The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 – Chapter 3.4


“B-Bwuaahhhhh— Ack— ack— Hah… hah…!”

The moment I came to— the sea water that was stuck in my lungs was forcibly coughed out.

The pain from the cough which shook my entire body, heightened the pain even further— which made my eyes open unconsciously.


Where…… am I…?

My body was lying flat.

Though my body was consumed by hunger, thirst, pain and fatigue— but I could still muster some strength to turn myself face upwards.

“G-Gahhhh— Ugh…! Hah… Hah……”

My throat feels so dry.

My body feels so painful.

It feels like every bone on my body is cracked.

Every inch of my exposed skin could feel nothing but sand;

Water is splashing my legs;

I could see a clear blue sky;

And hear the sound of waves.

……The beach?

“The beach— Gack— Ack—!”

Getting too excited because this is a place that I was familiar with, I inadvertently did a sit-up— and during the progress, the movement rattled my bones, which then I was forced to cough out solidified blood from my lungs, or stomach… I can’t really tell from where it came from.

…My breathing seems to be fine.

I guess it’s no big deal.

The waves washed me here.

After looking around, I realized this was the beach near my house.

I can finally go home— Restia and Ruby must be worried sick.

But— what then…? Our food resources are gone thanks to that damned Cithaeron lion. They attacked because dad is gone…

…because dad is gone.

The alpha Fenrir wolf clearly knows my dad’s gone.


I don’t know why I shout.

Perhaps it was to express my sadness, my anger, my pain— which then the blood clotting my lungs were then coughed out.

I`m not sure how much blood I still have in my lungs.

My throat is so dry that I don’t have the strength to scream anymore. I could only look at the waves and slam my fist on the sand.

As I slam my fist, the sand scattered— revealing a piece of rod. Judging from the pattern of the rod, it seems like it’s the hilt of my katana.

Though I’m close to home, I should be careful— at the very least, I should keep a weapon with me. The three remaining bullets left in the hunting rifle won’t be enough.

After digging further with the scabbard that was hung on my waist, I find the blade of my katana stabbing a fish.

A large one— and it’s still alive.

Well, barely.

It`s food.

I need to bring this back…!


With my remaining strength, I lifted the blade along with the fish as I rested on my shoulder.

Though it’s heavy, I could somehow manage to carry it.

…Wait for me. I`m coming home.


“Hah… hah…”

It’s already been more than a day since I’ve consumed water— and the salt water dehydrated me even further. Thankfully the weather`s today is cloudy. If I were to walk under the hot sun instead, I don’t think I could make it back.


As I`m looking for my home from afar, something caught my eye.

The barrier surrounding the house was restored.

That can’t be— Could it be… Have… mom and dad returned…?

Thinking that, I started to run.

It hurts.

My body is in so much pain.

But I couldn’t care less about it.

I only ran.

‘Welcome back…!’ I only wanted to tell them that.


Hearing that voice from afar, I increased my speed.

—someone from the house noticed me, and came running as fast as she could. The four-year-old little girl, yet her senses are sharper than anyone else in the house.


When I knew it, I had thrown the fish aside with my arms opening wide.

I thought Ruby was going to stop.

But instead, she pounced.

“GACK—!? GYAA— ARGH— OW—!!!?”

It was so powerful that my body slid and bounced on the ground two times.


Knowing that I had returned, Ruby could only hug me as tight as she could, and cry with all she had on her.

I know that.


“Gyaa!!!?” I inadvertently screamed. “Your snot is all over me!!!”

Though a dramatic reunion, but the snot is just so gross that I need to peel her off from my chest.

“Ruby— did mom and dad come back…!?”

“Yesh…… (Sniff)”

Hearing Ruby`s reply, a shock went through my body— it’s like it had recuperated. The strength that I thought I don`t have in me anymore came back to me so suddenly.

“Let’s go— let’s go…!”

While pushing Ruby to stand up, I grabbed my katana with the fish and walked, together with Ruby.

Perhaps, I was too excited.

I was too excited— that`s why my judgement was clouded.

At that moment, if I were to notice a little earlier… Perhaps, I wouldn’t need to go through the tragedy that came afterwards.


The house was still in tattered condition. The destroyed places— still remains, only the barrier was restored.

Ruby, which was by my side— although we`ve already reached the front door, and supposedly she should be reporting about my return excitedly…

Yet… she looks… unhappy.

And she was awfully quiet as we walked.

The silence could only make my heart jolt.

Why did Ruby behave this way…?

There’s something wrong for sure, but I couldn’t tell what it is.

Putting the fish aside, I open the front door with an uneasy feeling.

“Mom— dad!!?”

No response.

I saw no one.

Though the lights were on, it doesn’t seem like there’s anybody in there.

“Ruby— didn’t you say mom and dad are back…?”

“Yes…” Ruby replied. “Papa and mama will be back soon……”

Ruby`s eerie reply completely surprised me.

My head involuntarily turns to face her…


…which then I immediately retreated and stumbled at the corridor when I saw her expression.

This expression… what is it called…?



After watching my reaction, naturally, Ruby immediately approached closer to me with a worried look.

She looks normal now.

‘…Calm down, just calm down.’ I told myself.

“…big…… brother……?”

When that familiar voice came across my ears from behind— I quickly looked back to find Restia, which she just came out from the kitchen.

Restia did not run to me like what I expected.

She was just so surprised and confused that her legs gave out its strength, which she kneels afterwards.

“Wel… Welcome home……!”

After Restia manages to get her words out, she bursts to tears.

“Yeah…! I’m home— Eh?”

It’s as if Ruby knows I’m going to hug Restia.

She stopped me by grabbing my hand.

“You can`t, myaster.” Ruby told me. “Restia is a really bad, bad, girl.”

Ruby`s statement stunned me for a moment.

I thought I`d misheard Ruby. But after I saw Restia`s terrified expression, I realized everything that she said was real.

With a closer look, I noticed Restia`s arms and her legs were wrapped with bandages— lots of it.

It was unusual.

But before I could put my attention on Restia, a thought came to me— I was reminded of Ruby`s eerie reply.

I involuntarily turn back to look at Ruby, at which she is staring down on me with a completely innocent expression.

It was so overwhelmingly innocent till the point that it was nauseating me.

—like a serial killer that kills as if it was the natural thing to do.

Trying to calm myself, I pinched my left hand— inflicting pain so I could keep myself clear headed. However, there’s no feeling of pain because my body is already covered with heavy injuries. So I gritted my teeth, which my gum was slightly swollen because Nightwalker bit too hard on the stick— I managed to get my composure back.

“…W- Why… did you say that…?”

“Restia lied.” Ruby told me. “She said papa and mama isn’t coming back.”

“How many times do you want me to tell you…!?” Restia yelled. “Papa and mama is never coming back…!”

“NO!!!” Ruby reacted, almost instantly. “PAPA AND MAMA WILL BE HERE SOON!!!”

Ruby took only a second to reach Restia— which then she extended her fingernails on her right hand, and clawed on Restia, where Restia blocks it with her right arm.


Ruby`s eyes changed— like that of a cat hunting its prey.

With her sharp fingernails cutting across Restia`s skin and her bandages— which some part of the bandages sliced and fell off, revealing her arm that was filled with clawed wounds.

There’s a total of twenty lines, four claw marks in just on Restia`s lower right arm. Adding the one Ruby just did, there’s a total of twenty-five lines— a total of five claw marks.

The old wounds were reopened from that scratch— causing Restia`s arm to be bleeding intensively.

However, Ruby did not stop.

Claw after claw Ruby continued to scratch on Restia, which she blocks with both of her arms— Restia endured without fighting back, until she curled herself in pain.

Until Restia doesn’t have the strength to talk— but still, Ruby did not stop.

When I realized I was just sitting and watching without doing a single thing— something in my brain seems to have snapped.


The hunting rifle that was still on my back— I took it and fired a shot.

The bullet grazed on Ruby`s upper right arm, which then it pierced through the walls afterwards.

Though there`s blood oozing out from her wound, Ruby did not react to it— instead, she’s looking at me with a shocked, confused and terrified look.

“M… Myaster…?”

“…Scram.” I uttered. “Get out of here.”

Ruby`s expression was as if it couldn’t believe what she just heard and saw.

“…I’m telling you to get out of here.” I uttered once more. “I don’t need you anymore.”

Though Ruby feared me.

She was completely in fear.

Yet she still approaches me, even though I was still aiming the rifle at her.

“R… Ruby… Ruby will behave…” She said, with a weak voice. “Please don’t cast Ruby out…”

“I don`t need a stubborn pet that harms her family and one and only friend.” I uttered.

“Please don’t cast Ruby out…!” Ruby pleaded. “Papa and mama—”


Hearing that, Ruby could only stand still with her tears falling one-by-one.

However, she shook her head afterwards.

“Myaster… Why are you lying to Ruby too…? Lying is bad…”

It’s as if she’s convincing herself that everything is a dream.

“…Who`s the one lying here…?” I uttered. “You are the one lying to yourself…!”

“N-No…!” Ruby shakes her head. “Why…? Even myaster— Why is everyone lying to Ruby…? Papa and mama— Papa and mama will come back…!”

When I knew it, Ruby already had her claws scratching on my chest.

Left, right, left, right, left, right…

She continued to do so, with tears in her eyes— because Ruby had never faced something as shocking as this.

She refuses to believe.

She refuses to listen— even if I was the one who told her.


It hurts.

The hunting suit couldn’t handle the scratch anymore— it eventually succumbs to Ruby`s claw swiping.

“That’s enough…! Get out!!!”

I caught Ruby on the right hand of her wrist, with a twist and swing— I threw her out from the house to the front-yard.

“N— Nya…!!”

Ruby crashed on the ground and took a few rolls before it stopped.

“…R… Ruby is staying here……!”

While uttering those words like a spoiled kid, Ruby struggled to stand up.


“No! Ruby will wait here for papa and mama—”


When I knew it, I had already fired a shot, which the bullet grazed her lower right leg.

“Hah… hah…”

Ruby stumbled on her butt because of that shot.

After taking a glance on her injuries, Ruby involuntarily raises her head out of shock, and looks at me with fear.

“Take another step closer, and I will shoot you.” I told her.

Ruby hears me, but she refuses to believe.

Because I`m the one she trusts the most— the one she loves the most.

She wants to believe that I would never shoot her directly.

That’s why, she didn’t hesitate to take a step—



—and the bullet pierce through her right shoulder.

That shot toppled Ruby once again, she landed on her butt slamming on the ground.

Then after she took a glance on her shoulder, where the blood is oozing nonstop— Ruby screams and cries as hard as she could.


“Stop screaming.” I said to Ruby. “Restia had the exact same pain.”

...Hearing my remark, Ruby`s eyes widen.


Perhaps, Ruby can’t seem to get her words out because she realized now and because of the pain that I inflicted on her. She realized the harm and pain she did to Restia.

“I will give you three seconds to get out of my sight.”

After tasting the bullet once, Ruby clearly knows I would definitely mark my words and pull the trigger.

So she made a run.

With injuries on her, she could only make a weak run.

And as she runs, she cries.

An extremely sad cry.

But then— she stopped.

I can’t afford to let that happen. So I pulled the trigger.



Which Ruby reflexively reacted, and continued to run. I watched until she disappeared into the forest.

And the moment she disappears— it’s as if strength has left me. The rifle on my hands falls to the floor with a crashing sound.




Disgusted by my own behaviour, my stomach contracted so much that I was on the verge to vomit— but I couldn’t do so because my stomach is completely empty.

I could only stomp the hunting rifle that was on the floor.

Again and again.

Till the rifle was completely broken— till it wasn’t a rifle anymore.

With a kick, I sent it flying away— out from my sight, then only then… my stomach has calmed down.

“Hah… Hah…”

As I sat on the floor, trying to catch my breath as I placed my hands on the floor— the blood which stains my palm catches my attention.


I hurriedly ran to where Restia is.

Restia was out cold, and the bleeding on her wounds weren’t stopping.

I hurriedly ran to the kitchen, searching for the first-aid kit— where it was placed on the table.

Near the first-aid kit, there are five empty bottles.


Five… potions…!?

Were her wounds this bad…!? She drank five potions… and her old wounds still aren’t healing…?

Fortunately, there’s still one potion left inside the kit, some unused bandages and disinfectant.

Taking the first-aid kit, I hurriedly let Restia to lay down, applying some of the healing potion on her wounds and let her drink some.

The wounds only close a little, and she’s still bleeding.

This is bad… Something is interfering with her wounds.

I pressed Restia on her maxilla under her nose, stimulating pain for her to wake up.

“…Big…… brother………?” Restia murmured. “Where is… Ruby…?”

“Don`t talk and listen to me!” I told her, which then she was freaked out. “Gather your mana, and repeat after me— Discuteret mana…!”

“Discu… teret mana…” (Dispel mana)

“Did you feel any mana residue that isn’t yours…!?” I asked. “If you still feel them, cast ‘discuteret mana’ again until you can’t feel them anymore…!”

“Discu… teret mana…” (Dispel mana)

“Discu… teret… mana…” (Dispel mana)

“Discuteret mana…” (Dispel mana)


After about another six times, Restia finally nods her head.

I hurriedly poured the remaining potion into her mouth.

Please… please work…!

After the wounds closed about 40% of it, it stopped closing— then after a while, it reopens once more.

There’s not a single drop of healing potion left.

“Restia… do you still have mana in you…!?”

“Yes……” Restia replied with a nod.

“U— Uhh……!” I`m trying to get the words right. “L-Let your mana flow on your body, and concentrate it on your wounds!”

Judging from it, Restia seems to be doing her best.

“Repeat after me… remedium!”

“Remedium…!” (Cure…!)

Once she casted, her wounds visibly closed a little, but it stopped afterwards.

“Again, Restia…! It’s not enough!”


It’s as if I heard a sound of an explosion happening in an empty bottle.


As if Restia`s right arm is tearing up from the inside— her right arm is now mangled.

“You idiot…! You concentrated too much mana on your right arm!” I told Restia. “Can you manage somehow…!?”

“…I thought… it would work…” Restia replied. “…I`m sorry… I don`t have anymore… mana— (Cough)!”


With that mana explosion occurring in her body, she might be in an even worse condition.

“Restia— no…! Damn it…!”

She passed out.

No matter how hard I pressed on her maxilla, Restia didn’t wake up.

With the remaining bandages, I could only apply some simple first aid and keep the rate of blood loss to the minimum by wrapping it tightly on her upper arm.

But other than that— there`s nothing else I could do.

I could only hold her hand— which made her body feel colder as every minute passed.

Am I really going to watch my precious little sister... die right in front of my own two eyes…?

“…Please, Restia. Don`t leave me alone.”

While holding her hand as I prayed, I couldn’t bear the pain anymore and drank some water from the kitchen from the broken pipe.


Is that— Fenrir…!?

As I looked from the kitchen, I saw a pack of wolves.

A pack of Fenrir wolves— the exact same pack that I met last night, suddenly appeared at the border of the forest, where they were approaching my house.

Without a second thought, I did not even wear my shoes— I hurriedly sprint to where Fenrir is.

“P-Please… Please help me……!!!”

The Fenrir wolves seem to have recognised me— they stopped, with the alpha standing at the front of the pack.

“Child— you are alive…!”

The alpha Fenrir seems to be impressed.

…and also relieved.

I couldn’t care less about that.

I stopped in front of the alpha Fenrir and kneeled down with all fours.

“What is the meaning of this, child?”

Since I was kneeling, I can’t see Fenrir`s expression. But— I could tell he was angry by judging from his tone.

…I don`t understand.

Why is he angry…?

“Hah… hah… Please help me.”

“What do you take me for, child!!?” Fenrir growled. “If it’s isn’t for your father`s kindness to let us live peacefully— kneeling in front of me is an insult to both me and your father!”

“This has nothing to do with me.” I replied. “That pact was with my father, not me. I can’t afford to take that pact for granted.”


Fenrir can’t seem to object my statement.

“Are you so foolish enough to expect me to give alms, child?!”

In response, I raised my head.

“’Behaviour begins with thoughts, thoughts lead to words, words to actions, actions to habits, and habits to nature— and ultimately, nature forms our fate.’ This is what I was taught by my father.” I said. “If I bow my head and extend my hands in humble receipt each time, one day, my posture would become that of a beggar— and I`m not foolish enough to do that.”

Fenrir made a grin.

“Very well. I take this as a humble trade, then? Speak.”

“…I have three request.”

“I accept.” Fenrir replied instantly. “Name them.”

“Please save my little sister first. She’s currently in a grave condition.”

“I could not save her if it were a disease.”

“It was a flesh wound— but she had horrible blood loss and her wounds aren’t closing.”

“Take me there, child.”