Reborn in another world as punishment

After being accused of a crime and sentenced death he found himself reincarnated in the body of a 14 y/old boy named Markus Antaegahr in a world full of fantasy creatures and magics.

but the evil god only granted his reincarnation as a punishment, his soul will be transfered in the body of markus but without any affinities or mana.

It appears that he is only a normal person in that world so all the goosebumps of being an " OP " antagonist that sometime he dreamed of when he was a kid are gradually fading.

But his father decided to enroll him in a magic school to know more about " arts " knowing that he can't use any magic, that later on will start of his miserable life of being a student and puts him to a lot of discrimination.

And then one day he learned a skill that never existed in that world.

* Note: Names, Places, and Situations are based only on my imagination.