Light Novel YouTuber celebrates 400 videos, deserves more subscribers

As a community of fans who enjoy light novels and related subject matters, let's support fellow member The A.C. Stories in his YouTube endeavor by subscribing to his channel, watching his videos and sharing them to friends.

I recently was made aware of his channel, and saw that he has amassed 400 videos. He's done so in apparently 16 months, a difficult feat to do. He discusses light novels and more to a small audience that deserves to grow.

You can contact him on at (log in to view).

He has never promoted his channel to me or asked me to do this shout-out, but my primary goal for the company is to help authors and light novel fans.

When started, its mission was to connect fans of light novels and similar media and help English authors of these niche genres get published. To fulfill that mission, we created a social networking platform, and Vic's Lab LLC became the first U.S. publisher of original English light novels. Although we haven't published any books in a while, we are still committed to helping authors and fans and are looking at more ways to help.

Please support The A.C. Stories, and if you have any suggestions for other ways we can help fans and authors, please send us your feedback.


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