Twilight Queen – Chapter 1

„Hey! Hey Hayato wake up ! its 7 PM, lectures are over for this week“.

„Seriously i have barely slept at all...“

„You slept for 3 hours...“

„Does that even count as sleeping ?“ – i looked at him with my barely opened eyes

„I had to lie that you were studying till 4 AM yesterday since proffesor wanted to ditch you out of class you know.“

„Thanks you are such wonderful person.“- i picked my cellphone from desk

„Dont give me that, lets go.“

Another day passed and nothing interesting happened in my life. Last week i went on volounteer work but since people were awfully talkative i had to cancel it.

„How do you expect something good to happen to you if you just complain about people who are actually doing something ?“- he asked and hit me in the shoulder

„If by doing something you think talking about gossiping i would rather stay like this than waste my time“. – i hit him back

' „What the hell do you want then, an apocalypse ?“

„Yeah that would be quite amusing, a percentage of idiots would be drastically lower after that.“ – i smiiled

„Okay forget i asked. Why do you have that weird smile whenever you talk about people dying ?“

„Well i dont know, its something like reflexive reaction. Its not that i hate them, i just dont like them thats all.“

„What is the difference between those two anyway ?“

„Well if i hated them they would probably constantly be on my mind, i would plan my revenge and that kind of stuff.“

„Guess that makes sense. Lets get something to eat, im starving. What about pizza ?“ – he forced smile

„Sure im hungry as well, lets hurry i see bus on the crossroads.“

The person i was talking to was my best friend Toshiro. He is good looking guy and isnt so smart. He likes to talk about girls, gym and sports. I‘ve always wondred why are we so close since we don‘t  have nothing in common . We took pizza and then hurried down to the train station. On the way down since we were running i accidentally bumped on someone and my pizza fell on the floor.

„Oh come on you gotta be kidding me.“ – i stared to the pizza for few seconds

To make things worse the person i bumped in was a girl that thinks i stole her book. Famous drama queen, worst kind of creatures ever existed on Earth. They are good looking, have great social and communication skills and they are usually rich and influencial towards others. Since i dont wanted to listen to another „lecture“ i just gave her book and said sorry.

„You sure are out of luck today.“ – he smiled again

„Its alright im quite used to it. By the way haven‘t you heard the news, some strange phenomena is appearing out of nowhere and someone‘s been taking some old relics from the museum. Also few people died, all in a strange way. First one died from dehydration, second one was burnt to ash and the last one was found with 20 kV of static electricity in his body. Isnt that unusual ?“

„Now that you mention it i did heard some pretty creepy murders happen near Hokaido.“ – he said with his mouth full

„Seems interesting i could do some research.“ – i smiled and we got in the train

We were talking for about 10 minutes then he left the train. I spaced out and started thinking about those murders. Police said that they all had some kind of ilness so they died because of that. Like i‘ll beleive that, there is no ilness that can burn you to ash or fill you with 20 kV of static electricity. I arrived in Tokyo. On the way to my flat in Tokyo i went to neareast groccery shop to get something for dinner. Then i saw her again. That annoying drama queen from my class. She just passed me and went home. I could swear she had some weird smile on her face. Since i didn‘t want to get in any kind of trouble with her i just walked to my flat and prepared dinner. I had to finish the presentation for mine and Toshiros project. Of course since he have no idea how to do anything on computer i had to do it myself. It‘s almost 3 AM and there is no school tomorrow. I went to my room and saw mangas on the table.

“ God i didn‘t read manga for 2 weeks, time to get to work.“ – i took the manga from the table and started reading

I was reading fantasy-ecchi stuff a lot. That was quite popular genre in our city.The manga i was reading is called „Sword of the doomed“. It was about a boy who found a mysterious sword in abandoned house and after that he found a lot of chicks around him. Pretty classic right ? Also i had a lot of computer books, usually about hacking that did give me a lot of trouble recently. Since sun was almost rising i went to bed.

I woke up in a cold sweat. I was dreaming about something demonic that said „Im watching you“ and smiled after that. I couldn‘t see its face i could just see red eyes and long black dress and long crimson hair. I didnt even know why i freaked out. I‘ve always had this kind of dreams. If i could classify how scary it was, it would be a weak C in my book.  My phone started ringing. It was Toshiro. We should meet about 12 AM but im already late. He is probably gonna make me ears bleed now. I‘ve decided to answer the call anyway. He sounded very sick. Like he caught a cold.

„Hey Hayato, sorry but i‘m afraid i have to cancel out our meeting for today cause i caught a cold. Dont scream too much i know you are happy that i canceled this.“

He was right. Now i have a whole day to do whatever i want. But still i have decided to be nice.

„Oh come on i‘m not that bad. Hope you get well soon.“

He smiled and then hang up. I have decided to spent this day on researching about those weird murders. Based on police and government speculations there weren‘t any motives for the murders to happen. Of course this was highly classified data that i found by hacking on government website. There was only one thing that was appearing in all cases, the time when it happened, dusk.

At least i know where to begin. Knowing the exact time should help me get other clues. Unfortunately i highly doubt that authorities will let me do it.  Alright i should destroy this laptop before they get in track of the IP adress. Damn this is 3rd one this year my dad is going to kill me. I took a glass of water and threw laptop to the garbage.  Suddenly i heard knocking. I wonder who could it be. I opened the door and saw my parents and my little sister.

„Hey Hayato long time no see.“- mom said with bright smile

„Hey son did you broke your laptop again ?“ – dad looked at me with somewhat angry face

„Sadly i did, i had some experiments in school and my laptop got caught up bad spot. – i answered and smiled awkwardly

„Haiiiiii. I wanted to see you for long but parents wouldn‘t let me, sorry.“ – she run towards me and jumped into my arms. I smiled and pat her head. She smiled back.

„Come in i was about to make a coffee. Want some ?“ – I tried to calm down my obvioulsy frustrated dad

„Sure why not. Now that we are here lets have a little chat.“ -He said with his arms crossed

Great, whenever he want to talk i get in trouble. Just great.

„How are the studies going ? – mom asked

„I guess they are fine since i got only few exams left. Tho my grades aren‘t that amazing.“

„That‘s good, im so proud.“ She smiled and took the first sip of a coffee

„How are you doing Airi? Is it nice to be in a school ? I know that you were so excited about school unlike me“ – i smiled to my sister and gave her rest of the chocolate i ate this morning

„Its great. I met a lot of new friends and we are hanging out every day. My grades are good although im not studying that much. Also i have a few very close friends and we are telling each others secrets.

Of course im keeping it from everyone. Well not everyone, sometimes i tell mom. – she smiled sweetly with her eyes looking down

„Nice. Keep up a good work.“ – i pat her again

„So dad what‘s up ? – i looked at dad with serious eyes – Did i do something wrong again ? „

„Suprisingly you didnt.“ – he smiled at me almost like he was suprised that i asked about it first

„My old friend from the military visited me last week.He heard that you are into computers and technology so he was wondering if you want to work for him. You will have a nice salary, work in the HQ and all the privileges that soldier has.“ – he continued talking sightly excited

„Soldiers have privileges ? Seriously ?“ – i smiled to him but he didnt react so i just took the last peice of chocolate

„This is an opportunity that happen once in a lifetime. Like i said you‘ll work in HQ not like a normal soldier. You cant really complain about that.“ – he glared at me and took a sip of coffee

„I dont know. Can you give me time to think about it ?“

„I can give you one day.“

„Alright i‘ll think about it.“

We talked about 2 hours and then they left. I thought about fathers offer. This could be my way of getting in track with those murders. If i get an access to their data i may even find something useful.

But working for the military will be such a drag. I can‘t even imagine myself working... I went to the kitchen to make something for lunch. Suddenly i fainted out. I woke up and found myself in hospital bed. I had same dream again

She was there sitting next to me.

„How do you feel ?“ – she asked with sadistic smile

„What the hell are you doing here ?“ – i asked her with shocked face expression

„Is that the way to thank someone who helped you ? No manners at all.“ – she said arrogantly looking to her crimson red nails

„Why did you help me ?“ – i asked her with eyes full of doubt

„My father told me to.“ – she answered and stood up and goes to the window

„Your father ? What the hell now im even more confused. I barely know you and i‘m pretty sure that i dont know your father.“

„You dont know him yet.“ – she smiled and went in the direction of the door

„We will meet again.“ – she got out of the room

What a bitch. She didnt tell me anything at all. She just made me ask more and more question. And what is up with this „We will meet again“. Of course we will we are in the same class afterall. Off all people she had to help me. Then the doctor came in.

„Hello how do you feel ?“ – doctor asked calmly with a bit serious face

„Much better thanks. I fainted out im not even sure why.“

„You had a heart attack.“ – he answered – if you didn‘t arrive here as fast as you did you would probably be dead by now

„Oh i see.“ – my answer was suprisingly calm

„Your parents are here. Do you want to see them ?

„Sure let them in.“ – i smiled to the doctor

Doctor went out and my parents came in. My mother was sightly scared and upset. Father had his poker face as always.

„How do you feel ? What happened to you ?“ – mom asked while holding my hand

„To be honest i have no idea. When you left the house i went to make something for lunch and suddenly fainted out. Doctor told me that was a heart attack. This might have happened because i didn‘t really have a normal sleep schedule.“

Of course that was a lie, i just said the first thing that came to my mind because i don‘t wanted them to worry. Father was calm as always but he could‘nt hide that he was worried too.

„Take your time to think abut the offer. I wanted to tell him today but he already knew what happened to you somehow.“ – he said and took a ciggarette

He knew huh. Could it really be a coincidence. This offer, the drama queen next to my bed and mentioning her dad and that nounsense about meeting again. It seems like every part of puzzle is falling into place. Well there is only one way to know it.

„Tell your friend that i accept his offer. I will work for him in the HQ.“ – i said that decisively

Father just smiled like he wasn‘t suprised at all. That man now me better than anyone so i shouldn‘t be suprised either.  I spaced out. Someone knocked again.

„Come in.“

„Hey man whats up ?- Toshiro said with a bright smile

„Hey Toshiro. Nothing, lying here half dead. You got better really fast didnt you ?“

„Yeah i drank a lot of tea and i got better fast. What about you ? First thing that came to my mind after hearing you were in a hospital was „omg he is just lying there with some hot nurse looking after him.“ – he smiled like a real pervert

„You always care about me dont you ? I cant beleive that your first thought after someone had a heart attack is a nurse „taking care of him“. Crap i just imagined that. His bad influence is showing off big time.

„Tommorow we are getting some chick okay?“ – he smiled again after giving me an orange juice

„Do you want to get another heart attack you idiot ?“ – i replied instantly

„Oh come on you worry  to much.“ – he hit me in the shoulder like he always does

„Tell me something. What do you know about drama queen ?“ – i asked him with serious look in the eye

„Oh you mean Lina. You are aiming high i like that.“ – he tried to provoke me

„Give me a break. That‘s not why i‘m asking.“

„Well she is rich, beautiful, popular, she looks down on everyone like you...“ – he tried to provoke me again

I didn‘t react this time. Demon from dreams came to my mind again. Lina‘s voice did sound quite similar to the one from the dream.

„So you don‘t know anything.“ – i stared at him

„Yeah.“ – he looked away and put his finger on his head

If she‘s really daughter of some military giant she probably didn‘t have a lot of time for herself. I kinda feel sorry for her. Tho if she could behave like a normal person she probably wouldn‘t be interesting to others.

„Okay i should get going. Afterall you need to get some rest.“ – he rose from the chair

„See you later.“

I dont know how i‘m going to adapt on 8 hours of serious work. I‘m really nervous. If everyone in the HQ have a same attitude like my dad we‘ll surely get along. I think it‘s about time to get some rest. Tommorow is Sunday so i can go do research while im free. And then phone started ringing.

„Sorry for bothering you son, my friend just called me. You can start working on Monday if you feel like it. Doctor said that you can go home tommorow so prepare to go into the world of the adults.“ – he said that and hung up

„Monday huh. So it starts on Monday. Well i guess things are finnaly getting interesting. That‘s what i wanted right ?“ -  i smiled and fell asleep