I headed out.

The moment I close the door—


A large block of concrete is gouged out from the ceiling of the basement, which I saw the claw of the lion.

That thing is attracted by Ruby`s voice…!


Distracting it, I shot a bullet on its second claw. The bullet pierced deep into its muscles, oozing blood.

Like stepping on a nail, the lion quickly retreated it`s paw in pain.

Aware of what will happen later, I quickly close my ears.


“Tsk…! So loud…!”

It's roar was so powerful that it shook the entire basement, cracking the hole further.

…That lion is aware of me now. I need to be careful.

I cautiously head up the stairs with my rifle, hiding behind the walls as I peek.

The lion is retreating its paw out from my house.

Damn it…! The kitchen is completely destroyed.

This is bad… the food supply…! Why is that thing aiming for food…? Why is it not hunting in the mountains…!?

It's not putting its paw down…?

Before the lion's paw is going to slam down— I fire two shots to stop it from attacking the house.



Though the bullet is able to knock back the lion's paw, it is deflected when it touches its fur.

That`is indeed not a normal lion— it casted a strengthening magic on itself…!

It's A magical beast.

With its size… it's probably a Cithaeron lion.

Nemean lion is a giant lion that could kill giants.

If only dad was here… he could easily kill that thing with his magic.

But dad`s not here.

Mom could easily split that thing into half with her scythe.

But mom's not here.

I`m the only one left to fight alone. But… how is it possible for me to defeat that thing…?

I`m sorry, Restia. Ruby. There's no way for me to defeat that thing.

But even if I can't kill that thing, I can still act as bait and lure it away from our house, into the forest.

…The forest.

Filled with dangerous, magical beasts— and it could only get worse at night.

Can I make it back…?


I need to.

They are waiting for me.



The lion is going to attack with its paw again.

Setting the rifle to burst mode, I fired six shots.



Once again, its claw was knocked back by the bullets.

I exit the house from the front door, intending to circulate that lion from behind—


—or not.

My voice— inadvertently leaks out with fear.

I was so surprised to be greeted with a pair of giant lion's hind legs— the shock was so much that I gurgled my breath and swallowed my saliva.

The lion stood around 50m tall, around 75m long— where it's even larger than my house.

And when I realized, I was hiding behind the wall with my back leaning on it, cowering in fear.

Even though this is not the first time I had encountered magical beasts as large as this— I had seen these giant things when I was hunting before.

…But now mom and dad aren't with me.

I`m all alone in this battlefield.

I`m scared…!



A moment of hesitation, and the lion slams its paw to the floor at the kitchen, opening a large hole.

“Shit— shit…!!!” I inadvertently yelled to myself when I saw what it did.

This is not the time to be shaking! A little more to the left, it would hit Restia and Ruby…!

There's no time— the lion would never wait for me.

I immediately took one deep breath to calm myself.

Though the bullets were deflected, I'm sure the lion would feel pain. The magic it casted on itself is just like wearing a bulletproof vest. It won't kill, but it would hurt as hell.


From the door, I shot two bursts with a total of six bullets to the ankle of its right hind leg, intending to topple it over to the right.


Even if all the shots aren't accurate, that thing is just so massive that all six bullets hit.

Yet it didn`t topple over. I didn`t inflict enough pain to it.

Angered, the lion swayed its tail to where I am.

How did it even know where I am…!?



Just moments before it hit me, I deflected its tail upwards with three shots. It crashed into the first floor instead of me— where the game room is.

“Hah…! Hah…!”

That was— terrifying.

A little more… and I would be squashed like a watermelon.

I`ve made the right decision. If I were to hide behind the wall in that moment— its tail will crush me along with the wall.

I need to get him out of here.


I shot nine bullets, aiming for both of its hind legs— six on the right to make it painful enough, and three to the left to give it a fright.


Losing strength in its right leg because of the pain and surprised by the bullet on its left leg, that giant thing toppled to its right and crashed on the ground.

The ground shook— dusts and sand builds up as the lion falls.

It's like a sandstorm.

“Hah… hah…”

Not giving a damn to that thing, I quickly ran to it with the katana.

The katana was specially made— it`s sharpness exceeds the power of the piercing bullet I'm using in my hunting rifle.

As I get closer to that ridiculous giant beast, I can't help but to have a jolt in my heart in every step I take— it was like leaping into the jaws of death. Because even the slightest movement from that giant thing could produce a wind powerful enough to blow me away, and if I get hit, a heavy injury is already an incredible amount of luck.

All of the sudden, the sunlight above me was suddenly concealed.

As I looked up— I saw a giant leg coming down with an incredible speed.

It`s the lion`s left hind leg.

It's trying to stand up!

Reluctantly, I took a giant leap before it stepped on me— aiming its right ankle. And as I flew, I wielded the katana with both of my hands.

“Eat this…!”


Just a few millimetres before the katana stabs its fur, a mysterious force of wall stopped my katana from advancing further into its skin.

Even the katana is not enough to stab it…!

Given no choice, I had to leap down from its ankle— avoiding its tail from hitting me.

“Hah… hah…”

The moment I safely landed on the ground— a strong wind from behind blows.

…The lion stood back up.

I`ve provoked the lion more than enough. It's about time I need to run.

Putting the katana back to its sheath, I quickly ran towards the forest, which is several hundred meters away. It would take about half a minute for me to reach at this speed.

With a gentle leap, the lion turns its direction to me. And as its paw slams the ground— it shook the ground below my feet with a crater forming below its feet.

“Huff… huff…!”

Witnessing that, I could only run with all I could.

Because I know it's impossible to outrun that colossal lion.

A male lion.


With a burst shot as I ran, I hit the lion on its forehead— though the bullets bounced off, at least it's enough to catch its attention.


Great…! It noticed me…!

At least Restia and Ruby will be safe for now…!


Like hunting a prey, the lion pounces with its claw extended.


I immediately took a stop, pointing my hunting rifle at the lion's claw.



My shots made its front paws lose its balance. At this rate, the lion would do a crash landing instead.

Then, in sync with its time of impact— I jumped upwards, grabbing on the lion's mane as its stomach slides across the ground.

Its sliding speed was just so fast that if I let go— I would lose my balance and crash on the ground. So I held on to its mane as tightly as I could, hoping that his fur wouldn't get plucked off.

When it eventually came to stop, I quickly unsheathed the katana, stabbing down to its head as hard as I could—


So damn hard……!



A moment later, my world began to spin.

By the time I realized, I was being flung away by the lion at an incredible speed. The lion shook its head to get rid of me.

My body was flung in such a bad posture that I couldn`t adjust and balance my body.

I feel so dizzy.



My back slammed onto something— with my world upside down. The pain gave me a concussion for a brief moment.

After the impact, I'm starting to fall with my head facing down.

This… is bad.

I took so much damage that my body felt numb and weak— I don't have strength left in me to balance myself.

Somehow I could feel my right hand was still gripping the katana.

Without a care, I stab on whatever is behind me— and somewhat I could hear the sound of a tree snapping as I fall. As my falling speed gradually got slower, my right arm was then pulled facing upwards along with my body.

Just by the time I was going to reach the ground, the katana finally made a stop.

I was hung there with my right hand still grabbing on the katana.


I coughed blood.

Lots of it.

However, I know it won't be able to kill me.

“Huff… Huff…”

Looks like that crazy spin gave me a good one, my head still feels a little dizzy.

Adding this and the concussion, it completely distorted my vision. Balance won't be coming back to me for a moment.



The lion's paw swipes from its left to right— crushing the trees that were in the way of its paw, in just one swing.

I completely dodged that exact moment.

The moment I heard the lion's roar, I reflexively fling myself upwards with my right arm acting like a slingshot, while pulling out the katana from the split tree.

On instinct, perhaps.

However, the lion did not let me be. It immediately faces up and opens its mouth, waiting for me to fall in.

Ah… damn.

He sure had one big mouth— that’s ten meters wide.

It stinks, too.

My katana’s not long enough to reach for the side of its mouth— I can`t stop myself from falling in.

Well… Eat some bullets instead.


I shot a burst shot into its mouth— where the lion reflexively tried to dodge instinctively by leaping backwards.

Thanks to that leap, it created enough wind for me to slow down before landing on the cracked ground.


After struggling to stand properly with the katana acting like a cane, I look up, where the lion is glaring down on me.


Looks like my bullets manage to hit the alveolar ridge under its lower right canines. It's bleeding intensively on its mouth.


Urgh… so loud and smelly.

A heavy smell of rotten meat.

Damn, he looks really pissed off right now.

…It really does have intelligence to express emotions.

Nevertheless, despite having intelligence, I don't think I can communicate to this big guy. It's like a stubborn old fool that wouldn't listen to any sincere advice of the young. But at least, I could tell that it's itching to eat me so it could quench his anger.

Such an incredibly dangerous being.

Well… goodbye.

I hurriedly turned and ran into the forest before it acted first.


As if being humiliated when the lion saw I was trying to escape into the forest— thus, it chased me deep into the woods.