Twilight Queen – Chapter 3

It has been three days since my training started. I have quite a lot of trouble with pressure and intensity of my given training session.

„Do you guys want to kill me ? 100 sit-ups, 100 stretch ups, 100 push-ups and after that 20 km of running. No ordinary human being that can take this training. – sigh

„But you are  not an ordinary human being.“ – Andrei said while looking onto some paperwork

„This guy is making fun of me. If this training don’t kill me, i’ll kill him i swear.“

„You said something ?“

„No no, keep staring at your boring paperwork. What is it anyway ?“

„Its a special supstance. We are developing it for your sake. It should be used as invisiblity cloak.“

„Woah that sounds great. Even tho i think it’s impossible.“

„Why are you still here ? You still have 10 km left. Be gone.“

„Alright alright. Die old man.“

„You said something ?“

„No no you must be hearing things.“

„Good luck with your training. By the way pick Tasogare, she can make you a decent company.“

„What do you mean by „pick her“ old man ?“

„You still haven’t learned to keep her in spirit form ?“

„Nope. Noone ever mentioned that in the first place.“

„Come with me. I’ll show you how to do it.“ – Andrei left his papers on the table and stood up

„Aye aye sir.“

We entered the elevator and went to the queen’s place. Old man was lost in thoughts. He was holding the relic in his hand.

„Hello darling, you’ve come to play ?“

„I’m not sure if i’d like your kind of play. Also do you mind stop calling me darling. It’s embarrasing and unnececary.“

„Oh why is that ? Nevermind that i want to get outside of this room. It’s boring spending all of my time in this place.“

„That’s the reason why we’re here. – Andrei interrupted her

„I don’t sense any fear in you too. Could it be that you don’t fear me too.“

„Of course i don’t, i’m the one who summoned you here.“

„Oh how sweet.“ – she licked her nails

„Let’s get to the taks at hand. Hayato concentrate and imagine the picture of the space where you want to put her. Relic will automatically transfer her to the another dimension and you can call her in spirit form. That’s how you’re going to fight and use her powers besides using your sword.“

„Hey Tasogare is Dracula’s castle alright ?“

„Yeah just make it little more bright.“

„Ok got it.“ – i focused on the picture of the castle

Suddenly in the picture i imagined i could see the queen too. I opened my eyes and she wasn’t there.

Old man clapped.

„Good job. You certainly have more talent for this that for physical training.“ – he was making fun of me in some way

„Try to call her now. Just tell first thing that come to your mind when you think about her.“

I thought about it for a second.

„Hey twilight ?“

„Seriously that’s the first thing that cme to your mind after imagining me. How dissapointing.“ – queen was behind me but i couldn’t touch her

„Seriously kiddo. You could came up with something better than that. From now on you’ll call her that way whenever you want to. Daylight won’t affect her in spirit form but she’ll still be weaker in combat during the day.“

„She is twilight queen, what else could possibly be my first asociation. You said first thing that come to my mind so anything else won’t work.“

„That is true. Now it is time for your running session.“

„Crap i thought you forgot abut that...“

„Yeah sure like that’s gonna happen.“ – he turned towards the door and left

I did that too and then went outside to finish my training.  When i was running i noticed sudden change. I didn’t fell as nearly as tired as before.

„That’s because we are sharing our stamina. I’m giving you just enough of mine so neither one of us get tired.“

„So you can read my mind now ?“

„Yeah. I’m in your head afterall. Dimension you’ve created is inside your mind so i can hear your thoughts if i want to.“

„I see. So you can read any of my thoughts if you want to.“

„Yes. And that woman on the left is not that hot.“


„You still have 3 km left so keep going. I’ll get some rest.“

She is right. I should hurry since it’s 7 PM already.  If it gets darker i’m not sure if i can manage to find a way back. This forest roads are confusing enough. I wonder what Toshiro is doing. Also i haven’t been at the university for quite a while. After all of this training torture program i think i’d rather be there than here.

„Strange i’m pretty sure that i’ve finished those 3 km.

„You did. Something strange is going on ? – Tasogare appeared behind me

„What do you mean ? I do feel that i’ve been running more than i should but i don’t see anything strange.“

„Okay stop running. Do you see it now ? Focus on one point.“

„Yes it looks like woods are moving. Slowly but they are still moving. How could that be possible ?“

„Looks like druid magic.“

„Druid magic ? They all died centuries ago.“

„Yes they died. It may be another spirit user.“

„But in the HQ they said there is only water spirit user.“

„Well looks like another one appeard. Be on your guard.“

„Strange how couldn’t i notice that trees are moving.“

„It’s because you couldn’t.“ – a women appeared from the dark forest

She was unusually tall. She wore green dress and had a lot of rings on her left hand. In her right hand she was holding a staff.

„Look Hayato there is your hot woman.“ – Tasogare smiled to me in the face

„Now is not the time for joking.“

„He’s right. It doesn’t matter, you two will be dead soon anyway.“ – woman created a book with her staff

„Wait. Druids were healers right ?“

„Most of them yes. Long ago i heard a story about exiled druid. She was the prettiest woman in the tribe and she was promised to the shaman as a gift to the gods. Also she was very kind hearted and always helped peoplein trouble. Everyone loved her, except one person. That person was her own sister. She created poison arrows and tried to kill her at her own wedding. Her family wanted to exile her but druid said that she is a sacrifice to the gods and married her sister instead. She somehow manage to recover from poison that her sister made. Even tho her sister tried to kill her, she wanted to forgive her and give her gift. Her sister, jelaous of her beauty made up a scene like she was trying to kill her. After hearing that, druid exiled her forever. After that noone ever heard of her.“

„How do you know all of that ?“

„I had quite a lot of free time since i became a vampire so i was reading a lot.“

„I see. I do feel sorry for her. That story is terrible even when you just listen to it.“

„It is. But if she wants to kill us, we have no choice but to defend ourselves.“

„I didn’t bring my sword with me. I never expected  to fight in the place like this.“

„Dont worry. You have a relic with you right ?“

„Yes i do.“

„Then create a sword with the relic. With your current stamina it shouldn’t be a problem.“

„How do i do that ?“

„Do you remember time when you were sumonning me ? Do the same thing again but consentrate your blood flow to your hand.“

„To consentrate my blood flow ?“

„Yes. You can do that now since you’re a vampire.“

„Never heard any vampire can do that.“

„Just do it we don’t have time to waste.“


I started consentrating like before. In addition i pictured my blood flow going to my hand. And then it happened. Blood appeared out of nowhere materializing the sword. It was the same sword that scientists gave me back then.

„Looks like i’ve done it. But shouldn’t sword take my blood like before ?“

„No it took it’s tall before. It won’t happen unless you advance to the next level.“

„Okay let’s give it a try.“

„Are you two ready to die ?“

„What is your name ? – i asked a woman

„Why do you ask ?“

„I just want to know.“

„My name is Iliyas.“

„Nice to meet you Iliyas im Hayato. Now lets get to bussines.“

She started firing green bolts from her staff. One of her rings starts shining. She missed me every  time even tho i was barely dodging her bolts.

„Looks like your aiming is off today ?“

„It wasn’t. Every bolt hit it’s target.“

„Huh ?“

„Look around you.“ – she smiled sadistically

I looked around and  i was surrounded by growing trees. I had about 2 meters to move in every direction. So that was her plan. She wanted to get me into narrow space so she cant reduce my chances of dodging. Trees were areound 4 meters tall. Her second ring starts shining.

„What should we do ?“

„We need to create a range attack that can strike her down. The fact that worries me is that her vessel didn’t show up. The fact that she can stay materialized in human form this long means that they are already one level above us.“

„Shouldn’t you worry about your back.“ – Iliyas smiled again

An arrow hit me in the shoulder from unknown direction. Then again. And again. After some time i ended up on my knees. I got shot by 5 arrows in a short time. If it was daytime maybe i could dodge them but since it was night i couldn’t see a thing. It’s time to use my first ability isn’t it ? Well i’d better think of something fast.

„Can you create a distraction so i can strike her down ?“

„Yes, you’ll have about 10 seconds. I can cast my veil of shadows. It destroys others sense of vision and hearing. You won’t be affected since i drank your blood. Also i’ll grant you my second power, vampire sight. You’ll be able to see much better in darkness but it will damage your sight permanently if you overuse it. “

„Sounds perfect let’s do it then.“

Twilight queen fell into trance. All the darkness around her started getting thicker and thicker. My eyes turned red. I could see perfectly throw the veil of shadows. I srarted channeling my attack. It drained some of my blood. After few seconds it was ready.

„What is happening ? I can’t see a thing. Wait i can’t even hear myself. What have you done damn you ! – druid shouted as loud as she can

„Crecent slash!“ – i shouted launching the attack on helpless druid

If this don’t hit her we’re done for. My shoulders are still hard heavily injured. I wont be able to fire another shot.

„Dont worry it hit the target.“

„Do you think you can defeat me so easily. I’m a druid i can just heal myself.“ – woman laughed hard

Few moments later she started coughing blood and fell on the ground,

„Aaaaaaghh. Damn it why does it hurt so much. And why my wounds are not healing.“ – druid shouted in pain

„Crecent slash is not just an ordinary attack. It creates internal injury that starts destroying your bloodflow. You’re done for.“ – i explained her proudly watching at the queen

„Looks like you passed.“ – i heard another female voice

Out of the woods Lina appeared. Woods and druid disapperared.

„What do you mean by that ? What happened to druid ? And where is her vessel ?“

„I am her vessel you dummy. Can’t you figure it out by yourself ?“

„You’re kidding me right ?“ – i forced a smile

„No. Druid will be fine. Her second ability lets her shorter her lifespan but she’ll be healed in no time. You showed up pretty well i must admit. You too queen.“

„Of course  i did what did you expect.“ – she raised her head and looked at her nails

„I see you are  full of yourself as always. Good as his partner you should be. He showed a lot of potential.“

„Hey hey hold on a second. You said that there’s only one spirit i have to fight.“

„We don’t wanted to pressure you and no, we said that there is only water spirit that is currently identified.“

„Yeah i guess you did.“

„Let’s head back to the HQ. I’m sure that my father is waiting for report.“

„Yeah lets head back.“

„First let’s take of your wounds.“ – she put her hands above my shoulders and green aura showed up and started healing my wounds

„All done. Let’s go.“

On the way back she was silent and serious. I noticed that path where i was running appeard again.

„Why didn’t you tell me that you are a spirit user too ?“

„I wanted to see how good will you show up without knowing anything about other spirits and spirit users. In other words we wanted to see how good are you at analyzing the situation. That’s why we said that we identified only one spirit. If we said that there’s more you’ll just end up frightened and you wont be of any use to neither us or yourself. “

„I can’t say i agree with your wicked methods but you’re right about everything i guess.“

„Of course i am.“

„Beautiful night isn’t it ?“

„Are you trying to turn this into a romantic situation ? – she smiled and hurried

„Huh ? What ?“

„It’s nothing. Hurry up.“

„Yeah yeah i’m coming.“

My first combat experience was quite amusing in every way. Tho it hurted much more than i expected. I guess you can’t call yoursel a warrior without having a few scratces to prove it.  Even if they told me the whole truth im sure that i’ll choose tha same thing,

„I’m glad that you feel that way.“ – queen showed up again

„Oh hey. Do you feel the same way too ?“

„Yes i do. It was very fun even tho she was going easy on us.“

„Wait she was going easy on us ?“

„Yes if she wanted you’d be dead for sure. You did used an opening quite efectively but she gave you time to create it.“

„Now that i think of it none of the arrows did’nt hit my vital spots. Woman was going easy on me. My pride as a man is destroyed...“ – sigh

Oh well i guess this is where my story really begin. All of that was just an intro for the main events that are coming. I’ll defeat anyone who stands in my way. Of course after getting some rest.