Take on Another World with My Best Friend Vol. II Ch. 1

The whole month of November has been really festive. Now the end of the month is approaching, the party had to leave. The people were tired from a whole month of parties, leaving smiles on their faces, and love for their king in their hearts. But not everyone is happy. The neighboring nobilities was envious. They went to see the new king of the newly established kingdom, they demanded to see Akira. The guards were told that no one would enter the castle, but their persistence is a pain in everyone's neck. They have no choice but to let them through, after a threat of kingdom dispute. They barged into the castle door and demanded the king to see them. Akira, who was still in bed, this time in the morning beside his queen, wakened up by the commotion. Shin, who was in the castle, also heard this commotion and went to see what was going on.

"Hey. What's going on there?"

"Dunno. I just woke up"

"Well, you better dress up first"


Akira went to wear his trusted Suit and Tie. The one he wore this whole time in Terra

"We demanded to see the king"

"What's going on here?"

The nobilities from an unknown kingdom stood, refusing to follow the other, who kneels. Shin, cautious of this, uses his Worldly Eyes on the nobilities. The leading noble is a man, around his 40s and a little bit rotund on the center mass.

"We're here to enjoy ourselves, but we were surrounded by common peasantries. Is this how you treated your guest in this kingdom? This desolate place. There is not a single nobility in sight. Disgusting!"

Shin warns the nobility about his conduct, but Akira stops him.

"We're sorry for your inconvenience. We were just having a party. It's true that there is no nobility party around since I believe everyone is equal. But We do believe autocracy is necessary to keep the power centralized"

"Who are you?"

"Ah. Apologies. My name is Kira. I am a citizen of Newlight. Who might you be?"

"Hmph! I have no interest in giving my name to a common butler"

"How might I be of service"

The guards and the servant realize what is going on.

"We demand compensation for my wasted time here"

"Ah, of course. Hershel. Please compensate each noble with 10 platinum plates, please"

Hershel, the maid nods and went to the palace treasury to collect 50 platinum plates to recompensate the nobles. She went back and hands the noble 5 chests containing the platinum plates. The nobles were astounded on the account of how rich this kingdom is, to hand each and every one of them 10 platinum plates.

"Good. Now with this, we have nothing to do in this country anymore. Let's go"

"Wouldn't you like to stay for breakfast, at least? We have the finest chef in the country"

"This country does not look like having any competent people"

"Our chef is hand selected by the king to provide the best food. They are recruited around the world, just to serve the king, the best food"

"Hmph. I guess we haven't taken advantage of your hospitality enough"

Akira guides them to the dining room. The dining room is simple, with no decoration too gaudy, but the dining hall itself is made from marble. The table, the chairs, and the tableware except for the utensils are made of silver. The foreign nobility, never seen anything like this, were astounded by the heavenly vibe of the dining room. Akira grabs one of the maids in her arms and whispers to her.

"Please wake up Mina. It's time for breakfast"

She made a curtsy gesture and went to wake up Mina.

"Please take a seat. Whichever you like. Today, we will be having her majesty's favorite dish. If you excuse me, I will ask the cook to prepare it"

Akira turns to Shin, whispering

"Please keep an eye on them"


Akira went to the kitchen and cooked a simple breakfast. He put butter on the pan, whisk some milk and eggs and dip the bread in the mixture. He seared the bread on the hot pan and repeats the process several times. Once the toast is enough for the guests and Mina, he moved to cook an omelet. He used mushrooms, sausages, and bell peppers for the omelet. He puts the omelet and the toast on the same plate and garnishes the omelet with some berries, powdered sugar, and whipped cream. He brewed green tea, but does not add sugar. Instead, he puts a slice of lemons on the side. Once everything is done, he brought the food and dishes to the dining room on a trey.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. This is a specialty of Newlight. Newlight toast and Omelet"

It really wasn't. It was actually just a French toast. He served each noble their plate. The nobles feel the food is not up to nobility standards, but the food does look delicious. They started slicing the bread and eating them. The noble faces on the first bite are refreshing. They smiled and were astonished, but they still have to keep up their appearance. Once they were finished, They drank the cup of greenish tea. They thought it was a mockery of nobility, but the lemon slices on the side indicate that the royal family uses the best ingredients in the country. They squeeze the lemon into the clear green tea. Post-meal, a cup of lemon green tea is refreshing, especially in the morning.

"I'll be happy to leave with just these"

One noble said, with the rest of the nobles except the leading nobleman nods.

"That was amazing. May I meet the chef, please?"

Before Akira confirms, Mina walks into the room with her satin pajamas. She smells and sees one plate is already on her part of the table. She sat down.

"Hmm...Toast and Omelet"

"Hey. Who let the beastkin in here?"

"Queen Wilhelmina, please put your dress on before eating"


Hershel slips up and closes her mouth with her hands.

"Are these your guests, sweetheart?"


"Then... You are..."

"Huh? He is the king. I'm his wife. Didn't you see the ceremony on the Holo-crystal?"

The nobles are shocked. Turns out, They are initially planning to use the king's anger to start a war. Apparently, he is planning to justify war and pillage us. The question is which country are these nobles from. Once they realized I am not swayed by their arrogance, they left running, Leaving behind their platinum plate chest.

"Who are those guys, dear?"

"I don't know yet. Shin?"


"Why would Mercia want to start a war with us?"

"We took the land of their partner and cut off their human supplies. That's what I can think of"

"That...makes sense"

"No need to think about that now. Hershel, please call everyone to the dining hall. We will have breakfast together"

"But, Your Majesty..."


"Are you sure we can eat together?"

"Why not? I feel like cooking today. You haven't tried the toast and omelet, right?"

"We haven't"

"Great. Go ahead and told everyone at the cafeteria"

"As you wish, Your Majesty"

"Thank you. Mina. You want to join them?"

"Sure. But don't take too long, alright? This is still warm"

Mina kisses Akira on his cheeks. Shin is still standing nearby.

"What are you still doing here?"


"I know, I know"

"You know how I like them"

"You might be the only one that can order a king around"

"Perks of being the best friend, am I right?"

Shin chuckles and put his arm on his shoulder, before going to the dining hall. Akira smiles. This is a small bliss in the morning. He went back to the kitchen and sees the chef in the kitchen.

"Your Majesty. What are you doing here?"

"I'm planning to make breakfast for the staff. Can you help me?"

"Please. Let me do it instead"

"No, no. I want you to help me cook and for survey"

"If Your Majesty wills it"

"Thank you, Logan. So first on the menu is Newlight Toast and Omelet. Here, watch me"

Akira went back to cook the toast he made for the nobles and the chef take notes. He tried to recreate the recipe, and by the way, Akira tastes it, he can see that Logan improves his cooking just by seeing it the first time. They cook a lot of food for the employees in smaller portions, but still filling.

"I need you to bake some bread and prepare some butter"

Logan made a simple second dish. There are several bread types, but the most common is croissants.

"Third one, let's make them some dessert."

There are several types of desserts. Fruits, pudding, cheesecake, and several others. He made the dessert portion bigger.

"Logan, please prepare some tea and coffee"

Logan nods and went back to the kitchen

"Everyone. Please line up. We have a full breakfast. Everyone gets each type. There's enough for everybody. I have Logan preparing coffee and Tea"

Everyone stands up and goes to the banquet table and grabs a tray and each of the 3 breakfast menus. Everyone sits back down at the table. The people usually start with bread, but some dig straight into the omelet. Collective groans can be heard from several staff.

"Logan, go ahead and ask them if they like coffee or tea"

Logan walks around the staff. Asking if they prefer coffee or tea. Shin asked for coffee and Mina asked for Tea. Once Logan has served everyone, he went back to the banquet table.

"Thanks, Logan. Go ahead and eat"

Logan, the chef, nods and grabs his portions of the food, and started eating. Akira approached Shin and Mina and sits besides them.

"How was it?"

"Good. Filling for breakfast?"

"Glad to hear that. Listen, we might put a hold for our adventure for a little longer"


"I know I promised you that, but I need to make sure everything can move swimmingly before we leave"

"Don't worry about that, honey"

"What do you mean, Mina?"

"The kingdom is in good hands. I can act on your behalf. We have Kamilo and Garland. Even Talos can act as our military advisor. We'll be okay"

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah. I missed work. Time to earn my keep as a queen"

"Yeah, well. We're still here, nonetheless"

"Oh, I advise you to disguise yourself before you go. A king parading around as an adventurer might attract the wrong kind of attention"

"I am planning on that either way. I gave my mask to Talos. So I have nothing to disguise myself with"

"You too, Shin. Everyone knows that you're always with Akira. One sight of you, and they'll know Akira's around"

"I know. I still have my helmet. Don't worry"

"I'm going to go craft my armor. You guys enjoy the rest of your breakfast"

Akira went up and went to the palace smithy. Shin sips his coffee while Mina scoops a piece of cheesecake.

"Let me test you on something. Back in my world, there's a book by a wise man. Tell me. Is it better to be feared or loved as a ruler?"

"What's this all of a sudden?"

"Testing you. Go on. Answer"

Mina ponders a bit upon this philosophical question. She weighs the benefits and the drawback between loved and feared. After a few moments, She answers.

"If you ask me, the answer can be both"

"And why is that?"

"What I could assume is that, as a ruler, it is better to be feared. But, fear can only be used swiftly and not so often, to keep the people in line. But as a new ruler, we cannot afford tyranny. It will result in the people revolting. That's why we need the ruler to be loved too. Sure, it may appear weak, that's why we're doing both"

"What do you mean?"

"Akira is loved by the people. That much we all know. But we need balance to his kindness. Like a queen who ruled with an iron grip and so-called evil intention. Or soldiers that are ready to dispatch a threat to their beloved king swiftly"

"That's...an interesting perspective"

"But we do have both, so why not use them? That way, Akira's rule is secure"

"I don't know whether I agree or disagree with you"

"So did I pass?"

"Honestly, I am not so sure now"

"Yeah, well. Once you know the answer, tell me immediately"

"Yeah, okay"

"How are you with Sara, by the way?"

"Not this again, please?"

"Hey. I'm just curious"

"It was a one-time only. She said it so"

"Yeah, well. She was impressed with you"

"Can we not talk about this in the morning, please?"

"Right, right"

Shin and Mina finish their breakfast. The maids are collecting the dirty dishes and wash them in the sink.

"Want to take a walk? Akira's busy and we've just had breakfast"

"Not now. There's a pile of paperwork that needs to be finished"

"Alright. I'm going to go walk on Ocean Drive, then. See you later"

Shin walks outside, to the parking lot of the castle. He went into his car and drove off. He parked his car in his garage and change his clothing. Strolling down with a suit is weird, or so he thinks, so he changed his clothes to an unbuttoned tropical shirt, cotton shorts and flip flop. Wearing sandals as footwear and a hat. He walks on the shore, feeling the chill breeze in the morning. A few children are already playing on the sand and the people, who want to get a tan, are already in their bikinis and shorts. Beastkin and Humans are intermingling.

"Mommy, mommy. Look. I made a sandcastle"

"That's nice dear"

Shin unaware of where he is walking, walks into the little girl's sandcastle.

"Noooo. My sandcastle!"

"Whoops. I am really sorry. Little girl. I was distracted"

Her mom was a little bit saddened but the little girl is crying out loud.

"Hey. Tell you what. Why don't we create a big sandcastle? You can impress your mommy with your new castle, right?"

She stops crying and nods. Shin builds a sandcastle with the little wolf beastkin. Since she hasn't mature enough, her face is similar to a wolf cub. Shin gather a lot of sand and the little girl went to grab some shells for the castle decoration. The tides are increasing, but it's not enough to reach the sandcastle. Hours passed and sand was collected, Shin and the cub finishes their sandcastle. The sandcastle is big. So big that she can enter the sandcastle.

"Mommy, look! I am the queen now"

"That's amazing, dear"

Shin takes the picture of the little cub queen and sends the photo to her mother. To her phone, to be precise. She was smiling and happy for the rest of the day.

"That's a lively kid you got there"

"Thanks. She's the only girl in the family. Since she's the youngest, I decided to take her here"

"What about your husband?"

"He's working at the docks with our boys. Thanks to this kingdom, we can afford living and education for our children. Food on the table, clothes on our backs. Cars taking us everywhere"

"Are you from here?"

"No. We migrate from our village. We moved here after our village was hit with drought"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it here"

Akira looks at his wristwatch. It's 12.03. It's time for lunch.

"Well. I better get going"

Before Shin left, he felt a tug on his left leg.

"Uncle. Will you be coming to play with me again?"

"Well, I don't know. But I lived nearby. You can visit me anytime you want"

She lightens up and yells "Yay". Several people are looking at the sandcastle, amazed by the structure and detail of the sandcastle. Shin left her to her mom.

"That was fun. I can't remember the last time I had fun like that"

He remembers his childhood when he was on a beach with his sister and a butler. The siblings play at their private beach. Splashing water, building sandcastles, and sleeping under an umbrella.


He remembers her sister. The last time he sees her smile.

"I wonder if she's okay"

He went back to his apartment, on Ocean Drive. His apartment was nothing special. It was similar to the apartment in Scarface where Tony is about to get butchered. He never wanted to live in luxury any longer. There was a time he would stay overnight at the castle, but his home is here. For Shin, Living simply is much more important than simply living. As he arrived at the front gate, he reached into his pocket. He just remember he was out of cigarettes. He groans and went to a convenience store around the corner. As he turns at the corner, he saw a man kidnapping a beastkin woman.

"Help! Help!"

Shin reflex is to pull out a gun and shoot the kidnapper in the leg. But the car that approaches the kidnapper is close, so he shot the tires of the van. The van crashes into a traffic light and went running. He chases the suspects and tackles one and shot the other in the leg. They were apprehended. Thankfully, the woman is unharmed. But the men knew healing magic, and they attacked Shin once they are rounded up. Shin can handle 3 thugs in one, but he didn't expect that there's a 4 thugs hitting him in the head from behind with an iron club. He is bleeding, but he also can use healing magic. Rounding up criminals is harder when they can use magic. However, the cops arrive on time to arrest these criminals. They cast an anti-magic on them and cuff them.

"Thank you! Thank you very much"

"Eh, no problem"

One of the cops, a bear beastkin approaches Shin.

"Sir. Would you mind explaining what happened?"

Shin explains everything and the beastkin woman corroborates his story. His human partner approaches them.

"Thank you, sir. And for you lady, you better be careful. There has been a recent incident like this, most likely targeting beastkin women. Fortunately, the previous victim hold them off until we got there. You might want to buy some protection for yourself in an event of danger. We are currently investigating these occurrences, but the suspects are always human"

The cops excuse themselves and ride off with the criminals. The beastkin woman thanks Shin for rescuing him. He excuses himself to buy a cigarette. Shin thought that no matter the world, crime will always happen. He buys a carton of cigarettes, liquor, and some snack.

"That was mighty helpful of you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You helped the lady from being kidnapped. That's what I'm talking about"

"It was just common sense to help someone in distress"

"It took bravery too, you know. Risking your life for some unknown beastkin"

"I guess I'm strong enough to help her"

"I wonder who tried to kidnap her"

"It's no use to think that now. Let the police deal with them"

"Speaking of the police, do you think they are involved in this?"

"Very unlikely"

"That'll be ¥5500, please"

Shin pulls out several banknotes of yen and pays the cashier.

"Thanks. Please stop by anytime"

Shin went out of the convenience store with a paper bag for his groceries. He went home and put down his groceries. He took the bottle to the balcony. On there, he watched people pass by, taking a swig and a puff of a cigarette. Even under the hot sun, the people worked really hard under the scorching sun. Everyone in this country is working to make their life better, and the country prosper. A country that prospers in less than a year sounds ridiculous, but Newlight achieves that in that time, thanks to Shin. He resigned to his room. He entered his bedroom. His room is simple, with neon aesthetic decoration and lighting, with a table and chair for him to work. He puts both of his hands on top of the table. There is a tapping and whirring sound. The whirring sound came from behind him. The bed folded up and reveals a secret door underground. Shin walked downstairs. The underground room is cold and dark, but the room sense Shin's presence. The Floor lights lit up one by one, until the end of the hallway. He opened the door and every light in the room lit up, revealing a pile of money. Paper and coins. The whole content of the vault is probably much more than the Theovan treasury. With this money, Newlight easily surpassed Theovan in terms of wealth. But one thing stands out in the vault. A room in the middle of the vault, surrounded by money. He enters the room inside, to see Akira there.

"Hey. What took you so long?"

"Someone is getting kidnapped. I was just helping them"

"Right. Let's wait for him"

They waited in the room for about 15 minutes until 3 hooded figures, wearing jean hoodies and jeans pants entered the room. They greeted the figure.

"Hey, Dad. How's it going?"

"There's an uproar that the price is spiking. I think now I know"

"Yeah. Sorry. After this, you don't have to worry anymore"

Shin put his arms on one hooded figure's shoulder. It's Ken, the guild master. He asked the other hooded figure to explain the situation.

"Thank you for meeting me on short notice. We have a problem"

St. Alexander explains the situation.

"Thanks to Ken Chronopathy, it is no secret that the League of The Red Sky will be successful in summoning them, that much I know. What I wanted to know is how do we use that to our knowledge"

"How do you even have chronopathy, Ken?"

"I kinda maxed out my enhanced thought process. I went to sleep and those are the dreams I'm having. I don't know how much of it is true, though"

"So why can't you just kill the League of the Red Sky?"

"I don't have that kind of authority. I'm an administrator of this world, and everything I do will have to be approved by the Director. On this one, he didn't approve"

"Did he say why?"

"Yes. Natural order of things"


"I know. That's why I need your help. I am authorized to inform you what I know, but that's it"

"Alright. Tell us with it"

"Demons are coming and the devils are leading them?"

"Devils? Aren't Demon and devil the same thing?"

"Not at all. Demons is a lesser creatures. Devil is the supreme being of demons. Like how a king and their subjects. Devils are kings, and demons are subjects. Since you defeated Mammon, you defeated the Devil of Greed, also known as King of Gold"

"Tell us about the others"

"There's Beelzebub, the Devil of Envy. Satan, Devil of Wrath. Asmodeus, the Devil of Lust, Belphegor, the Devil of Gluttony. Abaddon, the Devil of Sloth. And their leader, Lucifer, the Devil of Pride"

"Those are biblical devils"

"Is there anyone that has beaten them before?"

"Yeah, one. How do you think you're able to live that long back on Earth?"


"Yeah. A carpenter. Don't know where he's at right now. But he passed on his mantle to this one guy. I never met him, but his posse is pretty similar to you guys"

"To us?"

"Yeah. A merchant and a holy warrior with a bad temper"

He directs that to Shin and Ken, respectively.

"He founded a religion"

"A religion? Hey. Which one do you think is the correct religion?"

"There is no correct religion. It's the message that counts. But the people build their faith on those messages, speaks colorblind. As long as you revere the Director and hold him close in your heart, That's what matters. Getting back on topic, a human can kill a demon, but it takes more than a human to kill a devil. And that's where you come in"

He directed this statement to Akira.

"Which means that only Akira can defeat them"


"But I barely manage to handle myself against Mammon"

"True. Mammon is not a strong devil, compared to the others"

"So, what can we do?"

"I do have the authorization to level you up. Shin can do that. But you need at least Akira's level of strength to damage them. An angel can damage them, but killing them would be nigh impossible. And Akira doesn't want to be a god, even a minor one"

"You're right"

"At least I have the authority to make you and Archangel, or a Principality"

"But what about them?"

"Angels at most. But you need to pay me all this money in the vault for the payment"

"Shin. Are you okay with that?"

"Eh, I can always make more money"

"You can count me out. I'm not much of the fighting type, but I can always keep them in check"

Haruki explains how he did not want to be ascended. Staying human is what Haruki is and always will be.


"Wait. All this money, except in that chest"

"I know. Adventurers' fund, am I right?"

"Hang on a minute. I'm having second thoughts about this. Can you at least tell me if I can go back to being a human?"

"Why would you want to go back as a human?"

Shin interrupts.

"We know nothing about being an angel. I'm not prepared to hold that responsibility"

"You do know that you are this close to being an angel anyway?"

"But can I return back to being a human?"

"You can. But the Director would see that as an affront and you need his permission to return back as a human. He can get really upset about this kinda thing since the uprising"

"What uprising?"

"You know about fallen angels, right? Lucifer challenges his authority. No one knows what was said that day, but it was messy. He can be a real control freak sometimes"

"Was the process complicated?"

"You have to appeal to him. If he liked your answer, he'll agree to it. But you really need this power to kill them"

"Why do we need to kill them?"

"This world will be destroyed, and I will cease to exist"

"Now I know why this is important for you"

"Yes. Then, shall we begin? Once you become a celestial being, you will no longer qualify as a human. You three will stand on top of every being of this world"

"We're ready. Go ahead, Alexander"

Alexander absorbs all of the money in the vault. With all those money converted into energy, Alexander bestow Akira the power of Principality. Moving to Ken, Alexander grants him the power of an Angel. But when Alexander Approaches to Shin, with his willpower and determination, he was made into an Archangel

"As the Administrator of this world. By the authority given to me by the Director, I name you, Ken Kaneda, the Angel of Fist. Shinnosuke Shimazu, the Archangel of Wealth. And Akira Takahashi, the Principality of Power Bestowal. Go forth and defend this world from the end of the world"

"Congratulation, you three"

"Thanks, Dad. Why didn't you want to be an angel?"

"I enjoy being a human. I'll become your source of information instead"

"Then, Alexander. What're you gonna do with all the money?"

"Spread them around. The orphanage in Havila hasn't been rebuilt, so that's my priority. Then I'll gather as many soldiers and adventurer to help you fights the Devils"

Ken seems hesitant after hearing that. He knew that in his dream, millions of people died.

"Wait. I have seen this happen. You're willing to kill millions for that?"

"Millions will die to protect billions. If the apocalypse happened, Everything will die. Besides, they will not die in vain, their souls will be intact and returned to be rebirthed"


"Yeah. you have some experience in that department, don't you, Ken?"

Ken thinks about this a moment.

"Look. I understand that it feels heartless to let millions die. But you have to ask yourself. Is it really better to be heartless rather than dead? Is it wasteful to fight and die so everyone could live in peace? You experience them yourself, Ken. You died, so they wouldn't bother your friend anymore. You did those twice already"

"Alright. You made your point"

"How much money did you give him?"

"100 platinum plate, 750 platinum coins, 5 million gold coins, 10 million silver and 12 copper"

Wait. You have more money than Theovan! What are you planning with all that money?"

"If the country is having an economic crisis, this vault serves as a backup"

"And how much money the country has now?"

"Slightly behind Theovan"

"Alright. If there's nothing else, I need to spend all this money. For your first mission, create a good reputation for the group. That way, in recruiting for war will be easier"

"Where should we start?"

"Your best bet would be either Mercia, for military strength, or Sanctus Theocracy. But be careful in Sanctus Theocracy"

"Be careful?"

"You'll know when you get there"

Alexander vanishes into thin air. Leaving Ken, Akira, Shin, and Haruki inside the vault.

"Do we need to prepare?"

"Yes. Akira. Sort all the kingdom's affairs all at once. Shin, Go ahead and buy some supplies. Food, Weapons, anything. Make some money if needed. Ken, you need to inform the guild headquarters of the temporary dismissal and assign your deputy as acting guildmaster. Akira will provide the seal of approval. I will gather some more intel"

"Wait, Ken. Here, take this"

Akira hands Ken a handphone.

"It has Mine, Shin, and Dad's contact. We'll meet at the port a week from now. I'll call you all if anything comes up"

All of them nods. They went out of the vault and went separate ways. Akira went to the port to drop Haruki off on the port with his car. Ken went on his motorcycle and went back to the guild. Shin gathers the content of the chest. Money, a helmet, and a gun. He took out everything inside the chest and opens another door in the treasury. This time, it was an armory. He takes everything in his armory. A minigun, a sniper rifle, a mythril knife, recurve bow, an assault rifle, a shotgun, and every attachment for the weapons. Silencers, muzzle brake, sights, under barrel, and several tonne worths of ammunition. He also took several grenades, lethal and non-lethal. Over the months, he developed several weaponry for Akira to make. But He made one specific request for his melee combat weapon. A chainsaw.

"Hehe. With this, demons are no match for me"

Ken arrives at his guild. He went straight to his office. Every paperwork and every report is filed. Once all of the stacking paperwork is completed, he asked one of the staff to come in.

"Come in, Alvor"

"Yes, Guildmaster"

"I'm going to go on a mission for a while. I'm going to ask you to be my acting guildmaster until I return. I have prepare my letter for my absence. Once the letter of approval from King Akira arrives, I want you to deliver this letter and assume the position"

"May I ask when will you be back and what mission are you taking?"

Ken don't want to spread panic, even among his employee, he kept the demon invasion a secret.

"I don't know, and I can't tell you. Right now, your priority is to prepare yourself to replace me"

"Yes, guildmaster. When will you be leaving?"

"Can't tell you"

"It's that kind of mission? I see. I wish you good luck, kid"

"Thanks, old man"

Ken goes out and went home. He's packing essentials for his travel. Clothing, money, and his trusted metal cestus. A leather gloves up to his elbows with metal on the fist part. It was made by King Akira as his appointment as guild master. Made out of an alloy from tungsten, Titanium, and Mythril. The combination of the three metals has made his gloves light, unbreakable, and conduct magic better than any other metal.

"Time to test this thing"

Meanwhile, Akira dropped Haruki at the port. He opens the door and rolled the window down.

"Dad. Are you alright with this?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"You're a guildmaster and a Noble. This might jeopardize you and Frederick's family. You're not a spy or a fighter"

"You don't need to worry about me, Akira. You just worry about yourself and your kingdom. As for me, I can use my connection for intel gathering."

"Alright. Thanks. I'll be counting on you, Dad."

"Bye, Kiddo"

Haruki went aboard a merchant ship and sail away. Akira drove his car back to the castle. He parked his car inside the Castle's garage and went to his office. He filled out the paperwork until nighttime. Mina walks into the room telling Akira for dinner.

"Honey. What's wrong?"

"Mina, baby. Please have a seat. I have something to tell you"

Mina sits on the sofa in the office. Wondering what is happening.

"What's going on?"

"I...have to go away for a mission. I don't know when I will be back. But this mission, is really important?"

"What is happening, Akira? You can tell me"

"You remember that demon I fought before Newlight?"


"That wasn't a demon, that was a Devil. And Alexander visited us at Shin's place. He said the Apocalypse is coming?"


"The end of this world"

Mina is shocked by this revelation. Does the apocalypse happen in her time?

"I'm going to fight them. Right now, There are 3 people that can hurt the devil, but only I can kill the devils"

"Are you going to be hurt like last time?"

"Probably, but Alexander has ascended my. I'm no longer a human now. I'm a Principality, like an angel. I'm stronger now, but I don't know how strong"

"How can I help?"

"I need you to stay here and rule this country for me. Don't tell me where I am or what I'm doing to anyone, except Talos. You're wiser and smarter than me. So I need you here, away from the danger"

Akira grabs Mina's hands and kisses her hands. She looks sad but understands. She nods in acknowledgment and puts her head on his chest. He kisses her forehead. She looks up to him.

"Now you have made me really sad, Akira. I need some cheering up for you"

"Yeah? What do you have in mind?"

"I think I have an idea"

Mina takes his hand and takes him to the beach behind the castle. Nobody will be there. The beach is not as big as South Beach, but it is enough for the two of them. Under the half moon, they kissed passionately. His hand roams her body and her body is inviting him even more. They lose the clothes and made love while the tide is washing them. Bouncing up and down, thrusting back and forth, moving forward and backward. They tried different locations that suits them and as the time pass, Akira is finally reaching his end.


The queen commanded the king and the king abides. A rigorous night where everyone is asleep, loving in a place where no one can find them or hear them shouting. The view of the endless sea with the moon reflecting the light became their place respite for the night. A week passed with them together on every loving occasion. Day and Night, Indoors and Outdoors. They are almost caught by the maid, but Akira cast an illusion magic at the right time. Occasionally, a rumor spreads that a strange sound can be heard from the sea. The couple dismissed it as only sounds of the night, while they knew it was them that has made the rumor spread, albeit unintentionally. Before Akira departs, he took her to the observatory. After a satisfying and rigorous exercise, it was time for him to go. He let Mina rest and dressed, but not in royal clothing, only in suit and tie. He pulls out his phone and called Shin.

"Hey man. I'm ready. Has Ken called you?"

"Yeah, he did. I have secured transport on the dock. I paid them to keep our departure a secret"

"Alright. I'll see you there"

He hangs up the phone and Akira looks at Mina. He is feeling sad, but in order for her to live, he would risk dying. He created a phone and write it on a piece of paper. He puts the paper beneath the phone and leaves. He went to the dock and sees Ken and Shin waiting. Tonight, The Richest Merchant, The Guildmaster, and The King left their identity behind. Once they are aboard the ships, they became adventurers, on their way to save the world. The King has left the kingdom. Once morning rises, Mina is awakened by the sunshine that's shining through her eyes. She did not find Akira anywhere in the observatory, but she finds a letter and a slab of black device. She reads the paper.

My one and only Mina.

I'm truly sorry I left without saying goodbye. I don't know when I will be back, but when I'm back, I'll go right straight to you, my queen. I am going with Shin and Ken. With them, I believe we are strong, but not strong enough. I leave the kingdom to you.

I created a phone for you. I believe I showed you once, but I never get you to use it. So if you flip this page, I leave an instruction on how to use it. If you're feeling lonely if you wanted to talk to me, call me. I leave my phone number inside. I also store all of our photos when traveling together, if you missed looking at my face. This phone is a secret from me, so don't let anyone sees you using or holding it, and don't lose the phone, or fall into the wrong hands.

Goodbye until we meet again,
Your loving husband and an adventurer