Cataclysm Ch 4

Treant’s Grove, San Diego, Corono Oro

Thaniad, 202 AR


Alex woke up a few hours later. The stupefied Alex stopped on his tracks and looked at Leon. 'Why do I have an impression that I was about to die?' Alex thought as he once again looked at Leon in tattered clothes.


"What happened? Why are you injured?" Alex asked.


"If you, whose condition is much worse than mine, are able to ask me that question, I'm assuming you're fine. Just look at yourself" Leon replied.


"Just go rest. You look like you were fighting 20 soldiers." He continued


"You did this to me, and you don’t dare take responsibilities?"


"If you weren't such a weakling you wouldn't be like that."


"Says the old man who got injured by a weakling." Alex retorted


"Just go rest goddammit!"


“I was going to even without you telling me to do so!” Alex turned to the direction of the town square.


Alex arrived on the inn, wounded. The innkeeper didn't say anything about it so Alex just passed by silently. He tended to his wounds and then went to the hot springs.


He only realized how painful his injuries were when he dipped himself there. After a while, the pain subsided. He felt quite relaxed afterwards, despite the stinging sensation.


He left after an hour and went back to the inn. He changed to his usual set of clothes and ate dinner. Afterwards, he went back to sleep.


By the time the sun rose, Alex was already awake. He was eating a sandwich for his breakfast. He jogged for an hour on the grassland behind the inn and then walked around the marketplace once again. Unfortunately, he didn't find anything special.


The time for the duel was 900SH or 9:00 A.M. and Alex was already running late because he got too absorbed in reading legends.


One was about a young woman, whose beauty is unrivalled. She was the princess of some country and it was said that her strength was comparable to her beauty. She allegedly challenged Gaia, the little prince in other words the creator of the planet’s descendant, and won. However, she and the other 7 geniuses disappeared after the battle for no apparent reason.


By the time he arrived in the Arena, he overheard some trashtalk. "The new guy's not coming, is he?"


"He should, or else he'll die a horrible death through our faction's hands."


"We cannot let such a shameless person live!"


He then walked towards the stage and stopped just outside of it, one step away from starting the duel. "Looks like the newcomer took his time. Are you gonna surrender now?" Alex heard one person from the crowd say. Then, many insults followed suit.


Alex could do nothing but endure all the insults. He looked at his hands, which were slightly shaking at that time. He clenched his fist and took a look at his opponent.


Philip was meditating but when Alex looked at him, he opened his eyes and smiled coldly at Alex. Philip was, not surprisingly, the manager of the cafe he recently went to. Alex glared back.


And then, Alex took the final step and started the duel. He summoned his Phantasmal Armament. The stage was rather large, it was as large as the town square.


'So this is how augmented reality feels like,' Alex thought as he looked at the ruins left of a village that was plundered. He cautiously looked around and saw neither the crowd or Philip.


He explored the town hall, and saw a gigantic bell that's barely hanging. While he was inspecting it he heard a voice. "WHERE ARE YOU, BASTARD?! COME OUT AND LET'S END THIS FAST!" It was Philip, he was walking arrogantly towards the town hall.


Alex tried to employ a sneak attack by using the backdoor but he was caught. Philip grabbed him and threw him forwards. The wall cracked and the bell fell down on Philip. 'Augmented Reality that feels real? Tsk, using the illusion of what my senses are picking up and making it feel real, huh.' Philip grunted as he lifted the bell and threw it sideways.


'Status, Alexander' he thought.


[94% HP]

[80% MANA]


"Bring it on!" Alex charged towards his enemy, brandishing his twinswords.


"How annoying…" Philip summoned his PA and then also charge at Alex. He was using a pike, which had the range advantage. He was the one to attack first with a straight stab. The force it released made the air split. Alex was only able to barely deflect it through his twinswords.


'With my speed, I might be able to attack him while he's still recovering from his attack earlier.'


He let his twinswords slide through the pike and then slashed Philip twice. "Argh!" Philip tried to punch as a retaliation but it wasn't fast enough.  Philip readied his spear once again but Alex went through one of the house and then got in it. Philip gave chase and unbeknownst to him, Alex was behind him, smiling.


Alex stabbed Philip and Philip let out a growl. But when Alex took a step back one of the rubbles tripped him up and he fell. Philip thanked the Gods for this opportunity and stabbed Alex' right shoulder.


Alex winced and wiggled to escape before he gets impaled and lose. He got up but met Philip's fist. He staggered but managed to keep his balance. He then got ready to attack once again.


"A Rogue fighting head-on with a Crusader, what idiocy!" Philip said as he thrust his pike towards Alex. But Alex deflected it with twinswords once again. But learning from earlier, Philip switch his grip and held it at the center. He then tried to hit Alex with the other tip but Alex predicted that and dodged it. “Don’t forget that I can fight even without my Phantasmal Armament!” Philip let go of his pike and sent a powerful jab to Alex to prevent his advance but it failed. Alex was barely hit and continued his offense.


Alex then made an "X" position with his twinswords putting Philip's head in between. "I-I give up!" Philip sighed. 'What a monster! I'll get my revenge eventually. With my Night Falcon Faction comrades, I will make you repay for what you did today, Kid.' He thought.


The Augmented Reality disappeared and the crowd can be seen once again. Half of them were cheering "Alex" over and over.' That was a quick change of support, guys.' He didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


[Level Up!]


[You are now Level 2!]




Current Attributes:









Cold sweats covered Alex head.

'The attribute grade is based on world records. The one who is best in that aspect in their level gets a grade of S in that specific attribute. And the others grades are based on how the Harbingers’ stats is compared to that attribute’s respective highest,' the system announced.


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