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On this Otaku News Reviews I cover the OELN full of harem delight, Death By Ex-Girlfriend: Aika Crisis by Tonbogiri. It claims to be a "harem finally done right," which is a bold claim. There is plenty of harem, though, plus a good balance of serious story.

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    The only harem story done right would have to follow something realistic that would end in tragedy for the bulk of those involved. Our best example would be ancient China where the emperor would take many wives and concubines. They were all smiles but secretly plot the demise of their competitors for the sake of their children’s succession to the throne.
    I’m heavily interested in “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom”. One glaring problem I found is, with nearly every novel, the protagonist added a new wife to his collection, willing or not. The problem I found is that all the girls gathered were not bothered by being wife number whatever. They all acted like sisters. Even when the first children of their group was born, they all clamored together in gleeful bliss. Then wait their turn to bear the next child. Too bad they didn’t start plotting against one another as that is the usual historic outcome in these types of situation.
    Nearly every harem franchise has a camp of fans for each potential love interest. The more currently entertaining divide is from: “The Quintessential Quintuplets.” Even though there is a definitive winner by the end of the story, the writer still couldn’t let the other girls lose completely. Everyone has their favorite. I doubt producers are willing to ostracize a group of fans because their favorite girl wasn’t chosen. That’s manga for ya.

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    This book is almost how you describe at the beginning (or at least sets up the expectations to be, but it quickly changes. They seem like serious competitors and hate each other, but then it is just like they are playful friends.

    I guess I agree with your take on harem done right. I do not really care one way or the other about the harem aspects in stories. Really I would care more about the harem part being done differently then “right”. Most harem stuff just seems the always be the same.