The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 – Chapter 3.3

The Cithaeron lion, or also called as the Thespian or Ravine lion— is a magical beast where its origin is from ancient Greek. It is a lion constantly harassing the lands of king Amphitryon and king Thespius during that time.

Heracles killed this lion before.

I can't really imagine how he did it.

As for how the offspring of the Cithaeron lion ended up migrating to here, this is because the rest of the pack were afraid of Heracles, that's why they migrated throughout the world for thousands of years.

The Cithaeron lion is not that uncommon. It usually could be found in the mountains around the middle east regions. Many worldwide adventurers would still encounter this species.

However, there's one thing I would like to clarify.

Though the Cithaeron lion is considered the weaker one among the magical beast species, it's still extremely powerful.

“Huff… Huff…”

Current location: The forest.

Just barely escaping from death just now, I`m now standing on a branch of a giant scots pine tree, recovering my breath with some quick and shallow breathing as I hide from the Cithaeron lion`s sight behind the trunk.

This tree is nearly 150 meters tall. I`m standing around 60m away from the ground. A misstep could have resulted in falling to death.

I have been playing hide and seek with this guy for quite a while now.

More than thirty times now, I believe.


Shit! It found me again…!


Pouncing from the ground, the lion slams its claw to where I am— which I evaded by jumping to another tree.

Yet, another narrow escape.

The branches snapped from its power and the trunk was left with a deep, claw mark.


Stabbing the katana onto the tree's trunk, I slide down carefully using my weight as the katana cuts the tree down with a straight line.

Without getting some appropriate rest, I quickly ran towards a random direction once again.

“Hah… hah…”

How long have I been running…?

It was already dusk; the sun was about to set.

I have yet to get out from this forest because this lion is extremely persistent… and I don't want to admit I got lost in this forest.

This island is around 1082km2 large… Although I'm not sure where I am right now, I believe I have been running in a straight line for quite a while now.

No, it's not a while.

It's almost been eight hours since I started to deal with that lion.

Not resting, not having food, not having a drop of water— it applies to both of us.

That's why I've said— this lion is extremely persistent.



With one shot to the chest of the incoming female Cithaeron lion that was pouncing towards me, it lost its balance and crash landed in front of me. My current weapons couldn`t deal any damage to them because of their strengthening magic, so my only choice is to inflict pain as I get out from them safely.

And that thing is not the only one I need to deal with.

As I mentioned, lions live in a pack— there still are eight females, and three cubs.

They gathered because of the male lion`s, the alpha`s roar. All twelve of them gathered together just to hunt me.

The reason I could survive till now is because of this forest terrain. It allows me to jump from tree to tree, with a height advantageous enough to keep them in track as well as limiting their ways to attack because of their size.

It's getting darker.

A little more, the other guy is going to replace me...

It would take roughly a minute for the replacement— in that time, I will be completely vulnerable.

I need to buy myself at least a minute.

With that, I took a grenade, pulling out its safety pin and placed it on the female lion`s body. In my current overwhelmingly exhausted state, I can't throw it into its mouth because It's jaw is too heavy for me to open.

The reason I placed it on its body is because I plan to hide my smell with the explosion, gathering the attention of this female lion.


As the grenade explodes, the lion roars with pain.

I hope it did not kill that lion. If it does, then the others will come for revenge. I can't afford to let that happen.

Now then, this should buy me at least a minute. The smoke from the explosion should be able to hide my smell.

I hid myself within the bushes as I prepared a large stick, wrapped with my hunting gloves as I placed it on my mouth, sitting with my legs crossed.

I don't usually do that. But because of the fatigue and exhaustion that builds up— I can't afford to let myself scream without a care.

…Here it comes.


First blade.


Second blade.


Phew, finally— the transformation is done—


What happened—!? Why am I hurting all over my body…!? Why is my body shaking…!?

What is this in my mouth…!? Is this taste— blood…!? It's so dark, I can't see anything…!


—there's a lion nearby!?


My head…! Here it comes— Nightwalker`s memory…!


After Nightwalker`s memory came to me— my mind went blank.

As empty as a white sheet.

Then… no matter how hard I tried to hold in— tears fell from my eyes.

“Huff… Huff…”

There's no use crying.

The only thing crying could do is to make you feel better for a while, and nothing else. In the end, I still need to deal with the things that have yet to come.

…I will get out of here.

I will get out of here and go back.

Restia and Ruby— are waiting for me.

Mustering the remaining strength that was left on this body, I took the weapons that were left around the bushes, then peeked from the bushes.

Curses… Can't see anything…

…Though this would give away my position, there's no choice but to rely on my torchlight.

When I switched on the torchlight on my hunting suit and the hunting rifle— I was stunned by the pair of eyes of a predator that was reflected back to me.

At least twenty— no, it's thirty— no, it's fifty...!

Only 3 bullets remain…

However, I could vaguely tell my direction.

I`m sure a little more, I may find a dangerous exit.

Firstly… I need to deal with the lions…

When I noticed— the Cithaeron lion isn't looking at me at all. It completely ignored me. They ignored me because I`m not a threat, because not even the explosion of the grenade could do any harm to them.

When I gave a good look to where it was staring, I saw a pack of wolves standing not too far away, with one of the wolves— the alpha Fenrir wolf, I believe, standing on a large rock.

The Fenrir wolves.

There are eight of them.

This is their territory.

The lions entered their territory because of me.

The Cithaeron lion looks terrified.

Under the presence of the alpha Fenrir wolf— which is even larger, smarter, more powerful, stronger and fiercer compared to the alpha lion.

However, that's not the Cithaeron lion`s only enemy— at night, there`s still the misfortune cat, white snake and the rare snow leopards. These lions aren't a match to them when it comes to the night.

They knew this, that's why— the female lions gathered around their cubs, trying to protect them.

The alpha Fenrir knew.

It's giving the lions a chance to get out from their territory.

However, Fenrir seems to notice me from afar— it stares towards my direction.

As if the lions weren't important anymore, the alpha Fenrir jumped down from the rock.

Without any fear;

Without any pride;

As calm as the wind.

The alpha Fenrir slowly approaches me.

The Cithaeron lions could only tremble in fear and hurdled closer to each other.

Under the moonlight— it's silver fur and its yellow eyes emits a faint glow, a faint sparkle in the dark.

It was so beautiful.

Especially its tail— it was so fluffy.

There's no room to feel any fear nor exhaustion— I can't help but to be mesmerized by the beauty of it.

The alpha Fenrir then stops, tilting its head to the left— seeming to be confused.

“Huh…?” I inadvertently murmured.

After seeing its behaviour, it made me confused.

“Can you not hear me, human child?”

The alpha Fenrir spoke, and with a manly voice.

It spoke to me.

It`s intelligent enough to communicate.

Then I know why it told me that.

Dad told me before— magical beast communicates to others through telepathy.

But it only works if I had mana to spare. Since I don`t, so it cannot communicate to me through telepathy.

Yet, the alpha Fenrir is intelligent enough and capable of vocal speech, and it's language is international human language.

“I don't have mana on me.” I replied to Alpha Fenrir. “And I`m sorry for barging into your territory and not being able to speak in your language.”

The Fenrir looks surprised.

But after taking a glance at the lions, the Fenrir glared at me and lowered its head till its nose was in front of me.

“Why have you come here, child?”

He made a puff, blowing air on me with its nose.

“Were you not afraid of death?” It added.

Though faced with such a threat, I calmly look back at Fenrir.

“I am.” I replied. “Had you wished to kill me, I wouldn't be still standing here.”

“Kuhahahaha……!” The alpha Fenrir laughed boldly. “Amusing, child. You know your place. You were raised well.”

“…Yes. My parents deserve the praise.”

“Very well. Now answer me, why were you here…?”

“The alpha Cithaeron lion barged into my place and destroyed my shelter. I`m not strong enough to beat it, so I lure it to this forest and accidentally invade your territory.”

Hearing this, the alpha Fenrir immediately turns its head to face the alpha Cithaeron lion.

Seems like they were communicating through telepathy. Then afterwards, I could see Fenrir`s expression twitched with anger.

“Owoooooooooo….!!!” The alpha Fenrir howled.


The howl blows off the dead leaves on the ground, shaking the ground and the trees.

With that howl, the Cithaeron lions immediately trembled with fear and sat down with all four of their legs and their heads lowered.

It seems like the alpha Fenrir was angry.

“What happened…?” I asked Alpha Fenrir.

“The lions broke the pact we magical beasts have made with your father.”

“My father…!? You knew my father!? Where is my father!?”

“That was a decade ago, child.” Fenrir replied. “Your shelter was never invaded because of your father`s pact. The moment he's gone and these lions dare to break the pact.”

Though the alpha Fenrir did not seem to mind, I don't think the other wolves liked my attitude.

“I'm sorry for my behaviour.” I apologized with a bow. “When did you know my father is gone?”

“His mana presence disappeared this morning.”

“…Thank you for telling me.”

“It was necessary.” Fenrir told me. “Now that the lions broke the pact— how do you want them to be judged?”

“M-Me…?” I pointed at myself.

“You were your father`s child, are you not?”


I then look at the Cithaeron lions.

“What would happen to their territory if they were dead?”

Somehow, the alpha Fenrir was visibly surprised. Perhaps it was because I gave hints to it to take the lion's life.

“……They are not the only lions here. Their territory— without a doubt will be taken over by the others.”

“I see…”

“Nya, nya.”

Suddenly, a cat's voice came from behind.

A cat with a girl`s voice.

The way it meows seems to be saying ‘My, my’.

I looked behind.

A pair of orange coloured cat eyes reflected the moonlight— which it surprised me.

What surprised me is— the cat is normal sized, and it is alone.

Compared to the big Cithaeron lions and the enormous Fenrir wolves, this cat`s size is normal to any household pet.

It is a black cat.

It speaks.

Then, this must be the misfortune cat.

Dad once told me that the misfortune cat was also known as the unlucky cat. They were born with a strong power that comes with a strong curse. At some certain fixed point of their age, the misfortune cat would witness the death of their parents. The darker their fur colour, the stronger they are as well as their ‘curse’.

And the deadliest one dad said that he had ever seen was coloured obsidian black and yet this one—

—is perfect black.

Even darker compared to Vanta-black.

It`s colour was so dark that the light from my hunting rifle is not reflecting from its fur.

“You aren't allowed to spare their lives, human child.” The misfortune cat told me. “You must take at least one of their life.”

Then, it sits on the ground, staring at the Cithaeron lions.

“Spare? This child intends to spare their lives?” The Fenrir wolf asks the misfortune cat.

“Watch your attitude, nya.” The misfortune cat told Fenrir. “Is this how you were supposed to talk to me, nya?”

“Forgive my behaviour.” The Fenrir willingly lowered its head.

This misfortune cat… is on a higher level.


…it's so cute.

Realizing that I'm staring at it, the misfortune cat then stared at me.

“Nya…? You seemed eager to touch me, human.” It murmured. “Very well, I will let you touch me if you aren't afraid of death—”



I immediately lock the rifle with the safety lock and let it hang on my back— hugging the misfortune cat as I place it on my arms.

Its fur is so soft and smooth— and it isn`t smelly even though it's living in the forest.

“Nya, you have skills, human.” The cat told me. “If it were a little bit uncomfortable, I would've killed you, nya.”

“I can't die yet.” I told the cat. “I need to go back to my family.”


The misfortune cat kept its silence.

After the misfortune cat licks its paw and puts it back into my arms— it glared at the lions.

The lions shook even more when it was under the presence of the alpha Fenrir wolf.

“The reason the lion barged into your territory because it was lazy to hunt, nya.” The cat told me. “It's aiming for the food you have, nya.”

I thought that my blood would’ve boiled.

I thought it would.

But, I`m too tired and exhausted to be angry.

“So… what are you going to do, nya?” The cat asks me.

I would want them to be dead, of course. But if their territory will be replaced instead of them, I doubt that the same mistake would happen again. If the minimum punishment is to take one of their lives, then I will make sure this lesson will be etched deeply into their minds…

“Offer one of your children to be the sacrifice, and I will spare the rest of you.” I uttered.

After hearing my words, the misfortune cat closes its eyes for a moment.

The Cithaeron lions immediately raise their heads.

Then the alpha Cithaeron lion looked at its cubs, seeming to have already found one— then one female lion immediately stood in front of its cub, as if trying to protect it. While the rest of the lions backed off away from them.

The alpha lion did not care.

With a smack with his claw on the face of the female lion— the female lion then toppled and fell on the ground with a painful growl.

The weakest looking cub hurriedly ran out to its mother's side, licking its wounded face.

However, the mother continued to stand up and defend her child— thus, repeating the same situation once again, until it could barely move. It`s face is all bloody and mangled.

With its mouth, the alpha then carries the weakest cub on its scruff. Though the little cub struggled as hard as it could— it isn`t able to get off from its mouth.


Just before the alpha lion could walk towards Alpha Fenrir— the mother of the cub struggled and bit the alpha lion on its right hind ankle, till the alpha was bleeding.

However, with a fling of its hind leg— the mother lion was kicked once again and fell to the ground, struggling to move.

The alpha lion, then placed its cub in front of me, the misfortune cat and the alpha Fenrir.

Though the cub tries to run back to its mother— the alpha smacks it back into place, until the little cub could not move anymore.


When I knew it, the cub`s mother already moved near to her child, cradling it with its paw. It's as if it's telling me that ‘if my son must die, then please take me along with it’.

The alpha Fenrir wolf did not look happy at all.

“Hey, cat.”

“What is it, human?” The misfortune cat looks up.

“Can I take these two…?”

“These two, nya?” The cat made a short huff. “It would be better if the rest of them died instead.”

“Yes.” I told the cat. “I want them dead except these two.”

The misfortune cat paused for a moment, then it stared at the lions.

“Gladly, nya.” The misfortune cat told me.

“Wait…!” The alpha Fenrir talks to the cat. “Can I kill them instead…!?”



Suddenly, the sound of a tree breaking and collapsing could be heard.

It was the tree nearby the alpha Fenrir— it collapsed and fell to its direction.


With one howl from its mouth, the large, tall tree snaps cleanly into two and avoids the alpha Fenrir. When I realized, this tree was the tree that the alpha lion left its scratch mark on.

“This is a warning, nya!” The misfortune cat told Alpha Fenrir.

“My apologies.” The alpha Fenrir lowered its head. Then it looks at the misfortune cat with a serious look. “As the leader of my pack, I can't tolerate such a cowardly act— please let me kill them in your stead.”

“Gladly, nya.”


With a powerful howl, the Fenrir wolves entered into a battle state, where the lions were surprised by it.

Under the command of the alpha Fenrir, the rest of the Fenrir wolves pounce towards the lions.

Thus, the mass slaughter of the Cithaeron lions begins.

“That idiot, nya.” The misfortune cat groans.

I agree with the misfortune cat. Howling would’ve made them put on their guard— or worst case, escape.

Somehow, the misfortune cat didn't seem to worry about that, and decided to look at me from my arms.

“What makes you change your mind, human?” The cat asks.

“I didn't change my mind.” I said. “…If that lion decided to offer itself or protect its child right from the start— I would`ve spared them instead.”


Once again, the misfortune cat remains silent.

“I`ve decided, nya.” The cat murmured. “Put me down.”

Following what it says, I carefully take the misfortune cat on its armpits and place it on the ground.

Then the cat turned and sat in front of me, staring at me.

“Do you want to give me a name, human?”

Hearing those words, I inadvertently widen my eyes from surprise.

Naming a magical beast, is the same as them officially and willingly to serve under you as their contracted beast.

“Y-You want me to name you…?” I inadvertently uttered. “B-But, what capabilities do I have to name a magical beast as powerful as you?”

“You don`t, nya. You are weak.”


“That's why, nya, I will protect you.”

The misfortune cat— willingly to be a contracted beast? This is unheard of. No one would ever want to have anything to do with the misfortune cats as they are a cursed being.

I can't bring harm to Restia and Ruby…!

Somehow, it's as if the misfortune cat noticed my hesitation—

“…I understand, nya.”

After saying that, the misfortune then turned its direction back to where it came from, walking away without saying another word.


‘Come with me’ or so I was going to say.

But the words didn`t come out.

Perhaps, the misfortune cat knew it too well.

That's why it stops without turning its head— and instead, it looks up to the sky.

“My family, my friends…… were dead because of my ‘curse’.” It murmured. “Even the magical beasts wouldn't want to have anything to do with me, nya.”

Even if my parents weren't here, I still have Restia and Ruby but yet, the misfortune cat— is completely alone.

“T-Then— you can come with me…!”

I finally got the words out.

“If you sincerely want me to come with you… you wouldn't hesitate, nya.” The cat replied. “I don't need sympathy, nya.” It said angrily.


The cat was right— I did it out of sympathy.

The reason the misfortune cat wants to come with me— I know it all too well.

Because when I carried her on my arms— it was an act without any reserve, it was out of my free will pure-heartedly without any consideration made.

I could tell it felt happy for once in a long time.

That's why, it wants to go with me— yet I shunned it and broke her heart.

I could only stand at my place, watching as it goes— slowly blending into the darkness.

Doing nothing— is that really the right thing to do…?

It's like the misfortune cat knows what I'm thinking…


After it meows— the sound of a tree breaking and collapsing could be heard.

The tree is aiming for me.


I barely dodged it with a few steps back, cutting the thick branches with the katana on my hand.

It`s showing me its determination.

…Then, I will show you mine.

“Cat!” I yelled. “One day— I will come and get you!! Don't refuse me by then—”


“Look out, human!!!!!”


A moment later, when I came to— my world was spinning.

I was head-butted by the alpha Cithaeron lion, which it used the last of its breath to escape from the alpha Fenrir`s fang, and knocked me flying— higher than the trees that're around 150m tall.

Using the last of my strength, I adjusted my posture— trying to balance my body for landing.

When I realized, the trees were suddenly no more— and I flew past a cliff.

…My katana could not reach it.

“Ah… shit.”

Perhaps, the misfortune cat was right.

…I was cursed.

After muttering those words before I lost consciousness, the last thing I saw…

…was a sea with horrible waves.