The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 – Chapter 3.5

“Hreinsaðu líkamann, lækna sárin.” (Cleanse the body, heal the wounds.)

After leading the Fenrir wolves to the front yard, I carefully carried Restia and placed her in front of the alpha Fenrir wolf, which he was extremely surprised after seeing such an injury. Then it seems to cast a purifying spell and healing spell on Restia.

I felt tense when I saw Alpha Fenrir casting the same spell several times. Those moments were tough— as if an hour had passed, even though it was only a minute.

“Lækna sárin.” (Heal the wounds.)

After the thirteenth time… Restia`s wounds finally close completely.

“Kuh…” Alpha Fenrir lets out a short sigh. Which then afterwards, he looks at me. “This little child… despite suffering from heavy blood loss and mana poisoning— her will to live is extremely strong.”

“Did you say— mana poisoning…?” I inadvertently murmured. “Wasn`t the mana residue within her cleared…?”

“Don`t be mistaken, child.” Fenrir halted me. “This little child here was injected with mana several times more than she could take.”

“You made a mistake… That`s mana overdose.” I corrected him.

“…I see. It seems I’m still not quite fluent in your language.”

Fenrir then sat in a serious posture, with him naturally looking down on me.

“Child… what creature causes such harm?” He asks.

“It’s not just any creature.” I said, while shifting my gaze at Restia. “It’s my magical pet— she’s my family, the youngest sister to me.”

“What…!?” Fenrir was visibly surprised. “You took in that creature as a family!?”

“Creature…? I gave her a name— she`s called Ruby.”

My tone isn’t exactly angry or anything. But calling Ruby ‘creature’ sort of made me annoyed.

“You even named it…?” Fenrir was in even more of a shock. “Child— do you know what on earth you have gotten your hands into!?”

Alpha Fenrir doesn’t look happy at all, or rather, he’s on the verge to slam his paw on me to relieve his anger.

I calmly look at Fenrir.

“A precious family.” I told him.

“No family would harm their own brethren— if I were a little late, this child here will die.”

“Ruby— is just confused, that’s all… She just needs time to accept that our parents are gone…” I said. “And I am really grateful that you cured Restia…!”

“Do you know how powerful that creature’s mana?”

“I know Ruby is special… and she had a really dense mana— but how powerful is it actually?”

“One drop of her condensed mana could completely refill mine— her mana is just that powerful.”

“Completely refill yours…!?” I inadvertently murmured.

The Fenrir wolves’ mana were much more refined, even as a magical beast race. But one drop of Ruby`s mana could refill theirs completely…?

“I now understand why your father made the pact with us.” Fenrir told me. “Perhaps it was to protect this creature.”

To protect— Ruby…?

“A-Ah…!” Thinking Fenrir`s words made me inadvertently remember. “Here’s my second request— please help me get her back…!”

“What!?” Fenrir flinched. “She entered the forest…!?”

I was surprised that Alpha Fenrir could reply to the answer almost immediately.

“H-How did you know…? You could tell from her mana…?”

“I can’t feel her mana anymore.” Fenrir raises his head, and looks towards the forest. “…That child completely hid her presence.”

“It isn’t hard to find Ruby— she`s pink…!”


Seeming I wasn’t giving any details further, alpha Fenrir immediately looks at me, seeming dumbfounded.

“Child— what do you mean, she`s ‘pink’?”

“Ruby`s hair— or fur… well… is pink.”

“Are you mocking me, child!?”

The Fenrir made a growl and lowered his head, glaring at me.

Though I was quite stunned on the interior, but on the exterior, I could only look at him while acting calm.

“…Do I seem to be that foolish?”

“Well, you don`t.” Fenrir made a short huff, after hearing my reply.

I then sat next to Restia.

“Ruby… is not a magical beast nor a beast-man— I don’t know what she is, or even my father.” I paused for a moment, trying to find the appropriate words to describe Ruby. “She… could transform into any type of mammal beast whenever she wants, but she will always remain pink.”

“…I don`t understand.” Fenrir made a confused look. “I need to find a pink coloured mammal?”

“Erm… a cat, a dog, a cow, a lion, a tiger, a pig, a rabbit— she would always be pink. Does this help…?”

“…Maybe not.” Fenrir paused afterwards. “Inside this forest… the Rabbits of Fortune are pink— maybe she would hide among them.”

“……Even if she`s among them… it`s not hard to find her. She had a wound on her right shoulder— and I was the one who shot her…”

I find my hand to be grabbing on Restia`s hand. But as Fenrir stands up and I know what he might possibly do— I immediately let go.



Fenrir steps his paw on me, stamping me on the ground with only my head out in between his toes. He then lowered his head and looked at me, huffing his breath out from his nose.


I wiggled my hands out for some space for my lungs, trying to breath properly.

“…Yes. I`m too weak on my own— I`m the weakest in my family. I don`t have extraordinary talents nor power to protect even a single one of them— and instead, I’ve hurt them. This is my only way to make a compensation…”

“WEAK…? Kuhahahahahaha……!!!” Fenrir raised his head made a sneering laugh, then looks at me again. “Those may be true, but were just mere excuses. You knew it, don`t you? You knew that the cat sent me here— and you knew I don`t have a choice but to follow your orders!”

Though I somehow disagreed with Fenrir`s remark, I decided to put my act to rest and lay down without struggling anymore.

I could only reply honestly— because if I don`t, Fenrir would not help me to search for Ruby.

“Yes… Because of your carelessness that the lion slammed on me, causing me to fall into the sea. The cat and your pride would not allow that, just like how my pride would not allow me to give up on Ruby… this is why I would go so far to kneel and plead to ask you for help. With this, I had given you face and the chance to atone for your mistakes.”

“Hmph…” Fenrir retreated his paw as he groaned, sitting back on his original posture. “True… it was because of my carelessness that you were harmed— however, child, I`m not helping you because of the cat.”

I sat properly, trying to lessen the pain on my whole body by adjusting my sitting posture.

“Is it because you owe my father a favour?”

“Foolish child, you don’t need to know.”

“…I won’t ask if you do not wish to speak— but I wish you could help me find Ruby as soon as possible…”

Hearing my remark, alpha Fenrir seems to remember something.

“……How old are you, child?”


“What…!?” Fenrir inadvertently widens his eyes. “What about that ‘creature’…!?”


“Grrrrr…” Alpha Fenrir immediately made a scowl on me, then turned his head and looked at the others, which they were waiting behind. It seems he`s communicating to them through telepathy.

Six of the eight Fenrir wolves immediately went into the forest afterwards, in a pair of three teams.

“…Child, do you know what you have done!?”

I could only look away.

“You don’t need to tell me…”

“You don’t get it. This is a race against time.”

I quickly pull my gaze back to Fenrir.

“What do you mean, a matter of time…?”

“…If she gets into the White Snake`s territory, she’s done for— and the smell of her blood and her mana is making the situation even worse.”

A jolt immediately went through my whole body.

“What… what can I do…?”

“What can you do…? Not only you are covered with wounds all over— what’s more, I can’t heal you with my magic. Your only choice, child— is to pray to the celestial gods.”

“Celestial gods…?” I find myself to be sneering— I wondered why. “To whom? Your ancestor Loki? Or his parents— Fárbauti? Or Laufey? Or should I pray to you since you are the descendant of a celestial god?”


The only Fenrir wolf that stayed behind growled at me after it heard what I`ve said— it gave me a fright, or rather, I was surprised that it could understand what I`ve said.


But afterwards, it stands down and lowers its head with a whimper to the alpha Fenrir.

“Kuhahaha. It seems I’m not the only one who hates my ancestors.” Alpha Fenrir laughed. “Don`t worry, child. That little creature will be fine if we could find the cat for help— she’s the only one who could stand a chance against the White Snake.”

“But… isn’t finding Ruby the most important thing to do first…?”

“No…” Fenrir said with a worried look. “If my kin were to engage in a fight against the snow leopards— there’s no telling who would win. That’s why we need the cat’s help.”

“You mean… the snow leopards are working for the White Snake, just like how you work for the misfortune cat…?”

“…Sort of. Though they were much more active during the winter, that’s why you may find them rare— but if the White Snake orders them to, they will follow her orders.”

If Alpha Fenrir didn’t mention it, I wouldn`t realize the trouble I`ve gotten myself and them into.

“Have I… dragged you and your kin into a terrible fight…?”

“Say no more, child. This is a matter between magical beasts, a human like you should stay out of it.”


“Now, your third request, child. You don’t want to waste time, do you?”

I could only listen to the alpha Fenrir, and shamelessly make this third request.

“Please help me find any medicinal herbs you could find in the forest— I will make some extra for everyone so you could use it well after the battle.”

“We Fenrir wolves sometimes would consume some. I know where to find some.” Fenrir replied. “Now then, what will be your repayment…?”


“Our only job is to guard your safety— but this is a request, it’s obvious that me and my pack would receive some reward, is it not?”

So the black cat told the Fenrir wolves to guard my safety. This explains why there aren’t any beasts lurking around the house.

“Yes. The reward— is that fish.”

The fish is actually large enough to fit as a snack for all eight wolves.

“Though I love the taste of fish, if you offer it to me— what will you and your family eat, child?”

“In that case… I would take a portion enough for us.” I said. “Including Ruby.”

“Very well.” The alpha Fenrir wolf stood up. “Then I will take my leave—”

“Hold it.” I said. “There’s also bathing and grooming.”

“Hehehehehe.” The alpha Fenrir wolf grins. “It`s been a while since me and my pack had a nice bath— be prepared, child.”

“I will do my best.”

With that, the Fenrir wolf turns and walks away.


“Wait, you aren’t bringing…?”

The alpha Fenrir went alone; and it seems it doesn’t intend to bring the weakest looking Fenrir wolf with it.

“That’s my daughter, child. She might be the smallest compared to the rest, but her power comes in second after me— I believe her alone is more than sufficient to protect you.”

Alpha Fenrir dash’s his way into the forest afterwards.

I wonder why he seems to be in a hurry, and the way he runs felt like he was freed after being restricted for so long.

While thinking of that, my gaze inadvertently shifts to the daughter of the alpha Fenrir wolf.

“…Should I start with you, then?” I said.


She made a small huff and turned her head to the right, ignoring me.

Seems like she really understands my language. Unlike her father… she`s not really that interactive with a human like me, huh. Or is her father just a special case…?

Maybe I would know sooner or later.

At any rate… Restia hasn’t shown any sign to wake up yet, perhaps the blood loss gave too much of a burden to her body.

Perhaps, after some time, she should wake up.

Once she wakes up, I would need to tell her everything, and after that, she would definitely scold me.

I still can’t believe Ruby did that to Restia, and I did that to Ruby.

I even got Ruby into a crisis now…

The moment mom and dad weren’t around— the family is breaking down, and Restia is the only one holding her sanity.

…I`m a failure as a big brother, and also a failure as a master.


Suddenly, alpha Fenrir`s daughter poked me with her nose— actually, it was more like pushing since she`s so big.

“…Are you worried about me…?”


She turns her head away to the sides again and closes her eyes.

What are you, a ‘tsundere’?

I reach out my hand trying to pat her nose, which she then dodges afterwards.

…you really are a tsundere.

At least, she’s not as bad as I thought.

“…Help me look after her.” I said to Fenrir’s daughter. “If anything happens to her, please let me know.”

Fenrir`s daughter gave a nod, then rested her body on the ground with her head lying next to Restia.

With that, I entered the house and went to the kitchen. It’s not like I was hungry, or rather, I completely lost my appetite because of what I did to Ruby— because as I went into the kitchen for the first-aid kit, I saw signs of the kitchen’s floor repaired.

...and the barrier surrounding the house, too.

Who fixed all of it…?

If it’s isn’t dad or me… then the only person left now could only be Restia.

Incredible… that lazy Restia did all of this…? I thought she would only laze around instead… It seems she’s really learning those repairing techniques from her father when he teaches us.

…I really am grateful to have Restia as my little sister.

Rest well, Restia. I will finish everything in your stead.