Take on Another World with My Best Friend Vol. I Ch. 8

Akira drives near the riverbed. He stops for a moment and turns off the engine. Everyone has already woken up. Julian and Emyline sit near the window to see the scenery. Mina takes a cola, pours it into a glass, and takes a sip. Yuma and Garland are chatting on the sofa. Shin approaches Mina and asks her to pour one for him. The sun is glowing dim golden light and the hour is showing 4:10.

"Guys. We're going on foot. Let's go before the gate closes"

Everyone walks out of the RV one by one. He stores the RV inside his item box. Everyone is stretching after a long trip inside the RV.

"Papa. Are we walking to the city?"

"Yes, dear. We don't want the guard to attack the vehicle"

"Are the guards mean?"

"Not all, no"

"Papa. Can we eat after this?"

"Let's eat at the nearest Inn. Akira. Lead the way"

Akira nods and walks in the direction of Hapsburg.

The capital city of Hapsburg. Gleaming in what looks like gold, divided by rivers and several small islands, enough to build a mansion on top of them, in the middle of the river. Connected by a bridge between the lands divided. The palace is placed on top of the most elevated land within its territory, towering over the rest of the metropolis.

"Wow. Shin, have you seen anything like this?"

"Not in my life. I've heard about the city of gold, but not up close"

"Yeah, me too. Let's just hope that this is a pleasant place"

"What should we do now?"

"Let's look for an inn. Enough for all these crowds"

They approached the front gate. The guards are asking for identification. All of them, except for the kids, shows the identification

"An adventurer? You are sure to behave yourself in there, friend"

"Is there a problem?"

"Yes. A few weeks ago, someone planned a heist on the royal treasury. It didn't end well for them, save for one. As for the rest, the king has declared that the adventurer to be put on a short leash to encourage something like this from ever happening again"

"What did they try to steal?"

"Money. A lot of it. Enough to make the capital suffered"

"How much?"

"5000 Platinum coins"

"So... that would be around 500 platinum plates or 500000 gold coins"

"How did they get away with such an enormous sum of gold?"

"There was an inside man, or...woman"

"You said they are apprehended, but only one alive.

"Not apprehended. Killed. Not by us, but by the one person"

"Wait, how do you know that one person escapes?"

"The inside woman, the Royal Treasury Guard was conscious for a moment. She said that one of us betrayed them and that she is sorry"

"She's dead. What about it? She's a traitor"

"She was tempted by money. Her greed is the base, but the catalyst is the manipulation of the silver-forked tongue thief"

"Do you have any information about this thief?"

"No idea. Maybe the Adventurer's Guild or the Royal Treasury have any idea. Why? You want to solve this?"

"Maybe. Getting good grace from His Majesty seems like a good idea"

"Suit yourself. Anything else?"

"This seems like a vast city. Even getting to the castle would take a day on foot. Care to give us some direction?"


"May I ask why?"

"I'm also new here. About a month"

"Oh. I thought it is because we're an adventurer"

"A little, but I know better than to let prejudice cloud my judgment"

"Smart man. Well, anyone can help us regarding that?"

"You could ask anyone here. But be careful. They don't take kindly to adventurers nowadays"

"Thank you. Have a nice day"

"You too"

Shin and the company ask around. They look wary, but Shin assures them that they are a traveling merchant. They direct them to the inn in the Traveller sub-district in Commercial District. In Hapsburg, due to its vast territory, they are separated into several districts. The Royal and Noble District where the palace and the nobles live, the Residential District where the commoners live, The Commercial District where all shops and inns are located, Industrial District where blacksmiths, miners, and crafters make their products and the Dock District, where fishermen catch fishes and merchant boats docks. They went to Commercial District and book a family suite at the inn. It looks more like a Multistory hotel rather than a medieval inn.

"This is quite nice. There are several rooms. A kitchen and a Riverview dining room. This must be expensive, right?"

"Ah, not really. 10 gold per night. I'd say this is worth it"

"10 gold?"

Mina, Garland, and Yuma are surprised. 10 gold means a year's rent back in Wilhelmshire. To pay 10 gold for a night is a luxury they could never afford. The kids are running around to explore the room.

"Oh, don't worry about it. We won't stay here longer than we should. Shin. I'm going to go back to the workshop first. Here's the letter of recommendation and the letter of Admittance. You go admit these kids to the Academy on the Royal District and go see the minister. Can you also find out about the theft in the Royal Treasury?"

"No can do, buddy"

"Why is that?"

Shin moves closer to Akira and whispers in his ear

"This will be your last time to see them in 13 years. At least have the common decency to say goodbye to them"

"Oh yeah. You're right. I'm sorry"

"Don't be an irresponsible parent. You're the one who picked them up in the first place"

"Alright, sheesh"

The kids are still exploring the suite until Shin calls them

"Kids. I know we just got here, but we need to go?"

"Huh? Where?"

"We're going to the Academy, remember?"

Akira, Shin, Emyline and Julian went out of the hotel suite and went to the academy. After a 10 minutes walk, they arrived at the front gate of the academy. It was huge. Probably bigger than the palace. They went inside and were greeted by a teacher there

"Excuse me. This ground is only for students and teachers only. Outsiders are forbidden in this ground"

"We're here with the letter of Recommendation from Wilhelmsburg"

"Why? You don't look like a noble, nor these kids"

"My partner here is a son of the former finance minister and half-brother of the current head of Wilhelmsburg"

"Really? Then tell me the name of the lord"

"Frederick de Wilhelm. Married to Olivia Theovan. Had a daughter named Melissa. My father, Hull is an alcoholic, which is in my blood too. Do I need to say more, or would you prefer I bring him here personally?"

"There's no way you should have known this?"

"Still don't believe me? Here is the sigil of the Wilhelms"

Akira shows the letter of recommendation to the snobbish male teacher.

"Let me open it"

"You can open it, when we see the headmaster first"

The teacher gives in. He accompany them to the head master's office. A mid-40 female is sitting behind the desk. She's fairly young looking for a 40 something women, with a mallen streak running through her right temple

"Uh oh"

Shin moves back behind Akira. Letting Akira takes the lead

"Good evening kids, gentlemen. What business do you have with me?"

"I have a letter recommendation here, for these two"

Akira hands the letter to the head master. She opens the letter of recommendation.

Headmaster Hanna,

I hope this letter find you in good health. It has been a while when I become one of your students. I will always remember when you taught Olivia and I in your class and how you became our advisor in terms of bethrotal. I do hope you find love for yourself, since you have terrible luck with men despite how beautiful you are.

Hanna crumples the letter a little bit in annoyance, before continues reading

Now, the man in front of you, his name is Kira, is my beloved half-brother. I know he looks young, but he's actually my father first son and older than me. Long story short, my father was summoned to this kingdom in the past and he was sent from the future. Don't wrap your head on it, I'm still figuring how that works. Even my daughter, if you believe, is only a year older than him. I believe it is confusing, but as I said earlier, don't think of this too much.

For the kids present with them, is my adopted nephew and niece. I hope to enroll them here in Hapsburg Academy as per my brother request. They will be traveling around the world and it would be dangerous to bring these kids without proper knowledge. I will send all of the expenses for the kids and with a little bonus when I visit the capital. I would hope you have a room in your academy for this kids. Please treat them kindly. If anyone is bothering them, please use my name to protect them. A little warning, if these kids are harassed or in any way experience inconvenience in any way, I will file a complain to His Majesty, and you will be reexamined.

Best regard,
Frederick de Wilhelm

P.S Dominicos sends his regard. I know you have history, but I can't help teasing you about it

"That damn Freddy. One day, I'll rip his dick off and throw them as fish food"

Seeing the kids scared expression, she composes herself

"Ahem... Sorry about that. So you want to enroll these kids into this academy? They will need to do an enrollment test first. I need to test their academic skill first"

"No problem with me. So, please do go on with the test"

Hanna grabs 2 pieces of paper and hands them to Julian and Emyline. They started working on the test but have nothing to write on them

"Here. use this"

Akira hands them 2 pens. A normal pen used on your regular office

"What is that?"

Hanna asks.

"This is a pen. I find your ink and feather method is...ancient"

"Let me take a look at them"

Hanna looks at the pens. She opens the cap and sees the composition of the pens

"Fascinating. Here."

Akira grabs the pens and hands them to the kids. They start to write on the test. Shin approach Hanna and ask

"Can I take a look at the test paper?"

"Sure. Here's a spare"


Shin reads the test. He was surprised on the content of the test

"Kira. Come here"

Akira approach Shin. He shows Akira the test paper

"What do you think? They are quite hard, right?"

"What do you mean, hard? Aside from the magic questions, these are all basics question"

Hanna is astounded.

"What do you mean, basic? This is a test intended for last year's students"

"Really? I'll do the test then. Give me a pen"

Akira hands him the pen and finishes the question in 15 minutes. Shin is done filling everything, except the magic sections

"These... These are all perfect answers. Even some of the teachers would have a hard time finishing this. But why did you leave the magic section blank?"

"Our magic is different from yours"

"What do you mean?"

"Akira, Show her"

Akira's body started to glow with lightning, conjuring a ball of lightning the size of a basketball

"No chant? And lightning magic?"

"Yeah. that a problem?"

"Only 2 magicians are able to use no chant, but none of them could use lightning magic. It's a divine magic"

"I can do it. My friend here could combine fire and wind. I specialize in lightning and blacksmithing"

"Multiattribute mage? Please become a teacher here. I'll pay you. You could teach the student and the teachers here"

"No can do, Miss. We're not planning to stay after we traveled around"

"When will that take?"

"We don't know. Years, decades. Who knows?"

"Such a shame. And here I thought I know everything about magic"

"Just so you know, we don't know about magic either. So don't push yourself too hard"

A few moments later, the kids are done with the test


"Yes. It was hard, but we manage to complete them"

"Julian. Hmm... The result is average, but this young man is quite knowledgeable about magic. Emyline, on the other hand, is Not exactly for magic, but excels at calculating. I guess I could enroll you two in the same class"

"Will we have a room together?"

"Yes, of course"

The kids cheer. They hug each other, but their happiness would proof short-lived as Emyline is asking what would happen next

"You will be leaving, Papa?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, Emyline. Papa needs to travel around the world. Papa will be visiting you once in a while, so don't worry"

"But, how am I supposed to talk to you?"

Shin ponders for a while. He cannot gives them a phone since, at an academy, it would attract unwanted attention. Then, he had an idea.

"Kira. A moment, please"

Shin whispers his idea to Akira, and he agrees in an instant. He creates 2 black metallic ravens made out of iron, and shapes them to look like live raven.

"Papa has new friends for you. Emyline, Julian. Here's a companion for you. These two are Huginn and Muninn. Please be nice the them"

Huginn and Muninn bow to the kids and fly around a little bit, until they land on the kids' shoulder

"Hello, Emyline. I'm Huginn"

"Julian, Hello. I'm Muninn"

The kids pat the bird on the head. It still feels hard as a metal but looks exactly like a real raven

"Huginn and Muninn can fly really fast, I can see from their eyes and speak from them. So don't worry, Papa creates a friend for you"

Emyline starts to cry

"What's wrong, Emyline?"

"I wanna be with you, Papa?"

Shin hugs Emyline.

"It's okay, Emyline. Papa will be here until you could pave your own way. But now, you need to learn"

"Will papa be here once we graduated and fulfill your promise?"

"I promise"

Emyline wipes her tear and Julian hugs Akira

"I'm sad too. But I will be okay. I wanted to be strong like you too, Uncle"

"I believe you will be stronger than me, Kid. Now, protect your sister, okay? She needs you"


Julian nods with a smile. Akira and Shin walk outside of the academy, leaving the kids with Hanna and the male teacher.

"It's bad"

"What is?"

"That headmaster. A gothic older woman with a Mallen streak. Kinda looks like Morticia. I almost bust a nut there"

"She's your type? A goth milf?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"You have a problem, man. What is it with you with gothic?"

"They're mysterious, stoic, and hot. I always see myself like Gomez"

"You're weird, man"

"Shut up, Fester. Now let's go to the finance minister. We need to give this to him"

"What are the chances he's still at the palace?"

"I dunno"

"Let's just go to the palace and see if he's there"

Akira and Shin walk toward the palace's front gate, to be stopped by a guard

"State your business, outsider"

"We're here to see Finance Minister. We got a letter for him"

"For Her, you mean"

"The minister is a woman?"

"Yes. She's not here, I'm afraid. She's at her mansion"

"Where is her mansion?"

"Turn back, the first house on your right"

"Thank you"

Akira and Shin turns around and went in the direction given to the guard. He is greeted by mansion guards

"Good evening gentlemen. We're here to see the Finance Minister"

"May I ask for the purpose?"

"I have a letter of admittance from Merchant Guild"

"Before you go inside, you need to dress properly"

"What do you mean? this is noble clothing from my world. Do you know what this clothing cost?"

"Please enlighten us"

"1 platinum coin"

"That's expensive, yes. But it's not clothing we recognize"

"Do you know the country of Japan?"


"Exactly. Now please let me through"

"Let me frisk you first. Make sure you're not carrying a weapon"

"Alright. Go ahead"

The guards frisk Akira and Shin, to find several items.

"What is this?"

"That is a wallet. A coin pouch of sorts"

"This small flip pouch is a wallet?"


The guards continue to frisk Shin, to find his phone

"What is this dragon glass device?"

"That is my merchant tools. Used to calculate, write a letter, and other things"

The guards continue to frisk Akira, to find a knife he made for Shin

"This is a dagger. What are you planning to use this?"

"Kira! You brought a weapon?"

"No. This is not for me. This is for you. So you could sell them"

"We'll hold onto it for a moment"

"Don't use it, alright"

The duo went inside the Mansion, they are greeted by a maid, and they ask the maid to guide them to the minister's whereabouts. The minister is quite young. 27 years old, blonde, and dressed in a long red dress.

"You have business with me?"

"Yes. We have a letter of admittance from the Merchant's Guild"

Shin hands them to the minister, she reads the whole letter, and puts the letter in her desk drawer.

"So. You boys wanted to open a shop here?"


"What will you be selling?"

"Foodwares at first, once we have enough money, we'll expand"

"Do you have samples of the product?"

"We do. Kira."

Akira nods and retrieves a wine glass, a glass stein, a plate, a silver spoon, a fork, and a knife.

"This is our gift for you. Since you have a plate, fork, and spoon, we would like to cook you something. Have you had dinner yet?"

"No. I haven't"

"Great. How about a simple meal like Hamburger?"

"What kind of food is that?"

"A bread with steak. An all-in-one meal"

"I'd like that"

"Wonderful. Akira, Please grab the plate and serve our esteemed minister here a meal"

"Right away, sir"

They are playing with the dramatics, but dramatics is all they need for the pitch. The maid guides Akira to the kitchen. Akira makes the burger and fries. The cook looks confused. Will he serve such a peculiar but simple dish to the minister?

"While waiting for the food, may I interest you in our country's Ale?"

"A small amount, please"

Shin nods and pours a half bottle worth of beer into the stein. The minister sips the beer

"Ahh. A cold, crisp ale with a beautiful glass mug. And such a beautiful wine glass too"

"Thank you. But this is only a taste of our beer. After the meal is served, my partner will serve you our best wine for meat"

"Thank you. I would have been content with the ale"

"Nonsense. We will give you a pleasurable experience"

A moment later, Akira walks back with hamburgers and fries. He served it to the minister. The minister looks disappointed but curious

"I thought the meal would be more...extravagant"

"We pride ourselves on simplistic yet delicious representation. Please, enjoy. Kira, The Cabernet Sauvignon, please"

Akira nods and creates the red wine and pours them into the wine glass. The minister cuts the hamburger with a fork and knife

"Is this the right way to eat?"

"Normally, we eat them with our hands. But since esteemed minister is a noble, I would not protest"

"With hand? How uncouth"

The minister takes a bit of the hamburger, she is astounded by how juicy the meat patty is, how soft the bun is, and how crispy the vegetables are. The minister moves to the fries. The hot and salty flavor seeps through her tongue. She sips the red wine, the taste of this alien wine compliments the taste of the hamburger. She puts down the fork and knife and eats with her hand. She finishes her hamburger and finishes the wine

"Ahh... that was lovely. I have never eaten something so simple yet, so delicious"

"Would you like more of the wine?"

"Yes, please. Thank you, dear esteemed guest. I have not had dinner this lovely. I have been stressed out due to a recent incident"

"Regarding the theft of the Royal Treasury?"

"How did you know?"

"The guards told us"

"I see. Yes. We have a break-in. It's a shame. But we will uncover the truth"

"May I offer you some assistance?"

"You have provided plenty with the food. Please consider your admittance completed"

"Thank you, dear minister. I will leave the wine for you"

"Do you have more of the wine?"

"Unfortunately, that was the last of our Cabernet. But do not worry. We have provided our best beverage to the King's daughter"

"You met Olivia?"

"My partner here is a half-brother of Marquis Frederick de Wilhelm"

"Why didn't you say so? I was Frederick's junior and Master Hull's apprentice. We don't need to be formal"

"I'm afraid, for our first impression, we would have to decline. But we would like to extend our impression by offering our assistance to the recent incident, once more"

"Would you do that for me?"

"Yes. I have...certain abilities to track down people"

"I would be most grateful"

"I understand that the wine we provided is the last of our stock, but would you care for more Ale? We have plenty"

"Yes, please"

Akira nods and creates lots of beer bottles. Big ones.

"Thank you, gentlemen"

"It was nothing, Lady...?"

"I'm sorry. My name is Sara de Cecil"

"Thank you for your introduction, Lady Sara. My name is Nosk, and my partner here is Kira"

"Thank you for this great evening, gentlemen. Although, I wouldn't mind a company for tonight from you, Lord Nosk"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Stay here for the night"

"May I be excused to assume you are inviting me for... a nightly exercise?"

"Perhaps. After a great meal, I know the perfect way to end it"

"Lord Nosk, I will leave you to it, then. I will be waiting for you tomorrow"


Akira smiles teasingly, almost like a smug smile.

"If you excuse me, Lady Sara. I will take my leave"

"Thank you for the great meal. Say, handsome. Are you worried?"

"I would be lying if I said I didn't"

"Don't worry. No string attached"

"Right. No string attached"

Akira walks back to the inn and is greeted by Mina

"Where's Shin?"

"Shin is having sex with the finance minister"

"Ooh. We only arrive here for a few hours and he already has a lover? A powerful one at that?"


"So. Do you want to do it?"


"Yes? Is that a no?"

"No way I wouldn't say no to you"

"I'll be waiting tonight"

Akira smiles and prepares food for everyone. A scrambled eggs and bacon. He invites Yuma, Garland, And Mina to eat and they eat the food clean. Night comes and Akira and Mina are going at it at night until morning, using his silence sphere spell.

The morning sun rises, and Someone is knocking on the door. Garland opens the door of the suite and Shin walks in with a tired look on his face.

"Hey kid"

"I'm not a kid. I'm a year younger than you"

"Yeah, sure. Where's Akira?"

"He's still sleeping. After a night of sex with my sister"

Shin is not a bit surprised by Akira having a passionate lovemaking but instead perplexed how his brother knew what happened and said such things nonchalantly. He grins smugly.

"Yeah okay. Do you want to eat?"

"Sure. I don't want to wake him up"

"Great. Let's go down to the eatery and eat something. Go wake Yuma, please"


While Garland went into Yuma's side of the bed to wake her up, Shin send Akira a text

"Come down to the hotel eatery when your balls are already full"

Garland and Yuma approach Shin while Yuma is still in her pajamas and looks really sleepy.

"Let's go. What do you guys want to eat?"

"I'm looking forward to a stew"


"I'm sorry but I don't think they serve that here. Only Akira can make that"


"Don't worry, we'll find something you would love"


Shin and the siblings went to the eatery, the place is moderately crowded for this time in the morning. They sat in the corner table of the eatery

"Why corner table?"

"I don't want to stand out. Besides, if we pick here, we could see who came in or out"

"So you would identify and have time if you decided to run if you saw someone you don't like?"

"Smart boy. You're smarter than Akira"

"Thanks. What's with you and Akira?"

"I love Akira like He's my brother. He treated me as such and it's fair to return the feeling"

"So, you're like nee-san without the romantic feeling?"

"Yes. He's my hetero life mate"

"What is hetero?"

"Hetero is a same-gender terminology"

"So, you're like a married couple without being married?"

"Something like that. Waiter!"

A waiter walks to their table and offers the menu to them

"I'll have meat stew"

Garland order first

"Let me have a doublestack steak with demi-glace gravy. Yuma?"

"I don't know"

"Do you have something to recommend?"

"For a growing your lady, I would recommend a fish steak with mash solanus"

"Is it delicious?"

"It's my favorite"

"I want that"

"Great. What about beverage?"

"Water please. Garland here will have an ale"

"Don't you think I'm too young to drink ale?"

"Don't worry. You need to start somewhere"

"I want a Blue Grape Juice"

"Great. I'll send the menu to the cook"

The waiter walks off the tables

"So, Master Shin. Is there a reason you brought us here besides to eat?"

"Are you accusing me of something, Garland?"

"I can't think you're doing this from the goodness of your heart"

Shin, smiles. He found another good asset

"Smart kid. You saw right through me"

"So. What do you want with us?"

"Do you know that I will be opening shops here in the capital?"

"I am aware, yes"

"Then I'll get straight to it. I want you to help your sister. I want to take you under my wing to learn about commerce while we are here. You are a smart kid, I have no doubt that you will be able to manage the store. I'm offering this for both of us. You get to help your sister, and you and your sister will have a store and a house, but in exchange, we'll take 50% of your net profit. Deal?"

"No deal"

"May I ask why?"

"That deal is bogus if I say so myself. We will be sharing the profit from what I assume from a guild-backed store. If a profit after the guild share is sent, we will sooner or later be in a debt. We understand that you paid for it, but we also contributed by running a store. At the end of the day, we'll profit 25% after paying you and the guild. Not to mention the deficit of items and the cost we will be paying the guild if we need something. So that deal, won't be worth it. Not even a novice merchant would take it"

"What are you proposing, then?"

"40% for the initial profit after the guild fee and other expenses. Once our capital has been returned in full, which I can assume is not that long, we'll agree to another 5%. The rest of the 55% will be used for store funding, our wages, and emergencies"

"But we will be providing the product"

"Not for long, you won't. You will not have time to go back and forth traveling and to the store. The profit from the store funding will be used to invest in craftsmen, Glassblowers, and silversmiths to provide us with exclusive contracts for their wares. So here's my offer. The guild fee will be counted after our gross profit. So the net profit will be 40% for you until your capital is returned. After the capital is fully returned, we will add another 5% to your profit. Let me hear your counteroffer, Master Shin"

Shin smiles, giggles lightly, and then laugh


Shin's laughter caught the attention of the eatery occupant. Shin apologize for his sudden burst of laughter

"I was right to choose you. Had you accepted those offers without a counteroffer, I would have canceled the whole arrangement. But I see now my store is under a great mind of yours. Well done, Gally. A merchant should be greedy"

"Don't call me that"

"Alright, alright, little brother. You got yourself a deal"

Shin and Garland shake hands. They come to an amicable agreement that would benefit both parties. Akira walks in the eatery with Mina in tow.

"Hey. I hear a burst of loud laughter. What's going on?"

"Our store will be under great management. Garland here will be our store manager"

"What did he do?"

"He thinks as a merchant does"

"What does that mean?"

"He and I are talking about the store. Let's say that Garland passes the merchant test"

"Congratulation, Garland. You pass the legendary merchant test"

"Thanks, Nee-san"

"Now, sit down. Order something"

Both Akira and Mina sit down and order food from the eatery. They eat the food heartily. Once they are finished, the waiter cleans up the table.

"Akira, Mina. I need to talk to you both"

"Right. Go back to the room, kids"

"Okay, nee-san"

Garland picks Yuma on his back and carries her to the room

"What's up?"

"It's regarding the heist"

"The royal treasury?"

"Yes. Minister Sara told me. The heist is carried by 7 people. 5 adventurers, 1 Guard, and the other a possible spy"

"A spy?"

"Possibly a spy. Mina. What's the guild's take on the international incidents?"

"The guild doesn't concern with country politics, but if the guild or adventurer is involved, the guild will be assisting with the investigation. If it's true that another country is a perpetrator of espionage, the guild will close its branches in that country. Effectively harming their economy."

"Hmm... Sara said the spy is from a neighboring country. But no idea which. What countries are neighboring Theovania?"

"There are Sinan, Mogalia, Nordas, and Parsia"

"Which one is the poorest?"

"None. They are equally rich"

"This is quite hard. I can't seem to make heads or tails out of it"

"Can you use your worldly eyes to see back into the past?"

"No. I don't think so"

"Have you tried before?"

"I haven't"

"We'll have to put this on hold. I need to go back to the workshop. You have the knife that is confiscated, right?"

"I do"

"That's my gift. Keep it for yourself. Mina, You go to the store and set up the place. Shin, you go with her and gather as much information as you can regarding the heist. Sounds good?"

Shin and Mina nod.

"Great. Shin, Please meet me here tomorrow. I'll call you when I'm nearly done"

"Okay. See you tomorrow"

"Goodbye, love"

Mina kiss Akira on his cheek and he teleported back to his workshop. He's greeted by Grimgunn.

"Lad. Where were you? I was looking for you"

"What's up Grimgunn?"

"I was worried since the workshop is empty"

"Oh. I was taking the kids to the academy. They will need proper education"

"What about the workshop[?"

"I told you the workshop is partially yours. Now, I have a job for you. I'll pay 100 gold in total. I need a lot of ingredients and a lot of manpower"

"What are you making?"

"An armor for Shin. And also a weapon"

"What do you need and how much manpower require?"

"I need leather, tanned. I need saltpeter, yellow stuff from the volcano, and a lot of charcoal."

"that yellow stinky stuff?"

"Yes. Can you do it?"

"Probably, those are pretty useless. When do you need them?"

"Now. I'm going back tomorrow"

"100 gold won't keep them motivated. raise it to 250 and we have a deal"

"Alright. Please gather everyone you can and get to work"

"Got it, lad"

"Thank you Grimgunn"

"Anytime, Lad"

Akira is undressing until he's bare-chested naked. He raises the temperature of the forge and started making shield plates made from titanium for the armor. He tempers the metal, folds it, and tempers it again, repeating the process until the metal is durable and light. He repeats the process multiple times. The armor is completed, it's time to make the helmet. He creates the outer shield from the same titanium, and the inside is made from ordinary iron. He creates the eyeshield and tints them red. He enchants them to have cooling properties and night vision. A female dwarf came inside the workshop.

"You Kira?"

"Yes, ma'am. How may I help you?"

"Here's the leather. Made from Salamanders. It is fireproof and impenetrable.

"This is good stuff. Thank you."

"Anything else, Lad?"

"Sure. Can you make the leather into like a long coat? Here's the picture

Akira shows the female dwarf the photo of the elite riot gear. She is impressed

"You are trying to make this?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Say no more. Let me turn that leather into a long coat"

"Thank you, ma'am. But please make it exactly like the picture I have shown you"

"Who do you think I am?"


"Don't answer that. But it seems that you forgot about the shirt and the pants"

"Damn it!"

"Don't worry. I have unused fabrics for them. Just don't forget the shoulder guard, the knee guard, and the bracers"

"Thank you, Ma'am"

Akira is feeling somewhat proud. He feels like he's just been initiated into the dwarves' community

After every piece of armor and guard is completed, he started creating the gun. M1911, designed by John Moses Browning, is a reliable firearm that stands the test of time. After a while, several dwarves enter the workshop.

"Oi. You the one who order these shits?"

"Yes, sir. I did"

"Where do you want me to put all of these?"

"Outside. If they catch on fire, they will explode"


The dwarves hurriedly close the door. Then they ask again.

"Anything else you want with it?"

"Yes. Can you grind them into powder"

"Can do"

The dwarf closes the door again and instructs the other dwarves to make them into a powder. Akira creates the gun, painted them, and put an engraving on the side in Japanese (光あれ). He creates the magazine for the pistols. A lot of them. Then he held his hand above the magazine and chanted "Copy". He then proceeds to make the shell casing, the primer and the cap. He created one of each and copy them to create countless of bullets and magazines.

"Young man!. The powder is completed"

"Great. Thank you"

Akira went outside for a moment, mix the powder into a gunpowder

"Do not let any fire touch this. It will explode"

The dwarves are anxious. They did their best not to let any fire, touch the gunpowder. Then, after Akira mix them all into gunpowder, he copies the gunpowder. After that, he created a small 50 small iron golem, the size of his palm

"Guys. Listen up. I will need you to fill up the gunpowder into the bullet, then puts them inside the magazine. This is a large quantity of work, so you guys handle it, okay?"

The iron golems nods and started to work. They are working correctly but really fast. Akira also considers creating armor for himself, so he thinks for a while.

"I've got it"

Akira is starting to melt silver and titanium alloy for his armor. He tempers the alloy until the armor is made from chest to toe. for the mask, he creates a mask from his magic, the mask is reminiscent of oni hannya mask, but only covers his mouth. His eyes and hair are exposed.

"This looks cool. I don't care if it's edgy or cringy, I love it"

Then, he melted another ingot and creates a katana.

"Great. Now how do I make it look cool when I put it on?

Akira ponders a little bit but remembers the superhero movie back on earth. He would enchant the mask to put the armor when the mask is worn.He tested to enchant the mask for instant transformation, and it was a success. For the sword, he would put them inside the item box.

"Damn. this looks really cool!"

The day is completed, the dwarves have completed the job, and the golem has managed to create a total of 121 worth of magazines. Akira thanks the golem before dissolving back into the earth.

"Today has been busy, eh Lad?"

"Sure. thank you Grimgunn. Here's the money"

"Thanks, lad"

"And for everyone here, thank you for accomplishing a good job. Your payment will be distributed by Grimgunn. Now, for the weapon I made, let me demonstrate what it does"

Akira takes the gun, loads a magazine into the gun, and starts shooting. The loud noises startle some of the dwarves, but Grimgunn and some other dwarves are amazed. The bullet put a hole in the tree.

"Lad. If I didn't know better, this is an amazing weapon. So amazing that it could tip the balance of the world"

"That's correct Grimgunn Which is why I would request all of you to keep this a secret. And I will not give you this weapon schematic. but in exchange, please enjoy all of this liquor from my hometown"

Akira creates a mountain of liquor for the dwarves to enjoy. He also took out 2 whole cows to be roasted so the dwarves could enjoy this day

"Ladies and gentlemen. Today, we have worked hard. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. It has been an honor to work with you. But tonight. We party. For the dwarves!"

All of the dwarves raise their bottles and cheer with Akira. The rest of the night turned into a giant dwarven drunkfest. Akira smiles with proud feeling in his heart, something his omnipotence cannot create by itself. He joined the party and turn in for the night.