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Full Bloom: The Beginning

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Full Bloom: The Beginning
We live in a world, where powers of all kinds are as normal as breathing, sleeping or even walking. These powers are boren in humans through strong emotions, as a proof for their desire, hate, love or other things that let strong emotions awake inside a human. These powers have always been known as Awakened Materialized Strong Energetic Emotional Desires, or short, AM-SEED and the people wielding these powers are known as “Blume”, meaning Flower. And the government responsible for affairs including Blumen. Is known as Garden.

Return of Skadi

"one year after, that a single student of the best middleschool in the country, went on a devastating rampage against a Boys only Church Academy of 4000 students, 150 teachers and 400 other staff members. In the rampage, over 1200 people were killed and the island the church academy was placed on, was frozen solid, never to be set an foot on again." “ A new school year has just begun at the Saint Knight school, one of fifteen highschools educating young crusade knights, in the country Vanatic.” “A conversation in the back of classroom 1-A” Random male student 1: it's today isn't it? Random male student 2: yes, "he", will return, i bet he will show up at the welcome speech. Random female student 1: are they really gonna realease him? After all he did? They must be crazy, it's only been a year since he destroyed the church academy. Random male student 1: but was there not a rumor about the church academy kidnapping and abusing girls from the nearby academies? And that he only destroyed the whole island because a friend of his, became victim to the church. Random female student 1: as you said, that was only a rumor. I bet he made it up himself, to have a reason to destroy the academy, after all he is just a crazy psychopath. “Suddenly the newly transffered school beauty among the the first years, approaches the three students in the back of the classroom”. “Wearing the red and white school uniform of blazer, knee-long skirt and a green tie representing the first years. With blonde hair more sparkling than gold. Blue eyes, like the clear sky. And natural red lips, like a ripe apple. And also wielder of the name of a goddess”. Julia Winterbloom (Athena): excuse me, i am very sorry for overhearing your conversation, but since i have only been living here in the city for two months, i may have heard about the incident, but not about "him", who is it that you speak of? Random female student 1: Lady Athena, you do not have to be sorry about anything, we are sorry for discussing such a topic here in class. Uhm you see, the person we speak of, the person that created the frozen island, is a person who as you, has been given the name of a God because of his control of immense powers, the person we speak of, goes under the godly name "Skadi". And he will be set free of prison today, and will afterwards, join our Highschool as student.   Julia Winterbloom (Athena): and why was he, after freezing a whole island and killing over a thousand people, only imprisoned for one year? Random male student 2: we do not know, or rather, no one knows, when someone asks the teachers or other adults, they either say that they do not know or that the duration of his Punishment was decided by Garden. “Suddenly someone pops up behind Athena” ”turning around she sees a boy, not wearing the standard white shirt under the blazer, no tie at all, and a belt including small item pockets. Short, light brown, standing up hair. Emerald green, cat like eyes. And a not-to-be-trusted smirky smile.” Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): what do i hear, with my little ear. The icy queen of war shows interest in another student? The three random students: uhm... ya.... Lady Athena, we... uhm... have to go now. Goodbyeeeeeee... ”Ratatoskr silent giggles for a short moment as the three fast ran out the classroom” Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): huh, what is up with them? Julia Winterbloom (Athena): beats me, and who are you calling icy war queen? And who are you anyways? Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): Pardon me, milady Athena, my name is Eran Edelrose, i am part of the school newsletter team, my job is to collect any information possible, so i might be able to help you out. Julia Winterbloom (Athena): you will not be doing this for free, will you? Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): “impressed whistle”, No surprise you got the name of Athena, you catch on to things fast. Your right, i follow the rule of “give and take”. Julia Winterbloom (Athena): aaaand you want, what exactly? Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): either an information of same or higher value or you will owe me one in the future. “Athena thinking for some seconds, while speaking to herself” Julia Winterbloom (Athena): an information equal to an information only adults know and do not wanna talk about. How about this information... “Athena whispers into Ratatoskr’s ear, giving him an excited look on his face” Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): milady, we have a deal. Julia Winterbloom (Athena): so speak up, what is with the deal that, that guy... Skadi or what his name is, only got a punishment of one year after killing over a thousand people and destroying a whole island including one of the most important holy places of the country. Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): did you pick up the so called rumor those students before were talking about? Julia Winterbloom (Athena): that the Church Academy was abducting girls from the nearby academies and abusing them? Ohh and that, that guys girlfriend or so was one of their victims. Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): exactly, it is not only a rumor, it is the truth. And it was not his girlfriend, it was a girl who lived in his neighbourhood, who was like a big sister to him. Who got kidnapped on her way home from the Academy. After she had not come home before midnight her parents called him, and asked if she were over at his place. After hearing that she had not come home, he went out and searched for her, and found out she had been seen with some boys with the church academy emblem on his pants. He infiltratrated the academy and tracked her down, she was covered in bruises and had no light in her eyes, like she had lost the will to live. As he saw that, he simply lost control of his emotions and let anger take over, he destroyed the Academy and killed all people who were inside it at that time, except for the abducted girls. Eyewitnesses say that his gaze was cold as ice, as if he had just lost all hope in humanity, as he came out carrying his neighbour in the arms. “As Ratatoskr finished the story, he only saw dark despair in Athena’s normaly sky blue eyes” Julia Winterbloom (Athena): what a bunch of filthy animals, they got what they deserved. And that Academy was called one of the holiest places in this country? Then this country is Rotten! All the way to its core. ”Began laughing, Ratatoskr turned Athena’s expression back to normal” Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): ...ahahaha. First time im seeing that expression on the queen of war, who usualy always keeps a calm mind. ohh and by the way, there is a video online of the last scene of the story, showing Skadi’s cold eyes and his destruction. If you give me your mail addresse i can send you a link later. Julia Winterbloom (Athena) “expressionless”: even i have emotions and expressions you know. But fine, here you go, my Yggdrasil account name, send me the link there. “Ratatoskr walks out the classroom” Julia Winterbloom (Athena): wait up, one more thing, you never mentioned who your source to that story is. Eran Edelrose (Ratatoskr): ohh, did i not? My source is the victim of the story, the abducted neighbour. And one more… Skadi himself. “As Ratatoskr went back to his own classroom, Athena began to stare out the window into the sky, with a distant look in her eyes” Julia Winterbloom (Athena): skadi, huh? Sounds like this school will not be so boring after all.   “Four hours later in the auditorium hall, at the welcome speech for the new students”   Welcome speech moderator: and now, a few heart tearing and tear jerking words from our father of time Principal Ursus Wellington. “Astonished sounds fills the first year rows as the Principal enters the scene, tall and big as a bear on its hind legs. With long grey hair and beard. A walk like a majestic lion, as he crosses the scene in his yukata as dark blue as the night sky in a fullmoon night, Looking through the first year rows with a soothening look on his face, as a caring parent.” Ursus Wellington (Principal): Welcome new young students, to the Saint Knight High. You have all been accepted here, because you have shown outstanding abilities and proven yourself worthy, to be called a Saint Knight High Student. You will spend the next three years to study and train here at this school of ours, you will find friends and comrades among your fellow students, but as we all are different in body and mind, you will also find people you may disagree and argue with, and when that time comes remember. Do not hold a grudge against that person just because he or she does not share the same opinion as you. But think of, that you are all students who in the future will fight as comrades on the same battlefield. Who will fight for the same country, your country, the place you were born, the place your grew up and the place you want to protect for the next generation of young soldiers and for the future. “While the second and third years immediately began to applaud normally, the first year students are stunned silent for a moment, before bursting out in applaus, as the principal ends his speech and gives the scene back to the moderator” Welcome speech moderator: thank you very much for the really great speech Old man Urs, even if it is just written down text on repeat year after year. If you like me, did not fall asleep. I hope you understood his message, that you are still green behind the ears, so GET ALONG with each other. And NOW, the moment you have all waited for, the speech of the best student among our cute little first years. The Rose, more beautiful than a goddess, the sword sharper than a sonic slash, the goddess of victory and wisdom Athena, our dear transfer student, Juliaaaa... Winterbloooooom.   (Adding story from time to time, when i feel for it, but if people really want to know how it continues, write a comment, and ill try tro write some more)

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