Take on Another World with My Best Friend Vol. II Ch. 4

Scorching hot doesn't even describe the temperature of this country. Akira opens the windows but the temperature is even hotter.

"Goddamn, how do people live like this?"

"Akira, can't you make rain?"

"I would, really. But that would make us suspicious"

"This is even hotter than when I leveled up, and I even used permafrost ice"

"We can't rest like this. Even RV is starting to get really hot"

Akira thinks for about a moment. He learned that in school, condensation is formed when water vapor is cooled up in the sky. But seeing that this place does not have enough water, making a cloud would be impossible.

"Can it be done?"

"We could make artificial rain, but using silver iodide would be harmful if used too much. The cloud here is basically nonexistent"

"Then we make one"

"If you want to do that, let's do that outside of the gates. Ken, wanna come?"

"You guys go ahead. I'll go look around the city"

"Okay. Oh, if you come across a blacksmith, tell me where it is. I need to create a new weapon for myself"


"Do you need money?"

"I brought some money for myself"

"Okay, we're leaving"

"Have a safe trip"

Akira and Shin walk outside of the inn. Walking in the middle of the day this hot would really evaporate water in an instant, but it seems that the country is really dry that a body of water is completely empty. The dirt around the wall is bone dry and the trees are already dead. Except for the dying humans, everything around here is dead.

"Can there be a life in here?"

"We saw an oasis back there, so maybe we could create one here"

"But in order to do that, we need a fuckton of water and I'm not talking about a lake's worth of water, I mean a sea's worth of fuckton"

"I know. But where can we do it?"

"Somewhere far enough so the people won't see us"

"Wait. Can we test something?"

Shin cast water magic to conjure water and made it enough for a bottle. He drops the water to the ground and it immediately evaporates.

"We need more than fuckton to lower the temperature"

"How about you conjure the water? By sense, you have a lot more mana than before, and you have a lot before. When the water evaporates, I'll conjure a wind so it cools down the water in the air"

Shin nods. They walked far enough to be not seen by the guard and walk some more to be away from the kingdom.

"Go ahead"

Shin cast water magic above his head at the size of a really big meteor and throws it on the large desert ahead. The water evaporates almost instantly. Akira blows the vapor toward the city. For the second time, Shin cast his water magic, but this time, it was bigger than the first one. As he drops the water into the ground, it evaporates, but it takes a few minutes for the whole water to evaporate. Akira blows the vapor toward the city. This second evaporation creates quite a cloud in the sky. Enough to block the sun for a while.

"This is taking way too long. I'll try to make a deep reservoir, you keep casting your water magic, but don't let them touch the ground first. Compress them as small as possible"

Shin nods and cast water magic continuously and Akira digs a deep, wide hole into the ground.

"Hey, is this enough?"

"Just dump all your magic into the water ball"


"Yeah. The whole country is in drought. You have a huge amount of magic, so a huge amount of water is needed"

"I can't compress it smaller than this"

The water magic Shin compressed is at the size of a huge boulder, much smaller than the earlier magic.

"I'll help with the compression. You just worry about casting the water"

Shin hands Akira the compressed water boulder even smaller, the size of a marble. A few minutes passed and Shin is starting to feel weaker. He feels that every magic in his body is depleted. He slumped on the ground and nods to Akira. Akira nods back and drop the water marble into the deep reservoir. Akira grabs Shin and runs away from the location.

"Hey, what..."

"The water is about to get uncompressed. Given your huge magic reserve, it would definitely flood the whole desert"


After they run far enough from the reservoir, a loud explosion can be heard, and from the direction of the reservoir, a violent burst of water can be seen bursting high into the sky, it can be seen from Sabea. The water burst turn into a short rain and the water from the reservoir is spilling out. The water clearly evaporates, but it doesn't evaporate fast enough like before, and some area of the desert is flooded. But the water keeps spilling out of the reservoir, the desert eventually floods around Sabea, and then the whole kingdom. The water vapors cool down and rapidly form a cloud. Still far away from the gates and the guard to be seen, Akira sends a cold wind to rapidly cool down the temperature. Akira and Shin walk toward the outskirts of Sabea, to see it completely flooded, but the water did not even reach the ankles. It only covers their soles. The people are coming out of their houses and shops, astonished to see water on their feet and the cloud that completely covers their sky. The sun no longer feels hot. People run around with joy at the abundance of water. The kingdom of Suleyman for the first time in 20 years, experience humid heat and flood after a long drought.

"Is this cool enough, Shin?"


"I bet it would rain in a few moments. Do you think what we did is damaging the country?"

"Even hot temperature like this is harmful for a long period. A cool temperature once in a while might be nice"

"But we flooded the whole country?"

"Eh, the water will evaporate eventually or be incorporated into a lake or a river. Or better yet, go to the ocean and the evaporation from the water will create more clouds"

"What if I create them now?"

"You have to increase the humidity for the desert, but that is almost impossible"

"Let me try"

Akira closes his eyes and feels the desert humidity. He gathers all the water vapor from around the country and compresses them in a marble-shaped barrier. He adjusted the humidity and the air pressure inside the marble, and the marble turns pitch black with a slight display of lightning in there.

"Shin, wanna test your ability as a Magic Marksman?"

"Sure. What do you need?"

"Ready up your rifle. I'm going to throw this marble high up in the air. You shoot it down"


Shin takes out his sniper rifle and loads one ammo into it.

"Wait. How am I supposed to know if it hits?"

"I don't know. I guess we'll find out"

Akira readies the marble and throws it to the sky as hard as he could. Shin looks at his scope and activates his worldly eyes. The world seems to slow down again, like the one he did back in New Miami. He aimed at the ball which seems really close to his eyes. He takes a deep breath in and holds his breath. He adjusts his aims so his bullets hit the marble, and exhales when he squeezes the trigger. Marble shatters and the condensed cloud disperse across Sabea, then across the desert.


Shin takes his sniper rifle back into his item box.

"That was some nice shooting"


"Now, I think we should do another with all these waters"

"What, why didn't we do that the first time?"

"Honestly, I didn't think things through. Should we let them like this?"

"Just take the one on the reservoir"


Akira puts his barrier from the bottom of the reservoir and lifts up the barrier to get the water out of the reservoir. Once the water has been extracted from the ground, he gathers all the water from Sabea and the area around it. He gathers all the water and compresses it into the size of a marble. He boils the water and tosses the marble really high. Once it is high enough, he exploded the marble barrier so the water would scatter around Sabea. Heavy rain pours down Sabea.

"Shit. Let's get back to the Inn"

They ran inside the town, to see the people frantically enjoying the rain. The commoners, the nobility, and even the royalties are questioning how the rain has happened. The hot temperature of Sabea is hot no more.

"It's raining! How is it raining?"

"It's a miracle. Praise the God"

Akira and Shin watch as the people are celebrating, and even running around in the rain.

"It looks like the people are glad we're creating this rain"

"Nevermind that. Let's get back. I'm exhausted"

Akira lends him his shoulder since he looks really tired.

"Good job there, partner, and thank you"

"Hehe. It's nothing. I really can't sleep in hot temperatures"

"Me neither. That temperature is enough to bake a chicken if you left it outside. It's a surprise we don't see a dead body lying here, cooked"

They see the innkeeper outside of the inn, soaking in the rainwater.

"Oh, hey there, traveler. Where were you?"

"Oh, we're just exploring the city"

"Is that so? You wouldn't happen to know why is it raining, would you?"

Their face tensed up, the innkeeper could see through Akira's eyes even though it is covered in bandages.

"N-no. We're just as surprised as you are"

The innkeeper looks suspicious. He decided to let go of the topic.

"Right. We're about to have some Lunch. Please do wait at the dining hall"

"Alright thank you"

They both went into the inn and headed to the dining hall. The dining hall is feeling hot since the air inside has not been replaced with a colder one outside. Akira opens the windows to cycle the air. Once the air has been replaced, the coolness of the outside air replaced the hot temperature at the dining hall.

"That feels nice"

The waiter of the dining hall approaches the two, who are soaking wet.

"Good afternoon, Gentlemen. You're drenched. Would you like a towel?"


The waiter grabs a cotton towel, but it was more of a clean rag. He came back to them and give them the menu.

"Here's for today's menu"

"But it's just Sabea's Pie written on it"

"Uhh. that's what we have for today"

"Well, can you tell me about this pie?"

"It's a baked dough with eggplant and meat"

"We'll have that"

"3 portions, please"

"Alright. Please wait for a moment"

When the waiter walks back to the kitchen, Shin pulls out his phone. He opens his contact and calls Ken. The phone rings several times before Ken picks up.


"Hey, we're about to have lunch. Will you be joining us?"

"Where are you having lunch?"

"Back at the inn"

"I'll head back now"

"Great. See you later"

Shin hangs up the phone.

"Akira. Those things he said what's in the pie"

"What about it?"

"Those are just moussaka, right?"

"I don't know what a moussaka is"

"Oh, right. When we're about to go out, why did you say you need a smithy?"

"I left my mask and my weapon with Talos. I want to make a weapon for myself. Or maybe Ken"

"What about me?"

"Why do you need more weapons? You have guns and a chainsaw"

"Fair point, but I'm curious what would you make for me. You know, maybe to sell. That was originally our plan when we come to this world, wasn't it? You make weapons and I sell them"

"I really wanted to do that, but my weapon is dangerous"

"Then can't you make a failsafe? Like an enchantment?"

"You never know who is able to disenchant my creation, Shin"

"Oh, so your weapons are not okay to be sold, but okay for us to use? What hypocrisy are you practicing?"

"Look, if we used them, at least I know what it's going to be used. When a stranger used it, I can't help but worry"

"You made me a chainsaw and a minigun"

"I know. I trust you enough not to make any fuck-ups"

"Gee, thanks"

"Don't get me wrong, Shin. I love making weapons rather than creating them with my creation magic. I really do because it's fun. But those are just for fun. If my weapons are used by the wrong people or maybe serial killers, it would be the same as if I killed them. I can't have that on my conscience"

"But you killed people. Sometimes mercilessly"

"Like I said. Being insane in an insane world is just rational"

"Sometimes, I don't know what you're thinking anymore, Akira"

Akira's eyes rolled. He sees that Shin is slumped forward as he said this.

"Come on now. Don't get sentimental on me, Shin. That's just cringe"

After a moment, Ken arrives at the inn. He sees Shin and Akira sitting at the table in the corner.

"What's wrong? You look like a couple who's just breaking up"

"Shut up"

They both said simultaneously.

"Akira. I found a blacksmith in the southeast from here"

"Alright thanks"

"It seems that this country is barely holding on. The Queen is barely handling a rebellion by their nobilities"

"Which means that this kingdom is fighting enemies from outside and inside?"

"Yes. If we're to help this country, we need to be fast"

"Alright. What's the plan, Akira"

"I'll lay the basic plan. We'll infiltrate Mercia as a Merchant. Shin, you're a merchant, so you can handle it. We're going to be your assistant"

"Right. Then what?"

"We'll rescue Erik and every slave in the kingdom"

"I might have some questions regarding that. How are we going to do that?"

"I haven't thought of that"

Before they finished talking about their plans, the waiters are walking with a tray, along with their food.

"Here's your pie. For beverage, I'm afraid we only have water"

"It's alright"

Underneath Shin's Pie, there's a piece of paper attached under it. Shin unfolds the paper and reads the content

"I think I know how to do that"

Shin hands Akira the paper and read it.

I could help you with that.
The Head

"Wait. Does that mean that he has The Hand in this town?"

"Should be it. This is the capital of Suleyman. There must be a lot of Guild Members here"

"This innkeeper. Don't tell me..."


They continue to eat while talking. Shin keeps insisting that the food they ate is a moussaka, while Akira and Ken does not know what is a moussaka. After they ate, a civilian if Sabea came bursting in to warn the innkeeper.

"It's bad. The desert scorpion is heading toward Sabea"

The trio on their table whispers

"Desert Scorpion?"

"Why don't we check it out?"

"Let's go"

The trio runs to take a look at the scorpion. They run toward the gate, where adventurers and town guards are standing by. They are closing in to hear chatter from the adventurers and the guards.

"They're too many. We can't handle them with our numbers"

"Should we run instead?"

One of the guards' captains went in front of the crowd to deliver a speech.

"Everyone. This is not the time to be afraid. The scorpions are merely oversize bugs. We are humans. We are trained to fight. So take up your arms and fight with me. For this town is strong with you. Defend the country and the people"

The adventurers are not completely convinced, even protests can be heard.

"We don't have any obligations to you!"

"We're just going to die in vain"

Akira, Ken, and Shin were convinced by the speech. But Ken has a different take on what the captain said.

"Guys. Can I fight the scorpions?"

"You wanna test your new skills?"


"Wait. Come here a sec"

The Trio huddles in a small circle.

"Say 'Menu' now"


A screen pops out in front of his face. There are a bunch of statuses and features, like a game.

"Here. I send you a party request. Accept it"

A Party request pops out of Ken's menu. He accepts the party request and add Shin and Akira to a friend list. He looked at his skills, to see it has been completely overturned. His Egotism skill is no longer available on the screen.

"Right. Off you go, then. When you beat those monster, we will receive EXP points too"

"Thanks. Wish me luck"

Ken walks to the front of the crowd, toward the captain, who is still convincing the adventurers to fight for them.

"Cap. Would it be alright if I go ahead and fight them?"

"Huh? You can, but it would be a suicide"

"That won't happen, captain. Then, I'm off"

Ken dashes toward the direction of the scorpion. The desert scorpion in Terra is really a big creature. They are about as tall as a human adult, as big as a carriage, and their stinger can penetrate even steel armor.


The captain rushes to his side, but Ken started punching the scorpion without any magic. The scorpion explodes and the force of his punch creates a gust of wind, making the sand around it to go flying around like a sandstorm. The captain is dead in his track in surprise and the adventurers behind him are in shock.


Ken himself is surprised at his new power. Next, he wanted to try kicks. He imbued wind magic to run toward the scorpions and jump really high. In the air, he imbued his legs with fire magic. He kicked the scorpion's sturdy body and the scorpion is engulfed in flame, Reducing it to ashes. One scorpion flanks him from the side and attacks him with the stinger. Ken responds by imbuing ground magic into his whole body, making it harder. The scorpion stinger forces itself to penetrate the armor, but no attacks are harming Ken. He kicked the scorpion backward, but Ken failed to realize he is surrounded by scorpions.

"Good. This is easier"

Ken imbued his magic toward his right fist with a combination of Ground and Fire magic but compresses it. He punches the ground around him. The ground started shaking, and the ground that is filled with sand turned into a lava crater. All the scorpion that is attacking Sabea, is not drowning in lava.

"Sometimes I forgot how fun it is being an adventurer"

Ken looks back at the guards and the adventurer of Sabea, but they are too stunned to react. Their feeling is a mix between fear and amazement. Ken walks toward the captain and places his hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry captain. Problem solved!"

Ken smiles and pats his arms with his hand. His pose and his smile are almost childlike.

"Ungh...Um... Thank you"

Ken keeps smiling like a kid. He walks toward Shin and Akira, but when Ken arrives at the gate, they are surrounded by palace guards. They are surrounding the trio, but don't seem to have ill intent.

"Salaam, Musafir. I apologize for scaring you, but your presence is required at the palace"

"Our presence?"

"Yes. The Sultan demanded it. We are not looking for a fight. Please come with us"

The trio is not looking for another confrontation, obeyed the asked the guard to take them to the palace. The palace of Sabea is up on the cliff. The palace is different from Theovan or Newlight Castle. The top of the palace is round, unlike pointy like in Theovan. It was very reminiscent of Hagia Sophia in Turkey. They went straight to the palace's throne room, where a man in modest clothing, brown skin, and a beard reaches his chest. This man they called Sultan must be in his 50s. The Trio kneels to the Sultan.

"Please. Stand up. We're all equal here, don't we, King Akira?"

They all stand up and the sultan approaches Akira. He hugs Akira and Akira greets the Sultan like an old friend. The guard is startled by this, but the Sultan stops them

"It's nice to see you again, Halim. How has it been? 3 months?"

"6 months and 10 days. How are you?"

"To be honest, your kingdom is really hot, Your Majesty"

"I'm really sorry about that. But an hour ago, rain has come for this kingdom. You wouldn't know about it, would you?"

Shin and Akira smirk a bit, and shrug. But Sultan Halim knows.

"Wait. You're friends with the Sultan?"

"Yeah. What kind of king I would be if I don't know my allies?"

"How long have you been friends?"

"Before my coronation"

"I would really love to visit New Miami and Hakone, you know? Maybe a day or two to sit back and relax. Too bad this war is happening. I would really love to drink that qafwa jelly you made"

"I happen to have crates of coffee that you like"

Akira takes out 3 crates of coffee from his item box. He wanted to give this to Halim when he comes to New Miami.

"WHOAHA! All these for me?"

"I know you like them"

Sultan Halim calls the maid and has them bring the qafwa, or coffee to the kitchen.

"Halim. How's the situation here?"

"It's fine"


"No, I lied. Some of my nobilities rebelled against me and we have a war that has been going on, and we're losing"

"How can I help?"

"Don't. Please. You would only create an international incident"

"They are creating an international incident. I'm your ally, so please let me help you"

"Alright. We need some supplies. Morale is low and my people are starving"

"What about your coffers?"

"Slowly decreasing, but we recently received 250 platinum from someone"

Shin approaches Akira and Halim.

"Your Majesty Malik"

"Oh, I remember you. Shin the best friend I have been hearing about"

"Yes. If we may, we would like to assist you with financial support, if Akira allows it?"

"Oh, I'll definitely allow it. How much we can support him"

"Your call, Akira"

Akira takes out a big chest and gives it to Halim.

"Halim. Please accept this additional 250 platinum plates"

"Akira. I can't. This is too much"

"Please think of this as me buying a favor from you"

"A favor?"

"We're heading to Mercia, to free our friends and my people's family. When they arrive here, please arrange transport and accommodation for them back to Newlight. There should be some money left, you take care of your people too. Please"

Akira bows his head. He bows his head in an attempt to get help for his people. Shin and Ken try to prevent this, but Halim raises his head.

"Please. It should be me bowing. You helped our people and risked your pride. A king like you, who prioritized your people more than your own, is a king I should follow as an example"

Akira stands up straight. His smile assures Halim.

"Then, where's your army?"

"It's just 3 of us"

"Wait. How did you expect to rescue your friend with just 3 people?"

"We're on a secret mission, Halim. We can't risk a big team"

"Secret mission?"

Akira went to whisper in Halim's ear.

"The demons are coming to launch an invasion on humanity"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. I fought one of the devils back when the Corsair Princes still exist"

"The Devils? But why?"

"My guess is, the Corsair Princes wanted to be a part of League of Red Sky"

"Then, Judgment days are upon us. Do you know when they will attack?"

"No idea. But my mission is to gather troops to fight the demons"

"Then, why do you come for Mercia?"

"Mercia is a military Empire. I hoped that I could gather most of my troops by conquering Mercia"

"Then I'll help. What do you need?"

"No, please. Your troops are already losing morale. Besides, I have help already. He called himself 'The Head'"

"The Head?"

"Yeah. I need them to help me free all slaves"

"Then I will help. My Asasiyyun will coordinate with The Head to rescue the slaves"

"Thank you, Halim"

"Don't mention it. Ever. So when will you be going to Mercia?"

"When the sun sets"

"Then, please stay here. We have plenty of rooms"

"I apologize, Halim. But we're still staying in the Inn. We have drawn enough attention on us"

"If that's your choice, then so be it. May God guides you to your journey"

"Thank you, Halim"

The trio left the palace. They went back to the inn and rest until the sun sets. The kingdom is actually cool, now the sizzling temperature has subsided. By sunset, the rain is still pouring down. this time the rain went harder than before.

"Before we set out, make sure all your skills are leveled up"

Shin and Ken nod. Shin cast wind magic so the rain doesn't drench them. After they are far enough to be not seen, Akira takes out the RV. They ride through the rain until they reached the border. By the time they reached Mercia territory, it is already 12 PM. Ken who previously slept through the ride, sits beside Akira, who is in the driving seat.

"Do you know the royalty of Mercia?"

"Nope. Never had the honor"

"Let me let you in on something. Mercia doesn't have an adventurer's guild. So I can assume that they are heavily militarized. If they are, I can almost guarantee that the guards and the soldier there are pretty strong"

"Then, we have to be careful not to attract attention to ourselves"

"Uh, about that. I think they already know about that. We passed the battlefield quite ahead. It was flooded with water"

"Then, extra careful"

"Hey, what was that back there?"

"What was what?"

"Why did you ask for a blacksmith?"


"Are you serious?"

"I was tired and so was Shin"

"Don't mind it then"

"No. From what I heard, Mercia will be our strongest enemy yet. We need every advantage we can get. Can you drive?"

"I can't"

"Want to learn how?"

"I don't have a car. I don't see the point"

"It doesn't hurt to try, right?"

"I guess"

Akira stops the RV. He moved out of the driver's seat and let Ken sits in the driver's seat.

"Right. I put on the handbrake. First off, pull the handbrake slowly and press the button on your thumb and push down the lever.

Ken does what Akira said. The RV moves a bit.

"Does your motorcycle have a gear shift?"


"This is similar to that, but the position is reversed. Press the shift pedal, and move the stick. Slowly take your foot off the pedal and slowly press the gas pedal"

Ken press the shift pedal and moved the stick shift from N to 1. Once he takes off his hand the stick shift, he slowly releases the shift pedal and slowly presses the gas pedal. The RV starts to move slowly.

"Nice. Keep accelerating until you think it reaches top speed, and press the shift pedal down, release the gas pedal, and shift the stick to 2"

"Got it"

Ken release the pedal of the RV and stomp the shift pedal. He moved the shift to 2.

"You're a natural! Alright. Now, turning. Like a motorcycle, you turn slowly to avoid crashing your vehicle. Unlike motorcycles, you don't lean your body. Slowly turns the steering wheel in the direction you want to turn"

Ken sees a right turn on the road. He decelerates and turns right slowly.

"I think I saw a mine there. For your next lesson, stop completely. Look at the direction you want to stop. Decelerate and lower your shift gear if you are above one. Once you reached Gear 1, slowly press the brake pedal and the shift pedal. Put the shift stick to N and pull the handbrake"

Ken stops precisely near the entrance of the mine.

"That was some impeccable driving. Congratulation. You finished the basic lesson. Now turn the engine off and come with me"

"What about Shin?"

"Let him sleep. Today the rain is his doing"

"Do you really want to make me a new weapon?"

"Those brass knuckles are not going to do damage. I know you like fighting gloves like that fighting game. So, I want to make something similar to that"

"Is this going to take long? Because it's midnight.

"A little while. I'll try to make it as fast as possible. You go ahead and rest"

"You sure you're gonna be okay?"

"Yeah. Why not?"

"Alright. I'll see you later"

Ken went back inside to have a shower, then a drink. Akira went mining for metal. The first floor of the mine is completely depleted, so he went deeper to the second floor, and then to the third, fourth, and fifth. None of them has the metal he is looking for. He spread his magic to search the area. His magic picks up a piece of strong metal. He went to the source of the metal, and find a Mythril ore. But it wasn't enough to make a weapon.

"What can I use here?"

Another source of metal found that Akira finds interesting. He digs out the stone with his enchanted pickaxe he made. One tap of the mine wall and the wall breaks easily as if it's made of glass. He taps the wall several times and found a bunch of unique metal.

"Zirconium. Better than iron, I guess"

He picked up enough metal to craft 2 gloves, he went back to the entrance of the mine. He takes out anvils, a hammer, and a furnace from his item box, all of them are enchanted. An anvil that makes shaping and tempering easier. A hammer that made the thing that he slam with stronger with each hit and a furnace that can withstand and generate extreme heat.

"Handy, handy fine and dandy"

Akira started melting the zirconium in the furnace. It doesn't have a gas or propane to fire the furnace, but it was enchanted with cosmic fire. The heat of the fire does not seep out of the furnace, so the area remains cool in the middle of the night. In a few minutes, the zirconium has completely melted. Akira uses his magic to take out the molten metal without touching it. He shaped the molten metal with his magic and cool it down with liquid nitrogen. In normal circumstances, extreme temperature changes would crack the metal. But he hits the metal with the enchanted hammer, so it would retain its shape. He placed the metal on the anvil and Akira started smashing it. In 10 hits, it takes a shape of a gauntlet. He simplify the design a little bit and made it into a glove. It is made from metal, but Akira made it as soft as leather.

"Oh, I think I still have those from Hakone"

Akira takes out a few obsidians and melts them down. Since obsidian is glass, it is quite fragile. One smash and it will break. Akira had this idea to ground some mythril and add the powdered Mythril to molten metal. Since this is a glass, he adds the powdered Mythril into the furnace and mixes them together with the molten obsidian. He takes out the mixture and separates them into 10 oval-shaped crystals. He lightly taps the crystals once for each crystal. He attached the crystal to each knuckle of the gloves. He looked at his creation. He feels pretty satisfied with the result.

"Now, for my weapon"

Akira takes out a titanium-tungsten alloy and melts it down. It took a few minutes for the alloy to melt. Once it melts, he molds it into a staff. He tempered it on his anvil and tempered it with the enchanted hammer. The rod is now smaller, but much more dense. Quite heavy for a normal person, but Akira can lift it with ease.

"Just a rod is a little boring. Maybe I could..."

Akira melts the rest of his obsidian and grounds the rest of the Mythril and combined them. He takes the molten Obsidian-Mythril glass out of the crucible. He takes his metal rod and makes it stand straight. He uses his ground magic to surround the metal rod. He pours the molten obsidian and fills the ground he summons with magic, using the metal rod as a core for his staff. He lets the molten glass cool and tempers it at the anvil. He worries that the Glass might break so he taps the glass. But he hits the glass-covered metal rod progressively harder. Now, he knows. That this Glass-covered Metal rod will not break. The obsidian glass appearance is very similar to the sky tonight. Black, with a hint of dark blue, and glitters with stars. This weapon might not be as glamorous as the Silver Katana, but it was his masterpiece.

"What a fine weapon you are. A glass that's similar to the night sky. A metal rod channeling my power. You'll make a nice Celestial Staff. A Celestaff"

He whispered to the staff in 2 long sentences. Once he's done, he takes his furnace, anvil, and hammer back inside his item box. He went back to the RV to call Ken.

"Hey. Come outside. It's done"

Ken went outside to follow Akira. Shin who is awake by now, is looking through the RV windows.

"Here. Put this on"

"This is metal gauntlet, right?"

"Zirconium. Stronger than steel, but no more than tungsten"

Ken put the gloves on. He feels that the glove does not do anything amazing.

"Put your magic into the gloves"

Ken is confused, but he obeyed Akira's command. He flows his magic to his gloves, and the simple gloves turn into a full metal armguard. Gauntlet, Vambrace, and Pauldron. The armor is covering his whole arms, from fingertips to shoulder. The shape of the armguard is very reminiscent of a black dragon. Scaly, and shiny.

"Whoa. This is cool"

"Don't use your power, but try to flick that rock over there"

Ken flicks the rock that is quite bigger than his head. The stone turns to dust in one flick.

"This is too powerful, man"

"Imagine using your full strength"

"Man, I've become quite a monster"

"Now look what I got"

Akira shows off his Celestaff. Ken notices that the Celestaff is made of Glass. He is worried that the staff would break after a hit.

"Worried this will break? Don't worry. It is really strong. Go ahead and punch it with your full might"

"Eh, Are you sure? You wouldn't mind if it break?"

"It wouldn't break. Trust me"

Ken was hesitant, but seeing that Akira is full of confidence, he punched the staff with all his power. The punch blasts the trees surrounding him, but it barely made a scratch of the Celestaff.

"Holy hell, Man. What did you do?"

"I ground up some Mythril to the Obsidian. This glass is similar to the knuckles of your gloves. But Mythril also conducts magic best. Try compressing your magic as you did back on Sabea"

Ken compresses his magic from his fist, and one of the obsidian on Ken's armguard starts glowing red. The more he compressed the magic, the orbs turn brighter.

"That obsidian knuckles store your magic after you compress it. You have 5 obsidian knuckles, so you can store 5 elements. You can store fire elements in all of them, the effect would be catastrophic for your enemies"

"What about your staff?"


"Yeah. It has the same glass, right? How is it so strong?"

"Because I used a tungsten-titanium rod as the core. Here, watch this"

Akira looked at anything that seems really far. The farthest thing he saw is the 2 moons that is illuminating the night. He throw the Celestaff as hard as could with his lightning magic. Ken is shocked by what Akira just did.

"Dude! You just made that weapon"

"Just watch the moon on the left"

After a minute, Ken and Akira can see that Celestaff has reached the moon. The Celestaff Akira made has created a crater noticeable enough to be seen from Terra. Shin, is also dumbfounded. He never thought that a weapon he made would create a huge crater on the moon.

"How much of a monster are you?"

"We're all celestial's now"

"Yeah, but celestials are just titles. You still become stronger by leveling up"

Akira just smile. He was giddy after he throws the staff.

"Here. Watch the staff comes back to my hand"

Akira holds up his right hand in the air with his palm open. There's nothing for a minute, but after that, Ken can see a fire in the sky coming down to Terra. Precisely, toward them. With the staff moving at superspeed, breaking a sound barrier. Once the staff is close, the staff perfectly positions itself to his hand. Akira places his hand in the direction of the moon that has been destroyed by Celestaff. In minutes, he repaired the moon.

"That was fun, wasn't it?"

"Man, I don't know whether I should thank you or smack you on your face for creating such a dreadful weapon"

"Hey, As long as I don't use it for malice, it's fine, isn't it?"

Akira laughs and invites Ken to go back to the RV. After 5 minutes, they take off with the RV. Unaware that someone is watching them.

"They are definitely a threat. Go and report to General Caduceus and Emperor. Tell them that they should not be let inside any of the cities of the Empire"

The spy summons 2 shadow demons and orders them to report to the Military General and the Emperor.

"They should be killed as soon as possible"