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      Rank: 10th Dan – Jūdan

      What are some suggestions that you have for improving this website?

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      Rank: New member – Mukyū

      I’d like the option of hiding my @facebook name if possible
      i like my privacy and thus I usually operate under a pen name…

      Also I haven’t published anything yet so I dont know the process and what is and not allowed
      But i was wondering if you allowe pictures to be uploaded (mid book/mid writing, like the japanese light novels that include manga strips/other art pages every 10-20 pages)
      And also if you allow author groups/co-authors or if they’d have to post under a joint account

      Lastly, i appreciate your efforts and think its really cool what you’re doing!
      Keep on :3

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        Rank: 10th Dan – Jūdan

        Thank you for joining. I changed your display name to your user name. Did that work?

        Users can post what they like as long as long as it’s appropriate, doesn’t violate copyrights, etc. The site should be set up so you can simply drag an image to your wall to post it. I hope to create a layout for those who want to post stories as well, but right now, it’s more like Facebook when posting.

        There is an issue with forming groups, but I hope to fix that when the site is updated.

        Since you like light novels, for a limited time, you can download a free draft copy of the original English light novel Vecto: Vengeance by Reid Kemper by clicking on the link in the “Books” tab. It will be published Nov. 18.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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