Take on Another World with My Best Friend Vol. I Ch. 14

"I'll keep this for later. I want to savor your suffering"

Shin holster his M1911. Thatch is facing him with his sword pointed at him. Talos, with his sword unsheathed, is facing both Sao and Bonne after moving to a farther location from Shin.

"Shame we had to kill you. Your food was delicious"

"Do we have to kill him though? We can just put him into our service"

"That thought crossed my mind. But this insolent wretch brandished his sword to us"

"Ah. What a shame. Oh well. Kindly lay dead before us"

One of Sao elites tries to attack Talos. He wears pirate clothes, but his leather armor shows there are signs of abuse. This leather armor seems impenetrable. Talos looks at him. He seems so young, not more than 25. His sword met Akira's silver armor. *CLANK*. The sword of the elites breaks and the front end of the sword clank on the ground. The elites were shocked at how hard the armor was. He tried to punch the armor, but his hands break instead.

"Are you my enemy, young man?"

The young elite winces in pain.

"Are you my enemy, young man?"

The elite looks at the hazel eye of Talos. He shakes his head.

"If you are not my enemy, then be my ally"

Before the young elite could say anything, Sao thrust his sword through the neck of this young elite. The young elite drops down. Talos, cradling his dying body, stares into this kid's eye until life leaves his body.

"Out of my way, dog!"

Bonne swished his sword to let his blood off his sword

"Filthy blood. It rotted my sword"


"What was that, dog?!"

Talos rushes into Bonne and punches her abdomen as hard as he could. He could not penetrate her armor, but Bonne definitely feel that.


She spurts blood out of her mouth. Talos grabs her neck and lifts her until she is at eye level of Talos

"Filthy mongrel dares to attack me?"

"The way I see it, you are beneath the dogshit I stepped on this morning. Let me ask you this. Are you prepared to meet your dead god in hell?"

Bonne's eyes are showing fear. Before Talos choke her to death, there is a strong wind moving him back. Bonne was out of his grasp. He sees around to see who did this. From the corner of his eyes, he sees that Sao is using his magic to summon the wind.

"You don't think I would stand idle while you attacked us?"

"Apparently not"

"And did you think we would play fair?"

From the back, Al-Basra shot his musket into the back of Talos's head. Being made out of metal, the bullet does not penetrate Talos, but the back of the head is not dented

"How are you not dead? Al-Basra. Come back us out"

On the other side, Tew is seen backing Thatch and fighting Shin.

"You're screwed now"

Talos launches the first attack. He comes to Bonne, Sao, and Al-Basra. Bonne fights with a sword, Sao with her magic, and Al-Basra with his musket. Shin looks at Talos fighting 3 people at the same time.

"Ah, ah, ah. Your opponent is us. Don't take your eyes off me, boy"

Thatch is seen fighting dual wielding with a sword, while Tew fights with his sword and his flintlock

"Heh. No one is fighting fair these days"

Tew shoots his flintlock and Thatch charges through. There is no big movement in Thatch sword-fighting. He was precise, efficient, and deadly. With Tew's bullet missing him, he started fighting Tew and Thatch unarmed. Using his armor as his weapon. Shin moves back and gathers his magic. In his palm, he creates a big ball of compressed wind, just like the nine-tail host. Tew and Thatch tried to slash into the wind and Shin but doesn't even leave a scratch. Tew shoots his eyes and the eye cover cracks. He knew that one more shot would penetrate the helmet, so he added his ground and fire element into the giant wind ball, to make a big magma ball. He slammed the compressed magma ball into Tew and Thatch. The impact was great, the compressed wind disperse the melting rocks, and explosion around the ground.

"How was that, you pricks?"

"Almost impressive. Almost"

They are alive. They dodge the fireball in time before the impact. Tew shoots his flintlock once more. Shin eye covers shatter.


"How do you like it, pissant?"

Shin drops to his knees. Somehow, all those magic castings made his body heavier.

"What is going on?"

"Well, when you were boasting, Sao put a curse on you. Every damage you have done to any of us will be done to you

"That taught me to be careful"

Thatch approaches Shin and crosses his sword between his neck.

"Cur! Now you die here"

Talos, on the other side of the port, is still fighting three of the Corsair Princes. He struggles to keep up with the swordfight, magic, and bullets. He is able to hold them back, but he was distracted by Shin, on his knees, and swords on his neck. He threw the sword to Thatch direction, but he parries the sword thrown at him. Sao, looking at the opportunity, cast lava magic on Talos and freeze them, immobilizing Talos. While Thatch is distracted, Shin shoots his M1911 into Thatch 4 times. Thatch armor was penetrated. He bleeds but does not fall down. He merely moves back.

"Insolent...curse you!"

Having no ammunition left in the magazine, he unholster the M1911. This time, he vomits blood and 4 holes are embedded into his stomach. No more strength to fight, he was ready to accept his faith. Just before he is decapitated, a knife is flying into Thatch. It was Shin's Serrated edge and it was Mina who throw them


"Shin. You okay?"

"I'm hurt, Mina. I can't hurt them. They put a curse on me so I would be harmed if I tried to harm them"

"I see. So don't be careless. Can you see their level?"

Shin looks into Thatch and Tew level. They have levels 108 and 105 respectively, but no sign of evolution.

"Their level is high. But no sign of evolution. At your level, you wouldn't be able to defeat them"

"I have evolved"


"We are still linked at the party thingy, remember? I think it was on the news that Akira has collapsed"

"What are you evolved to?"

"It was a Strider. Now I can use magic with my assassin skill. I also have a merchant bonus"

"What level are you now?"


"Filthy beast. Are we going to fight or are we going to talk?"

"Shin. Watch me"

Mina walks toward the two men with his serrated daggers. Once she gets close enough, she vanishes like smoke.


Shin was being pulled away from the fight. He sees that the old lady, Galena is healing him

"Mrs. Galena. What are you doing here?"

"Healing you. Now shut up"

As Galena looks into Shin, he notices the curse.

"Hmm. This is a problematic curse. And a big one too"


"Infliction magic can only happen when you sacrifice the young and eat their brain"

"Lady. Now you're saying some scary stuff"

"Hand me that rock"

Shin looks over the direction Lady Galena points and grabs a palm-sized rock.

"Hold still"

Galena works her magic to purge the curse placed on Shin. Shin's body is trembling. He wanted to shout in pain, but no voice came out. A black aura is coming out of every orifice of his body. Mouth, ears, eyes, even ass. Galena gathered all the curses, compressed the curse, and placed them inside the stone. On the other hand, Al- Basra, who was shooting Talos makes no dent. From afar, there is whizzing. An arrow shot Al-Basra in the back. It was embedded in his lower right back.


"Don't count me out, Basra. You and I have some things we need to settle"

"You... you attacked me?"

"That is for taking hostage of me"

Karina unleashes another one.

"And that's one for forcing me to have your way with me"

The second arrow went through his shoulder. Al-Basra shot his musket with one hand, which obviously missed. Sao saw this and heals Al-Basra

"You keep worrying about the tin can. I'll handle this whore"

Sao and Bonne nods. They keep attacking Talos, who is currently unarmed and fights with his fist and magic. Karina is currently drawing her bow and aiming toward Al-Basra.

"You impregnate me, take my kid hostage, and use me as your assassin. Are you prepared to die?"

"Weak whore. Can you even kill me?"

"I don't have something holding me back now My son is safe"

"What are you going to kill me with? That stick and rope?"

Karina releases an arrow. It whizzes through, grazing Al-Basra face. Blood is going down from his left temple.

"You missed"

"Not aiming at you"


Al-Basra turns around and sees that Sao's leg is shot with an arrow. Karina releases another and Al-Basra deflects it.

"You're dead"

"I'd like to see you try, Al-Basra"

Al-Basra shoots his musket and Karina releases more arrows. The musket in his hands is deadly, but it is only able to shoot one bullet, meanwhile, Karina can release arrows in fast succession, but since the arrow is limited, she is forced to retrieve the arrows. It was a test of agility and accuracy for Karina. For Talos, it was a test of endurance. Shin, who was previously healed by Galena, rejoins the fight to assist Mina. Mina, with her mist step, overwhelms both Tew and Thatch. But after a few attacks, Tew is able to analyze the pattern of Mina's attack.


Shout Tew, informing Thatch where the attacks come from. Thatch blocks the attack. Mina, is still in her mist form prepares to attack again


They jumped back avoiding the attack.

"Tew. Any ideas?"

"Yes. Strengthen yourself. Parry her and I'll do the rest"

Thatch nods.


Thatch spins and parries the attack. Mina is shocked they see her attack.


Mina's pained expression is seen by both Tew and Thatch.

"Got you now"

Shin sees this and shoots the two. It hits them in the legs and shoulder. Shin emptied the whole magazine into them but they deflect most of the bullets. He approaches Mina who is kneeling on one knee.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. It's deep but missed my vitals"

"Regardless, you're bleeding. I'll try to use my healing magic"

"You hurt us, but you're not hurt?"

"Yeah. Now I can let loose"

Shin reloads the gun, but before he could shoot, the clouds turn dark, as if a storm is starting, and it is starting fast. Rain falls and thunder roars. Lightning strikes closer to Shin and Mina. The flash blinds everyone around. A silhouette can be seen. It's Akira!

"Not without me, you're not"

"Akira! You're...here?"

"Yeah. We'll talk later. Let's take care of these degenerates first"

"Actually, I would like you to sit this one out"

"Don't turn your back on us!"

Thatch stabs Akira in the throat. Shin is shocked, but Mina seems calm.

"Could you back off? I'm talking here"

"You're...still alive?"

"Back off, please. I'm talking here"

Thatch does not adhere to this warning, and Tew tries to slash his head. But the sword only went through without decapitating him.


Akira uses his electromagnet force to push them back. They are thrown back.

"Why do you want me to sit this one out?"

"You just come about. Don't you need rest?"

"I'm fine. Besides, we can get plenty of rest once the city is built"

"Still. Let us handle it"


Akira moves aside, but before shooting a lighting bolt to Tew. Tew dodge the lightning bolt, but hitting Sao instead


Sao disintegrates into a pile of wet cinders. most of her body is reduced to ashes, but there are still some human remains, namely her fingers. With the sorcerer dead, the Corsair Princes no longer have a magic support.


The rest of the Corsair Princes looks in horror. Even Thatch, the most fearsome member of the Corsair Princes, is trembling in fear.

"What's wrong, fellas?"

The rest of the Corsair Princes are kneeling, their knees given out. The guards and the soldiers that saw everything from afar scatter.


"Me? I'm just a guy. Talos! Armor!"

Talos takes off his mask and toss them to Akira. Akira put them on.

"Now. As you see, the people of Friguld had enough of your reign of terror. We would like to relieve you from your post. If you're willing to step down, we might let you live..."


The shouts of the people of Friguld are echoing. Shouts and yell from the people of Friguld are deafening. Akira turns around and see all of the Friguld citizen


"Please hear me out for a few moments, people. If we need to rebuild this place, we need every expertise for the place. They will pay for their crimes, there's no denying that. But once they are free, we can employ them, and use their knowledge for the benefit of our new country"


Akira turns around to face the Corsair Prince.

"Well, can you guys change your ways?"

Some of the Corsair Princes are considering changing, but one man, Thatch, is reluctant to change"

"You have no idea what people will do to us if we change. We were meant to be served, not serve"

"I will not force you to choose. You can either submit or die. Your choice"


Al Basra aims his musket and shoots at Akira's head, only for the bullet to disintegrate, leaving no damage to Akira. Thatch tried to slash his exposed head, but the attack was blocked by Mina.

"Thanks, Mina. But you know that it wouldn't hurt me, right?"

"I know, but I can't stand it"

"So Thatch, Al-Basra. I take it you wouldn't surrender?"


"So be it. Mina, stand back"

Mina moves back a few steps. Akira, with his mask on, raises his hand. The skies turn black, blacker than coal. The lightning from the skies strikes Akira so strongly, so violently, that Mina, who has taken a few steps back, is thrown back a few meters. The flash is blinding and the sound is deafening. Before defeating Mammon, he was only able to spread his lightning aura. But now, the lightning completely envelopes him with lightning. No silver armor is visible, nor is his face. Only a giant avatar of lightning.

"Whoa. That's new"

Everyone is looking at Akira. The Corsair Prince, The citizen of Friguld, and even Shin is shocked by this turn of event.

"Right. If you two won't submit, then you have chosen death"

Al-Basra looks shaken, but Thatch, given how violent the man is, has found a slight hint of peace.

"But I won't be the one to kill you. They will"

Akira points at the angry mob behind him. He incapacitated both of them with a small zap to the brain.

"You guys can have the honor of killing them"

The people were hesitant. They were angry before, but it seems that anger has disappeared. Either unwilling to feel guilty or rather don't know how

"Actually, we don't know how to kill them. Beheads them, stabs them. We think we want this"

"If so, I have an idea. You will not have their blood on your hand, I will bear them for you"


"Okay. You can count on me"

Akira turns around to the rest of the Corsair Prince.

"Now for you two. If you would like to atone, we could let you live and serve in the new era. We will imprison you. You would still be punished for your crime. But when you're free, I can guarantee you this; You will not rule anymore. But you will be given proper housing, and have a proper job, based on your abilities. People will hate you. But you would live. What do you say?"

"You can't kill us. If you killed us, there will be 3 people dead"

"I see only 2 of you. What are you talking about?"

Shin pulls him aside.

"Dude. She's pregnant"

"She is?"

"Yeah. We can't kill her. At least, we have to wait for her to give birth"

"Yeah. I don't have the heart to kill an unborn either"

"What will you do if she chooses death?"

"Well, imprison her until she gave birth"

"Will people ostracize the kid? They know who the mother is, and I don't want the people to bully the kid"

"I don't want that too"

"How about an orphanage? There are a lot of kids that lost their parents too."

"Preferably, I would like her to live"

"Let's ask her"

Both Shin and Akira turn around. Curious. She was defeated and at the edge of death, but she is smiling.

"Bonne, Tew. Decide now"


Says Tew.


Says Bonne.

"Nope. You're both going to live"

"I said Death"

"Not until your baby is born"

"You would save my baby, but not me?"

"What the fuck is wrong with this bitch? She chooses death, but wants to be saved?"

"Eh, I don't know anything about women"

"You're in a relationship with Mina"

"I don't know much"

Mina walks in from behind, she heard the conversation and joins in

"That means she wants your attention"

"I can't give her that. I already have you"

"But Shin can"

Akira and Mina look at Shin.

"Seriously, guys. It's getting more and more degrading for me"

"You can have a harem"

"I don't want a harem. It's taxing and overused"

"But you have a one-night stand with Minister Sara"

"Dammit, Mina. I'm a merchant, not some gigolo"

"At least do it for the baby. That is all I ask"

Shin is hesitant.

"Look. We can't, Okay? She's supposed to be punished. I don't want to have to do anything to her"

"So do you have something in mind?"

"I do have something to help, youngsters"

From Shin's back, Galena approach them. SHe offers a solution.

"Lady Galena. Please go ahead"

"Back in the university, we learned that female body have this room to store babies"

"Yeah. It's called a fetus"

"How do you know?"

"It's common knowledge in our wor- I mean in our country"

"Right. So we could extract the baby and grow the baby in a tube"

"Is it dangerous?"

"Sure. There are some dangers. The baby might die. But The baby would be safe if the mother ever planned to kill herself with the baby"

"Look. I am not planning to kill my child."

Bonne overhears them, she is disgusted that they are thinking that she will kill her baby

"What is wrong with you? All I ask is for the baby to be born safely. If you want to kill me after my baby is born, go ahead"

"Then why did you say what you said earlier?"

"You couldn't believe what people would do to me if I live"

"You didn't make a slight sense in every word you said"

"Don't mind her. She rambles aimlessly"

Tew butting in.

"Oh. Is that so? What do you suggest we do to her?"

"Lock her up. But make sure she receives proper care while pregnant"

"We...didn't think of that"

"Here I thought you are smart"

Shin moves forward to Tew. Shin is currently towering over a kneeling Tew.

"What about you? Why do you surrender?"

"To be perfectly honest, I just want to see the country you will build"


"I love this place, but the Corsair Princes made this place their personal playground"

"What about you?"

"Me? I just love playing on the beach. I don't want to do anything with slavery, nor the destruction. I just want to have peace"

"And you're expecting me to believe that?"

"Go ahead ask the people. Ask them if I have done something terrible to them"

"Tew was never an active guy, to begin with"

Says Kamilo. Most of the villagers seem to agree

"From what I hear, he is the smart one. But all I see from what he was doing, is either sunbathing on the beach, or swimming in the ocean"

"So, his sin is inactivity?"

"Sloth, yes. He was never involved in slave trading. Those were Al-Basra's Idea"

"Why didn't you do anything about slavery?"

"I was planning on stopping the slavery, but you attacking us ruined my plan, or made it a success, I guess."

"You did?"

Bonne butting in.

"Yeah. So far, the slave that was transported to Mercia from my boat never made it to Mercia"


"Yeah. I staged an ambush while transporting the people, so they could escape"

"So they're alive?"

"Last time I checked, they joined Mercia Anti-Slavery league, planning to release every slave from Mercia's grasp"

"Why should we believe you?"

"I guess I don't have any proof now. But you could reach into my breast pocket"

Akira searches his breast pocket, and there is a silver coin with a strange inscription on one side of the coin.

"Is there, by any chance any one of you have a daughter called Calilla?"

Tew shouts to the villagers.

"That's my granddaughter's name"

An old man steps forward. His body is merely bones. Barely and meat or muscles

"Good. Show this coin to Dockmaster Calilla, to let them know you're an ally. Ask her who I am"

"My granddaughter is alive?"

"Alive, and expecting. She is married and pregnant with her second child"

"Praise the Lord! Thank you, Master Tew"

"Who are you really, Tew?"

"I'm a pirate. I only plunder from rich obnoxious nobles"

"Which nobles?"

"Sometimes Theovan. You remember him. He died a few days ago. There is no shortage of obnoxious rich people, you know?"

"Alright. We'll buy what you said, for now. But you still have to answer your crimes to the people of Friguld"

"I don't mind"

One of the villagers steps up front.

"What about my husband? Is he alive"

"I don't know. It is possible that he lives, but I don't know which one is your husband. I can't save everyone. Sorry"

The young lady cried, she feel more hopeful rather than sad.

"Are you really a pirate"

"Well, no. I was a Navy Admiral once"


"Yeah, well. It was 15 years ago"

"Which country?"



"Why are you surprised?"

"Why shouldn't I? You're one of the Corsair Princes"

"Alright. That's fair"

"Kamilo. Take this two to prison. For Thatch and Al-Basra, let's crucify them in the middle of the sea"

Akira proposes an unusual punishment. They have never seen a crucifixion in the middle of the sea. They don't even know what a crucifixion is. Akira creates 2 crosses and stakes. The cross was long enough for the cross to reach the seabed.

"You were planning on crucifixion for them?"

"Yeah. Upside down. So when the tide is high, they will drown"

Some people support this idea, but some think that this punishment is outlandish. Mina, on the other hand is concerned.

"Akira, sweetheart. Are you okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"Aren't you a little bit...sadistic? Ever since you woke up after fighting the demon, it seems that you got even more...happy with killing"

"Have I? I'm feeling the same as the day we met"

"Check your status"

Akira opens the status. He sees nothing new, but one thing caught his eyes.

"LEVEL 2?!"

Mina were surprised, but Shin was concerned


Shin, just as baffled as Akira. How is it possible for him to level down?

"Man, I'm sorry. We can use the platinum coin to level you up"

"No. Don't use them for the redevelopment for this place"

Mina caught something different.

"What was your level capacity before?"


"Oh. Look. Your level capacity is raised to 20"

Shin and Akira sees this.

"Does this mean that you can level up further?"

"I guess so. Killing a demon raises your level cap?"

"What if you raises your level cap when you're almost dead"

"I don't know if it is possible, but it is plausible. Let's talk about this later, okay?"

Akira turns around and sees Tew and Bonne.

"For you guys, you will be placed under arrest indefinitely until we have rebuilt this place. We will confiscate all of your belonging. Wealth, ships, estate, everything. You will be judged harshly, but fairly. We will have several people to be a jury. God save us all. Guards. Take them away"

"Where should we take them? we have no prison yet"

"Isn't there one where you were imprisoned?"


The guards carries Tew and Bonne. Tew ask them let their hands off him, which they complied. Tew stops near Akira.

"Hey. You should know, in our mansion, each Corsair Prince have a vault full of money. Mine is in my study room, under the table rug. If you are building a country, you will need them. Although you might find my vault does not have much"

"Why are you doing this, Tew?"

"I was an admiral for the Navy. I became a pirate to enact my revenge for having my men killed. I was enjoyed the freedom, but I was in too deep. So help me God, I wish God and the people would forgive me for not doing anything"

"I understand. Would you like to be released now?"

"As I would love that, I can't. There might be people that hate me for being Corsair Prince. Remember, take the money from the vaults"

"Thank you, Tew"

Tew walks with the guards to the prison complex. As Tew walks through the crowd. There are cheers from the crowd. There are some sobbing heard from the crowd. Some sobbing is from sadness, and some are filled with happiness and hope. One middle-aged man steps forward the crowd and kneels.


As the first man kneels. There are several others, men and women, following the middle-aged men.




Tew kneels down and grabs the middle-aged men shoulder.

"Enough. It was an honor to have you all as my employer. Now everyone, GET UP!"

Tew shouts like a military leader to his subordinate. Dignified and stern. Tew subordinate, consist of maids, butler, estate garden and guards stands up as his superior commands

"Before I go, I have one more order for you. Help these gentlemen in rebuilding the city and country. So you can live free and nice. This is my last order for you guys. From tomorrow onward, I will be a fellow citizen just like you are. DISMISSED!"

The employee salutes their commanding office one last time. With tears falling down, they are trying to keep a flat expression, although some fail and sobs even harder.

"Let's go"

Tew leaves and everyone at his presence were astounded, including Akira and Shin.

"We got to have him for our country"

"Commander? I agree"

Kamilo approaches Shin and Akira.

"Now that's over. Would you like to start rebuilding?"

"Yes. Thank you. We will destroy the buildings first, level it to the ground. We will start with South Beach first to let you guys catch a glimpse of what I'm trying to build. Kamilo, would you please have the people to go to South Beach?"

"Yes, Master."

Kamilo ushers the crowd to South Beach. He inform them that Akira will be showing them what kind of country they will rebuild Friguld as.

"Well, buddy. Are you ready to build a country from the ground up?"

"I'm a bit nervous. Will you help me?"

"I was reluctant before, but now I want to see this through. You can count on me"

"Good. Thank you. Let's do this"

Akira, Shin and Mina walks toward the South Beach, where the people is walking. Once they arrived on the location, Akira moves forward to address the people.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. I want to thank you for this opportunity. From now on, we will rebuild this city first, as how i want them. As I believe that your friend, Kamilo have explained, I will be the one running this country. We are going to rebuild this country as a paradise. As a place where people can work, relax, and live their life how they want."

There are murmur from some people. There are murmurs of content, skeptic, and confusion. As for now, they decided to watch how Akira would make this country.


Akira place his hand on the ground. He uses his creation magic to create buildings, roads and landscaping along the line. The building feels futuristic for the people of Friguld. It was a reminiscent of Ocean Drive. It was identical to the Ocean Drive. To be precise, it IS Ocean Drive in another world. There are gasp of amazement from the people. This place was nothing like they ever see.

"This is the kind of place I want to rebuild. Everything on this road, along the line will be called Ocean Drive. There will be Inns, Tavern, Guild buildings, stores and several houses. My house will also be along this line. This place will be under my direct control, and no one will be able to build, remove, or renovate without my permission. But you are free to visit this place and enjoy yourself."

One man comes forward. It was a tall, muscular, dark skinned, and bald giant of a man.

"But what about our housing?"

"We will be assigning your housing. We have plans for several housing building, including apartment"

"What's an apartment?"

Akira pulls out his phone and search apartment on the search engine. He shows the man what beachside apartment looks like from his phone. Several people looks at this small rectangular strange device.

"Ooh...that's a nice building"

"Yes it is, what's more is that in this compact housing, you could fit several families, if they are okay with limited living space"

"What's the inside of the apartment like?"

Akira search the apartment interior on the search engine and shows it to them


"Do you have any problem?"

"This space are bigger than most of our houses"

"Is it? Anyway, I will help you rebuild the roads and your housing. Is there builders or architect among you guys?"

"Me! Me!"

A small girl present herself to Akira and Shin.

"You're...a child?"

"A child, my ass. I'm 26"

Shin and Akira is confused.

"Are you...a halfling?"

"I'm a human, dammit!"

"Oh. Err...sorry about that. What's your name?"

"I'm Astrid. Nice to meet'cha"

"Are you an architect or a builder?"

"Mostly an architect. I can be a builder, too. But I'm not strong enough for heavy labor"

"Alright. Can we discuss the rebuilding of this place? I want you to be the one designing this place"

"If that's what you want, Sure"

"Great. Everyone. You are free to look around Ocean Drive. I want to discuss this with Astrid"

The people disperse. There are several people that are curious about the interior of these buildings and roams through the road. It was, for them a slice of new future. A bustling, full of people, fun future. Akira and Shin discuss the plan for the city building in New Avalon Inn.

"Alright, Astrid, here are our plan for the city"

Akira pulls out his map application on the phone. Surprisingly, it still have Earth GPS on the map. Akira puts the city map on 3D so Astrid can have a better insight of the city planning.

"This...What is this?! This is amazing!"

"This is my magic device, and no, you can't have it. I will lend it to you so you can design the city."


Akira is surprised by her shouting. In his surprise, he creates a bunch of paper roll and a lot of them.




Akira creates a pencil instead.

"What is this?"

"This is a pencil. You can write with it and draw with it. Here, look"

Akira draw a little picture of a somewhat basic landscape painting with a pencil. Mountains and a farm with the sun between the village

"Wow. You suck at drawing"

Akira is hurt by this, and decided to sulk in the corner. He murmurs in the corner

"I never good at art. I had no interest in it."

"Hey. Be nice, will ya?"

"Shush, loudmouth. I'm working"

Shin sulks in the corner, next to Akira

"I was just trying to be nice. You don't have to call me names"

"Oh. I heard that you want to change this country name and the city too"


"Tell me both. It would be considered bad luck for designing something without a name"

Shin looks at Akira.

"Go on. Name this place. This was your idea, after all"

"Kingdom of New Light"

"New light?"

"It was our names. Shin means "new" and Akira means 'bright' or 'light'"

"Okay. What about the new City?"

Akira ponder for a few moment. He thinks since the inspiration is from Miami, he might think of a name fitting for the new place, but can't think which name is fitting.

"New Miami"