Take on Another World with My Best Friend Vol. I Ch. 5

Akira went out of the workshop. He wanted to teleport but chooses not to since it would attract attention. He walks down south from the plaza in the direction of Huber's. He went left to the Adventurer's Guild instead of Huber's to the right. Still in his suit and tie, he enters the Adventurer's guild. His weird clothing attracts the attention of the adventurers and guild staff. Some think Akira is a noble, some think he is some lost traveler. He approaches the guild. He was greeted by a tiger beastwoman.

"Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild. I'm Mina. Are you lost?"

"No. I'm looking for Traeger"

"I'm afraid the guildmaster is busy. Anything I could help you with?"

"Yes. Please give this to Traeger"

"I understand. Would you like anything else?"

"While I'm at it, I want to register with the guild"

"Great. It would cost you 5 silver. Please fill out this form. After you're done, place your hand on this tablet"

Akira fills out the form and hands them to Mina. Mina places the paper under the tablet.

"Now please place your hand on this tablet"

Akira places his hand on the tablet, the tablet glows light blue. He takes off his hand from the tablet and retrieves the paper from under the tablet. Mina looks at the paper.

"Let's see. Kira Hash, 17 years old. Level 3. Are you sure you want to register, Kira?"

"Yes. Is there a problem?"

"It's just that your level is too low to be an adventurer"

"If you are worrying whether I could handle myself, don't worry about it"

"Well, alright. You will be starting as an F adventurer. The rank goes to S+. The adventurers are identified with their neck tag. F-rank will be receiving wooden tag. E will receive iron, D will receive onyx tag. C will receive bronze, B will receive silver, A will receive gold. For S-rank you will receive Platinum. S+ would receive a diamond tag. There has been only one S+ adventurer. He died almost 1000 years ago."

"None can surpass him, huh?"

"None, currently. Our top adventurer is an S rank named Mhar Dann"

"Well, let me take a look at the questboard."

Akira walks to the questboard, but one quest catches his eyes. 'Kill the Antarte Alpha Wolf. He grabs that quest paper. But not before one adventurer grabs his hand. Akira looks at the person grabbing his hand. A big, blonde man using a warhammer.

"What do you think you're doing, F-rank?"

"Doing a quest. Now let go"

"Are your eyes defective? This is a B-rank quest. You're still an F-rank."

He channels his electricity to his hand and this big blonde man feels the zap. Akira walks back to the guild counter and hands Mina the quest paper.

"This is B-rank mission. You can only take quests Ranked F or E."

Akira opens his item box and places the Alpha wolf carcass on the table.

"This, you have already done this quest?"

"Yep. before I came to this town"

"You...didn't steal this, right?"

"Nope. If I were to steal this, I wouldn't be able to enter this town"

The guild was filled with shock and awe expression. Some were suspicious, but some thought nothing of it

"I'm clearing my inventory. Would you please take this?"

"I...will need to confirm with my supervisor. Please wait a moment"

Mina runs towards the backroom to call her manager. A mid-30 woman walks back with Mina.

"So. I hear you want to complete a quest beyond your rank."

"Yes. Here's the carcass"

The supervisor inspects the carcass for a minute.

"This is legit. Are you still an F-rank?"

"I just register"

"Alright then. I'll accept the quest as completed. And by my authority, I will promote you to Rank D. Mina. Prepare the reward"

Mina walks back to the treasure room. She collects the reward and brings back a pouch of gold.

"Here's your reward. 350 gold"

"I'm sorry. But Hull said the price for this is 450 gold."

"I'm really sorry, but the guild also takes a cut. Since this is a big transaction, there will be taxes, too. With that information, will you still be interested in working with our guild?"

"I understand. thank you for your honesty."

"My pleasure"

"By the way, when will the guild close?"


"I wanted to treat everyone here, including the staff to a drink, and food"

Mina looks surprised. There was no one, not even an S-rank adventurer ever treat a guild staff.

"That's mighty generous of you, but are you sure? This is your first quest reward"

"I'm already rich enough to build a town"

"Then why would you register as an adventurer?"

"Just wanted to have fun, I guess. I will be traveling with my partner after all"

"So you're not in this for the money?"

"Don't be ridiculous. Of course I'm in this for the money. But what's the point of having money, if you can't spend it?"

"You're one of a kind, Kira"

"So, what time are you guys off?"

"We will be closed around 7. If you are planning to treat these guys and us, you should make a reservation at Roderick's Tavern. Huber's sure has the ales. But they won't be enough for all of us"

"Can you show me to Roderick's?"

"I can't. but Mina can"

Mina looks at her Supervisor


"Have a day off, Mina. Today we celebrate. Oh, Kira. I never told you my name. It's Ashe.

"I'll be looking forward to tonight, Ashe"

Akira turns around and addresses the adventurers in the building.

"Ladies and gentlemen. After the guild closes. I will hold a party at Roderick's. My name is Kira. I will treat you all. So drink, eat, and have fun tonight!"

The guilds erupt in cheers. Chanting Kira's name. Even the big blonde man can be seen smiling.

"Mina. Can you guide me to Roderick's?"


Both walks out of the guild building and walk to a big tavern near the Plaza

"That was generous of you, Kira"

"Think nothing of it. If they like me enough, they will help me in the future"

"So your main purpose is to have them like you?"

"No. My main purpose is to spend this money"

The duo walks into the tavern. They approach a table and sit down

"While you're here, let's order something. I bet you're hungry."

"Starving, actually"

Mina call the waiter to order.

"Order anything you want, Mina"

"Are you sure?"


The waiters greet the duo.

"Kira, this is Roderick. Roderick, this is Kira"

"Pleased to meet you. Now, what would you like to order?"

"I'll have the monster set"

"Big eater as usual, Mina. How about you, stud?"

"I'll have the same thing"

"For a drink?"

"I'll have your ale"

"And you, Stud?"

"Water, please"

"Oh, and Roderick, can you come here after we finished our meal?"

"Sure, darling"

They waited for several moments for their order. Then Roderick comes with 2 towering steaks stack

"This is, big."

"I know. This is the best place to eat for adventurers"

"Now I know why you choose this place. Let's eat"

They eat their meals. Eating food becomes an endurance contest. In the end, Mina wins

"That was something else"

"I know. Now that I eat it, I feel guilty"

"What's wrong?"

"My brother and sister would love to eat this. And I'm enjoying this alone"

"Then buy it for your siblings. I'll pay. I will not take no for an answer. Roderick!"

"Yes stud?"

"Can we have 2 monster sets on the go?"


"Thank you, Kira"

"Now, Mina. You said you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes. Kira here wants to book this place after the guild closes"

"For what occasion?"

"Just a party. Nothing special. For adventurers, so I believe we will drink and eat the place dry"

"Will that include the staff?"

"Yes. So how much for the whole place?"

"That would be...150 gold"

"Here's 300 gold including our food. If you think you don't have enough in stock, buy more. If you think it's not enough money, call me after the party"

"My oh my, a rich young man. If I were a woman, I'd ask you to marry me"


"Relax, Mina. He's all yours"

"That's not..."

Mina blushes but Akira thinks nothing of it

"Would you be interested in her, Stud?"

"I would, but not for a long-term relationship. Not now, at least"

Mina's face shows disappointment, but Roderick takes notice

"Why not?"

"I will be traveling with my best friend. I don't want to risk her if there will be any danger"

"Ah, the protective type. Lighten up, Mina"

Roderick teases her.


"Haha. Look at you. All flustered. I'll leave you two lovebirds. I'm going to go shopping"

Roderick went out of the tavern, and another waiter brings the takeout to their table.

"Mina. Would you like to take this to your siblings?"

"Yes. Let's go while it's still hot"

Akira and Mina walk out of the tavern. He walks with Mina to the poorer parts of the city

"I'm really grateful Kira"

"No worries."

"I'm gonna be honest with you, Kira. We just met but I really like you. Not as a guild staff, but as a woman"

"I know, Mina. And I am grateful you have that feeling you have. But as of now, I cannot accept that. I rejected Melissa this morning"

"Melissa? The Marquess's daughter?"


"Why did you reject her?"

"Same reason I told Roderick earlier"

"I see"

"I really apologize, Mina. I don't intend to make you feel sad"

"I'm sad, that is true. But I'm glad that you are honest. Not giving me a superficial reason"

They continued to walk into the poorer district, outside of the wall. Then, a group of bandits ambushes them.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here, boys?"

"I see fresh meat, boss?"

"Oh, I see money"

"That's right. Money. now hand them over"

Mina hides behind Akira.

"Mina. What's the guild policy for criminals?"

"They are usually the guards' problem. We stay out of the guards' way"

"How about an adventurer killing criminals?"

"You're gonna kill them?"

"Depending on the rules"

"We are forbidden to kill. If there are no orders from the Marques, it better to hand them to the guards"

"I see. Well, boys. Fortunately for you, I will not kill you. But unfortunately for you, you won't be getting anything from us"

"Tryin' to impress the girl huh? Those will be your last words. Boys. Kill him. Leave her alive"

Mina, scared, pulls out a dagger, but Akira stops her.

"This will be done quickly"

"What ar-"

Akira moves lightning fast and knocks the bandit one by one. Leaving the boss standing dumbfounded

"How the hell?"

"I thought they would be tougher. How about you, boss?"

"You're dead"

The bandit boss unsheaths his sword and thrust his sword toward Akira. The sword went through

"Not so tough, are you now?"

"You didn't hurt me."


The bandit boss looks down at his sword. his sword went through, but no blood was visible. Akira hugs the bandit boss tightly, like an old friend about to say goodbye

"Hey, let me go! I don't swing that way!"

"It'll be over soon"

Then, lightning strikes Akira and the bandit boss from the sky, leaving the boss singed, but alive. Mina, after witnessing the fight end one-sided, is surprised. how can a level 3 adventurer goes against all these bandits? He goes to check on Akira.

"Oh my god, are you okay? you were stabbed"

"I'm okay, Mina. But I'm glad you worry about me"

"How are you able to fight these bandits?"

"I'm just blessed, that's all. Let me tie this guys. You go get a guard"

Mina nods and runs toward the nearest guards. the guards take away the bandits to jail.

"Let's go back, Mina"

Mina is still trembling after that altercation.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm scared. You were stabbed. I can't think what will happen if you weren't here"

Akira hugs Mina, tries to comfort her.

"It's okay, Mina. Don't be scared. I'm here for you"

Mina's tense body relaxes. His comforting reassurance works even a little bit.

"Let's get you home, okay?"

"Okay. Thank you once again"

Akira walks Mina back to her house. Akira looks around the house. Her house looks sturdy but dirty. He cleans the exterior with his magic in a blink of an eye. He steps inside the house to be greeted by 2 beastman kids. All boys

"Mina-nee, aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"I got the rest of the days off, Yuma. Where's Garland?"

"Garland is at the back. Washing clothes."

"Call him, please."


Yuma went to the back to call for his brother

"How old are those guys?"

"Yuma is 12, Garland is 15."

"Oh yeah? How old are you?"

"I'm 18"

"You're older than I am"

"Please stop talking about it. You're making me feel old"

"Maybe I should call you Nee-chan too?"

"Shut it, or I'll kiss you"

"Are you always this forward?"

"Only to you"

"Can I ask you something? Where are your parents?"

"If you are expecting a sad story like they died, or they sold themselves to slavery. It wasn't anything like that. They are in our village. I'm here to work and support them"

"That's mighty responsible for you"

"I should be"

Garland and Yuma come in.

"Nee-chan, you done flirting?"

"I wasn't flirting."

"Right. Who're you?"

"I'm Kira. Adventurer"

"So you're here just to flirt with my sister?"

"Be polite, Garland. He's here to make sure this got here"

Mina placed the food on the table.

"You brought us food?"

"He brought us food. He paid for these"

"Wow. Thank you, bro."

"You're alright, big guy. Nee-san is struggling enough. We need every help we can have"

"Listen, the guild is having a party courtesy to this guy. I'm going to be late so you guys need to take care of the house"

"No worries."

"Good boys. Now go eat"

They open the food bag. To their surprise, it was a monster set. They started to chow down on the food. Once they were finished, they went back to what they were doing.

"Hey. Since the house is empty, how about you and I go have some fun in my room?"

"I thought I told you that I'm currently not looking for a relationship?"

"I know that. But you will be traveling for a long time. I'll have you something to remember me by. Come on. Let me have this. You have treated us well. It's my turn to treat you"

Mina grabs Akira's hand and invites him back to her room, closes the door, and locks the door. Mina started to undress, revealing a furry thin body, and small but supple breasts. Mina asks Akira to undress. Akira reluctantly undresses.

"Mina. Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"If you are feeling bad, think of this as another favor for me. I'm feeling...weird. After you take out those bandits, my body is feeling hot, my heart is racing and my legs couldn't stop shaking. I need this out of my system"

Mina starts kissing Akira like there's no tomorrow. Mina is crawling onto her bed. Akira cast a silent sphere around her room so no one would hear them. They make love to each other slowly at first. Blood flows between Mina's legs to her bedsheet. Akira grabs her slim furry body. Mina's body quivered at his touch. He lays on top of her, feeling her breath on her neck. He moves slowly to adjust to her body.

"Is it painful?"

"No. Keep moving slowly"

Akira moves slowly. Trying to be careful not to hurt her too much. She winces a little bit, but once she gets used to it, she asked Akira to move faster.

"Keep going. I'm almost there"

Akira keeps moving back and forth again, and again, and again until she reaches her climax. They rested for a while. Mina, seeing that she's the only one is pleasured, so she asked Akira for round 2. They keep on going until it is 30 minutes before the guild closes. Mina, still in her bed, is shaking all over her body.

"I think we need to go. The party is about to start"

Mina tried to stand, but immediately falls down onto her bed

"It's not fair. You sent me to peak pleasure a lot of times, but you only reach them 3 times?"

Akira smiles.

"I'm sorry, Mina"

"Please... you don't have anything to apologize for. I'm the one who offered"

Akira uncast the silent sphere. Cleans the bedsheet with his magic

"Mina. how do you clean yourself here?"

"We usually use the water from the well"

"We need to clean up. And I can't carry you to wash yourself to the well. I'll clean you myself"

Akira casts cleaning magic on both him and Mina. It also cleans her room and her clothes.

"Let's get you dressed up."

"I can't stand, Kira"

"No worries. You just sit here. I'll give you a little gift"

Akira closes his eyes for a moment. He imagined what clothing would suit her for the party. He created a red turtleneck Halter Dress.

"Try it on"

"How do you think of this item?"

"It's just something from my country. Do you like it?"

"It looks so exposed"

"If you don't like it, I could think of other things less revealing"

"That would be a good idea. We're partying with adventurers. Not a social party with nobles. I wouldn't want to be flirted by the adventurers next day"

"What would you like?"

"If you have less revealing and could warm me up, it would be great."

"Do you mean, like the one I'm wearing?"

"Like that, yes"

"I'll try to be creative"

Akira disintegrates the dress and it returns to the air as Mana. He closed his eyes and imagine what would be the better option for Mina to wear. He creates blue jeans, a black sleeveless turtleneck, and a leather jacket. He puts it beside Mina for her to wear. He helps Mina wear her new clothes.

"How do I look?"

"You look beautiful"

"Thank you. But I still can't walk after our...'adventuring' earlier"

"Do not worry. I'll carry you all the way"

Akira lifted Mina in his arms out of her house and all the way to Roderick's front doors.

"Kira. Let me down here"

"Are you sure? You are not able to walk"

"Let me try"

Akira let Mina down. She's still shaking, but she is on her feet after a while

"You're still wobbling. Give me your hand"

Akira offers his arm and Mina links her arm. They enter the tavern together to see that the place is bustling with adventurers and guild staff. Roderick and Ashe greet them.

"Hey, you two. glad you could make it. You look good, Mina"

"Thank you"

"I heard about the bandits' scruples. Are you okay?"

"We're fine, Ashe"

"You did a good job, stud."

"Thanks, Roderick"

Ashe caught wind of what is happening. She can't help asking about it so he sends Akira to grab her a drink. Akira went to the bar and orders 2 beverages. Meanwhile, Ashe asked the question

"You did it with him, didn't you?"


Mina blushes. Roderick, interested in the conversation, joins in

"Well, how many rounds did you guys at it?"

Mina cannot say it due to her embarrassment, opens both of her palms, saying 'ten'. Ashe and Roderick are dumbfounded. Knowing that this was the same Mina this morning, has reached peak pleasure for 10 rounds in one day.

"How do you feel?"

"Tired. He carried me here. I couldn't even stand"

"Ooh, hubba hubba. How was it?"

Mina looks down in embarrassment but smiles shyly.

"That good, huh?"

"It was amazing. I said to him it was something to remember me by. But I was the one getting a lasting memory from him"

"It's a shame I'm a guy. I'll take him all to myself"

"You mustn't let that guy slip away, Mina"

"I wanted to do that, but he said he's not looking for a long-term relationship right now"

"Oh. In that case, can I have him?"

"You can't Ashe"

"Heee. You jealous?"


"Alright. I'll back down. But I'm going to have him from time to time"

Akira is back with 2 drinks in his hands. He hands the other to Mina

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Oh, You know. Stuff"

"Alright. You recommend a great place, Ashe. Thank you"

"You're welcome"

"So, about that letter..."

"I have placed it on Traeger's desk. He's out of town, answering a summon from the king"

"Alright then. Roderick. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Shoot, Stud"

"I have 2 kids in my house. They are homeless kids. I gave them breakfast this morning. I cannot take care of them forever since I will be traveling as soon as my partner is back"

"When is that?"

"2-3 weeks. But I reckon it would take longer. So can you employ them? Give them a job?"

"I need to talk to them first. Take them here tomorrow, alright?"

"Thank you, Roderick"

"It's not really a place for kids, you know. We have rowdy customers and alcohol. Where do you live, by the way?"

"At the workshop near the mine"

"Why can't you employ them as an apprentice?"

"I don't have an employee to take care of the apprenticeship"

Ashe speaks up.

"How about making them an apprentice at the guild?"

"I'll talk to them. I cannot force them to do things they have no aptitude in"

"That's probably wise"

Mina offers Akira a solution

"What about having them live in my house? So someone can supervise them?"

"You don't have room, Mina. Since you are working for your siblings and parents, you can't afford to have 2 more mouths to feed"

"You're right. Sorry"

"Is that place yours?"

"No, We're renting"

"How about you live in my house? You could save more money. I'll build rooms for you and your siblings"

"You have done enough for me. For us"

"No. That was a request for a favor for me. Take care of my workshop while I'm gone"

"I didn't you were this forward. You're basically saying live with me"

"I'm asking for a favor this time. Please take care of the kids"

Akira bows his head down.

"You are too kind, Kira. You are doing things for the sake of others, even if it is a stranger"

"I just don't want people to experience what I experienced"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm an orphan, too. I used to be poor, helpless, and have not a single coin on my name. Now, I just want to be happy"

"What's that got to do with helping others?"

"If I can see their smile, it's enough to make me happy"

Ashe whispers to Mina

"You really need to keep him for yourself"

Mina blushes slightly. But wondering, what happened to Akira in the past? But rather to keep her question for later

"Let's not keep my stories down, eh? We're here to party. Let's drink, eat and have fun"

Akira grabs his mug and turns to the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming to this party. I'm sorry it was so sudden. Some of you might be wondering, why would this upstart throw a party out of nowhere from his first reward. The answer to that is nothing. This is the basis for adventurers. We take up our weapons, hunt monsters, and collect rewards. We used our money to prepare ourselves for the next level, so we could rank up and take on harder quests to collect bigger rewards. We eat, we drink, we have fun, and we move on. So, please all of you. Eat, drink, and have fun for our future. Cheers!"

The tavern guests cheered in unison. They eat the food empty, drink the place dry, and have fun until there's no tomorrow. By the time of dawn, some of the adventurers have left to their motel, some passed out in the tavern. Mina and Ashe have gone long before the morning for their work. Roderick and the staff are cleaning the place. They have not had the chance to rest, so they are closing the tavern for today.

Meanwhile, Akira left the tavern to go back to the workshop. The kids wake Akira up.

"Mister. Mister"

Akira wakes up.

"What's the wrong Emyline?"

"I'm hungry"

Ah, right. Is Grimgunn here?"

"He isn't"

Has Julian woke up?"

"He hasn't"

"Well, okay. What do you want to eat?"

"I don't know"

"Okay. What food do you like?"

"Your hamburgers"

"Well, too much hamburger is not good for you. How about something sweet?"

"I want sweet. What do you have?"

"I have, peanut butter and Jelly toast, pancake, waffles, or simple toast"

"I want waffles. What is waffles?"

"You'll see. Please wake up your brother, Emyline"

Emyline nods and wakes up Julian. He is still sleepy. He does not feel too hungry but he perks up when hearing Akira is making something sweet

"What will you be making, Mister?"

"Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Waffle, Pancakes or simple toast with jam"

"Can i have the Peanut butter one?"


He creates the tools and ingredients for PB&J, Pancake, and waffles. He generates enough static electricity to keep the waffle machine to cook the entire thing. In the meantime, Akira cuts the bread, spread the peanut butter and the Jelly, then toast them in a pan. He makes pancakes for himself.

"Emyline. What kind of fruit do you like?"

"I like blueberries"

Akira plates the waffle on the plate. creates a blueberry jam and a scoop of ice cream on top of the waffles. He cuts the PB&J sandwich and cuts them in triangular shapes. For his pancakes, he doused the stack of pancake with honey and ice cream. He prepares 3 glasses and pours chocolate milk into them.

"Food's ready, kids."

The kids grab their serving food and place them on the table. They eat the sweets breakfast with joy.

"Here's your milk"

"This looks like a mudwater"

"That is chocolate milk"

"Is this chocolate milk comes from brown cows?"

"Hehe, wrong. They went brown from the cocoa"

"What's cocoa?"

"talk later. Let's eat"

Akira joins the kids in their breakfast. Given how fast the kids eat, they are already asking for seconds.

"Sorry kids, those sweets are not good for your teeth. You can have some of my pancakes"

Akira shares his pancake and eats them together. They are enjoying their life through breakfast.

"Kids. I have something to tell you. I will not be living here all the time. I am a traveler. I travel wherever my heart desires. That would mean I will be unable to support you while away."

"You're throwing us out?"

Emyline and Julian is shocked.

"No, God no. You are free to stay here. I created a room for you both. What I'm saying is, I'm going away in a few weeks."

"You're going away?"

Emyline sobs and starts crying. Akira looks at Julian, he also looks teary-eyed

Akira wanted to tell them that they need to provide for themself, but since they are kids, he does not have the heart to tell them. It is true that he has a lot of money to provide for them, but he wanted to give them an important lesson about life rather than just giving it to them. But then, he comes up with an idea.

"Alright, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

"I want to be a strong adventurer, like you"

"What about you, Emyline?"

"I wanted to be a merchant. So we won't be poor anymore"

"That's good, Emyline. You guys can work together to earn money"


"Yes. But you both would need education. So Julian can be strong and dependable, And Emyline could help Julian earning money"

"How would We do that?"

"You need to go to school"

"What's a school?"

"School is a place you study, practice, and meet new friends"

"We wanna go to school"

"That's great. I will handle all your financing"

Akira hastily moves outside and teleports to the Merchant's Guild. He barges in and asks where the guildmaster is. Melissa is present, he takes Akira to the guild master office.

"Hull. We need to talk"

"Kira. Thank you for saving my dear Melissa. I am eternally in your gratitude"

"No problem, Hull. But I have a question. Is there any school for kids?"

"Why, yes. There are 3 magic campuses. We have Ruthlinger Academy in the kingdom of Iberrin. Here, we have Hapsburg Academy, in the capital city. Lastly, we have Sabea Academy in the kingdom of Suleyman.

"Which is the academy that has a dorm?"

"Hapsburg and Sabea. Why, are you planning to enroll?"

"Not me. I have 2 kids in my house"


"No. I pick them up because they were hungry"

"Oh. So why you're so eager to enroll them?"

"Because I can't take them with me traveling. It would be dangerous"

"I see. But are you okay to leave them?"

"I had to. I cannot endanger them"

"I understand. I guess I could make them like Jekyll and Dominicos

"Thank you, Hull. Now, which college you would prefer"

"It's better if it's closer to me, So Hapsburg would be a better option"

"I will pay for everything until they graduate. How much should I pay?"

"We'll talk in detail. Let's go back to my mansion"

"I'll use teleport for both of us"

Akira teleports from the office to Hull's mansion's front door

"You're not going home to sleep, are you?"

"No. Let's head to the Lord's office library"

Akira and Hull pace to the Lord's office. Barging in. Frederick is reading a report from his territory.

"Father, Kira. What's the hurry?"

"Kira wanted to enroll 2 kids in Hapsburg."

"Okay, What do you need?"

"A letter of admittance to Hapsburg. Kira will handle any financial need for them"

"How much for both of them to be enrolled?"

"Let's see. They are 10 gold for one person's admission. They will be in Academy for 13 years. So it would be around 1000 gold"

"What about after they graduate?"

"Usually, they will be scouted, but they could choose to live on their own"

"How could I buy a house for them?"

"I don't have the authority to purchase a house there. Besides, it would be a bad idea to buy a house for them now. It would just be collecting dust"

"I...guess you're right. Sorry. I'm just worried about them"

"No worries. I will look out for them"

"So, Frederick. How much should I leave them?

"If you are that worried, 1500 gold should be enough

Akira place a medium size crate filled with gold on the floor.

"Here you go. Please take care of them. I beg you"

"You worry too much. You save this town and bring back my daughter. You are practically our family"

"Thank you, Frederick"

Frederick extends his hand to shake Akira's hand. Akira shakes his hand with joy and gratitude.

"Kira. I heard that you threw a party at Roderick's. Is that true?"

"I did, yes. Oh, no! I didn't invite you. I am really sorry"

"Ahaha, no worries. We're both busy. I just wished that you would invite Merchant's guild staff too"

"I am really sorry, Hull."

"A piece of advice, Kira. If you're flaunting that kind of wealth, sooner or later, you will be targeted for your money. Bandits, Thieves, and other criminals. If you are going to spread the wealth, be ready for what follows"

"I understand. Thank you Frederick"

"Where did you get that kind of money, anyway?".

"I sold an Antarte wolf carcass"

"how much did they pay you?"

"350 gold"

"You should have sell them here. I would take it off your hand for 500"

"Thank you, Frederick. But it's part of guild quest."

"I see. The Adventurers' guild have that kind of quest."

"In exchange, I would give you my sword"

Akira takes out his katana from his item box. Hull is surprised to see a katana here

"Is that, a katana?"

"It is. How do you know?"

"Frederick, Kira. Take a seat. I have something to tell you"

Both of them takes a seat.

"Frederick. The truth is, I was not from this world"

"What do you mean?"

"I am a reincarnate from another world. I was helping my friend from getting hit from a truck. I am from the same place as Kira here. Our country is called Japan. That sword you received, it's called Katana. A warriors pride"

"You were a reincarnate, Hull?"

"Yes. I was hit by a truck after job hunting. I have a wife and kids before this world"

"Father, what is a 'truck'?"

"It's some sort of wagon, made from steel pulled without a horse"

"I could show you a truck after this with my creation magic"

"So. What is your Japanese name, Kira?"

"My name is Akira Takahashi. My partner, Nosk, is Shinnosuke Shimazu"

Hull's eyes widen, his face went pale. He stutters
"Akira Takahashi?"


"Do you have a mother named Ichika Takahashi?"

"How do you know that?"

Hull hugs Akira tightly. He cried. He now understands what the Director said at that time. For once in his life, he is truly grateful to the Director

"Akira. It's me. Dad"


"Thank God you are alive"

"So you didn't run out on us? But no one told me you died, not even the police"

"There was nobody to be found. After I died, our mutual friend resurrect me in his office"

Frederick is puzzled. Hull introduces himself once again to Frederick

"Frederick. There is something is should tell you. My name is Haruki Takahashi. And Akira here is your half-brother"

Frederick is stunned. But he composes himself

"Does that mean..."


"He's your older brother"
"I'm half Japanese?"

Both men speaks simultaneously. They laugh to lighten up the formerly somber situation

"But Father. If he's my older brother, how come he looks so young?"

"Yeah. How come you look young, Akira?"

"They summon me with a third option"

"I took the summon, kid. Never thought someone would pick the third option"

"Father, what is a 'third option'?"

"God summons you to this world younger"

"You met God?"

"I didn't. Something about protocol"

"I am more or less a special case"

Frederick smiles. But his smiles fade for a moment

"Father. If he's my older brother, then the title Marquess should be handed to him"

"Don't worry about that, Frederick. I have no interest becoming a noble or anything. I just want to live a normal life. Travel around the world, see all kind of people. Of course, I'll support you if you need anything"

"Thank you, brother."

"So, Dad. Would you really need a truck?"

"Yes, please. The one with the refrigerated closed box"

"Alright. Frederick, would you like to see what a truck is?"

"Yes please"

The three of them went out to the front of the mansion driveway. He created a truck with the refrigerating unit. Frederick is marveled in this piece of horseless carriage.

"By the way, dad. Why did you need a truck for?"

"To carry stuff. So, there's no oil in this world. What is the fuel for this?"

"Magic. You just touch the magic stone on the fuel tank, it will siphon your magic"

"Father. Do you know how to ride this thing?"

"I do. Do you want to take it for a few minute drive?"

"Please do, Father. I am curious how this thing works"

"Here's the key, dad. Be careful you didn't run anyone over."

"Don't worry. I will just take it around the plaza and back"

Haruki and Frederick step inside the truck. Haruki inserts the key and start the engine. The revving engine startled the nearby guards and maids. The guards panicked and rush toward the truck. Akira calms them down

"Whoa, calm down. It's not a monster. It's a vehicle"

The guards lowers their weapon and gets out of the truck's way. Haruki is a little bit rusty driving the truck, but after a few moments, it came back to him.

"Be careful dad!"

The truck went out of the mansion gates. Ride around the Plaza and went through the south gate. There were a lot of eyes looking at the peculiar wagon they have never seen. they turn around and went back to the mansion. Frederick steps out

"That was a far more comfortable ride than the noble carriages. Brother. If father has the truck, can you make me something?"

"I would, but I don't think you will be ready."

"Don't treat me like a child. I can handle myself"

"Alright. But first, lose your clothes and wear this"

Akira creates a helmet with goggles, a leather jacket, a shirt, and Suit pants. Frederick changes into the clothing Akira made. Then Akira Creates a cruiser motorcycle.

"Before I let you ride this, You will need the lesson first. I will ride to the south gate. From there, you could ride your own"

"If you say so, brother."

Akira rides the motorcycle with Frederick. He rides slowly. Then slowly speeds up. They reach the south gate of the city. Akira gets off the motorcycle. Let Frederick sits in front.

"Alright, Frederick. Clench the left stick, and step on the left pedal forward until it can't be pedaled anymore. Twist the gas on your right hand slowly while releasing the left stick slowly. I will sit in the back. So follow my instruction."

Frederick nods and Akira sits in the back. Frederick follows the instruction. Releasing the clutch slowly while twisting his right palm back

"Good. Slowly speed up. Don't pull it at once. After you gained enough speed, hold the clutch while pressing your left heel backward. release the clutch and throttle slowly again. If you want to slow down, brake slowly with either your right lever or the pedal on your right foot. Don't brake suddenly. You will slip and fall"

Frederick follows the instruction again. Once he gains enough speed, he shifts the gear and throttles again

"Good. You're a natural. Don't turn the handlebar to turn. Instead, use your body"

He brakes slowly and moves the gear lower and turns right.

"Great. You did well. Led me your head for a second"

Akira places his forehead on Frederick's and transfers his knowledge of riding a motorcycle. Knowledge flows through Frederick

"Now, for your first test, drop me off at the Adventurer's guild and back to the mansion. I have a business to take care of"

"No problem, thank you for this iron horse, brother"

He drops Akira in front of the Adventurer's guild. Akira gets off the motorcycle

"Thanks, Frederick. I'll see you back at the mansion"

Frederick nods and turns the motorcycle around. He enters the guild and went straight to Mina's counter

"Hey there, Handsome. You're looking for a quest?"

"I'm here for you, actually"

"Oh. in that case, we should speak in the back"

Mina leads Akira to the alley behind the guild building. Once the doors closed, she kissed Akira passionately

"I missed you"

"Me too. Listen. Remember when I said I will be leaving town to travel?"


"I will be leaving today"

"What?! That's too sudden"

"I will be going to Habsburg. After that, I probably will travel to other cities"

"When will you be back?"

"I don't know. Probably a few years"

"I changed my mind. I wanna come with you"

"You shouldn't. How about your brother?"

"I have saved enough money for them. They will be fine"

"Still. I'm worried for them. And how about your job?"

The door opens and Ashe came out of the door

"It's Okay, Mina. You can have a leave."

"Ashe! How much have you heard?"

"Enough. I will use my authority as Deputy Guildmaster to suspend your work. Go ahead with your travel"

"Thank you, Ashe. I'll tell my brothers"

"I'll meet you at your house"

Then, Akira's phone rings.

"Akira! Thank god. I received a letter that you're dead!"

"I'm not. Listen. Are you still in Kingsport?"

"Yes. I'll be leaving tomorrow"

"We'll be heading to Kingsport. Stay there for a few days"

"Why? What's wrong?"

"We'll be heading to Habsburg Magic Academy. I picked up 2 orphans kid off the street. I will be sending them to a school"

"What does that mean?"

"Long story short, I kinda adopted 2 kids and will be enrolling them in an academy"

"Alright. By wagon, Kingsport would take 2-3 days. How will you travel here?"

"Using an RV. It would be faster"

"You build a car?"

"Sort of"

"Alright. But I would still need someone to ride the carriage to Wilhelmshire"

"I'll ask the guild master to send someone to pick up the wagon"


Shin can be heard sighing.

"I thought I will be living a peaceful life in this world"

"Sorry, Shin. I dragged you into this. If you want to back out, it'll be fine"

"No, no. We'll go through it together"

"I'll tell you all the detail when we meet you"


"I uhh... I also will be bringing someone with me"

"What do you mean?"

"A guild staff. She's... my lover"

"Your WHAT?"

"Lover, girlfriend"

The line went silent for a moment, then Shin speaks again

"I'll ask for the detail later. Just get here first."

"Alright. See you soon"

Akira hangs up the call and teleports back to the workshop. The kids are ready and dressed for the trip.

"Hey, kids. You ready?"

"Yes. We'll have some fun, Mr. Hero"

Emyline says with a smile. Akira hugs the kids.

"Mr. Hero?"

Akira releases the kids from his hug.

"It's Akira. My name is Akira"

"Are we ready to go, Mr. Akira?"

"We're stopping by one place"

The kids grab his hand and he teleports to Mina's house and knocks on the door. Mina greets them

"Have you talked to them?"

"Yes, But they wanted to come"

"I won't mind if you won't"

"Can we? Will the carriage fits?"

"We're not going by carriage. We will be driving in my vehicle"

He created a vehicle. An RV. Big enough for everyone to fit inside and would still have room for a few more.

"What is this?"

Garland asks.

"This will be our vehicle to Kingsport. Get in everyone"

Akira and company went inside and Went to Wilhelm's Mansion. He gets off the RV and introduces the kids to Hull and Frederick.

"Nice to meet you kids"

"Thank you, Grandpa"

"Hehe. Are you excited to go to school?"


They respond in Unison. A few minutes, Montoya and a guard arrives at the Mansion.

"Guildmaster. I'm sorry I'm late."

"You're just in time. Looks like you're all set"

Haruki sees Mina behind Akira.

"You're bringing other people?"

"She wanted to come with me"

"Do you told her the whole story?"

"No. But I told her the basic"

"Here's the letter of Admission, brother"

"Thank you. Frederick"

"Dad, where's the guy going to get the carriage from Kingsport?"

"Montoya will be the one"

Montoya and the guard bow.

"Then I will be taking my leave. Thank you for everything you have done, Dad, Frederick."

"Akira. Please make me a phone so I could keep in touch with you"

Akira nods. he created a phone and enchanted it so they could call without any reception

"My number is already inside"

"Thank you. Now, move along"

Akira nods and went to the front gate of the mansion.

"Everybody. Get inside the RV. We're going now"

"See you around, Kiddo. Oh, and take this map"

"Thanks, Dad. Frederick, Please keep dad safe"

"No problem, brother"

Everyone gets inside the RV. It was spacious. Beds, kitchen, shower. Akira sits in the driver's seat and starts driving. Everyone inside is puzzled. How can a wagon move without a horse?

"This will be quite a long journey. So sit back and relax"

They move at a pace faster than a horse wagon. The kids are viewing inside the cabin. Mina takes a seat beside Akira and everyone is relaxing the smooth ride or the vehicle.

"Hey Mina, I guess I have not told you the truth"

"What truth?"

"My real name is Akira Takahashi"

"Well, it doesn't change much. I still love you"

"I love you too"

Akira kisses Mina's hand and dials Shin and puts him on speakerphone

"Shin. We are on our way to Kingsport. We will contact you once we're near"

"Great. Can I ask for the guy that will be taking the wagon back to Wilhelmshire?"

"Sure, Hold on. Montoya! Come here"

Montoya gets up and approaches Akira

"Yes, Master Akira?"

"My friend that is tasked on Kingsport wanted to talk to you. Shin. Montoya here is the representative"

"Hello Montoya"

Montoya is surprised. He heard voices, but cannot find the source of the sound

"It's from this device, Montoya. Go ahead, just talk"

"Yes, Sir?"

"This is Nosk. I have been tasked with trading and carrying stuff from Kingsport to Wilhelmsburg. I have completed most of the items listed here, but I can't find fireweed. Once you're here, can you complete the list?"

"Yes, Sir. leave it to me"

"Great, Thank you."

"Is there anything else?"

"Is your girlfriend there?"

"She's beside me"

"What's her name?"


"Put me through"

"She can hear you"

"I can hear you"

"Great. Mina. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have brought happiness to my friend. Please take care of him"

"Oh, no, no. I'm the one that has been brought happiness by Akira"

"You knew his hame?"

"He told me a minute ago"

"Of course he did. A word of warning, Mina. Since I am his best friend, I'm going to say this once. Break his heart, and you'll regret it"

"Hey, cut it out, Shin"

"I'm serious"

"Don't worry, Master Shin. I will not"

"Good girl. Thank you. Now, Akira. Don't break her heart"

"I won't. Promise"

"Good. Now hurry the hell up, will you?"

"Put a lid on it, Shin. We'll get there when we get there. I'll talk to you later"

Akira hangs up the phone and Montoya went back to his seat. Mina holds Akira's hand

"That was a great friend you have"

"The best. Are you ready for our journey, Mina?"

"I'll follow you wherever you go"

Akira smiles and his eyes fix back on the road. Going on an adventure after his first town.