Spirits , A Story Of Letting Go


While being quarantined i got really depressed so i decided to write a story in hopes i feel a bit better. It's my first attempt writing anything but i'll give it my best. This might sound edgy but this is a "Dark" dystopian story that happens to involve some small amount of magic, characters are "fluid" , just like people in real life, fragile or even broken. I hope you enjoy.



Chapter 1: The Ring

The story starts in a island kingdom state called Limemines, in the Golden Age of the South used to be a fertile island, but after years of continuous single-crop farming most of it's plains had been turned into a mixture of badlands and desert that gives way to steep cliffs.  In a small village right at the edge of one of those cliffs lived two children. The older one  is called Joey and the younger one is Gus.

J: A temple of marbles don't you wanna see it for yourself?

G: No, why would i ? Lin says it's dangerous and an evil witch lives there. (Lin is the elder sister of Gus)

J: I think you are scared, it's okay you are too young so it is expected go play with your dog i'll find someone else. Someone OLDER.

G: NO I'LL...come!!

Joey laughed and both of the started walking the path towards an old monument at top of the hill. Many hours pass and the two children are starting to feel tired.

G: Are we there yet? I am hungry. Says Gus with an annoying tone. Joey ignores him.

G: Hey don't ignore me Joey. Says again very loudly.

J: I have some bread i stole from our kitchen if it will make you to shut it i'll give it to your after we reach the temple.

G: No i wanted now i won't stop till you give it to me. Says again.

As young Gus repeats "GIVE ME THE BREAD" again and again Joey pull his had and say to him


G: YOU MADE ME COME HERE I DIDN'T WANT TO. Gus replays screaming at top of his lunges.

Joey stares at him and calms himself saying

J: You can go back i am leaving you. At that point Gus starts crying and asks him to not leave him to which Joey replies smiling that he won't as long as he doesn't complain any more.

As the two children follow the path under the hot midday sun scaling the mountain anxiety starts taking over the both of them for completely different reasons of course. Joey is hoping to find something valuable to sell in the temple while Gus is occupied with more important concerns like "Am i going to lose dinner?". After some more walking they reach a small forest.

G: LOOK! Trees, big tall leafy trees this must mean we are near the place.

J: Yeah finally we are going to walk under their shade...

A grey structure can be seen in the distance.

J: We are here.

G: What about the witch? Gus starts stuttering.

J: There's no such thing as witch here, it's just a story Gus. Also even if it was a witch she wouldn't touch.

G: *signs*

J: Let's go in.

The two friends start running towards the structure. A small temple like a church made out of eroded marble with a brownish dome as it's roof. The door is missing and the interior is anything but intact.

J: Hm i don't think we are going to find anything of value here. Says disappointed.

G: We are here give me the bread now. Says happily Gus.

J: I'll give it to you if you go in.

G: Fine i'll go in.

Gus runs towards the structure and goes inside for a couple of seconds. As he tries to turn and leave he hears a female voice.

Voice: Take me with you honey.

Gus feels gold sweat. He thinks it's the witch and is going to eat him but something catches his eye. A black ring lying on top of a pile of rotten wooden planks. He picks up the ring and goes out screaming


J: Calm down. What happened.

G: I heard the voice of the witch calling to me i think i am curse let's run please.