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The Chrome Blade — The Synopsis

Hello readers,

This is a mainly comedy and action Light Novel, which will be posted through proper increments(chapter wise)


  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Supernatural
  • Military
  • Fantasy


The Government of Japan, led through their corrupt methods in the country by practicing severely strict dictatorship. Delvio, was the absolute dictator at that time, who helped in corrupting the government.

In time, by 1999, 7th June, an enigmatic organization emerged which was formed by 12 mysterious people from different races. They recruited children known as "subjects" as tools to revolt against the government. The war emerged with more parties joining in. Blood flooded the streets, battlefields, and soon in time the entire Japan.

In the midst of the war, the organization managed to capture an important government post, where they discovered something which triggered their break up into two different organizations with two different opposite motives concerning the government.

Suddenly one part of the organization started protecting the government betraying the subjects of the other part of their organization in the battlefield. The group which protected the government greatly outnumbered the other group so a lot of lives were lost. And eventually the war faded away because of this and the two organizations settled down, however that group kept on protecting but the other group gave up and the subjects of that group(that was against the protecting group) were scattered throughout the globe, some working extremely hard for a living, some committing crime and others just losing hope for living.

23 year-old Aiden Arivot gathers other subjects of the forfeiting organization and starts a job with them to start earning money, for a living.

Will he ever uncover the truth about the government and the force pulling the strings from the shadows?