World Of Sync, Vol 1 – Chapter 1 The Powerless Freak


Hi, thank you so much for taking an interest in my series! I love to write, so, making it made sense.



I've rewritten and revised the story for years, so I hope you enjoy it! If you don't, that's okay! And I thank you for giving it a shot anyway. It’s gonna be a long one, so let’s start it shall we?





In this world, everyone has a Power. 3 types, as a matter of fact. Weaponry Elemental and Mind. And in order to get by in the world, some need a Sync. A small, personable object that, once activated, can boost a user in their natural Power, and Aura, the energy that resides in their body. A District in this world means the same as a country or kingdom in our world. The District we start our story, is a place similar to the world we already live in, except with the miracles and tragedies having Power, Syncs, and Aura would bring.… 


A young, blue haired teen runs through the backyard of his house, as jogging is a part of his work out. He abruptly stops after noticing someone is in his bedroom through his slightly opened window.

Kai: Huh? Is he in there again?

His annoyed eyes shift to the step ladder left next to the screen door.

The younger, black haired boy in the bedroom shuffles through a drawer of clothes in front of a bed. Clearly snooping around for stuff that he thinks the older sibling would have that will entice him.

Noah: Come on, where's the good stuff?


???: Noah!

He's immediately surprised and jumps by the voice of a tall woman who shares his hair color. Shouting his name. A voice that let's him know when he's in trouble.

Noah: Oh, mom, it's just you.


Ally: Noah, Kai has told you a million times by now. He doesn't like you in his room without permission!


Noah; Hey, what he doesn't know doesn't hurt him. Besides, it's not my fault he has cool junk, like this.


He raises a action figure that was tucked under a mix of clothes and books. Unknowingly behind him, a arm starts pushing the window up


Noah: I don't even know what this is!


Kai: Oh, that? That's just a rare Action-Man figure I kept as a child.


Noah: Oh, thanks Kai…. Kai!?

Kai smiles at the startled snooper, as he holds himself up with his arms on the window stool. Having used the step ladder to reach it.

Kai; Yeah, it's very special, want to know why?


Noah: Uh… sure?


Kai: It's a little secret called…

He pulls the boy in suspense closer.

Kai: Stay out of my room!!


Noah: Well, fine! Your stuff is boring and lame, anyways!


Noah storms past his mom, out of the door and starts walking down the hallway. Kai climbs through the window into his bedroom, and takes the folded shirt off of Ally's hand, helping her put his clothes away in his drawers.


Ally: I'm sorry Kai, I'll talk to him again about respecting boundaries.


Kai: It's ok Ms. Thomson, he'll learn even if I have to kill him.


Ally: Chester is almost finished making lunch, I imagine you worked up an appetite after working out!


Kai: Eh, I guess. I don't really feel all that hungry.

A stomach growl that embarrases Kai reveals contradicting deeper hunger.




Ally: You just guess, huh? Oh, and please wake your brother up. Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean he should just slouch off! Especially if you two will be receiving those forms!


Kai: Don't worry, I'll get him up.


Noah: Hey, idiot!

Noah returns to the room, waving two letters.

Noah: Dad wanted me to give these to you.

Kai grabs the letters and flips them over to see where they came from.

Kai: Huh? These came from the school? Why would they-.... 


Kai screams in excitement, and immediately dashes through his bedroom and across the hallway. Busting through the door and hopping on a bed that holds a sleeping, older teen.


Kai: Ano! Wake up! Look what just got here!


Ano struggles to open his eyes, taking a second to catch his bearings.


Ano: Kai? ....why are you on me?


Kai: Don't focus on that, just look at this!


The sleepy head focuses his eyes on the writing in front of the letter.


Ano: Hm? It's… the Guardian enrollment registration!


Kai: Well, they're job enrollment forms, but might as well just be Guardian for us! Come on, let's fill these out!


Ally quickly pops through the doorway to fix Kai's thought process.


Ally: After lunch.


Kai: After lunch!

Kai and Ano head downstairs and see Chester in the kitchen, reading the newspaper while his hand is holding a pan over the stove.


Kai: Good afternoon, Mr. Thompson!


Ano: Afternoon.


Chester: Afternoon, kids! 


Kai: What're you reading?


Chester: Just this week's paper. Can you believe it's taken the top geniuses in the world this long to finalize Aura conversion for generators? Maybe we oughta get one, Ano over there can fill er up, ha!


Ano: With all due respect, sir. I'd have to be paid to sit around and let a machine suck Aura out of my body for who knows how long.


Noah walks past them with a colorful magazine on his hand and immediately opens a page to show Chester a new bike.


Noah: Dad! There's this super cool new bike being brought over from Wynus District! Can I get it for my birthday!?


Chester: Eh... We'll have to wait and see, Noah. You know money's not the strongest thing we have.


Noah: Aw, come on! It's never our strongest thing.


Ally comes down the stairs with an empty basket, having put away all of the laundry.


Ally: Now, now, Noah. We always make with what we have. Besides, I'm sure we can find a bike here in non-futuristic Vilson District that'll be just fine for you.


Ano: We could always sell Kai's stuff. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.


Kai: Uh-excuse me! Most of my stuff is just hand me downs from you! Are you saying you wanna get rid of your own things?


Ano: ...On second thought, let's just sell Kai.


Noah: I wouldn't mind.


Kai: Both of you guys wouldn't make it 5 seconds before you started missing me!


Chester: Alright! I think lunch's ready!


Noah: Please tell me we still have those Nature Power grown berries from Mystral Forest's farm! 


Chester: We sure do! Thank goodness for coupons.


Noah: Awesome! I don't know why anyone would wanna live in a rural place, but they do make awesome fruit!


A little while later, the family gathers at the dining room table in the corner of the living room. Ally and Chester sit on one side of the table while Kai, Ano and Noah sit on the other. Plates of food and a glass with a beverage in front of them being consumed.


Chester: So, the forms finally came huh? And here I thought getting that C in map study was gonna haunt ya!


Kai: Well, it's not like I can't just use my phone in case I need to know where I am.


Ano: You're not using my phone if yours dies.


Kai: At Least they'll know who to arrest if I go missing!


Ally: You two know those jokes worry me.


Chester: Eh come on honey, I was a guardian for a bit and I came out fine!


Noah: Dad… You lasted 3 days


Chester: Uh- eh… 


Chester raises his hand and starts growing shiny plants with a green glow out of his palm.


Chester: When you find a better calling for your Nature Power then "Carpet Designing", you can tell me how long you last at your job!


Kai picks up his drink amidst the conversation.


Kai: Don't worry, Mr. Thomson. I'm sure your carpet designs look better than the ugly one we have in our living room!


Chester: That's my first design!


Kai: Oh! Uh I mean-


Kai accidentally drops his cup to the floor, while panicking, struggling to change the meaning of what he said.


Kai: Oops, I got it!


He reaches down to grab it, and as soon as he makes contact, blue markings appear, and shine on his body, breaking the glass cup by accident.


Noah: Ew! The weird blue stuff is back!


Kai sits back up embarrassed, and stares at his now blue marked hand.

Ally: Noah, it's just Kai's "unique condition".


The older brother looks at his younger brother, wanting to make sure he is okay from this clearly repeating incident.


Ano: Hey…


Kai: I'm fine!...


Ally notices Kai's sad face and catches the brothers' attention with a raised finger to show a forming idea is coming.


Ally: Hey, you two ate enough of your plate, right? Maybe you should fill out your forms! The ceremony begins at 5pm and it's already 10!


Chester: Yeah! We'll handle your chores today, take all the time you need!


Noah: We?


Ally looks at him with a grin that says "no-nonsense will be had right now".


Ally: Yes, "we".

A few minutes later, Kai and Ano are busy filling out their enrollment forms.


Kai: I can't believe we're actually doing this.


Ano: That's fair. We've only been thinking about this since we were kids.


Kai: True. But I'd say I've been more excited, since you accidentally checked "Gardener" instead of Guardian.


Ano: Huh?


Ano double checks his paper and realizes it's true.


Ano; Hey, short stuff, I've barely been awake for a few hours, cut me some slack!


The 2 brothers share a cheerful glee before they get back to their papers. After a second, Kai's mind says to himself-

Kai: I can't believe I get to prove her wrong.


His mind flashbacks to 9 years ago. To the day they decided to become Guardians.




Mary: use it!


A younger Kai and his mother stand outside in their house's backyard. A cloudy sky causes a breeze through the grass as Kai strains his arms holding them in front of him attempting to shoot at a can on a log.

Mary: Use my Ice! You're supposed to be my child, stop wasting time and use the power you inherited from your mother!


Kai: I-...i can't! 


Mary stares at him with contempt, visibly turning to disgust and anger, and grabs one of his arms squeezing it hard. 


Mary:.Start creating ice, and strike that can right there! If you want to be my son, then do it!


Kai: I can't! Dad said I have what he has! And Dad said it wasn't anything to be worried abo-


His sentence is cut short with a slap on his head.


Mary: Don't mention him… don't ever mention him!


Her strike and the sudden grief of his dad's absence causes Kai to collapse to his knees, panting for air. Mary looks at him with a deadpan expression before turning the screen door.






Mary: I don't want to see you in this house until you can use ice.


She hesitates to open the door, before turning her head just to barely look at him.


Mary: …Just an offspring of his curse.


She enters the house, slamming the door. A loud action that has less effect on Kai than her words.


A few hours pass by, with Kai still in the cold, desperately trying to form ice from his hand. A sudden sound of the screen door opening frightens Kai for a second, before hearing the voice of who opened the door.

Ano: Kai! A new episode of Action-Man is starting! Come in and watch it with me!


Kai: Really? Aw, man. Mom said I can't come in until I use Ice Power.


Ano: Again?...

Ano looks down to the ground, saddened.

Kai: Don't look like that! Oh, ok! Just one though. 

A smile beams on Ano's face as he leads Kai back into the house. He makes it clear to Kai to keep quiet while they sneak across the living room, as he points to a sleeping Mary on the couch with dry tear streams on her cheeks and bottles surrounding her on the floor. The 2 brothers turn on the TV in an empty room, making sure to turn it down before it fully turns on.

A clock on top of the TV cuts from 4:55 to 7:03pm, as the passage of time has clearly passed by.

Action-Man: Justice Kick!

Kai & Ano: Awesome!!


Kai: He took Shady-Slug down in one kick!


Ano: He's amazing!

Kai leans back from the TV, calming down after the excitement. The 2 continue watching for a bit before Kai breaks the silence.


Kai: Hey… wouldn't it be cool if we were like Action-Man?


Ano: Us? Like him?


Kai: Yeah! Imagine it… Beating up bad guys, keeping people safe, all with cool moves!


Ano: So, basically a Guardian?


Kai: Oh, yeah! We can just be Guardians!


Ano: I doubt it… we'd have to save, like, anyone right? I don't wanna have to save those jerks from class that keeps picking on you.


Kai: Meh, it'd still be our job.


Ano: …What if we're not good enough? I mean… You don't even know what your pow-... I mean-


Kai waves his hand to show he dismisses the possibly hurtful comment.


Kai: no, it's fine!... Tell you what. 

Kai raises his fist.

Kai: We'll just promise to do our best! We don't break each other's promise, after all!


Ano: That simple?... "chuckles" You're stupid


Kai: Come on! Think about it.

Ano takes a second to think about his words, and gives a soft smile before responding, with the door handle jiggling in the background 


Ano: …Okay.

The door creaks open.

Mary: Ano, why are you making so much noise-

Her blurry vision starts to hone in on the boy that's not supposed to be in her house. The liquid in her bottle starts freezing as her ice Power starts rising in rage, breaking the glass slightly.




Lug: This was just another noise complaint from this house, like usual. How did this happen?

2 Guardians in officer attire stand in front of the house's door, with the 2 bruised children quietly with them. The officer in front of the door with Ano sitting next to him closes it.

Paul: Welp, the woman's passed out on the floor. Judging by the shattered wine bottle and ice shards, I'd say someone was putting up a fight. 


Lug: Hey, we can go over this after we get these kids somewhere out of the cold.

The older officer bends on one knee and places his hands on Kai's shoulders.

Lug: Listen, I'm taking you to the station. I'm gonna help you kids, alright?

No response, just a head pointed to the ground.

Lug motions for Ano to get off the doorway and walk over to him. The 3 make their way out to the car the officers came in. Kai's mind is interrupted during the last few seconds of his memories, with Paul questioning where the body went.




Ano: Kai… Kai! Earth to spaced out idiot!

Kai snaps out of his trance.

Kai: Huh? Oh, sorry did you ask something?


Ano: No, you just conked out there, you okay?


Kai: Uh, yeah! I was just… thinking about homework.


...hey, what should I put for my Power type? 


Kai points to the part of the registration form that requires what type of Power the individual has.


Ano: Hm, just put N-A, i'm sure you can change it later once you get your sync


Kai: I've been riding on finding out my power when I get my sync for a while now. Are you sure it'll happen?


Ano: Yeah, i inherited ice power. You had to have inherited something.


Kai: Yeah, I guess you're right

The sun starts to set, with orange lighting bouncing off the gate entrance to Vilson District's High School. 


Kai and Ano look at the crowd of students, parents and school facility in the middle of the campus, talking to each other.


Kai: Yeesh, and I thought this place was crowded just from class transitions.


Ano: Too noisy 


Zeke: Kai! Ano!

A familiar voice calls out to the 2, Zeke and Saiko move past a few to greet their friends.


Kai: Zeke! Hey! How's it going?


Zeke: That's a stupid question, I'm obviously excited! 


Kai: Yeah, that's true.


Zeke: So, what do you think our syncs will look like? I want mine to look really cool!


Kai: Not sure, I just hope I get mine in general. Even if it's a weird one that only covers one of your arms.


Ano slaps Kai on the back in a brotherly manner


Ano: You'll get yours, idiot.

The 3 stop their conversation to look at Saiko, lost in thought. Ano steps over to her and places his hand on her shoulder.

Ano: And it doesn't matter what type of sync you get, either. You worked hard, too. So don't worry about it.


Saiko: Thanks, Ano. I'm just nervous… it would've killed you guys to wear something formal for today, though.


Kai: Oh, please. You wear that uniform everyday! 

A PA system speaker on the wall comes on



The crowd starts walking to the auditorium. And just as the announcement finishes, the room is already almost packed. Several students talk about their anxiety over what type of Sync they'll get. Some worry about the Guardian exam they'll have to take, and a few question who'll be their team captain, hoping for one of the Elite Guardians, like Liam. 

The principal of the school steps to the podium of the stage, tapping the microphone for attention.

Principal: Hello, everyone… To the students, families, and facility members, thank you for pushing through with us last year to where we are now. We've all made progress to becoming-


A student secretly forms a water ball above the principal that falls from the ceiling, with the principal blocking it with a wave of wind with his Wind Power. The auditorium erupts with laughter.


Principal: Nice try, guys. Now, settle down…


This semester marks the beginning of a new-

*much later*

Principal: And now, 

A man of tall stature begins to walk across the stage, catching the awe of the whole room.


some words from the District leader, Lucas Vas!

Applause fills up the room.


Lucas: Thank you, Charles…. What I see in this crowd are faces of young, potential, and diligent models of the future. I still remember receiving reports that 70% of the school had passed the initial beginning of the year exam! I won't lie, I opened some of the registration forms before getting here. And, i'm surprised so many of you kids signed up for various business type jobs! Haha…

Today marks a point in our lives where we open up the next door into a future we don't know.


perhaps something of an enemy? A friend? We won't know until we get the courage to take a step forward. So, what do you say we get to opening up that door? Students, please line up to claim your sync!

Applause once again fills the room.

Lucas: Ruby, would you please?


Ruby: With pleasure!

Ruby places a small gray box with a hole on the top on the edge of the stage.


Ruby: Portal Aura; Location C!


She uses her Portal Power to summon a small portal to a bright void that gives people their Syncs. 

Several students walk across and place their hand inside of the void, and after just a second, receive their long awaited Sync.


Hera: Ooooh, this Sync looks like a scorpion!!


Felt: I swear, if you try to sting me with that.

Saiko places her hand In the void, pulling out hers.

Saiko: It looks like a pair of scissors, just like…

Saiko bares a soft smile.

Zeke nudges Saiko aside 


Zeke: Congrats! My turn!


He reaches in.


Zeke: Wow! It looks like a bolt!

Ano reaches in next.


Ano: Huh, kinda looks like an ice shard…

Ano looks over to Kai behind him. And gives him an encouraging smile.

Kai (inside of his mind): Any Sync, any type of all…. 

*Kai reaches into the void.*

Anything, even the smallest one can make me useful!


*He pulls his hand out.*

Kai:.... Huh?


Nothing is there


Kai: What? But… but I have to have one! 

Lucas walks over to him, and kneels.

Lucas: Kai, in case this was the scenario. The school is granting you a special fund to help with your choosing of whatever career you choose, despite your unfortunate situation.


I'm sorry Kai, you can't become a Guardian… But don't let this deter you from great things.


Kai: …Thank you.

Kai grabs the check handed to him, and walks over to the door across the stage where his friends and family are waiting for him.

Lucas looks at him as he walks away.


Lucas (inside his mind): I don't doubt you getting a Sync, Kai.


If anyone from your family is gonna receive that guy… it's going to be you.


The moon softly shines on the campus as a majority of the auditorium discuss their enjoyment of the present. Some however…

Ally: Kai, I'm so sorry honey.


Kai: I'm fine!


Chester: you just gotta keep your head up sport!


Kai: I know!


Noah: …At least you can stay home and play videogames with me!


Ally: Noah!

Kai starts to walk off, Ano reaches out telling him to wait.


Kai: I'm fine, promise! I'm gonna sit at the lake for a bit.



Ano: I'll get him a soda real quick

Kai stares at the moonlit lake for a while, before shooting his strained eyes at the sky. He flashbacks to his mother's words about being a spawn of his curse.

Kai: Now what am I supposed to do? How will I become a guardian? Hell, How can I even get a job? ….I guess she was right after all… I… don't wanna give up-

His train of thought is interrupted by Zeke poking a finger on his cheek, saying boop before slightly shocking him.

Kai: Zeke!? What!? Why!?


Zeke: You looked like you needed another one of my "Zeke Zaps!"


Kai: I didn't! I've never needed one!...


Actually, maybe I did just this time.

Zeke sits next to Kai on the soft cold grass.

Zeke: I'm sorry… That you didn't get your Sync.


Kai: It's okay, I guess this was just how things were supposed to go.


Zeke: Hmm, nope!


Kai: Wuh?


Zeke: You're just a late bloomer, like me? Remember how I didn't discover I had Electric Power until the 3rd grade?


Kai: Yeah, the way you told me was by ruining my hair.


Zeke: And Jenny, from science class! She didn't find out her Power until 6th grade! Everybody has a Power, and everybody gets a Sync! And, You're a part of everybody, so… don't give up, okay blue?

Kai: …Okay, zapper.

By the vending machine in the outside area of the cafeteria, Ano inserts a dollar into the slot, thinking to himself as he chooses a beverage.

Ano: what should I tell him? I know he's hurting


Quin: Finally, you're away from the peasants.

Ano turns his head to look behind him. A tall man with long black hair, a pompous feel and a suspicious dark cloak walks towards him. Uncaring for the attention he's receiving from the few students conversing near the 2.

Ano: Who the hell are you?


Quin: My name is Quin. I'll make this snappy, since my very being here is dangerous. I'm a part of a group called Shadow Sun, and was assigned to find anyone with a high amount of aura to recruit. And look what I found! I believe it'd be in your best interest to come with me. I'm not taking no for an answer, however.


Ano: ...Tch, piss off


Quin: tsk tsk, the safer answer would've been yes. But, I suppose filth never knows the best life choices to make. 

Continuing to ignore the comments from the students about getting the security guards to force leave, and sure of himself the Ano will be accompanying him back to his group, Quin reaches into the pocket of his cloak, and pulls out his Sync. Ano quickly reacts to this by bringing out his Sync from his pocket. But Quin doesn't hesitate. He immediately activates his Sync, 2 lightning whips, and brings down a lightning strike right on Ano, causing an explosion. People start panicking, and start running from the scene. Security guards attempt to evacuate the people out of the school gates, and all of the commotion grabs the attention of Kai and Zeke at the lake.

Kai: What's going on?


Zeke: I think someone's getting in a fight!


Kai: Wait, I think that's by the cafeteria! Ano!


He immediately rushes into the school, despite Zeke calling his name. And starts pushing through the crowd.

The dust from the initial strike looms over the area.


Ano (in his mind) Shit, he caught me off guard… everything's blurry, my head feels like it's split open and my ears won't stop ringing…


Quin: Bleh, the look of commoners squealing around like pigs. They don't know the term common sense yet?

Ano attempts to send an ice wave but it's whipped through with great ease.

Quin: No use in fighting anymore, boy. Let's just make this easy and leave. I can't risk you spilling anything to anyone, after all.


Ano: Shove your whips up your ass, bastard!


Quin: yeah, I think I've thinned my patience. 


Quin (inside his mind): His Ice Power and large amount of aura will be rather useful. It's similar to hers, too. Perhaps Sui can use him for more Aura Stones, or something.

He pulls his arm back, and readies another slash, but is distracted by a boy shouting out to them, running towards the scene.

Kai: Get away from him!


Quin: And then there's this brat!


Ano: Kai! Run away!


Kai: Sure, but first I need you on your feet!

Quin launches 2 whips that Kai manages to dodge from left to right. A widespread slash forces Kai to jump up In the air to avoid it, landing behind Quin and throwing a punch in his face. this comeuppance doesn't last long as with a quick flick of his wrist, Quin wraps his whip around Kai's wrist, and swings Kai into the brick wall behind them.

Quin: Thanks for the fun!


He waves as he walks over to his prime target.

Kai (in thought): I can't move… I think I'm trapped under all of this rubble. I got myself killed. Either that, or Ano dies protecting me… I have to give-

His hand starts subconsciously pushing himself up.


Kai turns his focus to Quin, who's slowly walking towards Ano preparing a slash.


Kai: No…


He gets closer, using his other whip to slash another small ice barrier.


Kai: No…!


Kai's blue markings start to conjure throughout his body. Quin's arm raises into the sky, with the whip buzzing with strength.


Kai: No!


A second strike flashes Kai's eyes, and after a few seconds, his vision starts to clear up, with the horrifying sight of neither Quin or Ano present in the area. Kai's shocked face starts twitching with tears forming, with the thought that he's failed his brother. And with this thought drowning his mind, he shouts an anguished no that could be heard throughout the whole world. 

The blue markings start shining brightly, and deep inside the void where Syncs come from, a Sync inside a small blue barrier is awakened. The barrier erupts, and the Sync rockets out, with a ball of light surrounding it, flying through the ceiling, and stopping right in front of Kai's face. 

???: Sync with me! Sync with me!


The ball of light suddenly has angry eyes and mouth, matching the Sync's strong emotions.


Kai: What!? Wait! What the hell! What are you!?


???: That doesn't matter! Come one! 


Kai: A-are you a Sync!? How are you talking!? Syncs don't talk!


Talin: Please! Sync with me! I don't want to go back to sleep!


Kai takes a quick second to think about his predicament.


Kai: uh- uh, ok! Fine!

The face fades away from the ball of light. Kai grabs the seemingly insane Sync with his hand, activating him. And in a bright flash of blue light, Kai opens his eyes, looking at his arms before standing up to see his whole body, in a Sync form.


Kai: I… I don't believe it… I'm in a Sync form!!


His happiness immediately switches to serious, as he only thinks about his next step for a second, and turns to the street the outside cafeteria is next to and starts running.

Kai: Don't worry, Ano. I'm coming!

Kai continues running down the street.


Kai: I gotta go faster! My instincts to go this way were right! It was hard to see, but I can tell, that guy was shining with electricity hopping over roofs! I know which direction he's heading in… just, hang on Ano!

Back at the school, the court is vacant, with everyone having been evacuated outside of the school, and sent home. Ally, Chester and Noah stand right next to the gates, along with Zeke and Saiko, worried over the whereabouts of the 2 brothers after the event.


Ally: Kai… Ano…


Chester: They'll be alright, honey.


Ruby: We're contacting every Guardian within the vicinity. I promise you, we'll get your children back safe and sound!


Noah: I can't believe a jerk would just kidnap Ano, like that. Why would Kai run after them? It's not like that idiot could do anything.


Zeke: Kai always tries to do anything, even if it's impossible. Like, whenever he tries to beat Ano at that arcade game those 2 always play.


Noah: I think something like that is on a different boat.


Ally: No… Zeke's right. When those two put their heads together, they get through whatever life throws at them.


Chester: See? Now you just gotta stay calm, like I have;


Saiko: You're the one who came panicking to me, asking whether or not I was with Ano. Mr. Thompson.


Chester: I-!-... 


Ally: Um, By the way ...wasn't your sister supposed to be here, Saiko?

Saiko looks down to her side, saddened.


Saiko: She was busy.


Zeke: You can fight her with your sync, to get even!


Saiko: What? No.


Zeke: Okay, I guess cutting her paycheck with your Sync could work, too.

Saiko gets in Zeke's face.


Saiko: Not. Another. Word.



A grown man walks up to the group, with a Guardian emblem, spiky hair, and beard.

John:  You guys are kinda blocking the main gate. Mind scooting aside?

Saiko: looks at him with Ill intent* We were told to stay here, by District Leader Lucas. Our friends are missing, pal.

John: Yeah? And I'm here to look for them. Kinda my job.


Saiko: Job? …Wait-

Before Saiko can finish her thought, Ruby runs past her to greet the man.

Ruby: Elite Guardian John!


Saiko: G-Guardian?... I'm sorry, sir! Please forgive me-


John: Calm down, jeez. I don't need an apology, I'm used to antsy people while I'm on missions.


Noah: Woah, he's not just a Guardian, but one of those 6 elite? That's so cool!


Zeke: Excuse me, sir! Can we see your sync? Haha!


Saiko: Quiet, Zeke. Show some respect. 


Zeke: Sure! I'll show some just like yours!

Saiko gets in Zeke's face again.


Saiko: I WILL kill you.

Ruby opens the gate.


Ruby: please, come right this way! 

John walks towards Ruby, holding the gate door open, but his arm is grabbed by the worried mother, looking down as tears swell up in her eyes

Ally: Please sir… Those 2 boys are good, they can get themselves in trouble… but they're good… So please…


She looks up to the Elite Guardian, revealing her distressed face. 


Ally: Save them! Save my children!



John grabs her hand.


John: …that's my job, ma'am. Don't worry.


She let's go, assured that the safety of the rest of her family is in good hands.


The moonlight shines softly through the abandoned square building's roof. An unconscious Ano slowly starts to wake up. He gets his bearings. He's stuck in a cycle of lightning circulating around his body, realizing he's sitting on the floor against the wall, and sees Quin standing in the middle of the building. Quin quickly notes his kidnapped friend is awake.

Quin: Well, well, well. Look who's finally up!


Ano: …Where are we?


Quin: We're in Shadow Sun's hideout. We're waiting for our leader to come and pick us up.


Ano: What? I already told you I-


Quin: Bwahahaha! You idiot! You actually think I'm serious? I wouldn't take you to our hideout! We're in some random empty building I picked. We are waiting for someone from my group to come, though. So, I hope you can stay snug in my lightning whip.


Ano: Why isn't it shocking me?


Quin: I can control my own aura, fool.


Ano: Oh, yeah? Well, what's stopping me from just-

The lightning shocks him.

Quin: You really don't know when to stop talking, huh? You don't have a say in this. If the others back at the school find you, you'll give them details that'll make it harder for me and my group to operate. And I'll be damned if I go back to them empty handed, either.

He slowly walks over to the tied up boy and lowers to his knee so they're face to face.

Quin: So, tell me, peasant… What can you do to me in this situation? Huh?

Ano upper kicks him in the face. 

Ano: Give your dentist overtime?


Quin: … 


Out of anger, Quin punches him back.

Quin: Wait ... .I just touched a peasant! I can't believe I let myself touch filth! I must control myself!


Ano: Why is Shadow Sun even a thing!? Tell me what I'm being stolen for!


Quin: …I'm not telling you anything. Just know, your Ice Power and your aura is all that's needed of you.


Kai catches his breath with his hands resting on his knees. After climbing on top of a roof for a better view of the buildings around him.

Kai: *Huff, huff* I'm starting to wish I didn't skip dinner before the ceremony!


Talin: you are quite winded.


Kai: huh? Oh, yeah. I'm going crazy, and can hear a sync talk. Why do I hear you in my head, instead of my ears?


Talin: what are you planning to do, once you reach these strangers?


Kai: They're not strangers! Well, one of them isn't. I have to rescue my brother! It doesn't matter if I'm weak, he needs me!


Talin: I'm trying to get a bearing on my surroundings. Where are we?


Kai: Actually, I'm not sure. I've just been chasing after a faint yellow light.


Talin: That doesn't seem wise.


Kai: I'm just using my instincts! You got a better idea?


Talin: I would, if I knew where I was.


Kai: Sounds like it's your problem.


Talin: Actually, it's our problem.


Kai: Shut up!-... Oh crap.


Talin: What?


Kai: I. I think I feel where they are.


Kai quickly hops over a small gap between 2 buildings.

Talin: What makes you say that?


Kai; I'm not sure, just my instincts again. I think it's that building, over there!


Talin: Let's see if your instincts are as trustable as you think.


The wide doors are busted open, with Quin and Ano looking at Kai in shock. He catches his breath, and points his thumb to his face

Kai: I'm here for my idiot!



Ano: Kai!


Quin: How did you… 


Kai:  Hand him over!!


Quin: …you really think trash like you have any right to speak to me like that? Well, it doesn't matter. I'll just ride the world of you, properly this time!


Quin shoots a burst of electricity at Kai, with him dodging to the right. But Quin quickly follows up that attack, barely giving Kai time to step back from a slice of lightning as Quin shoots another bolt. Kai's mind fixates on the burst with the objective *dodge* being the only thing he thinks of. And suddenly, he jumps up fast and high, hitting the roof and falling back down.

Quin: You clearly have no chance of winning! Give up!


Kai dodges another attack, and starts running around Quin, continuously trying to avoid his attacks.

Talin: Kai, I have an idea.


Kai: Go for it!


Talin: I think if we get a clear shot. I can send energy throughout your body, and you can use it to finish this fast! 


Kai: can you do that?


Talin: Seeing and Feeling how you fight… I'm starting to remember how my own abilities work.


Kai: Alright, I'm on it!


Quin: Dance for me! Dance, peasant!


Ano watches from the wall.


Ano: He's distracted… He can't shock me from doing anything. I gotta help Kai somehow! 

Ano places his hand on the wall behind him and forms a small ice sickle, he breaks a good chunk off and throws it in front of his feet, then kicking it over to Quin. Who stops attacking Kai, confused at the random ice just sent his way.

Ano (inside his mind): Changing the temperature and pressure of my own ice…

The ice explodes, disorienting Quin

Ano: I can cause dry Ice explosions!

Talin: Now!

Kai focuses on a unfocused Quin.

Kai: Don't mess…

He lunges forward.

Kai: With my…

Quin gets bearings, and looks horrified at the incoming fist.



A massive punch hits Quin's face in full force, sending a shock wave throughout the air and pushing Quin into the opposite side of the entrance, right into the wall.


The lightning trap sizzles off of Ano, and the dropped whips fade over to Quin, forming back to a unactivated Sync

Kai: …Got him! Great thinking, Sync!


Talin: I'll let the informality slide.

Kai stands up, and looks over to Ano, rushing over to him with relief that he's up.

Kai: Ano! I'm so glad you're okay!


Ano: Same here! …Heh, look at you.

Ano points to his little brother's body, in a Sync form 


Kai: I know! I can't believe it either! He sure is a mouthful, though.


Ano: …huh?


Kai: Oh, I mean my Sync.


Talin: It'd be appreciated if you referred to me by my name.


Kai lowers his head to his body to talk to Talin*


Kai: I'd appreciate it if you told me what it is!


Talin: …I'll get back to you on that.


Raises his head back to Ano*


Kai: see what I mean?


Ano: Kai, I… don't hear anything-

Quin: YOU!!


The 2's attention are immediately switched to Quin, who slowly lifts himself up on the rubble near him.


???: Look at you, you idiot.


Kai and Ano turn to a figure on the roof. Looking down at the scene.


???: in only half an hour, you lose to two kids? Has your arrogance taught you nothing?


Quin: Shut up, Wallus… They're dead!!


Wallus: I don't have patience for your ego. We're leaving.


Quin: Not until I make them pay!!


Quin tries to shoot a giant bolt of lightning but suddenly, John bursts into the scene and blocks it with his Sync: Cosmic Blade at the right time.

John: Sorry, but I'm not letting you harm these kids any further.

He points his Sync at Quin, and gives Wallus an intimidating stare. As Wallus returns the stare, he hops into the building. And lifts Quin over his shoulder, ignoring his shouting to let him go.


Wallus: Let's go, Mr. High and mighty.

He begins to turn around and gets ready to jump back to the roof.

John: Woah, bulky. You're not going anywhere. If you're a part of a super secret club, I want details.

Wallus: Between us? It'd be an even match. But, I'm not staying here. Sorry. 

Wallus quickly jumps away with Quin. Escaping.


Kai: He's so fast! Who was that guy?


John: None of your business… at least, not yet, probably.


Ano: wait...You're a Guardian, right?


John: yep, and I'm taking you two back to the school. But, before I do. 

John smacks Kai on the head

Kai: Ow! What was that for!?


John: I like the kind of guy who charges in. But you had no business heading somewhere this dangerous on your own!


Kai: …with all due respect, sir… My brother was in danger! I had to do something!

John sees the conviction behind Kai's face.

John: …Heh. Well, let's just save all the excuses when we're back to safety.

John (inside his mind): Between these 2 and the other 2 back at the school …hmph, interesting kids these days.


Ally squeezes Kai with a hug as tears stream down her face.


Ally: I'm so glad you 2 are safe!!


Kai: We're okay, Ms. Thomson. Sorry for making you worry.

Everyone expresses their gladness over the brothers' safety in the outside cafeteria, as the morning sun slowly starts to rise.

Chester: I'm so relieved you 2 are ok! Where's the dead man who put their hands on my children!


John: He got away.


Chester: Oh…, well next time he messes with us, he'll get a can full of pain!


Noah: Your carpet designs might scare em off


Saiko: What happened?


Zeke: Yeah, who started that fight?


Ruby: They'll have to save those details for me, sadly. Someone's here to take you home, Saiko. And your uncle Bob is here for you, Zeke.


Zeke: Aw, okay. Tell us about it later, see ya guys!


Saiko: Be safe!

The 2 wave away they're friends and walk off.

Ruby: I'm sorry we took so long to find you 2. We didn't even hear the commotion inside the auditorium. I guess it's a good thing it took the news a minute to reach us, or else I would’ve turned the portal off. Huh, kid? *Fake punches Kai in the arm* Come on, I would like to ask you some questions about the perpetrator.


Ano: Actually… Can Kai and I be alone for a second?


Ruby: Oh, sure!


John: Make it snappy, you 2

The others walk into the cafeteria.


Ano: Hey you remember what we said when we were children? About making a promise?


Kai: Huh? Back in elementary school?

Memories flash through Kai's mind.

Kai: Wow, I thought you forgot about it!


Ano: Of course not, shortie… I think it's time we do it.


Kai: Really? Right now?


Ano: After tonight? Of course!


Kai: hah! Sure thing!

Ano: I promise…

Ano raises his arm, pointing his fist directly at Kai 

Kai: I promise…

Kai returns the favor. And the 2 connect their hands with a fist bump.

Kai and Ano: To do our best!


You made it to the end! Thank you so much for reading all the way!