Role Play, Thief! In Another World

Chapter 1

Having fun as the summer ends skipping the days of loneliness, and keeping my health on check. I was in my room at that day. Burning with fever, and no one to rely on except myself at that time. I am the only one left in our family, they died when I was 5 years old. The struggle I suffered throughout the years. Makes me commit crimes like stealing. But I think those days were the last time I had fun, the bread i stole was a trap! It had poison inside it. My fever won't cool down. Having an over exhaustion I fainted and took a nap.

"I won't die mom, dad. I will keep"

By the time I woke up light breeze wispers at me. And at the moment that I noticed, I was in a middle of nowhere surrounded by large trees wrapped in thick vines and green moss. As the birds, insects and other lifeforms around me sung the nature's lullaby. It got me thinking how? And why did I ended up here?

I figured out a bit of geological info here. They have the same color of star in the morning like the sun and using my phone as a compass by the use of this compass app I installed years ago it seems like the North and South poles are the same. The living creatures however are new to me. The first weird animal I saw is a tortoise with a tree growing in it's back, and it suddenly became one of the environment before I knew it. There are lots of fascinating new creatures here that no one on earth has ever seen.

As I walk around the forest the ray of the sun flashed through my eyes and at that moment I saw a huge flying thing up close. I was mesmerized by its massive body. A few seconds afterwards I felt a faint earthquake coming from the north of this forest. There I saw something you won't see everyday and anywhere. Coming out from fairy tales, its a Dragon. Figuring out what is going on is like there's a war going on inside my brain. The adrenaline pumping out the fear I'm feeling and the excitement its getting!, Its like I'm having a wonderful dream that is so real that I might wet my pants.

I tried climbing a mountain to fall down from the cliff to wake my self up but just ended up getting hurt. A dream into reality, fantasy that has came true. Do science still exists in this place? How can I get back? How did I just slept peacefully when this happened?

It was so sudden when a girl dressed with a green robe. Putting down her hood I saw her ears it is long as my palm. She wanted me to follow her leading out from the forest. We entered inside a building inside of a large tree called the World Tree. Inside it is the branch of the adventurer's guild. A receptionist came and scanned my information using an unusual tablet made out of limestone and clay.

"You're the last one we've been waiting for. As for you, your job's gonna be the Thief role 6th Hero."

The situation made me confused. I asked them why did they summoned me here just to steal? Aren't there any more skilled than me? They smirked at me and told a story. "About a millennium ago 6 Heroes defended the land of Filia, this world is at the brink of destruction by the hands of the 12 demon lords and their ruler The God of Demons Haxius. Brought destruction to the people leaving only ashes behind. The Heroes were summoned by the Supreme Deity annually as the war goes on. Unless the The God Demons weren't slayed the war will continue."

"So unless I kill the 12 Demon Lords and the Demon God I can go home right? Well then I've decided."

But before my preparations were processed they summoned us all Otherworld Heroes at the capital by the presence of King Andriudeus Boreas XII to give us items that we will need for the upcoming battles. When we arrived at the castle gate I felt a little strange at the person passed through us. She seems familiar to me somehow, and I don't know where I've seen her.

After entering the castle, a Hundred Knights lined up saluting to us as we enter the room. We also lined up as well for the ceremony for the king to give us the Hero Items. We all have our have hoods on and we can only take it off when the king calls out our name.

"The Swordsman Miya Suzuhime please come forward. I hear by give you the Demon Slayer Sword."

That time, when she took her hood down I knew it. She's an actress from Tokyo Japan and a former Idol and kendo champion. My heart bumps so hard and it feels like I can't breathe in much oxygen.

"The Marksman Chelsey Reivensky please come forward. I hear by give you the Drip Rifle and the Dread Bow."

I had my thoughts that all of the other heroes are Prodigies except for me. The feeling of being the only one left behind feels so heavy. But that won't bother me, because my only goal is to finish this early so I can go back to earth.

"The Guardian Raven Riley please come forward. I hear by give you the Crane Shield."

"The Assassin Saya Yanmei please come forward. I hear by give you the Blood Sucker Knife."

"The Mage Faye Jacobson please come forward. I hear by give you the Death Cane and Sage's Grimoire."

"And Lastly The Thief Clydesdale Higunan please come forward. I hear by give you the Spatial Bag."

The ceremony ends, and the Kingdom threw a welcome party at for us. Some of the heroes may seem to enjoy or just covering up their sadness and some cannot hide anymore. One of the crybabies is Miya, I tried to talk to her if she can keep up with the situation or she just miss her home world.

A few hours later the atmosphere around us changed. Suddenly the nobles and the royalties in the party including the Knights guarding the castle felt an intense miasma that we earthlings are not affected and not familiar with. People just keeps falling down like their dead. The others cannot move an inch specially the girls, its like their about to scream from fear.

A huge destructive power blasted off the casle gates, everyone is still too scared to move, and then they entered. A group of demonic beings marching and coming in inside the castle. Three of the heroes engaged into battle to probably test their strengths.