Twilight Queen – Chapter 2

It's 24th of February. I was preparing for my newfound job.

„Okay today is my first day at work i'd better make it count.“ – i took the bag, laptop and got dressed and went out excited

It is such a nice day, clear sky and weather is warmer than usual. It 's about 13 degrees of celsius. Atmosphere in the air was quite fresh. I looked at the time on the metro station clock.

„I have to hurry up or i will be late. Last thing i want is lecture on my first day at work“ – i whispered to myself and started running towards the train.

I ran through the station and then realized i didnt bring any personal document with.

„Good job, you are going into the military base without any document...“ – i sighed

If i go back i'll surely be late but if i go straith to work they probably won 't let me in.

„Okay i'll go straight to base, they will think im an idiot but they might let me in.“ – i continue running frustrated

I got into the train. It was full as always i could barely breathe. I arrived to Osaka. I looked around. This place is well known to everyone. It is considered most beautiful station in the whole country. Its full of greenery, flowers, and building with all kinds of architecture. Me and my sister used to play here a lot when we were kids. I went downstairs and saw the guy dressed in black. This must be my escort. They sure take their security procedures seriously. Man standing next to the care was very tall, with serious face and dressed in black suit.

„Where are your black glasses ? – i tried to make a good first impression by telling a simple joke

„Are you Hayato Hirotsuki ?“ – he completely ignored my joke

„I am sir.“ – i straightened up like a soldier – „But sir i didn't bring any identification document with me. I hope it won't be a problem.“

„I can't bring you with me i you can't prove that you are Hayato Hirotsuki.“ – he answered me and turned towards the car

„Wait it is him.“ – i heard a voice but i didn't see anyone

Someone started opening the car doors. It was Lina. She was wearing a black skirt, black blazer and white shirt followed by a fancy red tie. She was stylish as always. But this didn't look like a military. It was way too fancy for that. I started dubting the story they told me but i decided to go with them and see what happens.

„Get in the car. I knew that you 'll do something stupid so that's why i decided to come with him“ – she smiled and looked at her wristwatch. – „Lets go we're already late.“

They were driving about 20 minutes then we arrived. Huge building deep in the forest made mostly of glass.

„This thing about military was just a cover story wasn't it ?“ – i glared at Lina expecting the answer

„Now that you are here i might as well tell you the truth. Yes that was just a cover story. You are here for other purpose.“ – she answered immediately with relaxed look in her eyes

„For what purpose ?“

„My father will tell you everything don't be impatient.“

We continued straight through the corridor and came to entrance of the building. Building was surrounded by guards and other people who probably worked there. For some reason they all looked at me with eyes full of hatred. I got little nervous.

„Don't be afriad they won't hurt you nor we are. You are chosen for very important purpose and they are probably jelaous of you because of that.“

„Why dont you tell me what 's the reason i'm here. You lied to me the whole time, how do you expect me to beleive you now.“ – i raised my voice and turned back

„If you don't want to beleive me that's fine. But you were stupid coming here if you didn't beleive me in the first place.

She was right. I decided to come here. Even if i wanted to go i doubt that they'd let me. Besides my father would be furious if i just tell him i ran off without any explanation. I followed her into the building. Everyone in the building was working hard. There are kinds of personnel, scientists, enginners, even doctors. We went into the elevator. She pressed number 25 which was the last floor in the building. Elevator led straight to the office. First thing i noticed when i got into the office was an old man looking through the window into the distant horizon. All stuff in the office were expensive but there weren 't many of them.

„Hello Hayato i was expecting you.“ – old man turned towards me with kind smile

„You must be the owner of this company, and my fathers friend.“

„That is correct son. My name is Andrei Sergejevich.“

„It's a pleasure to meet you sir. You are not from Japan aren't you sir?“

„You don't have to be so formal, you are son of my best friend afterall. No i am not. I'm Russian. I was born 52 years ago in the little town named Volgograd.“ – he took his zippo and cigarette

Thats explains Lina's accent. Well they don't seem like bad people. If they wanted to do something to me they'd probably did it long time ago.

„So why am i here ?“ – i asked and sit onto the chair in font of his table

„You are chosen to fight the rising evil spirits.“ – he said and turned his head towards the sky

„Evil spirits ? What are you talking about ?“ – i asked shocked by his answer

„Yes, you are the one who have the most potential to fight those evil spirits. Let me tell you a bit of thier history: „A long time ago as you know we all beleived into the spiritual form and the god. Some of us were obssesed with that and since we were scientists we wanted so badly to achieve the connection with spiritual world for many purposes. Your father was one of the scientists. Unfortunately since we were soldiers too we had to fight very often due to war with Germany. One day your father manage to summon female spirit using electromagnetic field and fitting the force and gama waves. We were amazed. We were all so happy, especially your father. Spirit couldnt talk but we managed to understand him by his mimic. This spirit could control water.“

„Wait are you kidding me ? Spirit that can control water ? – i asked even more shocked

„You were investigating those weird murders didn't you Hayato ?“ – he looked into my eyes

„How do you know that ?“

„I have a computer engineers here so that was easy. – he smiled to me and i just looked away pissed. He continued his story.

„As i said we found out that this certain spirit had an ability to manipulate water. Some of the enginners  that worked with us created a machine that could translate electromagnetic waves and low frequency  sounds onto our language. We thought that we discovered something that will benefit humanity. We contacted government and when they saw our new discovery was a real deal they invested a huge amount of money to continue our research. That is how this building was built. We named our company Voskhod solnca.“

„I still don't see the reason why i'm here“ – i looked at him confused and frustrated

„I was just getting to that part. 2 years later we discovered that spirits can connect with humans without damaging any of their vital and mental functions. But we decided not to tell anyone before further investigation. Unfortunately the government had a spy inside the company and they found out without us even noticing. Suddennly the workers started leaving our company and went to work for some „Exodus“ corporation. Today all of this weird attacks was on the people who worked for my company because they want to take all the credit. You probably remember the case where guy died from dehydration. That was th work of the spirit that we created. Okay lets get to the point. What we want from you is to fight this spirit with our newly created spirit.“

„Me ? To fight with spirit ? Is this dangerous ?“

„It is. You'll have some kind of advantage over their spirit because we know his abilities.“ – he stood up and started walking towards me

„So what is your answer after hearing all of this ?“ – Lina sat down on the her fathers chair while she was following my reaction

„I need some time to think about this. This is serious pressure you're trying to put on shoulders.“

„It's alright. But keep this in mind. We don't have much time.“ – he walked towards the door

„You can stay here if you want  because we have a living quarters on 13th floor. Also there is a kitchen on the 2nd floor if you are hungry. Sorry i know it's not convienient fr you to go 11 floors down just to get food but it's more practical for us toget food before coming onto the higher floors.“

„It's not a problem sir, i perfectly understand.“

„I have to go youngsters i have some important matters to attend to.“He smiled to me and then left the office

Wow what a day i can't beleive what i've heard. Evil spirits and humans fight against them with other spirits. This definitely look like some high tech spiritual being. I am a bit scared of this but i think that things are finally getting interesting.

„She contacted you didn't she ?“ – Lisa whispered into my right ear

„Huh ?“ – i turned towards her

„Twilight queen. She must made some kind of contact with you already.“

„What's up with that name ? Is she a spirit ?“

„Yes she is a spirit that we created. For some reason she chose you to be her vessel.“

„Vessel ? Well that doesn't sound like funny name for someone who is helping you.“

„She is a queen afterall. Her name is Tasogare. I can lead you too her. Be careful with your tongue she's quite temperamental.“

„Alright lead the way.“ – we turned towrards the elevator and got inside again

„Okay we're here. You have to go inside alone. Good luck and have fun.“ – she smiled sadistically and went back into the elevator

„You bitch, go to hell !“ – i shouted as loud as i could

„You're finnaly here.“ – i heard whispering in the dark room

I felt sudden change in the atmosphere. It was like im surrounded with heavy layer of shadows. I could barely breathe inside.

„Where are you ? Show yourself.“ – i shouted in fear

„I can feel your fear, your shivering and your blood.“ – i heard a whispering aroud my neck

„Aaaagh !“ – i felt her teeths in my neck

How is this possible ? She's a spirit how could she bite me. And what is this bloodthirst i feel in the air ? Suddenly i felt even more uncomfortable. My blood started boiling and i felt a terrible headache. It was like in my dreams. The girl with long crimson hair showed up in front of me. So it was her. I smiled and than fainted.

I woke up in the hospital again. I felt like im going to pass out.

„You are getting a wierd habit of going to the hospital aren't you ?“ – Lisa sat on the chair next to me laughing at her own joke

„You bitch. What have you done to me ?“ – i stared at her with eyes like daggers

„Me ? I didn't do anything at all.“

„Why am i so weak ?“

„Oh dont worry about it you are transforming into a vampire.“

„What ?!“ – i  coughed so hard that my chest hurted after that

„You are the first ne that survived so congatulations.“

„What do you mean ? I'm not the 1st one who got into that room ?“

„No 7 people died before you.“

„You knew all of that and you just kicked me there.“ – i was furious but i couldn't move because my chest hurted like hell

„I knew you'll survive. Otherwise i would never let you in there.“ – her face was pale and she looked down

What a stange reaction. Was she worried about me ? No way why would she be worried in a first place. There was a lot of questions in my head but one was echoing inside my head.

„You said she's a spirit right ?“

„Yes. That is correct.“

„Then how could she bite me. And how could she even turn me into a vampire ?“

„To be honest i have no idea. I am suprised just as much as you are right now.“

Someone knocked on the door.

„Come in.“

„Hayato how are you feeling ?“ – he looked worried and frustrated for some reason

„I feel a little bit weak right now but i'll be fine.“

„Oh thank god. I was so worried.“

Then he turned towards Lina. In a few steps he was in front of her. Then he hit her in the face.

„How could you do this, are you insane ?“ – he shouted while squezzing her hand

„But he had more chances to survive this way father.“ – she talked with tears in her eyes

„Your job is to follow instructions not to make them on your own.“

„I'm sorry father it will never happen again.“

After 16 hours of napping i felt as good as new. Lina and her father wasn't there so i decided to go for a walk. I walked through the long corridor inside the buidling then i went outside. „There are a lot of people outside.“ – i said that out loud

It was a nice day. Rain was falling from the sky and sun rays were trying to get though the clouds. I thought about my life right now. I didn't  really know if im satisfied or not. My life did get somewhat interesting but i still have so many questions and noone here seems to be telling the truth. At least that's what it looks like. I looked around into the garden and saw Lina watching the flowers but she was spacing out. I felt terrible because it looked like she went through lot of trouble because of me even tho i hated her for what happened to me. Lets see what's up with her.

„Hey Lina what's up ?“

„Hey you seem to be doing much better than yesterday ?“ – she forced a smile

„Yeah i feel as god as new now.“ – i looked at her and didn't know what to say

„Look i wanred t say thank you...“ – she interrupted me in the middle of the sentence

„For what ? For disobeying father.“ – she forced smile again

„Well yeah sort off. And also for staying by my side when i didn't feel good.“ – i blushed in moment

„Oh. You don't have to thank me. I was doing what i was told to. – she answered and looked away

„Your personality is much different here than in school. It's like you are tottaly different person. I used to hate  you when we were in school.“

She laughed and suddenly cheered up.

„Does that mean you don't hate me now ?“ – she asked with eyes full of insecurity

„No i don't think i hate yu now. Tho you should not throw me to thristy vampire queen like that.“

She stood up and went towards the building.

„We still don't know yur answer ?“

„What answer ?“

„Are you going to fight for us and for others people sake ?“

„I doubt that thirsty vampire would let me get away so i'll try.“

She smiled brightly and continued walking towards the building. I felt good.

„Looks like even i can cheer up someone.“

I think i should visit my future partner. I decided to try to get along with her. I hope she won't drink my blood again. I got into the elevator and went straight to the dark rooms where twilight queen was.

„Looks like you've come what a suprise ?“

„I hope a pleasant one.“

„Pleasant one indeed. Come here let me see you clearer.“

I started walking towards her. After about 20 steps i was standing in front of her. She looked a lot like human. The only difference was a white pale skin and vampie teeths. She is even more beautiful than i thought.

„So darling why are you here ? You want anther bite ?“ – she stared at me with her red eyes

„Hell no ! I was sleepinf for quite while because of that.“

„So then, why are you here ?“

„I wanted t get to know you because we'll partners.“

„Don't make me laugh. Say why are you really here or i'll kill you.“ – her mood got worse

„Huh ? Kill me ? I came to greet you and that's your way of showing gratitude.“

„Why would you come to greet me, i'm just a tool.“

„Well you have your own personality and mind so i can't really look at you that way. Tools can't do anything on thier own. You look like yu can do much more than me so it's only natural that im trying to get along.“

„Do you truly thing that ?“

„I do.“

Her mood improved and i felt a change into the atmosphere. What can i ask a spirit. Like what was his life before death or something like that. I should try something simplier.

„Why did you chose me of all people ?“ – i asked her and lean on the wall

„Because you are special. Your aura feels nice. It smels like bloodlust.“ – she answered

„ Hold on a second ? I can't deny the fact that i don't like being with people, but bloodlust is exaggerating.“

„We will know that soon enough.“ – she played with her hair

„So lets start with the basics. What type of ghost are you and what are your special abilities ?“

„First of all im not a ghost, i'm a vampire.“

„But i was told that only spirits can be summoned by doing that procedure.“

„They don't know anything. Tho i think the girl know that i'm a vampire. – she looked at her nails and continued

„I can manipulate shadows and darkness and they gave me a codename „Twilight queen.“

„Wow what a great power.“ – i got very ecited after hearing that

„I am strongest during dusk and night.“

„What about your abilities ?“

„That is something you have to figure out on your own. You have to visualize a power you want me to use and if it's within the grasp of my power i can use it. Choose wisely becuase you can use only 3.“

„Tell me something about your past.“

„Before i became a vampire i was proclaimed a witch, and i got burned at the stake. I lived a happy life with my husband an my two childreen before that.“

„You weren't a witch ?“

„No. Nor me nor most of the poor girls that got burned with me by  mere heretics that claimed that we are threat to the god.“

„So how did you become a vampire ?“

„When i died i cursed them that i will get revenge for me and all other innocent girls and that's when it happened. My soul got surrounded by dark energies and it gave me gift of immortality and manipulation with darkness and shadows.“

„But how did they summon you here in the first place ?“

„Looks like they manage to create the same dark energy that turned me into a vampire and that attracted me. So i manifested myself there. I killed a lot of scientiest but somehow they managed to isloate me here.“

„Why did you kill those scientists ?“

„You sure ask a lot. They said i'm a tool. They had to die.“

„Then we have you decided to team up with me. I fyou want revenge why does it have to be me.“

„That girl told me that you are capable so i started observing you. I even contacted you few times but it looked like you couldn't see me clearly.

„You mean that girl that appeared in m dreams was you ?“

„Yes it was me.“

„Alright then partner im glad we have an opportunity to chat. For a queen you are very nice and easygoing.

„For someone who dislike humans you are very openminded and kind.“ – we smiled to each other and then i left the room

I should head straight to Andrei's office to see what is this really about. I doubt he's gonna tell me anything tho but it's worth a shot. I entered the office and he was waiting for me. There were a few scientists that held some kind of weapon.

„Welcome Hayato you came just in time.“

„In time for what ?“

„This is a sword called bloodrazor. This is a weapon that is genetically connected to queen. Normally it is insanely heavy but when the wielder who have a contract with the queen hold it, it have a weight of a normal sword.“

„How does it work ?“ – i asked one of the scientists

„It drains blood of a wileder to increase it's power. Take it.“ – scientist gave me sword

The moment i took the sword he strarted draining m blood and i started losing control. After few minutes it finally stopped. Scientist tested my vital signs, fortunately everything was fine.

„What was that ? Why didn't you tell me that this is going to happen ? I'm not some lab rat which you can use for your insane ideas !“ – i shouted full of anger

„Calm down, this is not going to happen again i assure you. First time sword make a contact with it's master it determines master's potential and based on that he drains enough blood to use that power.“

„Does that mean if i grow stronger it'll take more and more blood from me ?“

„Yes that is correct. Sword materialized itself probably when quenn took your blood. Before that it didn't exist.“

„You are just avoiding the subject. Nevermind tell me how should battle with the spirit look like.“

„Alright. You will be the one who fights. Queen is sorcerer type so she will provide distractions and make an openings for you to strike. You will learn how to cooperate with her after few battles. More experince you get, better you'll be.“

„So where can i train ? i can't just jump into something like that without any combat eperience.“

„We've created special holographic training for you so that will be the place where you can learn how to use your sword. I will be the one who'll teach you a techinique how to properly use that sword. Now go get some rest. I'm sure that you must be weak because you suddenly lost huge amount of blood. I can't beleive you're still standing.“

„I guess i could use some rest.“

„Tommorow we'll start your training so i hope you'll get a god night sleep. Now if you'll excuse me.

He left again without asnwering any of my questions. It can't be helped. I should rest, i'm sure he is going to beat the hell out of me tommorow. – i turned the lamp off and fell asleep