Time Is Cruel – Volume 1 – Chapter 1

Superhuman Experimentation zone. A place of which experiments take place on humans who have showcased some kind of supernatural ability. Funded by the government, it's the ideal place to learn more about these powers, but its more like a prison for dangerous suspects.

Yusa Mamorou is about to be the newest subject in this prison. A freshmen at 15 years old, he has above average looks with messy dark brown hair, and most notably, miss matched colored eyes. His left eye is green, and his left eye is just regular brown. A smart person, but a loner that doesn't exactly care for studying. Now, after seemingly teleported forwards a few feet in others eyes, he's being sent to become a subject.

"What the hell?! I didn't do anything I was just walking? How could I teleport forwards like that? Is that even possible?"