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    Ayumi Megumi
    @Jyukai AMV Jyukai Ituna
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    Well, this is obviously not supposed to be here considering the different language, but I can’t find another proper forum to start this thread. Either way, you would have to have read the English translated version of the light novel, so it’s just the original English part. Never mind the trivial problem.

    Here we talk about Japanese Light Novels you have read, want to read, or just want to discuss about it having an anime adaptation or just looking for some recommendations. We are a LN community after all!

    There are other official forums on it but this one is ours!

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    Robert E. Parkin
    Rank: 9th Kyū – Kyūkyū

    I personally would recommend Overlord and Log horizon honestly. Both are solid stories that have fun characters and are written well.

    Other LNs I’d recommend with a more genre spread would be SNAFU and No game No life to get a nice spread.

    Also, Yen Press just licensed Magical Girl Raising Project, so keep an eye out for that one when it gets over here.

    Got any recommendations for me?

    (Not hating, but don’t suggest Re:Zero please =_=)

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    Ayumi Megumi
    @Jyukai AMV Jyukai Ituna
    Rank: 7th Kyū – Nanakyū

    (Haven’t read Re:Zero, but I heard that the novel is better)

    I will go all out with recommending with my current running favorite, and the one that started my LN journey “To Aru Majutsu no Index”. The anime had 2 seasons out(excluding other titles) and a movie. Well, it would be best to recommend the To Aru series since all other titles are all connected. It’s about magic vs science in the modern era, the fight scenes and deep terminologies are one of it’s best points, and there are some light comedy scenes that helps you enjoy the characters and take a break from time to time.

    If you’re into the “game to real fantasy” genre, “New Gate” and “The Rise of the Shield Hero” is also a must try. New Gate is somehow similar to Overlord, with the MC being overpowered and well-experienced in the game, as well as being a part of the former leading guild. Shield Hero LN is something I’m planning to get but the Web Novel should just be similar. The plot branches out though so I can’t say for the LN. The first few arcs are a bit too harsh for the MC but he then gets what he deserves near the middle.

    On a side note, I don’t like it when Yen Press takes down translations online when they start publishing a LN.

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    Ayumi Megumi
    @Jyukai AMV Jyukai Ituna
    Rank: 7th Kyū – Nanakyū

    I recently recieved a hard copy of this book titled “Kizumonogatari” and I definitely thought it was a light novel. I think it is… it is. If you are not familiar with it, Kizumonogatari is part of the Monogatari series which is a light novel franchise already has different anime titles. This title also has a animated film. If you say light novel, you usually would think that it would be a little thinner than your usual novel books and has illustrations within the story. But this title is just like your any other novel, except that it is a Japanese based/translated story. The format is just like the famous books Hunger Games, Maze Runner and others. Well, there are still some anime-styled illustrations in the cover and front pages but the rest is just all text.

    (The moral of what somehow I learned) Even if you are aiming for a light novel style story and you are more familiar with the wall of text format, it is just fine.

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    Rank: 3rd Dan – Sandan

    Good suggestions!

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    Ayumi Megumi
    @Jyukai AMV Jyukai Ituna
    Rank: 7th Kyū – Nanakyū

    At this point I’m really confused from the difference from light novels to regular novels. Been reading a lot recently and they have a lot of similarities, even in style. The only difference I can see is that, light novels have illustrations in them, that’s it.

    If you guys are updated with the latest anime, you might have heard of Youjo Senki. I’ll be honest that from the trailer only, I was already disappointed. Mainly because of the art and a little because there will be lot’s of thoughts and concepts that would be hard to implement in anime from the novel. I read the manga and the novel translation and the manga already failed on some details but art wise, both are badass (Not the anime though).

    Well, I’m not gonna preach about the differences anymore since this is something you will experience if you seen them all. It’s an annoying thing when someone hates on an anime or says it’s nothing like the original cases, so I’ll just go on ahead with what it is about. (But seriously, the art though. Look it up and see the big differences!)

    Youjo Senki is about a man that got reincarnated into a world of war as a little girl because he angered God. Sounds typical at another world novel at first but it soon turns into a German-war story. The main character, Tanya Deburechauff (Did I get that right?), on the early age of… well, let’s just say, she finished a lot of military education, battlefield experience and achievements, and got a lot of promotions by the age of 11, (So far from what I read). The story revolves on how she achieved those accomplishments, were not just for show, and how much of a battle maniac she is. That is one of the charms of this series since you will actually see the progress of the character get those material achievements as well as moral lessons of the battlefield(not accurate but still). It is a military war story with a reason of vengeance to the God that sent him there but it’s one of those quality war action stories, more on the battle experience rather than overpowering the enemy with a holy sword or outwitting the enemy because you don’t have real power. Although the main character does get an op weapon(spoiler) but it isn’t much of the focus here.

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      Luis Aleman
      Rank: 3rd Kyū – Sankyū

      From what I’ve read online and from the ones I’ve bought, light novels are more meta aware that they are communicating the story to an audience, i.e. providing commentary about what’s happening in the plot. They also tend to break the “show don’t tell” rule about traditional storytelling and have an over abundance of adverbs, which isn’t really to say they aren’t enjoyable but not something you would label as fine literature either. Light novels also are rather short, fast, and easy to read and span many volumes for one series. That’s really all I know in terms of differentiating them from western novels.

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    Rank: 1st Kyū – Ikkyū

    In my experience, the length of LN can depend heavily on your story arcs. It just depends on how much your story arc develops. The monogatari novels style is slightly messy due to the clash of chronological events. Index can be REALLY LONG, and other more mainstream novels like Mahouka Kk no R, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Konosuba, etc, all follow a distinct 4 to five chapters per book whilst covering a few arcs. But there are some books who only have like 2 to 3 chapters. I think one of the Black Bullet books only have like… 2 chapters? So I guess it really depends on your story arc.

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