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We learned our lesson long ago...the consequences of fighting against the impossible. It didn't end well and never will. That's the truth we learned.


Aiden Arivot had light-toned mallow "dissolved" with slight electric indigo hair. Eyes wore a mixture of splendid emerald along with hints of illuminating french violet. His pale complexion was in an extreme juxtaposition with his rough, partially tattered, ragged cloak, which stretched below his kneecaps. The collar was fairly moderate in size, barely rising to the chin's level.

He was in a middle of a miniature fight. He somehow managed to knock down an enemy unconscious using "stealth". But this gave up his cover and dozens of men surrounded him, drawing their swords. Aiden, instantly bent down and picked up the sword from the unconscious man, under silver moonlight.

The people were dressed in "kiminos", a Japanese culture clothing. He had infiltrated a small local organization in hopes of  magnanimous security, but that was unfortunately not the case.

'You are dead you traitor!' One of the men raged at him.

'You guys seriously don't get it huh? Did you seriously think you can take me on? Come on. Don't you get it? I am the main character of this series, I am not supposed to die in the first chapter! So freaking give up already!' Aiden said picking up the sword and getting into stance. The men had him surrounded in a circle.


'The hell with you calling me traitor. Don't try to just act cool by saying that. I was just working as a crappy dishwasher!'

'How dare you blow our coolness in the first chapter!!' All of them targeted him and charged towards him.

'Whatever. I am pretty sure you are just stupid fillers, who won't even appear in the later chapters.'


'Seriously just for abandoning by position as a dishwasher and stealing three million bucks?'

'Three million BUCKS??! You stole money from us?'

'So you guys seriously were gonna kill me just for abandoning my job as a dishwasher then.'


'Seriously how many times are you gonna repeat that? And does it take that much time to come near me?! You only moved a few meters dammit, that doesn't make sense dude.'

'Hey wait. Wait.' Aiden said raising his hand.

And they actually stopped. 'What?'

'Aren't you supposed to say "DIE" thrice. You know, third time is always a charm.'

'Oh, our bad.' The men backed to their original position and started charging towards him again, shouting 'DIE!!!'

'Hey, wait. Wait.'

'What now?' They groaned.

'Let's share the money then.' Aiden said without hesitation. Damn, like hell they are gonna agree to that!

'Okay let's do that.' They became friendly.

THE ACTUAL HELL! THEY AGREED. THEY REALLY AGREED!!And they call themselves "loyal servants" to the organization? 'Oh good, line up please.' He said clearing his throat. He had a shiny metal suitcase in his hand which contained the money.

The men began to line up in front of him, like beggars.

'Oh damn, your leader's behind you.' They all turned back, and fell for Aiden's trick.

Aiden took his chance to sprint and escape yelling 'In yer face!!!'.



'What guarantee can you provide for this to work?'

'It has to.'

'I believe you are well aware how many people are talking against you.'

'Then keep them quiet.'

'Handle it yourself . We don't take orders from you.' The other figure started to walk away.

'You know when it rises, bad things are gonna happen. People won't take this quietly.'

The other person stopped at the doorway, 'That's why, when the time comes, I am gonna drag all the opposers' heads down to hell.'