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The Pwned Life

I remember that day. Like any other. Then, all hell broke loose.



Just as he announced, Justice remained in the prone position as he reloaded his U-100 MK5 weapon and resumed fire.


            The green field from right to left was peppered with rounds, ranging from hitting dirt to nipping at the enemy scattered about the place.

Not one kill was achieved.


Again Justice reloaded.

“Dude,” came the annoyed sniper teammate on Justice’s left. “Serious, use the whole dang belt before reloading.”

“I reload when they let up. Gotta make sure I have a full set of ammo for when they charge.”

Justice continued to fire then proceed to reload. His sniper squad mate, Rocket, just stared at his leader with annoyance.

The enemy had yet to make another charge attempt for the last ten minutes.

“Why aren’t you shooting?!” Justice sprayed the field some more.

“Because you’re being an idiot! Use the whole belt and actually kill something!”

“This thing has too much of a recoil to get any kills. All I can do is suppress them. Why don’t you do something useful with those stupid snipers on the hill? They keep headshotting me!”

“Whatever man,” Rocket resumed firing, taking out one of the pesky snipers Justice pointed out. “There. He’s down. Now he’s about to be revived by a medic who you failed to actually take out. Happy?”

Just as Rocket stated, the distant enemy medic ran to his downed comrade and a second later had revived him.

“You have literally done nothing by not killing that medic!” Justice complained.

“Someone ask for a medic?” inquired Satellite teammate who was on Justice’s right.

““No!”” Justice and Rocket said together.

The lapse in sending rounds towards the enemy allowed them to open fire, forcing the squad to lay low and forgo attacking. Their bunker next to the skeletal constructed building absorbed gunfire from every possible forward angle. There was smoke and the occasional explosion rocking the trio in their hiding place.

“Whose brilliant idea was it for us to up be the only squad to defend Charlie Position?!” Justice cradled his helmet covered dome.

“That would be you. You’re the squad leader doofus!” Rocket pointed.

“Well,” Justice faltered. “If they take Charlie then…then the enemy has access to our entire position. Bravo and Alpha won’t last a second if they control the middle section of the battlefield.”

“Where is the rest of the team if this spot is so important?!”

Enraged, Rocket inched out of his cover position and was gunned down instantly by the enemy.

“Medic!” Justice announced.

“On it!” Satellite rolled over and extracted defibrillators for the revive. “Clear!”


            “Bllalala!” Rocket was back in action. “Damnit! That is the same guy that got me last time.

“Oh, it’s on!”

Per his statement, Rocket took position and fired.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

            Three kills. Bonus.

            “Ha! Take that! And your stupid camping buddies!”

Justice and Satellite resumed firing positions to the window opened up by the death of several enemies. The exchange of fire between the two sides was intense. Mostly, the enemy only managed to lower the squad’s health bars. No kills were made.

“Med pack out!” Satellite tossed the health restore box.

Even as their health bars lowered, the little beauty box with the Red Cross on it made short work of that problem.


“Reloading!” Justice announced and did so. “The enemy is gathering up to this one spot. Where is the rest of our stupid team at?!”

“Busy,” Rocket fired off another kill shot. “Flanking around the right or are snipers all over the map.”

“Why are so many people being snipers?! Our entire team sucks!”

“Uh, Justice?” Satellite pocked his teammate. “They got a tank rolling toward us.”

The other two froze upon noticing the enemy spot marker.

“Oh crap,” Justice fired off a few pointless rounds and the approaching metal box of death.

“Satellite, call for support in group chat,” Rocket stood and ran to the back door.

“Are you leaving?!” Justice cried out nervous against the rising odds.

“No, stupid! I’ve got explosives that might slow the tank down a little. Be useful and give me cover.”

“Man,” Justice gripped. “If friendly fire was on right now.”

“Mayday, mayday,” Satellite called through the radio. “Point Charlie is about to be overrun. Need support. Any tanks or planes spawned yet?”

The team chat was a garble mess. Mostly it was players trading insults with calling each other gay.

“Useless,” Justice listened in.

Rocket was in his sights now, crawling and bolting from one hill to the next. Justice fired on anyone who honed in on his ally, keeping attention off him as much as possible.



Justice died from sniper fire.

“Clear!” Satellite announced before the revive.

“Bah! I hate snipers!”

Resuming the firestorm of bullets, it was up to Justice to keep the enemy attention directed on his person. That included the entire hill worth of prone snipers zeroing in on his position.

“Got it! Got!” Satellite shook Justice in the excitement. “Dirty-Dog18 responded. He’s on his way in a plane.”

“Good. That guy’s actually got a good kill count with planes.”

“Umm…problem,” Satellite’s tone was grim. “I don’t think its Dirty-Dog18 playing. I think it’s his younger brother.”

What?!” Rocket’s voice came over the radio.

Just as their fears were realized, the pilot Dirty-Dog18 nosedived for the oncoming tank and jet-rammed the vehicle. The selfless act of a pointless kamikaze removed the threat of the tank as it too became an inferno of burning wreckage. That said, the effort also killed Rocket who was too close to the explosion to remain safe from unfriendly fire.

Damnit! That kid killed me!” Rocket’s voice ghosted their radio. “You hear him laughing in the chat?

            Screw you too, kid!”

“Hurry and spawn on me. We need your sniper rifle!”

Without the extra gunfire that was actually killing something, the enemy were getting bolder and were hungry with revenge for their lost tank unit.

You’re both under fire! I can’t spawn there.

“Spawn on Charlie, then!” Justice commanded.

Wait! I got something. Hang on, I’ll be right there.

“Out of ammo,” Satellite tapped in.

Justice tossed out an ammo crate from his gadget bin. Once stocked and loaded, Satellite resumed fire. His M4 rifle had a high accuracy rating which picked off nearly every target that fell into his iron sighting. Had it not been restricted to a mere semi-auto weapon, Justice himself would have chosen that weapon instead of the sporadically firing idiocy of his current support weapon.

Sadly, players had to pay to get the full auto unlocked and no one in their right mind would fork money over for a game unlock that should be available upon game release.

Screw that marketing team scam!


The enemy discarded the safety of cover and charged forward, using their numbers to make up for it. This tactic finally allowed Justice some points on his kill count scoring. Unfortunately, being able to finally take down some of the targets made little difference in their mad rush to take the position. Simply too many and…

“Satellite, pick off their medics! They keep reviving everyone I’m killing.”

“On it,” Satellite cherry picked his medics only targets. Which were a lot.

An explosion on the radio followed by a: “Damnit!”

            “What?” Justice called in.

Ran over a mine with my tank.”

“Are you really using the road?! Of course you ran over a mine!”

It’s the fastest way to travel.”

“So says the driver of a disabled vehicle.”

I don’t have to take this crap from you!

“Just get that thing fixed and get your ass over here. We’re being overrun!”

Grumbles were heard over the radio.



“Aw crap,” Justice bit his avatar tongue. “Lost Satellite. Medic’s down.”

Don’t die! We lose you, we lose Charlie!”

“Thanks, Captain Obvious.” Justice continued to mow down the enemy.

Justice! Justice! Justice!” Called Satellite from the grave. “Kill cam showed I was hit from someone behind me.

“What?! Aw crap!” Justice turned around just in time to force an auto-counter to a knife attack.

The sneak attack from the enemy was thwarted. Alas, Justice was surrounded from all fronts now. The enemy were able to round the bunker. Alone, he had to now hold off the enemy flooding the bunker entryway.


            “Could really use some help here…” Justice was firing in a panic-like fashion.

I hit another mine. I’ll be there in a second. Shut up!”

“Can you suck anymore at this game?!”

Justice was alone, surrounded by the enemy, knowing full well his avatar number would soon be punched. Should he die here, Charlie would surely fall into the hands of the enemy. Thereby tipping the scoreboard in the red team’s favor.

Victory for Justice’s team was nearly in their grasp. However…

“My team completely sucks! Rocket! Satellite! If I die here I will turn on friendly fire and come after you both in the next round.”