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Triple Orb Academy Volume 1 – Zeffernon, the parallel world of Magic, Prologue

Discussion (1)

  1. NameLess+NEET

    I’ve finally had the time to write a review of this one 😀

    Triple Orb Academy Preliminary Review

    Chapters read: 01/? of Volume 01

    Story Concept (09/10)
    “Welcome to the world of Zeffernon”. I was actually impressed with the concept. Though ‘magic’ genre was common since before, you’ve still managed to make it interesting because of your well detailed world-building. I was not sure if those magic and alchemic terms originally came from yours or if you researched for them. Either way, the details were very satisfying as if you’re making things real 😀 Instead of making a pure fantasy magic concept, you’ve decided to create Zeffernon. Here, it’s explained that Zeffernon was different from earth, perhaps it’s better if it’s explained how that world was discovered, or was it a natural knowledge upon them?

    Characters (07/10)
    The characters are fine, maybe I was just looking for more exotic personality :D. I see that the main character’s nature –a dark mage–, is already a common thing in different stories wherein discrimination is the main issue, but there’s no need to worry because there are still plenty of rooms for development through the next chapters. I have a liking with the personality of Sing though; she was just a character that you’ll never hate, probably because she was the most mature from the group.

    Grammar (09/10)
    The grammar was very good. For a novel, I always review the grammar because it is something very important, since most writers disregard that issue. In your case, the story was so easy to read, and the flow was good, there are some typos and technical errors, but it only needs a double or triple check and it’d be fine 😀

    Flow (08/10)
    I never thought that it’ll be slow paced. I suppose the story won’t follow the same length as of light novels, this is probably not intended to be something like that I guessed. I’m honestly not a big fan of slow paced story unless I enjoy reading it. In this case, I’m happy to say that you’ve made a job well done. I’m actually reading other novels aside of your story like Fire Girl and Biako’s ‘Requiem’, so it took a while before I was done reading the chapter.

    Expectations (07/10)
    After reading the first chapter, I’d be honest to say that I don’t have that much expectations yet. So far, I was only intrigued by the magnificent world building. Aside of that… there was nothing else. I couldn’t look for any hints of where the story will go so far, that said, I was not sure if the excellent world building would match up with something that we call as “plot wise”. But yeah, since this is just the first chapter, I can’t conclude anything yet 😀

    Overall (09/10)
    Overall, I’ll give with the score 9/10, which is equivalent to “great” :D. I am actually impressed to those who could write a very detailed story. Others would rely to research, while some would rely to pure imagination. Either of the two is good. Since the concept was “Magic” and “Alchemy”, you’ve perfectly provided a good explanation to the spells, which was best way that made the story convincing 😀

    On the endnotes:

    Again, big thanks for pre-ordering my “Infinite Days” novel. I do hope that the psychological plot will satisfy you. Also, I’m planning to release the third chapter of X Days here. Hopefully, you can also give it a try 😀

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