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This is a contest where the community selects the next book to publish. The book must be a light novel, superhero book, or LitRPG suitable for either ages 13+ or 16+. No 18+ content like sex scenes are allowed. We are looking for a book that is well-written and engages the audience within the first few pages. We also want an author who can promote themselves.

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[Novel Introduction] Lied


Once, someone said that “dreaming about apples is quite unpleasant”. Lied, a lonely teenager, lost the people who cared most about him.

Now, all by himself, he must discover the truth behind that loss. By doing so, Lied will also understand what the “Adam’s Apple”, an inviolable object that rests within him, really is.

At the end of this journey, is a tragedy all that awaits?

This is a Web Novel first published in Portuguese.

There are currently twenty chapters released, therefore the English translation is still a bit far away. Please be patient and look forward to the next translations!

Cover art by Yaya