Elysium of the Shadow

Rentaru purposely kept out of the spotlight for many years simply because he believed what everyone around him was saying. That he was a waste of space, a lap dog with no bite, and that he was better off this way. After being transported to another world along with 11 other 'Chosen', hoping for a brighter future among a new reality. He learns the harsh truth: That humans will be the same no matter what world you're pulled into. Hated and despised for wanting to survive after forcibly being taken away from his home, he travels by the name 'Avern the Shadow'. No longer Rentaru, Avern's timid and meek personality changes to one of distrustful, cold calculation to match the world's cruel demeanor. Together with Avarice, goddess of Retribution, and Yunascion of First Light, from a race of blinded individuals. They set out on a crusade against the Cataclysm of the Void that threatens to swallow up this new world whole. And for a final confrontation to solve a heartbreaking mystery 1,000 years in the making.