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The Chronicles of Aladonia Volume 1: The Legacy of the Tome

This is my first story I've ever uploaded here. I was not made aware of this site for the longest time and only discovered it recently. I intended to upload the story to the contest page yesterday, but something in my mind told me to hold back on it. I've never had this content reviewed by an editor, nor have I had any ghost readers in the past. So...I decided to bow out before I became embarrassed if any such errors exist, and decide I'll enter it in next year. In the meantime, I'll give people here the ability to read it and get good feedback prior before.

Synopsis: Marcus Armani is a solider for the Tritenian kingdom, one of the largest nations in the continent of Aladonia. Marcus had dreams of greatness, but never had the opportunity to undertake something that could earn him the recognition he needs. When he receives a letter from Master Knight; the enigmatic general of the kingdom, entrusting him with a special operation, Marcus might get his chance at fame. It is here that Marcus discovers his kingdom has recovered a powerful Tome of White Magic, magic that is used by deities that are neither evil or good. The tome was used a century ago in a battle for the kingdom when the demon Azal used it. Under the belief his followers and remnants of his army are seeking it, Tritenia and Master Knight wish to seal it away in their vaults, or even destroy if it all possible. When the caravan escorting it is attacked, and Marcus somehow finds it in his possession, Marcus and his newfound allies and his secret lover Riona must whisk it away from the vengeful evil creatures.

The story of Chronicles of Aladonia is an epic fantasy taking everything from Western medieval fantasy, and fusing it with the tropes, pop culture, themes, and everything from Eastern anime and manga. The writing, dialect, world all reflect something born out of Lord of the Rings and other Western fantasy authors, but the plot, characters, scenes, are all taken from something out of an anime. I even have artwork drawn by my good friend Ergoni who I know IRL drawn for the entire book. If you are looking for something to read that is similar to Lord of the Rings, Goblin Slayer, Narnia, Inuyaha, and many other influences, I would encourage you to give this a read and help another writer out. If people really like this, there are two other volumes after this already written and ready for upload as well.

Follow my boi Ergoni here...maybe get your art commissioned by him too:

I uploaded both a doc and pdf because I don't how people can make edits with this website yet, so I'm uploading both to be safe.