Chapter 3

Eyes of Nords, born with beautiful crystal blue eyes, pure and beautiful, only to be tainted by world,

Descendant form ancient race Norvana, Nords consider as a cursed race.

If nord kill someone their eyes start becoming red, the more their killed more red it become, until they break.

Remain only the mindless beast behind lost in a blood-lust.

Carrying the mark of their sins they consider as a cursed race.

Nords were usually used as a weapon on a battlefield and a nord who don’t commit a sin of taken someone life were been hunted down for their eyes.

This result in their extinction, only a few remain.


5 cheese burgers.

2 Potato fries.

One plate salad.

One ice-cream Sunday.

And a soft drink. (Atlas said to the canteen lady)

(Woman near 30s with average look)

Wha…what, “am I hearing right”.

Can you say it again sir, I don’t hear right.


5 cheese burgers.

2 Potato fries.

One plate salad.

One ice-cream Sunday.

And a soft drink.

“That’s the foods worth of ten people, what is this, a restaurant”

OK sir please wait a while,( she say with awkward face)

“Will I can’t say no because of his status”.

Move side (man with hulky stature push Atlas aside and side).


Sir here’s your order.

(Pick up)

Man with hulky stature purposely stretch his leg to make Atlas trip

(He’s trip)

Everyone in canteen start laughing.

Atlas stands up and looks at him with his cold gaze.

He got afraid by his gaze.

What…what are you look at.

Do you think I got afraid of you?

It’s your own faults for not been careful enough.

Atlas walks toward him.

What…do you wants to fight.

Atlas pulls his knife out from his back.

He stands in attack position.


Wait…..wait, wait, wait, wait!!!

(A guy with average height and average look said)

You guys stop fighting.

You, It’s your faults, so apologies.

And you put that knife away, where the hell did you even get that.

57 by the hell I apologies it’s his own fault.

He goes near him and say

Dude you better apologies, Miss Mariel is watching and you know how scary she is (both of them think about her and got shivers)

And depending on this guy status do you think is there anyone in this ship can punish him.

Apologies in is the easy way out.

So you should apologies (he says loudly)


It’s my fault, I apologies “you bastard just you wait I see you for this”


Thank god it’s settled. (Mariel said, looking from the far)

………. (Atlas don’t say anything and pass by him)

(He stops after couples of step).

Don’t see it

(Turn his head around)

You live long.


But how….

How did he know?

At that moment Atlas unconsciously release a blood-lust, He looks into the Atlas eyes he saw death, his own death a fear that so great like he never feel before like god of death put this scythe around his neck and he is going to kill him if he even dare to take a single  breath. Not only him everyone in the ship feel the blood-lust, everyone feel the fear of true death not even in the battle field they fell something like that. Some of them even lose their Consciousness.

(He walks out of the room).

Absolute silences in the room, no one can say a thing.

But they all realize a different between him and them.

A wall, they never are to be able to cross.

A different, between chosen and not.


(Commander’s Office)

Knock, knock.

Come in.

Things are settled now.(Commander Kim)

Yes sir, but… (Mariel)

But, the blood-lust minute ago.

Yes sir, our little monster just gets lose.

Such strong blood-lust from someone so young, just what kind of monster is he.

But that can explain his majesty interest in him.

Yeah a Monster like him can easily be compare to him.


The 79th Prince, of the Great Imperial Empire.

Prince Julius T. Aion.

Genies from 7th generation, I heard he already become the kings rank, I don’t know that you know someone like him.

How can I, a son of a mistress of Qin family, know someone like him? (He said with the said face)

Mariel hug the commander Kim.

I sorry, I am so sorry for that.

Don’t worry I am not worried about that.

What worried me most is that boy.

If he truly possessed the potential to stand among them, Then I am afraid that I just release another great calamity into this universe.

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